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Dozing. That deliciously indescribable feeling that one gets when one groggily fights up from the depths of sleep, neurons struggling to fire awake the mind and command the body once more to move, muscle by muscle, out of the warm cocoon of the flannel sheets to fight on yet another day. That delicious moment when I momentarily shake the hanging cobwebs from my mind to orient myself as to where I am at, what time it is, and most importantly, what day it is….

With the sweetest feeling of numbed delight, I realize that it is Saturday…and that my weary body can rest…recharging the batteries of my mind as well as the muscles and tendons and sinews of my machine. With a physical moan of delight, I rub my feet back down the softness of the flannel to drift back off again, heeding the welcoming whispers of sleep, my face buried face down in the seductive caress of the pillow….

Mmmm….sometime later, I slowly climb back out of my quiet state…my mind slowly taking inventory of the senses of my body……mmmmm…..whatever could that most incredible feeling be? A slight wisp of a wetness caressing my asshole, gentle prodding and massaging of my cheeks, my ears detecting a quiet moan of delight?

She is here now…my lover, my sub, my seductive sexual woman, has wrest me from the deep vestiges of sleep in the most erotic and affectionate way possible. My woman gently prods me awake through the wet massaging of her tongue inside my ass…

I smile into the pillow…realizing that she must have seen me there in the early morning light. She must have studied my quiet face for a few moments as I lay on the pillow next to her, our bodies warmly touching at several points throughout the night. Sleeping on her side with her pillow as she nearly always does, she must have quietly watched me as I slept, studying her man, perhaps smiling quietly as she drank in my familiar scent..the scent of my skin and the scent of the sex still on the sheets from last night’s frantic sucking and fucking. Did she smile as her eyes fluttered awake, remembering last night’s writhing ecstasies, the dried cum still on her ample tits and cheek? In any case, she must have decided to wake me most affectionately…for she had to have left quietly to make us fresh coffee and warm brownies.

I picture her now, as I lay on my stomach, my face in the pillow, how she must have quietly pulled down the blue flannel sheets to expose my ass..studying it, feeling herself growing wet as she takes in the smooth curves and tightness of muscle. My ass is not large….lol….a positive way of saying it is that my ass is “tight..”…but it is HER ass…to do with as she pleases. I have encouraged her to take a more proactive role in using my body to pleasure herself….and this morning she most definitely has….

I picture the smile upon her face and the tightening of her cunt as she quietly moved into position, perhaps feeling like a predator stalking its sleeping prey, my perverted partner stalking my ass. Laying completely naked between my spread legs, her shoulders brushing up against the inside of my thighs as she makes herself comfortable, licking her lips in anticipation of the taboo pleasure she is about to partake.

Mmm….how the first vestiges of sleep slipped away, folding in whatever sexual dream I had been having, as my brain first sensed her hands gently spreading my ass cheeks…studying my asshole almanbahis şikayet as I slowly swam towards the surface of consciousness. Studying my asshole: the tightness of the ridges that comprise the rim, the changing shade of skin color, the smoothness of my flesh as it changes from beige to tan to pink as she peers inside. We are always extremely clean with each other; we are extremely detailed about our hygiene in this area, and my ass is freshly shaved in case she wishes to dance her tongue across my rim whenever the mood strikes her. Mmm….and this morning the mood definitely has struck her.

I gasp with delight as I feel her hands firmly draw my ass cheeks tight in a downward motion, palms flat across my ass, spreading my ass like the homemade pizza dough she made last night. I feel my asshole stretched tight…firmly, vulnerable yet protected by her approaching lips. My cock stirs to life, growing and swelling in its girth, becoming heavy and firm as it strains against my stomach, restrained by the mattress…but my cock will have to wait its turn, for this early morning hour will see my asshole becoming her whole world.

I lay there quietly as my woman begins to explore my ass, gently gliding her tongue up the seam where my body is sewn together, starting far down below in the crack where by balls emerge from my body…slowly up, weaving the tip of her tongue back and forth, left to right and right to left, slowly and wetly tracing lines of her fluid across my seam. Her tongue, just the tip, is the only contact she has with my body save for her hands firmly holding my ass cheeks apart. I do not feel vulnerable…I feel pleased…as my woman is doing exactly what I have encouraged her to do: to pleasure herself with my body as she desires.

I resist the urge to move up on all 4’s…for now. Right now, though she is aware I am awake, she simply wants to lazily drag her tongue around my taboo whirlpool of flesh, licking and flicking her tongue in a slow and comfortable manner. I moan and smile, closing my eyes, my face buried in the pillow as my woman pleasures herself on her own time schedule….the gentle licking of her tongue being the only marks of time on a clock.

I too hear her moan with affection and heavy delight as her tongue begins to slowly slide forward from her lips, transforming itself into a probe in which she will explore my body. I can picture her, eyes closed, as for just a moment she likely revels in the fact that she has finally met a man with whom she has no secrets. No pleasure is too naughty, no act is too kinky. In each other we have found a partner that we have helped to shed all inhibitions, stripping away the pretenses of society, to just enjoy the perverse pleasure of defying the niceties of society with each other…

…this morning’s pleasure? Slowly sliding her tongue in and out the tight asshole of her match.

With a slow and lazy thrust, I feel her wet tongue slide inside the gatekeeper muscles of my anus, gliding wetly down as far as it possibly can descend. I feel her lips meeting the tight ridges of my rim, gently massaging them with the sweet tender touch of her lips. For a moment she pauses, frozen in image, perhaps picturing herself there, with her tongue buried deep inside a man as she sucks on his ass…

…my god…could there BE anything more perfect?

