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It was a Saturday evening, Jane had booked herself into the hotel she had stayed in before and entered the nearby Pussy Kat Club. She looked around hoping to see Tasha, whom she had spoken to briefly the last time she had come to the club.

Pulling up a bar stall she ordered a whisky with ice and a dash of sprite. The bartender had short red spiky hair and a nose stud. She wore a tight green top that revealed she was not wearing a bra. Her pert nipples were visible for all to see.

She was also wearing very tight hot pants, that showed her thighs which were lean and muscled. As she stretched for the optics and bent for the sprite her tight, sexy ass was clearly defined. She smiled at Jane as she put the drink down.

‘Like what you see hun?’

‘I certainly do your clearly a gym bunny.’

‘Yeah, but your no stranger to the gym by the look of you.’

‘Right on I work out regularly too.’ Jane grinned.

Jane was wearing an orange tank top and a short black skirt with shiny black heels.

Jane is 5’9, but the heels and her short skirt made her toned, long legs to seem to go on forever. The girl was openly checking out Jane.

‘I’m looking for Tasha. Do you know her? I’m guessing she is in her early 40s? Very tall and blond.’

‘Everyone knows Tasha, but you’re out of luck, she is out of town her mother is unwell.’

‘Oh, that’s a shame.’

‘Well if your free when my shift finishes I could make you forget all about Tasha.’ She grinned wickedly. Jane smiled warmly.

‘I will bear that in mind.’


Jane turned to see who had called her.

‘Alison? Hi, are you and Pam here?’

‘No.’ Alison tried to control her voice, but with her eyes watering, Jane could see that she was quite upset. Jane got up from her stool and put an arm around Alison’s shoulder.

‘Hey I can see your upset, let me buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it. There is an empty booth over there grab it and I will bring the drinks over. What will you have?’

‘Anything strong thanks.’ She walked to the booth.

‘You’re a sucker for a damsel in distress. Pity I don’t tear up easily.’

‘You will if I ever get to tug on those nipples girl, that will make your eyes water.’

‘Now that I will look forward to but I guess I just lost you as a date tonight. By the way, she had a double vodka and tonic before.’

‘Give me another and refill my glass too, please. She is only an acquaintance, but she is very upset I can’t just leave her.’

Jane took the drinks over to Alison, and she sat next to her. Alison looked very attractive. She was wearing a blue sparkle trim shift dress, and the lighting in the club kept highlighting the sequins. She looked very attractive.

‘Now whatever is wrong darling?’

‘I met up with Pam and we really clicked. We went back to her place and fucked. It was special and she kept talking about us in a long term relationship which we were both up for.’

‘So what went wrong?’

‘She told me you had set her up on a dating site, and also placed adverts.’

‘Yes I did, not knowing if you two would click or not. Seems like you did though.’

‘Well she is clearly going to fuck some people and I guess settle down with the best fuck.’

‘That does not sound like Pam. Do you want me to talk to her?’

‘No, if she does not want me I don’t want her to go out with me as a favour to you.’

‘I am so sorry Alison, you don’t deserve to be treated like that you are far too nice a person.’

‘Thank you, Jane, you are a lovely girl, but don’t let me cramp your style, I saw the girl serving drinks eyeing you. I will just have a few drinks, maybe get fucked and go home.’

‘You are not cramping my style the person I was looking for is out of town. Anyway, it is good to see you again.’

‘Yes, do you remember chatting to me in the ladies? I thought you were trying to pick me up.’ They both giggled.

‘Then when you realised I was not, you got a little mad.’

‘I wish you had wanted me, Jane, you are absolutely gorgeous.’

‘Thank you, Ally, I think you look stunning tonight. I love your dress. Do you fancy a dance?’

‘I would love to.’

They danced energetically for a couple of songs, then the DJ put on a slow sexy number. Jane pulled Alison in close.

‘I am glad you have cheered up you look absolutely radiant when you smile.’

‘Oh, Jane I am so glad we met up I could really fall for you.’

‘Ally shush. I live in another part of the country from here.’

‘I know but it doesn’t stop me fancying you.’

Jane looked into Alison’s eyes.

