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She sat at the bar quietly nursing her drink. She felt a tear slowly make its way down her cheek and quickly wiped it away. It had been a rough couple of weeks. Her divorce had finally come through after two long years of fighting. Although it ended well in terms of settlement, it had taken its toll. She would no longer have to work after all was said and done. She had given her notice to her job earlier in the day. It was time to move on.

“Are you okay?” said the voice from behind her.

“Look, if you are looking for a slam bam thank you ma’am fuck, try the red haired girl in the yellow dress at the end of the bar. She’ll screw anyone.” she snapped. She closed her eyes and couldn’t believe the words had come out of her mouth. True or not, it wasn’t the type of thing she pictured herself saying to a complete stranger. She didn’t look up at the mirror to see who was speaking to her. She had shocked herself with her response. Imagine her surprise when she heard the most comfortable male laugh behind her. She raised her eyes to the mirror.

He was standing behind her shoulder with an adorable grin on his face. He was wearing a blue shirt with two buttons open at the neck. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows showing his muscular forearms. He sported salt and pepper hair cut in a businessman’s style. She could see the sparkle in his blue eyes even in the reflection in the mirror.

“Actually,” his voice replied. “I was certainly hoping for more than a one hour thing. I’ll pass on your suggestion to see the girl at the end of the bar”

She slowly turned in her stool to face him. Her cheeks were crimson with embarrassment. “I am sorry. What I said was uncalled for. Please accept my apology.” She stammered.

That is how she and Robert met. They spent the next four hours talking and laughing. He told her that he was divorced (as was she now). He had no children, loved animals and the outdoors. He hated watching sports. They found that they had everything in common from favorite foods to favorite books; favorite places to favorite movies. There was nothing they discovered about one another that they disagreed upon.

“Angie, I have had a wonderful evening tonight.” He said. “I need to be going now. I am only in town for tonight on business and leave early tomorrow morning.”

She felt herself cringe! Here was the first man she had remotely enjoyed being around in the two years since she left Tim and he was leaving town?

“Oh.” she muttered. The disappointment had to have been audible as he looked at her strangely.

He took a napkin from the bar and asked the bartender for a pen. He wrote something on the napkin, handed the pen back to the person behind the bar and turned to her. He held out the napkin and said, “This is my email address. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you decide you would like to know anadolu yakası escort me better.”

He rose, smiled, slipped on his jacket and walked toward the door.

She sat for a moment watching him walking out of her life and not knowing exactly what she was feeling. She did know she didn’t want him to leave. Suddenly, she heard herself call out, “Robert!” He turned toward her as she hurried to stand in front of him.

“I do.” she said.

He looked at her quizzically. “You do??”

Her laugh was a nervous one. “Yes. I do want to get to know you better. You said you were hoping for something longer than an hour. How does company for the night sound?”

She could not believe she was doing this! She was propositioning and stranger she had just met in a bar, for God’s sake!

His comfortable laugh came quickly, as did the adorable smile. He held out his arm. She slipped hers through it. They edged through the doorway out into the cold Alaska night air together smiling at one another.

Wow! His hotel room was as large as the apartment she had been living in since her separation. “Nice place you have here.” she said trying not to sound as amazed as she felt.

“It’s my last taste of luxury for a while.” He replied with a smile.

He helped her off with her coat and hung it up as she walked toward the chair by the window.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked.

“Um..I think I’ve had enough for the night to have hit on you, but thanks.” , she giggled.

“Are you certain you want to be here?” , he asked.

“Absolutely positive.” she answered.

Robert unbuttoned his shirt and walked toward her. He took her hands and pulled her to her feet.

“Absolutely positive?” he teased her.

She would have answered, but his mouth was on hers. Her lips parted. Her eyes closed. She was swept into the moment with urges flooding through her she had not felt in a long time.

Robert pulled away slightly. His hands found the zipper of her skirt as he gazed at her face. She felt it fall to the floor and kissed him again. When the kiss ended, he lifted her off her feet with ease and deposited her on the bed. He slid down beside her and kissed her again, only deeper and more passionately this time.

She didn’t remember how she got undressed or how he did, for that matter. What she knew was that his lips were moving from hers to her neck, down her throat, to her chest. What she knew was the sudden start of her body as he took a nipple in his mouth while twirling the other between his finger and thumb. What she knew was that she wanted him more than she could remember wanting anyone.

“Fuck me, Robert.” she whispered.

“Not quite yet.” he replied with a smile.

His mouth moved down her belly, lingering here and there while ataşehir escort her breathe came faster. His lips moved farther down, caressing her thighs.

