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Dorothy awoke with a little hangover and a lovely glow. She turned over, reaching for Rhia but the girl wasn’t there. A moment later “Sleepyhead,” came Rhia’s voice. “I was beginning to wonder when you’d wake up.” She sat on the bed, naked. “Here.” She held out a cup of coffee.

Dorothy sat up and took the cup in both hands. “What time is it?”

“Eleven thirty.”

“Oh. But it’s Saturday, right?”


“Thank God.” Sipping the rich, dark elixir, Dorothy asked, “Don’t tell me you got up at six as usual? It must have been five before we fell asleep.”

“I slept in, until eight.”

“Aren’t you exhausted?”

“Not now. I may be later. Right now I feel …” Rhia spread her arms wide. “I feel wonderful.”

“You do, you know.”


“Feel wonderful.” Dorothy grinned. “You taste good, too.”

Rhia got into the bed beside her. “So do you. I never imagined, Dot, I mean …”

“It was wonderful.”




“That, too.”

“Can we do it again?”

Dorothy rolled her eyes. “What have I created?” she cried.

Rhia laughed. “I didn’t mean right this minute.”

“Oh, good, because I need to have a pee and finish this coffee first. Think you can wait?”

“It’ll be difficult but I’ll try.”

“That’s my baby.” Dorothy drank some more of the coffee and then handed Rhia the cup. “Don’t go away,” she said as she slipped out of the bed.

Rhia watched her roommate leave the room, admiring the way Dorothy’s derriere moved as she walked. She sipped the coffee, then set it aside on her bedside table and drew the covers up to her neck. She felt indescribably happy. She’d discovered feelings and sensations she hadn’t imagined possible, and she’d discovered them with another woman. She had tried to imagine what her first real time making love would be like, once she found someone who wasn’t a groper. Amazing to think that person would be a woman.

Dorothy came back a few minutes later. She strode up to the bed, grabbed the bedclothes and yanked them down, leaving Rhia completely uncovered. “I just wanted to make sure you were real,” she said.

Rhia giggled and opened her arms to welcome Dorothy back to the bed. It was a narrow bed, really only big enough for one, but as the two young women had made the best of it during the night before they did so again on the morning after.

“Did I tell you I think your breasts are Maltepe Escort magnificent?” Dorothy sighed.

“Several times.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, it’s just that, well, to me they’re just my breasts, nothing special.”

Dorothy made a derisive noise. “Oh, like you hardly notice they’re there.” She licked one taut nipple.

Rhia shivered. “Mmm, I like that. That definitely reminds me they’re there.” Dorothy repeated the lick. “Of course I know they’re there. All the time but sometimes … ooohh … sometimes they’re a bother.”

Dorothy suckled at Rhia’s breast for another moment, then lifted her head. “A bother?”

“Sure. Come on, Dot, you have pretty tits,” the younger girl said with a grin. “And you certainly don’t stay away from clothes that show them off. Isn’t it a bother when all people can look at is them?”

“I guess so. I wish I could dress up for only the people I want, and everyone else would see me as … I don’t know, as a sort of cut-out figure, you know?”

Rhia nodded. Wriggling down, she applied her tongue to one of Dorothy’s nipples. “Exactly,” she whispered. She blew gently on Dorothy’s wet nipple, making it rise. “Your nipples get so big. Mine don’t.”

“Now … mmm … now that’s a real bother, having those things pointing the way every time the temperature drops two degrees. Ah, yes, baby, do that, suck the bothersome little thing, I love that.”

Conversation lapsed then, Rhia being unable to talk with Dorothy’s nipple in her mouth and Dorothy too busy telling Rhia how good it felt to have her nipple in her mouth. Their hands were free, of course, and were soon put to good use. Rhia, lower down on the bed by a foot or so had the advantage of being able to reach Dorothy’s pussy. Dorothy had to content herself with stroking Rhia’s hair and shoulders.

Cupping her fingers over Dorothy’s sex, Rhia once again felt the new thrill of touching another woman so intimately. She touched herself, of course, had done so for years, but her own body was familiar territory. The body responding to her caresses was an undiscovered land, full of wonders and mysteries. One such was the completely hairless condition of Dorothy’s cunt. Rhia herself was well-endowed with pubic hair and though she trimmed her bikini line in the summer, it would never have occurred to her to do away with all of it. Stroking Dorothy’s labia, she wondered how often she had to shave and whether Maltepe Escort Bayan it was as itchy as she imagined it might be if she didn’t do it every day. Those thoughts came and went in an instant. Rhia felt Dorothy’s pussy moisten against her fingers and she eased the middle one slowly into the tight opening.