‘I fancy you too, but I have to be honest, I know making love to you would be good but I am not sure how often we could see each other. That is why it did not work out with Pam.’

Alison touched Jane’s lips.

‘Hush. I want you to fuck me, darling, I have a feeling it would be special.’

Jane kissed Alison lightly on the cheek and whispered.

‘Oh I will make sure it is special, but only if you are canlı bahis şirketleri sure this is what you really want?’

Alison answered by kissing Jane hungrily.

The music stopped, and they pulled away. Jane grabbed Alison’s hand and led her back to their booth.

‘Come on one more drink.’

They sat nursing their drinks.

‘Jane you have made my evening I am not sad anymore. Would you like to come back to my place?’

‘Well Ally, I am staying in the hotel down the street would you like to spend the night with me?’

‘I would really love that Jane.’

Jane leaned in and kissed Alison, her tongue searching for an opening. Alison opened her mouth welcoming Jane’s tongue. Jane sucked Alison’s tongue, then kissed her deeply and gently bit her bottom lip, tugging on it with her teeth. They pulled away for a breath.

‘God Jane you are such a sexy kisser my pussy is tingling.’

‘Come on let’s go to the hotel.’

The two of them get into the lift at the hotel. Alison looks at Jane nervously. She thinks. ‘Oh my God, what am I doing here? This girl is absolutely gorgeous, way out of my league, and so much younger.’

‘What’s up you look worried?’

‘No just nervous wondering what am I doing?’

‘Do you want to stay with me tonight?’

‘Oh God yes. Are you sure you want me to?’

Jane pulled Alison into her and kissed her deeply. Alison’s head was swimming with thoughts.

‘OMG I am just melting, this girl is sex on legs.’

‘Alison, you are so lovely I am going to enjoy making love to you.’

‘WOW! Jane, I can’t quite believe this.’

‘You had better believe it I am going to fuck your brains out and fuck your blues away.’

They kissed again their tongues entwined. The lift doors opened. Jane grabbed Alison’s hand and pulled her to her room. Jane let Alison enter first.

Upon closing the door she swept Alison into her arms and they resumed kissing. Jane reached around and unzipped Alison’s dress, and with Alison’s help slipped it over her shoulders and down. It ended up crumpled on the floor.

‘Put it over that chair Ally it is such a lovely dress you don’t want it to be creased.’

Alison did so and returned to embrace Jane.

‘God I so want you to fuck me Jane and I want to see your body naked.’

Jane grinned, she felt a hot desire for Alison. She undid the front clip of Alison’s bra and Ally shook it off. Jane cupped her breasts sending shivers through Alison’s body. With a hand on each of her breasts, she softly kneaded the pliant flesh thumbing the nipples. She kissed Alison with a searching kiss and was rewarded by Alison opening her mouth eagerly, and moaning with desire. Jane’s tongue explored her new lover’s mouth all the while stroking and teasing her breasts and nipples.

‘Oh God Jane you are making me so wet darling, but compared to me you are vastly overdressed.’

So saying she pulled Jane’s top up and Jane helped remove it. Jane undid her own bra freeing her own breasts. She took Alison’s hands and placed one on each breast. Alison copied Jane by stroking the breasts and tugging on the nipples stretching them.

‘Oh Ally that feels so good.’

Jane trailed a line of kisses along Alison’s collar bone, causing the girl to moan again. Jane ran her tongue over Alison’s breasts, licking and teasing the nipples. She sucked the left breast into her mouth running her tongue over the soft flesh. Jane suddenly bit hard on the nipple.

‘Aaahh.’ Alison cried out feeling the sexual pain as the blood left her nipple. Then Jane wrapped her mouth on the nipple and her warm tongue licked the nipple gently bringing a lovely tingle to Alison’s breast as the blood flowed again. Alison rested her head on Jane’s shoulder, totally swept up in a sexual desire for this wonderfully erotic girl.

Jane did exactly the same to Alison’s other breast, causing Alison to shriek with a combination of pain and pleasure. She gasped.

‘Oh fuckkkkk. Jane what are you doing to me, I am soo wet.’

Jane grinned.

‘You are so gorgeous and responsive I am going to give you multiple orgasms darling.’

