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As Lee prepared for bed he was thinking about his son’s upcoming birthday and high school graduation. “This is going to be such a special time for Alan,” he thought. “His mother and I will have to give him something that he will remember all his life. Just like my parents did for me.”

Slipping naked between the silken sheets, he snuggled up to his beautiful and equally naked wife. As he pressed his semi-erect cock between Jenny’s luscious ass cheeks, be began to play with one of her puckered nipples with one hand and running the fingers of his other hand through her sweet and dripping pussy.

“Honey,” he whispered in her tiny ear. “I think we need to give Alan something very special for his birthday and graduation tomorrow, don’t you agree,” he said while nibbling on her sensitive ear lobe.

“Hmmmm, that feels good, Darling,” she mumbled. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I’ve told you what my Mom and Dad gave me for my 18th birthday,” he said. “I was thinking maybe we should do the same thing for Alan. Whata you think?”

“Ohh, that story always make me so fucking hot,” she panted. “Just feel how wet I’m getting, just thinking about it. Please! Tell me the story again,” she begged, pressing his hand tighter into her pussy.

“Well,” he began. “I had come home from school the night before my graduation and since it was my 18th birthday, Dad said he and Mom wanted to give me a very special gift for my birthday that night. He said we were going out to dinner at a nice restaurant and then come home for a very big surprise.”

“After returning home from a wonderful dinner, we all settled down in the den before a nice, warm fire in the fireplace. Dad had allowed me to have a couple glasses of wine with dinner, and since I wasn’t used to alcohol, I had a very nice buzz on.”

“Dad started some soft music on the stereo and lowered the lights to a soft, warm glow. ‘Lee,’ he said, ‘We know that you’ve had a very good sex education from your Mom and I and from your classes in school. But, up to now, it has been all academic. So, we thought that maybe, in celebrating your transition to ‘manhood’, we should now give bursa eskort bayan you the ‘advanced’ course. Would you like that?'”

“Gee, Dad! Sure. I guess,” I stammered, not exactly sure of just what he had in mind, but getting damned excited with my hopes and fantasies.”

“‘Ok, then’,” said my Dad. “I’m going to open a bottle of champagne and your Mom is going to ‘slip into something more comfortable,'” he grinned.

“As Dad and I settled back into the soft cushions on the big, overstuffed couch, Mom came back into the room wearing nothing but a smile and a shimmering, see through negligee, stockings and a black garter belt. I had never seen a lovelier vision in my entire life and my cock immediately sprang to full attention.”

“‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ whispered my father. “What do you think, Lee? Wouldn’t you like to fuck your own mother?”

“Oh, Dad… Mom! Do you mean it? Oh, God! I can’t believe this,” I gasped. “Oh, god, yes I want to fuck her. She is so gorgeous.”

“I thought that would be your reaction,” chuckled Dad. “Come here, honey, and sit down between your guys.”

“Mom blew a kiss to us both and settled back on the couch between Dad and I. As she did her gown parted and fully exposed her big beautiful boobs and hard nipples. Her shaved pussy was already beginning to drip her sweet love juices. The scent wafting up from her warm pussy nearly drove me crazy.”

As he whispered his incestuous story into Jenny’s ear, his hard cock slipped easily into her quivering cunt and he began fucking her slowly from behind. Jenny’s breath was becoming more and more rapid with each stroke of Lee’s cock as she approached her first orgasm.

“Have you seen our son’s cock lately?” asked Lee. “It’s almost a big as mine already. And I don’t think he’s ever had it sucked before. Wouldn’t you like to suck his virgin cock?”

“Oh, yes,” she moaned softly. “I can’t wait…”

“Me either,” chuckled Lee. “It’s all I’ve thought about all day. That and watching our handsome, young son fucking his Mom for the first time.”

That image flashing through her mind pushed Jenny over the bursa otele gelen eskort bayan edge into one of the most intense orgasms she could remember having. As she came down off of her explosive spasms, she urged him to go on with his story.

