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This is a story in three short parts. It is about two people fucking. It is about nothing else. Part one is called, “Judy Gets What She wants.

Judy gets what she wants

Judith Sinclair had it all: And she didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. For a 35-year old with a seven year old child, her body was nice and buff. Her husband made lots of money. She had a part time tech job that allowed her to work her own hours. Right now, she was making use of those hours to get what she really, really, really wanted—an earth shattering, mind blasting orgasm.

At the moment, what she was doing was urging the man above her to “heave that dick, your big, hard, thick, wonderful, pleasure-giving dick that is fucking me so good harder. Pound it even deeper into my cunt.” She was shouting it into his ear. She was sooooo close. She was not going to get less than maximum effort from him.

She’d been waiting for this good fuck for so long. Oh yes, Judy wasn’t just getting what she wanted, she was getting what she needed.

This guy was good, very good. He couldn’t have been doing better if she had paid him. She wanted his groin to be pressed against hers exactly like it was doing.

She wanted his hips never to be not moving, just as his hips were doing, bouncing down, around, in and out. And HARD,

She encouraged him as his pubic bone grinded against her clit. “Yes, just Like THAT! Yes! YES YES!”

Oh, God, She was getting the fuck that she needed. And, she was close to cumming again.

Her legs circled his butt; her arms gripped his back at his shoulder blades. She pulled him as tight as she possibly could against and into her body. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, harder,” she yelled.

Her clit sent a torrent of colors flashing up, bouncing onto her breast: Red, Yellow, Tan, Teal, Turquoise; she was overwhelmed by color: Black Chocolate, fucking Alice Blue, Green, goddamn Fuscia, for heaven’s sake.

She was cumming!!!!!!!!!

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” she said as she came. As she came and came. And came.

Whew….She looked around the hotel room they were in. Nothing much to see. It was a hotel room.

She looked up at him, Tony. That was his name, Tony Knicoski.. “Tony,” she said, “You just made my list of ten best fucks ever.” That always made the guy had been fucking her feel good.

“I wasn’t number one?” he asked,

She guessed that he was just kidding. He was smiling, but it was a sort of crooked smile. She should have realized by the way he fucked that he was a competitor. They always worked hard to get her off, the competitors did. She was feeling just a little bad that he hadn’t gotten off too. But it was getting late.

“Number one is my husband. A lot of history, practice and sentiment mixed in there. But you are among the top ten. Don’t feel bad. You were very good. Definitely, for sure. You were excellent. Baby, I saw colors when you were making me come.” She didn’t need any more of this conversation. She had had her orgasm.

There was no reason for her to hang around anymore.

She decided to act. “Oh God,” she interjected suddenly. She looked over at Tony’s wrist watch which he was still wearing to see that it was a quarter of. “I’ve got to go.” Tony was still laying on top of her, his cock was still hard, still in her cunt. She kissed him on the forehead and gave him a nudge that allowed her to her roll out from under him. “I have to take a shower.” She ran into the bathroom.

It was a quick shower. She didn’t want to get her hair wet. She got the fuck that she had wanted, needed. Now, out of here.

A towel wrapped around her waist, she walked back into the bedroom and picked up her panties. She slipped the panties up her long legs. She picked her blouse up, put it on and buttoned it. Her bra was on the floor. She put it in her purse. Didn’t need it. Was just going home. She ataşehir escort bent over to recover her skirt and pulled it up her legs. The pencil skirt fit nicely, snug, tight against the outside of her thighs, form fitting against her lower stomach. She sat on the chair and pulled her stockings up to the top of her thighs.

Tony hadn’t moved. He was still lying on the bed, on his side, leaning on his elbow. Jaysus, she thought, his cock was still hard.

“You want to rest?” she said, “The room is mine until six. You’re welcome to use it until then.” Her pumps were on her feet. She stood up. “You going to stay for a while?” she asked. She walked over to the bed and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He hadn’t said a word since she had gotten off the bed. She wondered if something was wrong. “Everything okay?” she asked.

Tony has wants too

“No,” he said. He sat up and his hand swept out and under her skirt. She felt his fingers move between her legs, up the smooth nylons and on to the bare skin below her panties. His hand stopped when he reached her snatch.

“Is something the matter?” she asked. “You were really great. I loved everything we did.”

This bitch is like all of them at the gym, he thought. Put him down just because he was only a bouncer. Hey, he worked hard on this muscles at the gym so he could be a bouncer. But he could see when they walked past him that he wasn’t nothing to them but a buff body. First this dame put him dpwn, “pretty good.” Shit. She had come two times, screaming at the top of her lungs and he hadn’t even once.