With a sigh of unbelievable delight I let the world swim almanbahis canlı casino away, just letting my body match the rhythmic stroking of her tongue, plunging and rising like the ceaseless arm of an oil well. She works my ass harder now, reveling in the delight that she is now tonguefucking the ass of her man. I feel her grind harder, her nose pressing more and more firmly into my back as she continues to increase her rapid assault on my most private area…

…except with us there IS no private area…nothing to hide…everything to share….

Her thrusting becomes more urgent now…I feel her hands slide down from my ass and up under the front of my thighs, willing me to rise up on all 4’s. With a rush of air escaping from my lungs in a guttural grunt, I comply, rising up on my knees so that she may pleasure herself and me more easily. I am up on my elbows, my knees spread wide. I know what I look like…the complete picture of vulnerability. For no other save this woman, MY Woman, would I ever assume this position of being completely defenseless. But with her? It is a position and trust that wordlessly whispers, “I place full trust in you.”

Her access now complete, she rises up on her knees as well, her arms now up on my back, her body weight leaning fully into my ass with her nose buried deeply inside my crack. As she continues to gnaw and to massage and to fuck my ass with her tongue, the bed rocking in time to our rhythm, I become conscious of my cock and balls hanging down, like a heavy brass bell nesting in the bell house. Instinctively I slide my hand back to wrap my fingers lovingly and hungrily around my shaft…but I quickly feel the sharp sting of her nails upon my wrist. She wrests my hand away, replacing the warmth of my own fingers with hers, nestling my balls warmly and fully in her palm.

Her fingers swirl up around my shaft to the base, comfortably assuming their instinctive position that they know so well. Expertly wrapping around the thick girth of my cock, she begins to stroke my manhood in long…slow…firm pulls downward, pausing her fingers’ journey to ride the heady ridge of my head. Her stroking continues…and time ceases..the world ceases…as I become lost save for the sensation of her fingers stroking my cock and her tongue thrusting powerfully deep with my ass…..

I sigh…..

Suddenly her tongue retracts, being reeled back in the cave of her mouth. She wordlessly holds me in position by my cock, asking me without sound to remain in this position on my knees. I happily and wordlessly answer her unspoken question that yes, my love, I will remain here as long as you like. I sense her reaching for the nightstand…and for just a brief flicker of time I wonder what she is doing…and then it hits me…and I smile…

…she is reaching for a warm brownie……

My insides nearly melt as I the first warm traces of brownie are gently pushed inside my ass…she like a baker filling a mold. I gasp with delight as the warmth of the heavenly scented dessert slowly fills my void, her fingers gently kneading and pushing and filling every crevice with her dessert… god this feels wonderful…and the best part?

I know what is to come….

Sigh…yes…there is that sweet tongue and lips yet again…god how my asshole missed them. if only for a moment. Her warm tongue now mixes deeply within the chocolate almanbahis casino that she has placed in my ass, swirling her warmth and juices with the soft texture of the brownie, becoming one swirling mass of delight in my asshole. I picture her face….her thoughts matching mine…as if I can read them. We both think the same though….

…that she is eating a brownie of out my ass…

…and it is a perverse pleasure that we have never known…the pleasure of a new, twisted experience? Yes…but more importantly, the undefined pleasure that comes with knowing that this creature writhing on the bed with you has the same unquenchable desire for sickness that you do…and that there is NOTHING that you two can’t do together.

We are THAT comfortable….

I feel my body becoming electrified now..the first stirrings of cum beginning to flow. I feel the first tingling of the tightness of my abdominal muscles…the first sign that soon they will clamp down forcefully on the “cold steel” within. I moan and rock a bit harder, for the first time thrusting back at her. She knows what I am doing….she holds her head and body very still as I raise my head back with eyes closed, rocking back and forth, a little faster and more urgently with every thrust. I look over to the right at the mirror I have installed on the wall…and the image that greets my eyes….of a man fucking his woman’s tongue by virtue of sliding the tunnel of his ass over the wet probe of her tongue, is one that thrills me to my core.

Her stroking of my cock continues, now both of us urgently attacking at the point of contact. Her thrusting her tongue eagerly forward, burying her face into my ass, me rocking my ass back to meet her thrusts, her shaft of tongue thrusting down the hollowed mine shaft that is my ass. The shaft that is now filled with the gooey concoction of brownie that has been melted by the warmth of my body, becoming a sweet, sticky mixture of saliva and chocolate. She licks and she eats, digging up tiny cups of chocolate into her mouth, sucking in the warm chocolate mixture with the slurping of her lips.

My god…my god…the depravity…

She strokes and she strokes, squeezing and tightening, my balls swelling on the edge of her palm as she urges the cum to flow down the length of my cock….and with a thundering blast of light I feel a roaring of cum careen down the length of my shaft. Arching my back and feeling her tongue plunge as far down as it can possibly reach at the moment of sweet climax, she clamps down hard on my cock as the first drops erupt, spraying the pillow in a sheen of warm cum. She milks me…literally milks my cock like the teat of a cow, urging forth every precious drop of hot spluge out of its reservoir, her tongue still wiggling with delight inside of me….bolts of electricity surge down my spine from my opened mouth to the heat that radiates from inside my ass…

I collapse, completely spent…exhausted and face down on the pillow once more. I feel violated in the most pleasant and warm way possible; I have just been tongue-fucked in the ass by my woman. I must see her now…must meet her eyes for the first time this wonderful morning. I roll over onto my side, eyes still closed, a warm smile on my face. My ass still tingling with the sensations of her tongue….

My eyes flutter open to take in her smiling face about to take her first sip of coffee of the new day. And in the most affectionate yet sexual way possible, she wipes away the remaining vestiges of melted brownie from the corner of her mouth with a seductive swipe of her tongue…

“mmmm….good morning, my Dear Steven. Would you care for a brownie?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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