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I decided that I would go home and visit my parents. It had been just a few months ago that I divorced my ex-husband. He came home one day and told me he wanted out. I was devastated to say the least. I needed someone to talk to and it had been nearly two years since I saw my parents last. I drove nearly three days straight until I pulled up in front of my parents’ house. I can’t tell you all the emotions I was feeling right then.

My Dad greeted me at the door. He hugged me and took my suitcases. He said my mother was out shopping to get prepared for my stay. We walked down the hallway and took my suitcases into my old bedroom. I sat down on my old bed. My mother hadn’t been happy when I said I was divorcing. She told me I should have stuck it out. I tried to tell her it wasn’t my choice, but she wouldn’t listen. My Dad didn’t say a thing. He must have figured I was an adult and I had to make my own decisions.

“I’m so glad you made it home Katie,” my Dad told me.

My Dad said that my mother was out shopping in order to prepare for my stay. Dad sat down next to me and he waited for me to talk first. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I had been thinking about my father all these months. He was always my rock and I had deep feelings for him. After the divorce came through I even had sexual thoughts about my Dad. What would it be like to have sex with my father. I just couldn’t tell him that.

I must have broken down right then. I threw my arms around my father’s neck and I hugged him hard. When I pulled away we were looking at each other. I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. I think my Dad’s eyes went wide. He didn’t pull away, however. We had a romantic kiss and I opened my mouth to him. My Dad must have had the same feelings as I did. He used his hands to pull up on my top. It came off and I reached back to undo my bra. My big tits came free and my Dad gave me a good look.

Dad stood up and he undressed before me. In görükle escort a few minutes I was looking at his cock. My Dad was average length, but his cock was so thick. I pulled my pants and underwear off and I moved to the edge of the bed. I reached out and took hold of his thick member. I just remember inhaling his prick. I went all the way down to the root. It didn’t take long before Dad was hard as could be. He must have needed me as well. Dad pulled his cock from from mouth and he joined me on the bed.

Dad spread my legs and he lowered his face. I soon felt the tip of his tongue probing my slit. Dad slid his tongue deep into my pussy. I let out this long moan as he licked up and down my gash. There was only one thing on my mind. I had to feel my Dad inside me. A few minutes passed and my Dad pulled away. He looked down at my wet pussy and he moved in between my thighs. I felt the head of his cock at my opening and then my Dad entered me.

I hadn’t had sex in so many months. His cock felt enormous sliding against the walls of my pussy. I took my legs and wrapped them around his back. Dad stretched his body out and then he fed me every inch of his huge prick. I just remember me begging him to fuck me like a whore. Dad didn’t waste any time. He drove his throbbing cock deep into my channel. I used my muscles to grasp him tightly. I wanted him to never pull out of me. My Dad took me like some cheap prostitute that afternoon.

You could hear the sound of skin hitting skin as my father fed me his fat monster. I have to admit that sex was much better than with my ex-husband.

“Fuck me Daddy!” I kept saying.

Dad didn’t slow down. He was going as fast as he could. It felt like some giant tree branch was inside me. We must have fucked for a good half an hour. Dad finally said he was getting close. I told him to cum inside me. He gave me this wild look and then took me for a few more minutes. Dad arched his eskort bayan back and I felt his warm seed enter my body. I started having these orgasms as Dad kept stroking my pussy. I squeezed his prick as hard as I could. I wanted to make sure I got every drop of his loving in my pussy.

We continued to fuck for a few minutes more until Dad started going soft. He finally pulled out of my drenched hole and I felt his seed starting to pour out and down my ass. Dad lowered his face and he found my tits. He started to bite on each nipple. That is when I really let go and had some huge orgasms. We finally stopped and we were both panting. Dad got up from the bed and he went into the bathroom. I found some tissues on the night stand and I wiped my pussy.

When Dad got back we had a long talk. Dad said that he and my mother rarely had sex these days. When I came onto him he couldn’t stop himself. He said my mother would be back shortly. We should both be dressed when she arrived. Mom did show up about an hour later. She was so happy to see me. She was talking non stop but I didn’t hear a word she said. All I could think of was the hot sex I just had with my Dad.

We had dinner that evening and then my Mom said she was tired and went back to the bedroom. We waited almost an hour and then my Dad and I went downstairs to the washroom. We stripped down once more. I lowered the lid to the washer and I got on top of it. There was my Dad stroking his cock in front of me. Once he made himself hard he pushed his hardness past my pussy folds. I placed my arms around his neck. Dad lifted me up and held me in his arms. He pumped his hard cock deep into my convulsing pussy there in the washroom.

I had to control myself and not cry out as he fed me his cock.I held on for all it was worth. Dad’s cock was deep in my hole. He took me just like he had in my bedroom. To my surprise he managed to cum in me a second altıparmak escort time that day. I felt his cream firing deep into my body. I squeezed his cock hard in order to get all his seed inside me. My Dad finally lowered me to the floor. My legs felt wobbly. We cleaned up once more and then we went back upstairs.

I went to my bedroom, but I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts were about what my Dad and I had done that day. I knew this was just the beginning of our love affair. I was planning on staying for three days. Luckily, my mother left the house to go do errands. As soon as she left one morning, my Dad and I were on my bed. I ended up mounting my father that morning. I positioned myself above his rock hard prick and I lowered myself. Dad took hold of my cheeks and pulled them apart. I got particularly loud that time.

I begged my Dad to take me as hard as he could. Dad brought his ass up every time I lowered myself down onto his rod. The beautiful part was that my Dad seemed to have an endless amount of cum to give me. When he got close that day he took his hands from my ass and brought them to my chest. He pinched my nipples hard and I came for him. My pussy went into spasms and that was when Daddy gave me his love cum.

I could feel hot ropes of his cream shoot deep into my belly. I just couldn’t seem to get enough of my Dad’s cock those few days I was home. The time passed so quickly. It was time now to leave. Mom hugged me and my Dad kissed me on the cheek. That was a long drive back home to my place. I had lots of time to do some thinking. When I got home I texted my Dad. I told him I was going to get off the birth control pills. The next time we had sex together, I wanted him to impregnate me.

Later that evening I got a call from my Dad.

“Are you sure about this?” He said to me.

I told him I knew how crazy it all sounded, but I wanted his baby. My Dad stayed silent and we only talked a few more minutes. Dad said he would try and break free from work and come to see me. He said maybe he could tell my mother that he was going away on business for a few days. I am hoping that in the near future my Dad can get free and he and I can fuck once again and my Daddy can give me what I need and want.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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