He still had said nothing except that one word, “no,” but his hand had moved. His fingers were now inside her panties and were pressing against her cunt.

She tried to move away, but his fingers stabbed into her cunt and hooked into her there, inside, behind where her clit was. She didn’t like how he was looking at her..

“What…” she started.

But, suddenly, he turned and pulled her down to the bed. Her face was only inches from his still hard cock. Now she was scared. “This isn’t funny. It isn’t funny at all,” she said.

“This isn’t funny at all,” he mimicked her tone and inflection. His fingers still folded and hooked hard in her cunt. “Not funny at all. You know you are a fucken skangy piece of shit, cunt. You know that?” “I don’t like this,” she said,. “Let me move”

“You mean for me to take my finger out of your cunt?”

“This is pretty close to being a rape,” she said.

“I had my hands all over your ass and my tongue down your mouth in the hotel lobby while you were checking us in. Everyone saw us getting it on. We already been fucking for more than an hour. Rape??????”

She didn’t say anything. She looked at him.

“I asked you what you were looking at.”

What could she say? Her face was inches away from his tumescent organ,. “I’m looking at your cock.” She said.

He slipped his fingers from her cunt. “Sit down,” he said.

She wasn’t frightened anymore. She sat as he told her to. In truth, she had no pressing arrangements, no where she had to be. .

“What about it? What about my cock?”

What was that about, she thought. “It’s there,” she said.

“You think that’s funny, huh?”

“No, I don’t think it’s funny.” Some of the fright that had been there and disappeared returned

“You’re sitting there and you’re looking straight at my cock, and all you got to say is that it’s there.”

Judy had absolutely no idea of what he wanted her to say, that it was beautiful? “You’re circumcised,” she said.

“No, you dumb slut.”

She looked at him. She had no idea of what to say. It was a cock. It was sort of purplish. It still had some of the slickness from when they been fucking.

“It’s still hard, you dumb cunt.” He stared at her. His anger was back in the room with them. “You think bagdat caddesi escort you was doin’ me a favor? Skank! Whore! Slut! You think you were doing me a big favor, allowing me to enter my cock into your smelly cunt “

This was making Judy dizzy. She knew Tony from the gym . He was always pleasant there. Always polite. They nodded hellos to each other when they crossed paths moving from one piece of equipment to another; they had never shared anything more intimate than the state of the weather. Until today, that is. She did not understand why he was being so difficult.

Today’s fuck in this hotel room hadn’t been planned, was an accident. It just happened.

She had spotted him after she walked into the coffee shop. Their eyes met. She smiled. He smiled. She sat at his table. They talked. The coffee was very tasty. She had been horny. They ended up in this hotel room— for which she had paid. Up until this moment, everything had been great. She was sure that he had been happy with the fuck. She sure had been happy.

She tried a modest smile. “I thought you enjoyed the sex. Didn’t I tell you that you were real good? I came two times.”

“Look at me!” His voice was loud.

She wondered if he meant she should look at his cock. She lifted her head as if to ask a question.

“My cock is still hard!”

So?, she thought. She waited for him to continue.

“You got off at least two times when we were fucking. You had to clean any of my cum from your cunt when you showered? I didn’t cum! You are leaving me with a case of blue balls.”

All this was beginning to make sense to Judy. He wasn’t willing to just jack off after she left or maybe while she was in the shower.

Most of the guys she had let pleasure her were okay with using their five fingers when she was through. She thought Tony would be a gentleman too. Apparently not.

She leaned forward and reached for his cock. A couple of pulls ought to do the job. “Baby wants to come?” she said, then opened her lips and sucked the purple head of his rampant organ inside to the roof her mouth She swirled her tongue against, under and around the hard shaft of his cock.

“Yeah, suck my cock,” Tony said .

Judy globbed something in reply. It was hard to make out. Her mouth was cock-filled. She slavered an answer around his cock. It sounded something like, “Grrannnnkywoogug”

He gently pushed her face from his cock. He pulled her up so that they were laying on the bed, facing each other, he still naked, she still dressed in skirt, blouse and underwear.

“Okay, I’m hard enough,” he said. I want to fuck. I want to fuck you,” he told her.

She didn’t really want anymore of this.. That would mean getting undressed and dressed again. It would mean another shower. But she didn’t see that she had a choice in this matter.

