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This story isn’t so much about plot. If you like stories with a dedicated plot-line that takes a while to build up to the erotic bits, then this probably isn’t for you. This is my first story, in over a year, so please bear that in mind. All characters are over the age of 18.


Background to the story: Me and my partner Rosey have just come home from a party. We’re both horny, and we’ve been teasing each other all night. This story is written to Rosey. It’s written so that I don’t even know that you guys are ‘watching’ this as it unfolds.

As we get home and come through my front door we just can’t keep our hands off each other. I kiss you passionately, teasing you into kissing me back. I’m running my hands all over your firm body, dragging my nails lightly down your back. I cup the pert cheeks of your ass in my hands as I lift you up. I smile when you wrap your legs around mine as I take you to the sofa, enjoying feeling you in my hands. As I’m carrying you, I begin to kiss you along your neck, teasing the skin until goosebumps appear. I set you down, then kiss you again, teasing the tip of your tongue with mine, before nibbling on your neck again and then moving down to your collar-bone.

As I knead your bum gently in my hands, I flick my tongue against the top of your boobs, tasting the slight tang of your skin and inhaling the smell of your arousal permeating through your skin. As I slide my hands down the backs of your legs, I feel you shiver a little in my hands. Perhaps I grazed an erogenous area? I feel you whimper into my shoulder, enjoying my attentive actions.

As my arousal builds, I strip your top off, take mine off, and steal another light kiss. At least it was supposed to be a light kiss. The soft pressure on my lips has my body aching for you, I want to taste more. As we kiss passionately, I run my hands along your sides, across your back, bringing your body closer to mine. As our bra’s touch, I begin to slide my hands lower. As I break the kiss, I once again take your perfect ass in my hands again, and slalom a string of kisses along your neck, nibbling softly here and there. As I pass your throat, I whisper gently against your skin. “I want this so bad.” Thus breaking the silence we’ve held ’til now.

As I slide down your body, I feel your hands on my back, your fingers grazing against the super-sensitive bundles of nerves near my spine, increasing my arousal so fast my head feels like it’s spinning and I let out a low moan. I can’t sit here in this bra any longer, it has to go. “Would you get the clip please sexy?”

As I feel the clip pop free, I turn my back to you, teasing you with flashes of side-boob, enjoying your quiet moans as you catch glimpses here and there. As the bra falls to the floor, I slowly turn back around to face you, cupping my boobs with my hands. I smile as you reach out for me, drawing me closer. As you slide your hands up my sides, you get a mischievous look in your eyes. I know it’s coming, but I don’t care. You know I’m ticklish, and canlı bahis you’re using every trick you can to get what you want, and I love it. As I giggle, I can’t maintain my composure. I have to slap your hands away, and in doing so, you win. To make things fair, you remove your own bra, wasting no time in joining me in topless-ness. I take in the sight of your curves, relishing the sight of your perfect pierced bee-stings sat so proud upon your gorgeous tits. I start to get really wet, and I can feel my boy shorts developing a wet spot. I want to show you that I’m wet, so I grind my tight little pussy into your thigh, letting you feel what you do to me.

As I’m grinding into your lap, I wrap my arms around your body, mashing my boobs into yours, feeling your nipple piercing on my skin. I giggle, the metal feels a little cold, and tickles more than a little. It feels so erotic. I ask you “Excuse me?” So that I can kneel between your smooth, shapely legs. I bring my head down to your chest, and lap at your nipples, playing with the piercings, taking them into my mouth and sucking gently, before flicking my tongue across your areola. I love hearing my little vixen moan in my ear, feeling your hot breath on my hair. I change nipple, performing the same tender acts to both of your perfect tits, all the while getting more turned-on myself.

As I tease your nipples with tongue and hand, I breathe deeply through my nose to avoid passing out, catching the faint, yet unmistakable smell of arousal. My heart pounds a steady beat, drumming on my chest fast and hard.

Yet already I miss the taste of your lips, the passion your tongue inflicts on my willful body. As we kiss, our passions mix, combine then grow. Our tongues dance in their own courtship, a battle of lust. Again I have to breathe deeply through my nose. This time, without your breasts to dull the scent, I get a full smell of your strong, heady scent. It smells like my favourite perfume in the world, my dreamy little vixens arousal. As our tongues fight it out, each trying to gain dominance, to suppress to other and win this fleshy sword fight, we moan together, the sounds melodic and beautiful, steadily building my arousal.

I leave the room for a second, to go and get some of our favourite toys. “I’ll be right back. You’ve got to close your eyes for me gorgeous, and I want you to softly run your hands along your inner-thighs, but you have to promise you won’t touch your pussy, no matter how much you want to.”

I leave the room to go get Bob, a 6″ pink vibrator. We called him Bob because he’s our battery operated boyfriend, for use when one of us is away. Harry, a Hitachi Vibrating Wand, named because the word wand reminded you of the Harry Potter movies, and Famore, a 14″ double ended dildo – so named because he was far more than either of us could handle by ourselves, not that that stopped us from trying. I take my time, remembering to pick up lube, though I doubt we’ll need it.

