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Tim sat on the edge of the bed. His best friend from work laid out on it. They were both twenty and trying to figure out what to do. Tim flipped the channels on the tv. Finally landing on some porn. Like most young men he just left it there. Bill and him had watched porn together before so it was no big deal.

As the scene played out Tim could hear Bill unzip his pants. Tim felt his own cock begin to harden. The girl on tv was beginning to suck the guy’s dick.

“You ever thought of giving head?” Bill asked.

“I’m not gay.” Tim said looking back. Seeing Bill’s cock outlined in his underwear. Tim could feel his mouth water. He had wondered over the years what it felt like. Always warring with the idea whether he was gay or not. He quickly looked back to the tv.

“It’s not gay. I’ve heard people talk about it. Alot of guys experiment. Girls aren’t the only ones that do it.”

Tim couldn’t believe he just heard his best friend say the thing he always thought.

“I don’t know man. If anyone would find out I would be so embarrassed.”

“No one well find out. Here come over and lay next to me.”

Tim moved over and laid next to Bill. He pushed his basketball shorts down and freed his hard cock. Bill had pushed his pants down a bit but his cock was still under his boxers. Tim looked down admiring Bill’s casino şirketleri hairy stomach.

As Tim settled next to him he swallowed and asked “Now what?”

Bill giggled. “Just go with it man. I’m not going you force you.” Bill turned back around and watched the porn. His hand lightly traced around the shape of his cock. Tim figured it was about 7 inches. His heart was beating really fast and his mouth felt like a desert.

With his right hand propping his head up he used his left hand to gentle play with his cock. Tim had shaved his pubs down and loved the smooth feeling about his shaft. His cock measured six inches. Seeing the girl on tv pleasuring her guy he reached out and laid his hand on Bill’s.

“You better return the favor jackass.” Tim said with a giggle. He slipped his hand through the slit of Bill’s boxers. Bill’s breath caught as Tim circled his hand around his shaft. Bill felt much bigger in Tim’s hand. He lightly squeezed Bill’s cock.

Tim could hear Bill’s breathing increased as he began to move his hand around. He finally pulled Bills cock out. Seeing the cock in his hand thrilled him. It felt alive in his hand. Feeling the heat coming off and seeing the veins and bumps on the shaft.

He moved his hand up. Pushing the skin up then dragging in back down. Bill was moaning casino firmalari lightly. Bill grabbed a pillow and laid his head down.

“God that feels good Tim.” Bill said softly. Tim’s own cock was rock hard. With his free hand he was gentle rubbing it. With added courage Tim leaned down and lightly kissed Bills cock head.

“Mmmm yes Tim go for it.” Bill urged. Tim open his mouth and very softly sucked Bill’s cock head into his mouth. Tim knew he shouldn’t be doing this but if felt and tasted so good. Bill smelled like sweat and soap. He closed his lips around the cock head and swirled his tongue around.

“Oh fuck yes. You are sucking me!” Bill exclaimed.

“You don’t have to be so loud.” Tim lifted off and laughed. Resuming with his mouth Tim sucked harder on Bill’s head. Hearing him moan and gasp was making him hornier.

Tim started to run kisses down the shaft. Licking up from the base and then spitting right on Bill’s cock head. Lowering his head unto Bill’s cock he brought his hand up and began to pump his shaft. Tim took more of Bill’s cock into his mouth. Feeling his mouth fill up with cock. He felt Bill’s head hit the back of his throat with about 2 inches of shaft left. He started to work up and down making Bill’s shaft shine with saliva.

Bill moved his hands to the back of Tim’s güvenilir casino head. Tim moaned feeling the strong hands and wanting to submit. As Tim lowered his head and took as much of the cock into his mouth Bill grabbed his hair and forced his head down. Tim gagged feeling all of Bill’s cock go into his throat. He tried to swallow but panicked and pulled up.

“Jackass” Tim said with a smile. A line of drool hanging from his lips to Bill’s cock.

“God honey that felt amazing” Bill said breathlessly. Tim noticed the honey comment, he felt warm inside.

Tim went back down loving the feeling of pleasing so much. He bobbed his head and worked Bill’s cock.

“Yesss im almost there Tim.”

“Mmmm” Tim moaned around the cock. Pumping his hand faster and sucking on the first half of Bill’s cock.

Tim actually felt Bill’s cock harden more than tasted an explosion in his mouth. Salty yet sweet syrup flooding his mouth. Tim moaned loudly tasting Bill’s cum. Knowing he made it happen. Tim kept sucking feeling Bill squirm.

“Oh god yes Tim.” Bill moaned out. Tim finally stopped and leaned back. Smiling and still tasting Bill’s cum.

“Your turn.” Tim said starting to get up on his knees.

Tim heard a car pull into the driveway.

“Oh fuck my mom is home get dressed.”

“Ok.” Bill said and started to zip back up. Bill got his stuff and headed for the door. Tim willed his raging hard on down knowing he was in for a case of blue balls.

They were at the door when Tim’s mom walked in saying hi and bye. Bill said he would talk to Tim later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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