“Not there!” she thought to herself “My pussy…my pussy!”

Robert took his time feeling her body tremble and sway under his touch and his lips. When he felt her relax and begin to truly feel the sensations without desperation for fucking, he let his tongue slide between her legs to gently lick her very wet pussy!

Angie let out a moan and pressed her pelvis up to meet his tongue. He sucked on her clit. He let his tongue explore all the folds and creases of her pussy lips. He could taste her juices; smell her longing. He let his lips move upward to her writhing belly, her breasts, her throat and kiss her deeply as he slid his solid cock inside her.

She came instantly…contracting around his cock and gripping it tightly inside. She held his head and their lips met again in a deep kiss. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her making slurpy noises as he did.

Angie came again and came a third time while he stroked her pussy with his throbbing cock. When she thought she could not come anymore, he moved faster inside her. She wrapped her legs around him. He thrust deeper inside.

“Now Angel.” he said as they thrust together. Angie exploded into yet another orgasm as his hot cum spurted inside her.

Breathless, they stayed joined with bodies flooded in heat.

Angie contracted her pussy around his cock, massaging it inside her. Robert started to say something, but she pulled his head to her in yet another kiss. He could not believe that his cock was hardening after only a minute or so. But, it was!!

He thrust into Angie with abandon. They moved together like a machine. His cock slid in and out. His balls slapped against her ass.

“So this is what it’s like to really fuck!” was the only thing she could manage to think coherently.

Hot cum filled her pussy again. Robert collapsed against her. Her legs were still wrapped around him.

“This is definitely more than an hour!” he said. She smiled and snuggled against him.

Their passion exploded several more time during the night until they both fell asleep in exhaustion.

Angie was vaguely aware of the telephone ringing and Robert thanking someone for the wake up call. She felt him slip quietly out of bed and into the bathroom. Suddenly, she realized he was getting ready to leave! She said upright. Her head was spinning with thoughts.

She padded across the thick carpet and into the bathroom. His body was outlined through the shower enclosure. God, he was delicious! She slid the door of the shower open and slipped inside with him.

“Morning, Angel. I thought I would let you sleep.” he said with avcılar escort his easy smile.

“Who needs sleep?” she grinned as she slid to her knees and took his softened cock in her mouth. It only took a moment for it to become hard and erect. She grasped his butt with her hands and let the full length of his cock slide in and out of her mouth, sucking, licking, tugging at it until he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed the hot cum and looked up at him gazing down at her in disbelief.

“Last night wasn’t enough for you, Angel?” he asked quietly.

“Not nearly enough.” Angie replied.

He helped her to her feet and they showered together taking turns gently exploring one another’s bodies. When the soap was long down the drain, they stepped from the shower to dry off.

“Angie?” he asked. “Are all Alaska women like you?”

She dissolved into fits of laughter, as did he.

“I distinctly doubt it.” she replied.

She sat, now, in front of the fire listening to the wind blow outside. Angie used part of her divorce settlement to purchase some land and a small cabin near Sterling, but far enough away to really be able to get to know herself again after the divorce. It had been a year since she and Robert had spent the night together. They had Skyped a few times. Mostly, they emailed. At first it was every other day. After a year, it was once or twice a day. How she looked forward to those emails. She had not realized how easy it was to get to know the real person through the written word.

Angie rose, put on her coat and walked out into the frigid night air. The sky was ablaze with what seemed to be a million stars. She gasped slightly when she realized that the Northern Lights were out. For the first time, she saw red in their undulating movements across the sky. How magical! In the quiet, she heard a car approaching down the gravel road to her cabin. She cut her Northern Lights viewing short and scampered into the house. It was unusual to have someone driving near her cabin during the day, much less the night. She glanced at the wall to make sure the shotgun was where it belonged in case she needed it.

“Don’t be silly, Angie! That car isn’t headed here!” she said aloud to herself.

Headlights flashed across the window as the car pulled into her driveway.

“Or maybe it is!” she whispered.

She crossed the room to the window and peaked out through the curtains. She could hear voices, but the lights were blinding her from seeing who was talking. A figure walked slowly to the front of the car and was outlined by the headlights. She watched and wondered if she should reach for the gun. As the car pulled out, it’s lights flashed across the man’s face in the driveway.

“Oh my God!” she squealed.

She threw open the door and raced toward the man, jumping into his arms and laughing as he twirled her around in the snow.

“Robert!! Did you come to see the Northern Lights??” , she laughed.

“Angel, I was hoping we could make our own Northern Lights.” he replied softly.

They walked through the snow and into the cabin holding hands while the light show in the sky managed to carry on without them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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