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Big Tits

Disclaimer: You know the drill.

Chapter 13- Slovenian Pee Faeries

We all stared at my dad, my mother looking nonplussed while Alexa and Freja seemed rather shocked. Me, I just resisted the urge to pinch my eyes.

“How… how the Hell did you do that already?” my aunt asked.

Dad shrugged, still looking down at his tablet. “It’s like you said, pretty small niche to look for. Specific searches are a great thing.”

Mom clucked her tongue. “So, you just did a search for Slovenian pee faeries and these two heretics came up?”

“Hey, bitcoin and the Silk Road weren’t the only reasons the deep web existed,” dad pointed out. “You just have to now where to look.”

“Why do you have access to the deep web at all?” Alexa muttered.

“Michael and I correspond with professors in other countries where freedom of education and science are often oppressed,” mom explained. “Communicating on the deep web is the best way to ensure their safety.”

She looked at whatever dad had pulled up. “Yep, that’s Alli. Wearing faerie wings, makeup and almost nothing else.”

Alexa blushed. “I loved that look.”

I could hear my aunt giggling in whatever video dad and mom were watching, and then mom’s eyebrow went up before she looked at her younger sister. “I didn’t know faeries peed. Y’learn something new every day.”

“Am I in the video yet?” Freja asked, curious.

Alexa gave her a look. “You could at least pretend to be embarrassed. I pretended.”

“Yup, there she is,” dad commented. “Steady camera work, whoever’s doing the filming.”

“He was a Bulgarian, but I forget his name.” Freja mused.

“Stoyan Stoyanov?” mom posited.

Freja’s eyes went wide. “You know him?”

“No, I’m just pretty damned sure all Bulgarian men are named Stoyan Stoyanov,” mom replied, still watching the screen. “I’ve known three.”

“Oh.” Freja said quietly, somewhat deflated.

Mom looked at her sister again after seeing something. “How on earth did you get yourselves in that position and still pee together?”

“Relatively easy,” Alexa answered, smirking now. “We were both inhumanly flexible when we were fifteen.”

Dad put down the tablet quickly and resumed eating his steak. Mom just sighed and shook her head while Alexa and Freja giggled, happy to have finally gotten the better of my dad at something. We resumed conversing about Alexa’s life in Europe, specifically while she lived in Denmark so that Freja was included.

They also made dad officially forgive Denmark for Aqua, which he did only grudgingly. Alexa pointed out that since he liked the Bay City Rollers, he didn’t really have much leeway in the musical morality department.

“Watching two fifteen year-old girls pee in the woods is less of a crime, I’m pretty sure…” she added.


We dropped my aunt and her friend off back at their hotel for the night, exchanging hugs all around before we returned home. It had been a long day for me and I yawned loudly, announcing my intention to turn in. I would need to visit the university again tomorrow to continue working and I harboured no doubt that Alexa and Freja would be including me in their depravity.

“What about you two?” I asked mom. Dad had headed upstairs to shower.

Mom shrugged. “Go upstairs, do some correspondence,” she mused. “Maybe watch some documentaries on Slovenian pee faeries.”

I made a wry face.

“I just want to know what her life was like,” mom said in a tone meant to be assuring. “She found some other links to stuff about her and gave them to me. She doesn’t seem too worried about it.”

“And dad?”

Mom shook her head and smiled. “Knowing him, he’s already enlisted some of the best students and profs in the computer sciences department to help him engineer a virus that will utterly destroy those servers and websites. He’s pretty steamed.”

“Should he be if Alexa isn’t?” I asked.

“It’s the principle of the thing. He’ll retrieve Alexa’s videos for Alexa to possess and then inflict his wrath on the men who do the exploitation. Truth be told, the more he watches, the madder he’ll get, even if none of you can tell.”

“Yeah, good to know,” I mumbled, feeling a cold chill go up my back at the notion of a furious dad. He was easy-going, but the De Bournes were very clannish, and once you were family, there was nothing and no one he wouldn’t destroy for you. I was just glad to be a De Bourne. “I’m heading to bed, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Mom gave me a loving hug and I retired, heading down into my cave. Getting undressed, I realized it was going to feel strange, not having Alexa come down and say goodnight, to make love to her and hold her, whispering to her about how in love with her I was.

