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This is my effort to support the airline industry and get people flying again!

* * * * *

I was tired and ready to get to my hotel when I got on the plane. The flight was delayed 2 hours in Stewart and 5 hours in Chicago and there’s another 2.5 hours to go to Austin. Thank God, I had a good seat. Middle of the plane, exit row. I sat in my aisle seat and didn’t fasten the seat belt. They had said the plane would be full and from past experience I knew I couldn’t expect to be lucky enough to have the middle seat empty. Sure enough the ‘Middle seat Man’, came soon after I sat down. I am not talkative on a plane, especially after aggravating delays, and I said nothing as “Middle Man” took his seat. I fastened by seat belt, sat back and close my eyes. People passed by and knocked into me. At this point I didn’t care, I just kept my eyes closed and tried to think relaxing thoughts.

Then there was someone leaning against me…must be putting up his luggage. I heard him excuse himself as people passed by and he leaned into me. I just feigned my nap and shifted toward ‘Middle Man’. Finally his baggage was stowed and he said excuse me and sidled by me; his rather nice rear in my face.

We all settled down and we were off. I settled back and was falling asleep to the patter of voices around me and the drone of the plane.

Then I thought I heard “Her name is Vee. I’m meeting her in Austin. I hope this late flight didn’t mess up her schedule.”

I opened my eyes. I must be dreaming [but, hey let’s go with it! Don’t nobody pinch me now!!]

Middle Man was talking to Window Man. Was it one of them that said that?

“Have you meant her before,” says Middle Man.

“No, this will be the first time.” It was window man. “We’ve been writing to each other but have never met.” I tried to make eye contact, but couldn’t do it without clotheslining Middle Man. I nonchalantly kept trying as if to look out the window. The fact there was nothing but black out there, didn’t phase me.

Window Man and Middle Man kept talking almanbahis adres and the conversation moved to business. I gave up. I figured I had been dreaming, wishful thinking. I started to drift off to sleep.

Just before I was out, I hear Window Man say, “Excuse me” and start to rise. Now I see his face and it is HE! I know it is. My heart is pounding and by the time he moves by me (great rear in my face again) I’m about to burn a whole through the crotch of my pants.

As he reaches the aisle, he looks down into my eyes and squeezes my shoulder. He says nothing and is quickly moving down the aisle. I must be dreaming. My heart is in my throat; I turn and follow him down the aisle with my eyes. He gets to the ‘john’ at the back and opens the door. He turns as he goes in; he winks at me.

Winks at me! A devilish, challenging wink. I get up – or try to. I grunt as the seat belt wins and I fall back into the seat. Stay cool, Vee. You have your dignity. You also have wet panties.

I get the seat belt open and on the third try I rise, and I make my way casually down the aisle. The flight attendants are all doing beverage service, so I have the back of the plane to myself. I look at the door that Gary (HIS name) went through and see the lock move from ‘Occupied’ to ‘Vacant’. But the door doesn’t open. I go to the door and open it a crack. A hand comes out and pulls me in.

I’m breathless as I fall against his chest. This is too close and like two magnets we come together and kiss a hungry kiss with no preamble. When eventually we part, he says “Hi, beautiful. Surprise.”

I think it’s the thin air. I am having trouble breathing. In my best imitation of a heart attack victim, I answer intelligently, “Hi”. And my hands go under his shirt and I am kissing him again. And he is doing a damn fine job of kissing me.

Both our minds and hands are on one target and he lifts my skirt as I loosen his belt. We are being very athletic, I might add, doing all this in about 5 square feet of floor. Actual it’s like trying almanbahis adresi to do it on horseback. Luckily we are on the same horse.

I am suddenly and pleasantly distracted as he finds his mark quicker than I. My knees become jello and my heads goes to his shoulder as I fall against the wall and he falls with me. His hands are playing a magic tune on my clit and I hear him moan in my ear, as he is pleased to find me so wet. Did he doubt it? I moan loudly and he shushes me. I whisper in his ear, “I can’t keep quiet if you keep doing that. Please keep doing that. You’ll have to put something in my mouth.” As I finish that line, my hand finds its mark and we moan a very primal sound at the same time.

The merest touch of his hand to my shoulder and some clever positioning and I am on my way to some in-flight refreshment. He is leaning against the back wall, legs on either side of the can. The lid is down. And my head is down and his glorious cock is in my mouth. The bumps and grinds of the plane make me have to suck hard to hold on. I wonder for a second how he is keeping quiet.

We stop for a second as we hear knocking. We realize that my butt was banging on the door. I continue, but then we hear real knocking. “Are you OK in there?” we hear an attendant say. He takes his fist out of his mouth and say, “Just fine thank you, just finishing up.”

I look up at him and he pulls my face up to meet his. He kisses me tenderly then pushes my hips up on the sink. I brace myself with one hand on the back wall and one on the door, hoping the latch holds. He goes for dessert. But with both my hands keeping me from falling on him, I have nothing to keep me quiet. As his excellent work comes to a crescendo, I am literally holding my breath to keep from screaming. He looks up and sees the condition I am in. One of his hands goes to my mouth and as my feet hit the floor his other is on my clit. Such a gentlemen. As I cum in his hand, he covers my mouth with his mouth to muffle the scream.

With amazing agility, and keeping a almanbahis adres hand over my mouth, he turns me so now I am facing the back wall and his rear is to the door. He lifts up my skirt and sinks his cock into my still throbbing cunt. Lucky for me he has his hand over my mouth, ’cause this is not a quiet moment. He may have teeth marks however. He has his other hand around my waist.

“Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. We will be experiencing some turbulence for the next few minutes.” Comes over the intercom

“Hold on,” he say and tighten his grip on my waist.

And now the ride begins. I will never think of turbulence the same again. He takes a wide stance and in these cramped quarters, he has no trouble staying upright, inside and out. I just hang on. And what a ride. At times, as the plane drops, I am almost weightless and then with a jolt he is pushed into me. A few quick bumps and I am spasming, and can barely catch my breath. It just keeps going and going. With one more drop and rise, it gets the better of even him and he moves both hands to my waist as he bucks into me and cums hard. This gives a whole new meaning to the term Thunderhead.

He falls against the wall and I fall against the sink. After a few deep breaths, I turn to him and put my arms around his sides. “Nice to meet you, Gary.” “Nice to meet you, Vee.” We kiss one more deep kiss and then put each other in order, as best we can. He keeps teasing my neck with kisses and I keep rubbing his rod through his pants. When we seem to be dressed again. I slip out the door. The attendants are still buckled into their safety seats. They say, “Are you OK? You seemed to be knocking around in there quite a bit”.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” I say and blush. I hurry down the aisle to my seat.

Then it’s the attendant’s turn to blush as he steps out of the head where I just left. “Sir…You…?”

“Ladies, would you please thank the pilot for that turbulence. Nice touch.” He smiles and nods to them and walks to his seat. The stews are left with their mouths agape, staring after him.

I have fallen asleep in my seat. I wonder what will happen in my next dream.


Hope you enjoyed this little piece. I just love feedback! AND PLEASE vote. Thanks, V

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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