“Dad was sucking on one of Mom’s nipples and I was on the other one, licking and sucking for all I was worth. Dad reached across Mom and began to rub my aching cock through my pants. Then he took my hand and placed in on Mom’s mound and pressed my fingers between her wet pussy lips. It was all I could do to keep from cumming right then.”

“It didn’t take Dad and I long to get out of our own clothes and we were quickly as naked as Mom was. Mom laid back on the couch and spread the lips of her pussy to me.”

“‘Eat my pussy, baby!’ she begged. “Eat your Mommy’s pussy like a good boy.'”

“As I licked Mom’s cunt and sucked on her engorged clit, Dad was running his hands over my ass and my balls and cock. Then he moved up so Mom could suck his hard on while he was stroking my cock and fingering my ass hole. God! It was wonderful.”

“After Mom had cum several times from my probing tongue, she pulled me up on top or her and said, “Fuck your Mommy, Darling! I want to feel your beautiful, big cock deep in my cunt. Fuck me, now, Baby – Fuck me hard”

“Mom didn’t have to ask me twice, that’s for damn sure. And as I plunged all of my stiff manhood up to my balls in her hot, gripping love tunnel, I felt my Dad kissing and licking my balls and asshole and getting it all slicked up for what was surely to follow.”

“As I slowly stroked my cock in and out of Mom’s pussy, I felt the head of Dad’s big prick pushing against my tight, virgin asshole. ‘Just relax, Son,’ he said. ‘This might hurt a bit at first, but if you’re anything like your ol’ man, you’re gonna love it.”

“He was right, too. I proved to be ‘chip off the old block’ and we soon fell into a rhythm together and each time I would draw back from Mom’s sweet pussy, I’d push myself deeper onto Dad’s driving cock and I could feel his huge ball sack slapping bursa eve gelen escort against mine as I plunged again and again into my beautiful and adoring Mom.”

Jenny was going crazy from Lee’s story and the hard pounding he was giving her ass and pussy. She cried out as another intense orgasm racked her body.

“You like that story, don’t you, Sweetheart,” he whispered. “Makes you want Alan’s cock even more doesn’t it?”

“Oh, God yes it does,” sighed Jenny. “Oh, I want to fuck him so bad. And I want to watch you suck each other’s cocks. That would be so hot! Are you going to let him fuck you in the ass? I know you love getting fucked in the ass – but with our own son??? Oh, god, I can’t stand it – I cumming again,” she cried.

“Of course I want him to fuck me,” he chuckled. “Just like I fucked my old man, and he fucked me.” And with that, Lee lost all control himself and began filling Jenny’s womb with gushes of hot, creamy cum.

As the two lovers began to come down from their shattering orgasms, Jenny said, “Now tell me the rest of the story and then lets make our plans for Alan’s “birthday gift.”

“Well, there’s not much else to tell,” replied Lee softly. “The three of us sucked and fucked each other most of the night and into the next day. It’s a night I will never forget, no matter how many times Mom and Dad and I got it on together after that. And I’d like to do the same thing for Alan. Do you think he’d like that?”

“He’s your son isn’t he?” she smiled. “I doubt that he’ll react any differently than you did.”

“And you know what?” she added. “I bet he’d like it if the three of us took a little ‘vacation’ this summer and went to visit your folks. Whata you think? Would you like that?”

“Shit, yes,” laughed Lee. “I’d love to see you and Mom eat each other out. And I know Dad won’t be able to keep his hands and cock off of you and Alan either. And Mom’s gonna love fucking her handsome, young grandson. That’ll sure be one hell of a family reunion, won’t it?”

Later the next afternoon when Alan arrived home from school, Lee said casually to him, “Alan, your Mom and I have a special treat in store for you in celebration of your 18th birthday and your graduation. We’re all going out for dinner this evening, then we’ve a nice surprise for you when we get home.”

Alan wasn’t sure what his folks had in mind, but he’d overheard Dad’s story before and so he had very good idea of what his “present” would be. He certainly hoped so, anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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