As if in response to my silent wish, my computer bipped at me, indication someone was calling on Skype. I smiled warmly as I sat on my bed, opened my laptop and hit the Talk button…

Only to be greet by a close-up Fatih Escort of Freja’s coral-pink pussy, spread wide by two of her fingers while she and my aunt giggled off-frame.

“Looking for somewhere to park that thing, big boy?” I heard her snicker, repeating something Alexa had said to me in one of our first few Skype conversations and with the exact same view. Clearly she’d mentioned it to her Danish friend, not that I was surprised. They seemed to share everything.

“And a genial hello to you too, Fru Kjaer,” I mumbled. “My, what a big smile you have.”

There was a pause and then Freja asking a question in confusion. “Did he just say my cunt smiles?”

“Might as well, it’s open more often than your mouth, as if that’s possible,” Alexa said dismissively as she eased her Danish lover out of the way and now smiled at me. “Hey, handsome.”

“Hello, beautiful,” I said, beaming at the sight of my beloved. “I trust you two are having a good time?”

“Well, not as much fun as if you were here with us,” she purred as Freja knelt behind her and wrapped her arms around Alexa in a hug, cupping her full breasts. “Really wish you could have come stayed with us.”

“If only,” I sighed. “Just so you know, dad’ll probably be mounting a jihaad on those sites that host your videos, according to mom. Says he’ll get the best and brightest to engineer some kind of virus and annihilate them. To be honest, that’s kinda scary.”

“I believe it, but let him,” Alexa replied, shrugging. “Between the two of us, we have just about every video of us ever made. We’ll show them to you when time allows, we were planning on going over them tonight.”

“In one night?” I asked.

Alexa blushed. “I… this is going to sound super-slutty, Alex, but eight hours in one night probably couldn’t get us through a hundredth of the videos. We were busy and naughty girls growing up.”

“Like I care,” I replied, shrugging. “You’re beautiful and I love you.”

They both blushed on Alexa’s behalf and smiled. “Will you come by and get us tomorrow and we can accompany you to the university?”

“I was hoping to,” I said, nodding. “Break up the tedium of all those papers I’ve gotta deal with.”

“You tired and wanting to sleep?” she asked.

“Nope, not as long as you’re around.”

“Tell you what,” she said, smiling slyly. “Plug in your earphones and then you can cum while Freja and I fuck one another silly. Would you like that, my love?”

“Do you even need to ask?” I replied, reaching over and sliding my headphones over my ears. Alexa and Freja, meanwhile, turned in toward one another, kneeling on their bed and began kissing lustily, bodies pressed together while their hands roamed and groped eagerly. My cock was already swelling as I took it in my hand and began stroking.

I loved watching Alexa and Freja together, because they knew one another so intimately. Alexa said they’d been lovers for over ten years now, meaning not only that they were familiar with each other’s bodies now, but, having grown up together, their lovemaking possibly influenced their development. In a strange biological sense, there were who they were because of each other. Alexa had told me she’d had many lovers over the years, but none for as long as Freja and none she loved as much. At least until I came along.

I was glad Freja was here. I truly felt like she was no threat to Alexa’s and my relationship, despite their long past together. And to be honest, if things couldn’t work out between my aunt and I, it was comforting to know that Freja was there for her.

Freja now had Alexa on her back on the bed and was between her legs, licking her pussy hungrily. Alexa was moaning and squirming her hips into her Danish lover’s face, fingers knotted in her hair. Freja’s tongue was not flickering lightly, but slithering forcefully around Alexa’s netherlips, massaging her clit and pushing deep inside her. It was almost a churning motion and Alexa loved it. I resolved to remember that little technique and spring it on her. Who better to learn from than the woman Alexa had fucked for nearly a decade? She had to know what Alexa loved and all her sweet spots better than anybody.

“Gnnnnnnn, yessss…” Alexa hissed, her body already covered in a sheen of sweat, her skin flushing pink. It was incredible to see how riled Freja had her already. “Ja, min kaere… få din tunge i mig! Oh, my God…”

Alexa’s nails were digging through Freja’s hair, I was beginning to wonder if she’d leave grooves in her skull. Freja didn’t seem to notice or mind, though, and kept licking my aunt into a frenzy, something she did almost effortlessly. Alexa’s hips ground against Freja’s mouth with a dreadful eagerness, her teeth bared as her lips were almost curled in a snarl. It was a look I’d seen on her face once before- that time I’d fucked her in the shower in her hospital room. We’d both almost lost control and were fucking savagely. It was fascinating to see it again.