I come back into the room quietly, watching you caress your bahis siteleri soft, sexy legs, listening to your sexy moans. I surprise you when I start slipping you out of your skirt, and after the initial shock, I’m rewarded with an even more dazzling smile, and a moan as my hands brush along your skin. I let you continue to slide your hands up and down your inner thighs. As you do, I run my hands down your outer leg. I take my time running my hands along toned, sinewy muscle, lightly dragging my nails along your sensual curves. As I slide my hands around your sides, I playfully grab your firm pantie-clad ass and knead my fingers softly into the flesh, running my fingers into the cleavage, while I bring your nipples back up to full attention with my tongue, spending a good few minutes on each, especially enjoying playing with the piercings. I love feeling your pushing your chest out, trying to get more pressure on your sensitive tits, but I know that taking this slowly is always worth it.

I take you into my arms again, and as I descend down your sexy, nubile body I begin to leave a trail of delicate kisses. As I approach your panties, I slow down, circling a ring of affection around your navel. Once again my tongue begins the slow march of the penguins, heading down the proverbial southern path. I kiss my way to one of your hips, before leaving a trail of little kisses along your leg until I transit across to your sensitive inner thighs. I run a trail of kisses up one thigh, before backing off to repeat the same on the other, taking longer to do the second set than the first, in order to build even more suspense. I know you love it when I build up slowly, making the anticipation so intense it threatens temporary insanity. You’re dying to cum, but I want to make you wait.

As I ascend up your thigh for the second time, I breathe in through my nose again, the scent of your arousal much stronger, much headier. It’s almost enough to make a girl cum all on it’s own, god is it turning me on; I can’t wait any longer. I take the top of your panties in my teeth, and gently pull them down, using my hands to help me. As do, I’m treated to the stunning sight of your gorgeous little pussy. I grind myself into your thigh again as I come up for another make-out session. By now my panties don’t have wet-spots, they have dry-patches. I’m so turned on that my juices are running down my leg, and leaving a pool of my nectar on the cushions. As a result of my grinding on your leg, I leave a trail of my girl-cream along your leg, letting you know just how turned on I’m getting turning you on. I whimper my lust as my labia rub along your thigh, but this isn’t about me.

We’ve been flirting and teasing all night, our fore-play has lasted over an hour, I haven’t even touched your pussy and already, you’re leaking girl cum down your thighs. It took a lot of self-discipline not to lap it up when I kissed my way up your thighs, but there is no way I’m gonna pass up the opportunity now. As I scoop of your leaking cream from your thighs, bahis şirketleri leaving a thin trail of saliva, I hear you mean through a giggle, as my tongue tickles you, excites you, you’re so close to cumming already that this is going to be a challenge trying to keep you on the edge of an orgasm. Having caught as much of the escaped cum as possible, I flicker my tongue along your inner lips, tasting your fresh arousal as you’re paralyzed through a guttural moan, your legs twitching uncontrollably. Keeping you balanced on the edge of an orgasm, I keep you riding a wave of pleasure, before slowly backing off.

Scooping up a layer of your natural lube, I begin to push a finger gently into your tight, dripping pussy. Another guttural moan, a little orgasm and I add another finger. As I slowly pump my wrist, adding the occasional twist of my wrist and crossing my fingers to add extra stimulation, I allow you to have a wave of smaller orgasms, a treat to myself for keeping you on the balance, so highly strung. It also allows you a little respite, though not much. After swallowing the excess juices, and lapping up what I could, I turn my attention to making you truly explode. I coat Bob with your hot cum, and I slowly ease ‘him’ into your cute little pink pussy, watching as inch after pink inch slides between your slippery folds. I nestle Bob up against your G-spot and gently pump him in and out, joyfully listening to your low moans that turn into a hum as I pick up the pace.

As I rest Harry against your clit, which has been peeking out waiting for it’s turn, I turn them both on at the same time. Thrusting Bob against your G-spot and with Harry pulsing against your beautiful clit, you have a intensely powerful orgasm, your entire body wracked by uncontrollable spasms, and the orgasms continue to chain after that. As you continue to writhe on the sofa, I turn both Bob and Harry onto their highest setting. I watch as you act like I just set you on fire, your body thrashing around uncontrollably, I haven’t given you an orgasm that powerful for too long. It’s so powerful that when you squirt, it drums against my chest with the same force as my morning shower. As I withdraw Bob from your spasming pussy, you squirt again, uttering another deep, guttural moan, before passing out from nervous overload. I smile, knowing I just gave you an orgasm you’ll never forget, at the end of a great night you’ll never remember. As you come round, we go for a showers and round two.


Sorry, LitEroticans, I’m afraid that is for another story another day. The most attentive of you may have noticed Famore, though mentioned, did not feature in this story. That’s a teaser for the shower sequel.

I hope you have enjoyed this story. Thank you for sticking around to read it all, it’s so very much appreciated. As I said at the start, it’s my first story in a long time, way over a year. I would love it if my readers would please leave me feedback and vote, as it’s all the payment an author such as myself can ask for, and it takes you very little time at all. As it stands, this story is over 2250 words long, and it took me around 5 hours to write.

Be polite in what you say, and if you have criticism, please make it constructive.

Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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