Dorothy gave a deep groan: “Oh, Rhia!” The younger girl began moving her finger in and out the way Dorothy had shown her last night. “Oh, honey, that’s so good, so good!” Dorothy squeezed down on the finger invading her so deliciously and then gasped as she felt another digit join it. She struggled up on her elbows to see Rhia slither down her body. The girl’s face was shining. Dorothy spread her legs as wide as she could. Rhia hovered over Dorothy’s crotch for a moment, then lowered her mouth to Dorothy’s clitoris. Dorothy fell back, a long, low moan escaping her. She tried in vain to find words to encourage and praise her new lover but the tidal waves of pleasure Rhia’s fingers and tongue and lips were sending through her short-circuited her vocal centers, leaving her only animal cries.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“I lied, I have.”


“Have done it before, last night with you.”

A pillow thumped.

“You’re amazing.”

“Thank you, ma’am. I just … I don’t know, I just go with what I think might feel good, with what you tell me or show me feels good, like that.”

“A true talent.”

“Just common sense.”

“You’d be surprised at how uncommon that is, especially between the sheets. Or outside of them, since we seem to have kicked your off the bed.” The bed creaked. “What are you doing?”

“Gathering up the sheets, it’s laundry day.”

“Oh, screw the laundry, come back here.”

“Cleanliness is next to godliness and anyway, I don’t have enough clean panties to last the week.”

“So don’t wear any. Come back, please, I want to eat your pretty pussy.”

“My pretty pussy will be available later in the day. Now get up, I want that bottom sheet.”


“Fine.” The gathered sheets landed on target. “I have an extra set.”

The thrown sheets leaped off the bed, followed by a wild-eyed Dorothy. Rhia shrieked and scampered out of the room.

“Oooh, when I catch you!”

“Yeah, what?”

“Grrrr …”

The chase was over quickly: three rooms and a bathroom do not afford much room for Escort Maltepe maneuver. Panting, Rhia surrendered on the couch where everything had begun.

Dorothy flipped her on her stomach and brought her hand down sharply on Rhia’s ass. “Naughty.” Rhia yelped. “Very naughty, making me leave that nice warm bed and chase you.” She gave Rhia another swat. Her hand lingered over the reddened skin, then rose and descended a third time.

“Hey!” Rhia cried.

Dorothy laughed. She bent down and kissed the spot where she’d spanked Rhia. “You do have a nice ass, baby,” she cooed. “Get up on your knees, please?”

“No more spanking?” Rhia sniffed.

“No more spanking.” Rhia did as she was asked, getting up on all fours, her ass in the air. Dorothy kissed her lovely round cheeks, then spread them apart.

“Uhm … what are you doing?”


“Yeah, but … oh my God!” Dorothy’s tongue began to circle Rhia’s tight little anus, getting it wet. “Dot, what the fuck are you …” Rhia’s protest was cut off by a gasp as she felt Dorothy’s finger push into her. She clutched the couch, panting. Dorothy inserted her finger to the first knuckle, turning it gently inside the pulsing ring.

“Do you like that, baby?”

“I … uhm … yeah!”

Dorothy reached between Rhia’s legs and caressed her pussy. “Sweet ass, sweet pussy, my beautiful girl,” she cooed. Rhia shook her head and moaned. Dorothy’s fingers found her clitoris and she shook with the force of the wave of pleasure that sent through her. “Come for me, naughty girl,” Dorothy purred.

“Ooohhh … Dot!”

“Ooohhh, Rhia, yes, oh, baby, come for me!” Dorothy slipped a finger just into the entrance of Rhia’s cunt, being careful of the girl’s hymen.

Taken thus, “fore and aft,” as she later joked about it, Rhia bucked wildly in the throes of her orgasm, screaming Dorothy’s name into the cushions of the couch. Dorothy lavished kisses on the smooth round cheeks of Rhia’s ass, wishing she had an extra hand so she could frig herself while she was making her girl come. When at last Rhia collapsed forward on the couch, Dorothy turned her over and covered the trembling, gasping girl with her body. She pressed her mound against Rhia’s leg and started moving back and forth.


“Wh – what?”

“Why are you humping my leg when you could just sit on my face?”

Dorothy dissolved in giggles. She crawled up and positioned herself astride Rhia’s face. The girl grinned up at her and pulled her down. Soon her tongue and lips were busy licking and sucking Dorothy’s already wet cunt.

“Oh, baby, you eat me so good! Oh, yes, Rhia, Rhia, I’m coming, baby, oooohhh, yes!”

And then it was Dorothy’s turn to collapse, falling into the arms of her lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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