Alexa arched Fatih Escort Bayan her back suddenly, pushing her hips off the bed and growled loudly, her hands still latched onto Freja’s head and not allowing her to escape as she came. The Danish girl made no attempts to do so, however, continuing to punish my aunt’s pussy as she came. Alexa almost looked like she was possessed, and she certainly sounded the part. It was an incredible turn-on to watch and I stroked my shaft steadily, remembering that this show was far from over.

I’m not sure even Freja was ready for when Alexa surged off her back and threw her onto the bed, so hard that she bounced. Alexa’s vibrant blue eyes were fairly blazing with lust as she pinned her lover down, who laughed in delight as the blonde goddess took over. Freja was still on her stomach when Alexa got between her legs and grabbed them. She then lifted Freja’s lower half, bending her back until her pussy was almost in her face. She wrapped her arms around Freja’s waist and crammed her mouth against her lover’s dripping womanhood. Freja wailed in delight at the violation, her fists gripping the bedsheets.

I had no idea how she could enjoy having her spine accordioned like that, but I didn’t much care either at this point. They may have been lovers and even in love, but Alexa had told me that she was the dominant one between them, with Freja enjoying being subjected to restraint and forced into positions I could barely imagine.

Alexa devoured Freja’s pussy as if making up for lost time between them. The Danish girl could do little but take it in her current position and her eyes almost rolled up into her head. There was a surrender and embrace of not just pleasure but depravity between them, as if there were no boundaries whatsoever. And it wasn’t that I thought that there were boundaries between Alexa and I, it was just that I had not even scratched the surface yet, forget plumb the depths of perversion with her.

I watched as Freja came again and again, helpless before Alexa’s ravaging of her pussy. Alexa threw her aside and she twisted onto her back, as if she knew what came next. Then my aunt was on top of her and they kissed feverishly, squirming their bodies together. Freja stiffened and whimpered as Alexa pushed a finger into her pussy, followed by another and began sliding them in and out. Alexa was squeezing her lover’s breast with her free hand while Freja writhed in delight.

Then a third finger joined the others inside her, followed by the forth. I watched in amazement as Alexa finally pushed her entire hand inside Freja, who sounded like she was having an asthma attack, she was wheezing so loudly. Alexa smiled evilly and caused Freja to spasm by making a fist inside her. I could tell because I could see the swell of it just above her pussy mound, beneath the skin.

Slowly at first, Alexa began pushing her fist back and forth inside her lover, Freja closing her eyes and moaning. But then she picked up the tempo and began moving her fist faster, causing the Danish girl to gasp. Before long, she was gritting her teeth and whimpering, tears streaming down her face. Unable to control herself, her body began to writhe, responding to Alexa’s relentless assault.

Freja was shaking as Alexa battered her pussy and she was suddenly wracked by ecstasy and pulled a pillow over her face, shrieking into it. Even through the pillow, she almost blew my earphones off my head. If anyone else in the hotel heard her, they’d think a murder was in progress.

And then she collapsed. Freja wasn’t moving, I couldn’t even see her breathing. The pillow fell away and her eyes stared blankly in the general direction of the webcam, glazed over. Alexa was caressing her gently, whispering in Danish to her. Freja finally shivered as Alexa slowly withdrew her hand from her pussy, with a loud, sticky ‘pop!’ noise. The Danish girl began breathing again, making me think Alexa had been gripping her windpipe from the inside.

Alexa licked at her fingers, which glistened with Freja’s cum. She’d been so far inside her lover that I could see cum past her wrist and on her lower forearm. She smiled and winked naughtily at me.

“I can get even farther up her ass.” Alexa quipped.

I was pumping my cock furiously at this point, and Alexa could clearly see my need. She giggled and pulled the laptop closer, laying on the bed between Freja’s legs. She smiled at me, mouthed the word ‘enjoy’ and crawled gently on top of her lover. I was now treated to a close-up of her settling her pussy down onto Freja’s , their sticky lips mingling. She then began slowly undulating herself against Freja, allowing me to see everything.

I stroked faster and faster as she girl-fucked her friend, squeezing her ass-cheeks with each thrust of her hips, squirming her sticky snatch into Freja’s. The Danish girl’s thick lips parted before Alexa’s blossoming out, shining wetly with her cum. I could see her hands come to rest of my aunt’s ass, squeezing the Escort Fatih toned cheeks and pulling them apart, giving me an even more exquisite view of their fucking.

