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Carl was enjoying the time he was spending with Mary. They would get together two or three times a week for hot steamy uninhibited wild sex. Mary had even fucked Carl with a dildo and a strap on. Carl was realizing it had been over 6 months since he had tasted a real cock or had one in him.

He decided to go to the bath house about an hour’s drive away. He spent the day relaxing reading and watching some porn to get himself more worked up. He then prepped his ass for good fucking he was hoping to get. He got in his car and headed to the bath house. He arrived there paid his admission for a locker got naked lubed his ass up put on his metal cock ring and grabbed his bottle of poppers he was ready.

He walked passed a couple of rooms one door was closed and another had a guy head down ass up, he made a mental note of the room number. He came to another room the door was open and there were 2 guys in there one was around 40 hispanic, smooth body with both of his nipples pierced. The other man was in his 20’s, white, long hair, hairy. Both were 5’10 and in shape. Carl was watching them kiss and stroke each other cocks. They both saw him and motioned him to enter the room and join them. Carl did and he immediately got on his knees and started licking their balls. He then started licking their shafts just running his tongue over each cock and tasting and enjoying their precum. As Carl was doing this the two men were busy kissing each other deeply and running their tongues over each others bodies. The hispanic man was enjoying having his nipples played with and his rings pulled at.

Carl decided he had enough of licking cocks and balls and needed them in his mouth, he closed his eyes and took in the hispanics cock first, the hardness felt so good in his mouth the feel of the skin the difference of texture between the shaft and the tip of his head, he ran tip of his tongue over the head and some precum ozzed out, it tasted and felt like honey, he let out a loud mmmmm, as the hispanic man was moaning with rus escort pleasure.

Carl was also stroking the other cock it was the same size but thicker, as he was stroking it the long haired man was fucking Carl’s fist he looked down and smiled, Carl just happened to look up at the same time and took that as a hint to start sucking his cock which he did.

Both men were playing with each others asses as their cocks were been worked on expertly, Carl stood up and joined in on the kissing, all three men were fondling each others asses, cocks, nipples and exchanging saliva as they kissed deeply. The Long haired man bent over the bed spread his cheeks and said stick that BBC in me now, Carl rubbed his cock up and down against the crack of his ass then he pushed it in, the man pussy greedily accepted it as he wiggled his ass further onto the cock. Carl took a hit of poppers and picked up a nice gradual pace of pounding the ass his cock was in. He felt a warm breathe on his ass crack and then a mouth followed by a tongue, yes was the response that Carl gave in short hurried breathes. He then grabbed the long hair in front of him pulled it like a pair of horse reins bent over and started nibbling at his neck. Carl then felt a familiar pressure on his opening to his ass, then felt it spread apart as a nice long piece of man flesh entered him, he closed his eyes as he stopped fucking for a minute to get use to the cock in him and savor the moment.

The hispanic man grabbed Carl around the waist and just started in him at a fast pace, Carl was enjoying this, he moaned in enjoyment and told everyone in the room it has been so long since I had a real cock and I missed it so just keep fucking me deep and split me in two, he took another hit of poppers and shared the brown bottle with his two partners, they all took deep breathes and went back to their pleasure play. Carl disengaged from the cock in front of him and backed of the other cock. He then told the yenimahalle escort hispanic man to lay down of the bed which he did, then Carl mounted the cock and rode it for a minute letting it spread his pussy apart, he then nodded to the long haired guy who started running his cock against the hispanic cock and the eager ass of Carl’s. He then pressed it against Carl’s entrance, and rubbing it against it, Carl was enjoying this knowing what was going to happen next just made him hornier and made him more hungrier for the cock he was riding.

Then bang!!. It happened the nice long thick cock had penetrated him, and eased in. He had two cocks in him he smiled took another hit of poppers and just enjoyed as his two friends alternately fucked has ass, He felt his cock getting bigger knowing a huge orgasm was building up in him.

Carl heard a shuffle in the room and looked over his shoulder to see two new men in the room, Carl loved an audience, he loved multiply partners be it men or women or whatever. One of the new arrivals started licking the long haired man ass and kissing his neck while the other guy climbed on the bed, stood over the hispanic man and put his 6 inch uncut cock in his face, Carl was polite and took it all in one motion. This new cock owner then grabbed Carl’s head and face fucked him with a fury like he wanted to cum soon. Carl grabbed his ass went to play with his hole it was all wet and greasy, Carl realized it was cum, he liked this guy he was like him a horny bastard, he stuck a couple of fingers in him and proceeded to fuck his cum soaked ass.

Meanwhile the long haired guy was been mounted and it felt good to him that his cock got bigger and Carl felt this and knew that his ass was going to get filled up soon.

Then the moment of pure joy arrived, the cock in his mouth spasmed and the guy announced I am going to shoot, and a long stream of cum flooded his mouth, he didn’t let it out of his mouth and just get sucking on it, this started a massive chain reaction the hispanic cock the let loose in his ass, Carl loved been fucked but loved been filled with cum even better. The long haired man then feeling the other cocks cum on his let loose his stream of cum and at the same time Carl came without touching his cock it shot on his friend chest and hit his chin and mouth. Then the final explosion happened as the long haired mans ass was flooded.

Everyone was breathing deeply and the room had the odor of man sex, sweat and cum, it was an intoxicating smell. All the cocks in the room were semi limp, the two that were in Carl’s ass disengaged from him, they were all on the bed bodies on top of each other. The men all started rubbing each others bodies and and licking the cum of each other. One by one they all left the room till Carl was left in their with the long haired guy, he then kissed Carl and went to his bag and pulled out a double headed dildo.

They laid down on bed with their legs intertwined and proceeded to place the dildo into each other they wiggled each others asses that they were two inches from touching each others. They formed a good rhythm then another man entered, A 50 something black male with a 7 inch cock, a little pudgy but very handsome. He kissed Carl first then the long haired man. He got into a 69 position over Carl and as Carl sucked his cock he took turns sucking both cocks. Carl took another hit of poppers and stuck a finger in his new arrivals ass, a muffled pleasurable moan escaped from his mouth. He then climbed of Carl and sat his ass down on the other cock and started riding it. He then started stroking Carl’s BBC. The long haired man grunted and let out a manly growl, Carl looked across and saw beautiful white streams of cum flowing out of the rider. Not able to contain himself anymore Carl came and the new man came as well. Carl let the dildo lose from his man pussy and started lapping at both cocks and then cleaned out the new guys ass. With a thank you the guy left. Carl thanked his long haired friend with a kiss. And limped out of the room. He looked at the clock and realized he had been in that room for 2 ½ hours.

Carl went to his locker changed and drove home. He loved driving home after sex covered and filled with cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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