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The moment I get inside the door and shut it I have you up against the wall. It’s been a long day and I’ve been looking forward to this for hours. My lips and hips are pressed hard against yours. I grab your butt with one of my hands and slide my hand down to your thigh, lifting your leg and giving me access to the bottom of your thigh; allowing me to slide my hand up it, under your skirt, to your perfect ass. Your other leg is between mine and you bend and flex your knee slightly, teasing my already hard cock. I keep kissing you hard, fucking your mouth with my tongue as you return the favour, while I slide my hand to the edge of your thong, and then slip my finger tips under it. My fingers brush the edge of your cunt. Wet. Already. It means I don’t have to foreplay today. Good. I can’t wait to be inside you.

I grab your other buttock with my other hand and lift you off the ground. You wrap your long, smooth brown legs around me. We’ve done this before. You know what’s coming. I carry you to the bedroom, kissing you the entire way. I get to the edge of the bed and drop almanbahis adresi you unceremoniously onto it.

“Strip.” I say. It’s the first thing either of us have said to each other.

You don’t reply, but you comply by unbuttoning your blouse as I take off my jacket, then my tie, and start unbuttoning my shirt, watching you the whole time. You get down to your underwear before I’m done unbuttoning my shirt so you crawl to the edge of the bed, undo my belt, unzip my pants and pull my and pull them down with my boxers. My cock immediately springs to attention before you and you slide the head into your mouth. I wish I could find the words to tell you how good that feels, you sliding your lips over the head of my cock. But all I can manage is a loud exhalation of pure pleasure to show you my appreciation. You start running your tongue over the bottom of the head of my cock as I take my shirt off and throw it on a chair. My hands drop to your head. I don’t thrust into you. I just want to run my hands through your hair.

You start sucking harder and use one of almanbahis adresi your hands to stroke my cock as you suck it, I’m already getting close, but I don’t want to cum in your mouth. I gently pull you up to kiss you. We’re the same height with you kneeling on the bed. You keep stroking my cock as we kiss. I unhook your bra and slide it off your shoulders. One of my hands finds your breast while the other slides under your panties to your cunt. I slide a finger in and we stroke each other as we kiss.

I break the kiss and slide my finger out of your cunt.

“Present to me”.

You turn around and bend over as I step out of my pants which are in a pile on the floor. I slide your panties down your thighs, grab your ass and kiss the cheeks, then I bite them. Hard. Your moans tell me how much you enjoy it.

“Guide me in.”

You immediately reach between your legs and grab my hard cock, guiding it to the waiting entrance of your pussy, but I don’t thrust in. I just tease you by rubbing the head of my dick against your pussy lips, my precum mixing almanbahis adresi with your pussy juices.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

“Fuck me. Hard!” You reply.

I bury my dick deep into your pussy in one quick thrust. We both gasp in unison. I slowly pull out. Quick thrust. Pull out again, but faster, picking up the tempo. Finding the rhythm. You start rocking back to meet my thrusts. It’s so incredibly hot, watching my dick disappear into you and then slide out, covered in your juices. I grab your hips and deepen my thrust, willing my dick to reach places in your cunt that it never has before.

“Harder”, you say and I can feel you squeeze your pussy around my cock gripping it in its smooth wet vice.

I thrust harder. As hard as I can. Sinking every inch of my cock in your cunt. Picking up the speed. Enjoying every sensation. I’m getting close to coming. I come spurting inside you while I keep thrusting, and almost simultaneously so do you. I thrust into you and keep my cock buried in you, feeling your pussy spasm and coax more come out of me, letting you do all the work, keeping our orgasms going.

Both of us collapse into bed, spent and perspiring and breathing heavily. I love the way you smell after exertion. I smile quietly at you and you smile back. We both know we’re not done for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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