“Let me take my skirt off,” she said. Her skirt was too tight to allow her legs to spread wide enough.

“Fuck that,” Tony said. He rolled her skirt up over her hips. The skirt stayed there, wrapped around her, bunched at her waist just below her belly button.

In counterpoint to his up working of her skirt, she lifted her ass and pushed her panties down to her ankles, getting them off and onto the floor by using her toes to pull the panties off her ankles.

They each of them began to unbutton her blouse, he the top buttons, she the lower ones.

“I got you off real good,” he said. “Now it’s your turn to get me off.”

They stared at each other. “I’m gonna fuck your ass,” he said. That’s what I need to get off.”

“You said just fuck,” Judy argued.

“I changed my mind.” He lifted her legs, hooking them over his shoulders. He lined his cock up to her butt hole.

“Wait,” she said. “I need some lube there.”

“Fuck that,” he said. He spit onto his fingers bostancı escort and applied that lube around her butt. He entered his cock into her ass……..

A tender fuck? Or Ain’t love great? Or not?

“You know, that hurt,” Judy said as she looked up at Tony. His cock was now out of her ass, but he remained bent over her, her legs still hooked over his shoulder, his cum wet feeling in her back side. She was feeling a little bit tired. But she was feeling a little bit more than horny.

“You didn’t seem to mind too much,” he said.

“Well, it did hurt more than it should have. At least when you started.” She wasn’t going to make a big issue of it. She had just learned that second best wasn’t good enough for him. Not good at all?

His cock was still hard. He let it slide along her vaginal slit. She was open down there. . “I’m gonna make you feel a little better,” he said. He let his hard cock push through her slit opening and into her cunt.

“You are too much,” she said though she didn’t sound as if she was complaining. She allowed a sigh to escape her lips, “Toooooooo much.”

“Slut,” he said and rubbed his cock along the pulpy lips of her inner vulva.

“Prick,” she said as she the juice from her cunt well up against her cunt lips which were wide open again.

“I’m gonna fuck you just like the whore you are,” he said and slammed his cock into her pussy. “Grrrr,” he added.

“Do your best, fucker,” she answered and thrust her hips upward hard against his groin. This was like a game of ‘dozens’ she thought.

“Cunt,” he said, slapped his cock in and out of her wet hollow.

“Handjob,” she said closing her legs together and grabbing his cock with her kegel exercised cunt muscles. Oh yes, that got some action from him, she thought. He rammed his hard organ deep into her and held her body still while he ground his groin against hers. “Ahhhaa,” she added to the noise of squishing and slushing sweaty bodies slamming into each other.

“Ho,” he yelled. Her clit caught fire. She grabbed his head, pulled his head down and forced her tongue into his mouth. “Ho,ho….HO Ho,” he was shouting, half calling her a whore, half making a santa clause laugh.

And then they began to fuck in earnest!

“Lezzie,” he sneered. He slid his cock slowly out of her hot box.

“Dickface,” she countered, grabbing his ass to force him deeper into her.

“Douchebag,” he answered, pulling his hips up and slamming them down

“Pissant,” she yelled as he clit vibrated its signal that she was cumming.

Goddamit, thought Judy, she had just come twice this time and she knew he had come twice. Yet, he was still hard.

She began to bounce her hips upwards. She’d teach him, get him to come again..

It was maybe a half hour since this fresh fuck had started Tony having his way with her and she having her way with Tony. Up and down, across the bed, off the bed, on the floor, once against the wall. They fucked fast and furious. Each of them was in good shape, but, even the hours each of them had spent on a treadmill hadn’t totally prepared either of them for the vigor of this fucking. It was fucking. What it wasn’t, was making love.

“Cumslut,” he shouted.

“Shit hole,” she yelled. This was hard work. “HarrrrrgaaaaaaaarAaara” she grunted.

The fucking continued.



Finally, she came, the third, fourth time.

Then, at last, finally, he came.

They lay next to each other on the bed. She got up. She began to roll her skirt down. He tossed her blouse at her. She put it on. He reached under the blanket and pulled out her panties. He looked at them. He smelled them. “Souvenir?” he asked.

She thought for a second or two. What the hell? “Okay,” she said.

He threw the soiled panties under his pillow.

She was all dressed by now.

“I think I’ll rest a little while, shower and then check out.”

“See you at the gym,” she said.

“Yeah,” he answered, “and maybe we can get together here another time.”

She allowed herself what possibly looked like a nod of her head. Maybe a yes. Who knew? They’d find out.

The end.

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