Their moans were muffled by what I assumed was kissing, punctuated by gasps and whispers. Freja’s hips were moving now, squirming below Alexa’s, while her fingernails dug into the flawless skin of her cheeks. Alexa cooed in pleasure, pressing down harder still. Their pussies were making squishy, greedy sucking sounds as they fucked and I could feel the tingling building inside me, meaning I was past my boiling point.

My hips stiffened and I stifled a groan, pumping my throbbing cock madly as I came, thick white ropes shooting from my engorged head. I heard the girls sigh in pleasure as they came again, right after I did, releasing themselves now that I’d been seen to.

I slumped back into my bed, watching tiredly as their hips stopped churning and moving. All I could hear was whispering and giggling, along with some wet kisses. Finally, they both wiggled around and lay on the bed facing the camera, side-by-side and looking very pleased with themselves. Freja blew me a kiss while Alexa winked.

“So? Did that hit the spot?” she asked.

“Minor understatement,” I sighed, waiting for my heart to quit thundering in my chest. “You two are demons. It’s amazing that I survived fucking with you two.”

“We might’ve been holding back a little,” Freja added, smirking. “But once we have you up at our level, I’m sure you will find it quite enthralling.”

“Sure, just don’t try to put your fist in my ass.” I replied, causing them both to snicker, but they promised all the same.

“Wish we were there to clean up all that yummy cum, my love,” Alexa cooed, smiling warmly. “But don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you tomorrow, okay?”

I nodded wearily.

“I was thinking I’d take Freja out for breakfast in the morning, and then I’ll bring her to the uni via the bus,” she mentioned. “Does that work for you, big man?”

“Works for me. You two enjoy yourselves.”

We exchanged expressions of love and then I saved the video recording of the Skype session before closing my laptop and turning out the light. I was asleep within seconds, dreaming of my beloved Alexa and the life I wanted us to have together.


I didn’t need to pick the girls up, so after a leisurely breakfast with mom and dad, I headed over to the campus and sank my teeth into my work. Alexa and I had previously taken care of the comparatively easy piles of papers, dealing with Indo-European languages, meaning that now we were tackling smaller projects that required a lot more attention to detail, because we were not as familiar with the subject matter.

There are five hundred and twenty-one ethnic groups in Nigeria alone, and many different languages. I could feel my brain throbbing and started organizing them under general headings of Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo groups. It might not be completely accurate, but it was a starting place. I had done the same thing with Mongol and Turkic languages earlier, lumping Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbeki and Uhlan into a general group to be filtered later. Just eliminating the haphazard piles in and of themselves was significant progress, because Basque and Hausa don’t share a language group, any more than Wu Chinese and Proto-Hittite do.

The girls kept me informed of their movements, taking them time to send me naughty pictures and videos along the way. She shared a toilet stall in the café they had breakfast in, with Freja taking a picture from above as she sat on Alexa’s lap in the cramped stall, not a stitch of clothing on either of them. Then there was a close-up video of their pussies squished together while they peed against one another, giggling the whole time like five year-olds.

They were both wearing dresses, exposing themselves to one another for pictures while on the bus- there was a wonderful pic of Alexa making an ‘oops!’ face with her hand to her cheek and her eyes wide as she lifted the hem of her skirt to reveal her smooth pussy, sans panties. Another showed Freja splaying out across her seats, legs wide and fingering herself.

Then Alexa had her face right next to Freja’s exposed breast, her tongue sticking out to almost touch the nipple. These two were insane together. I loved it. I was so happy that Freja was back in Alexa’s life.

At some point, they shifted to the back of the empty bus, where the seats were facing forward. Alexa was hunkered down in the seat and had pulled the skirt of her dress up. Freja was kneeling between her legs and lapping at her pussy quietly, while Alex stifled moans and recorded the event. Then another video of their pussies slithering together while they whispered to one another, still in the seat of the bus.

Half an hour later, they sent me a video from the center of the hedge maze on the campus, lying on the lush grass, making out and fingering one another. I rolled my eyes and went back to my work, knowing they’d be here soon. Sure enough, I heard them in the hallway, talking and giggling before piling through the door and into the Languages Faculty office, arms around one another’s waist. Alexa let go of Freja and came over to me, throwing her arms around me and kissing me deeply.

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