Alison unzipped Jane’s skirt and pushed it over the younger girls hips. As it crumpled to the floor Jane stepped out of it kicking it to one side leaving her in a flesh-coloured thong.

‘Oh, Jane darling I want to look at every part of your amazing body.’

So saying, she peeled the thong down Jane’s long legs. When Jane was completely naked Alison stepped back to fully admire Jane’s assets.

‘Jane please turn around and let me see all of you.’

‘Oh Ally wants a show does she?’

Jane looked into Alison’s eyes and swaying her hips suggestively stroked her breasts and pulled her nipples out. Wetting a finger she ran it along her labia and slowly inserted the digit into her pussy. Still keeping eye contact she began to fuck herself. Watching the effect she was having on Alison Jane took her finger from her pussy and licked it sensually. She then turned her back and touched her canlı kaçak iddaa toes. Pulling her ass cheeks apart she fully exposed her ass and cunt for her new lover to see. Still bent over she inserted one finger into her ass and one back into her pussy slowly fucking both her holes. Taking both fingers out she stood and facing Alison sucked each finger in turn.

‘Mmmm I have to say I do taste scrummy.’ She giggled.

Alison sucked in a breath, she was totally spellbound never having witnessed such a display of raw sexuality from such a spectacularly beautiful person. Jane is 5’9 tall with a 34 24 36 figure that is toned and firm from regular visits to the gym. She thought to herself.

‘This girl is a sex goddess with her flawless skin, wonderful figure, firm back and shoulders, a gorgeously tight ass and those long legs that seem to go on forever. I can’t believe this young sex bomb and I are going to fuck.’

Alison moved across the room to Jane. The nervously excited motion she made, it was obvious to Jane that she was lost in sexual lust. Jane watched Alison. She thought.

‘She is stunning, oozing femininity and sexuality, and a wonderful personality, firm slim body, curves in all the right places. Pam must be mad to pass on this lovely woman standing before me in her black lace panties with a telltale wet patch. Right my girl here comes your first orgasm of the night.’

She took Alison into her arms and kissed her deeply. Alison’s mouth welcomed the invasion as Jane sucked hungrily on her willing tongue, and gently bit her lower lip tugging it with her teeth. She then licked the older woman’s neck and nibbling her ear she whispered sexily into Alison’s ear.

‘Darling, I am going to give you your first mind-blowing orgasm of the evening.’

Alison purred with pleasure.

‘OMG, This beautiful girl is so fucking HOT. She wants me, I can’t believe how lucky I am.’

Jane kissed her way down to Alison’s breasts and repeated what she had done earlier biting on each nipple in turn. Again each time Alison cried out. She was barely able to stand, whimpering into Jane’s shoulder she clung on tightly, her legs shaking and her pussy leaking juices soaking her panties. Jane is experienced in seduction, she knew exactly how far gone her new lover was and what she needed and craved for.

Sweeping Alison into her arms she carried her to the bed. Laying her gently onto her back Jane climbed on to the bed and began flicking her tongue back and forth over Alison’s nipples which stood out proud and firm Alison moaned, lost in a sexual haze. Jane kissed down her lover’s body licking, and nibbling over her stomach, pausing to swirl her tongue into and around her tummy button. Jane got off the bed, hearing Alley’s whimper of disappointment already missing her lover’s tongue. She removed Alison’s heels and soaking wet panties. Looking over Alison’s body she noticed the small landing strip just above her glistening pussy.

Jane lifted Alison’s left leg and kissed around her ankle, then licked and kissed all the way up her inner thigh until she met Alison’s wet and needy pussy. Jane looked at the wet slit. She pulled the labia lips apart and spread the pussy wide open and blew a warm breath right into the centre. Alison moaned and Jane saw her pussy contract.

She picked up Alison’s other leg and repeated the ministrations she had given to the left leg. This time when she reached her pussy she took a long slow lick from her perineum right on up through her labia and flicking her clit she gently nibbled the rigid nub. Alison shuddered as she came instantly. Her hips bucked and she cried out.

‘Aaaahh Ooooohhhh.’

Jane grinned and thought

‘We have a hot little love just needing an awesome fuck and that is exactly what she is going to get.’

Alison was shaking as spasms racked her body.

Jane licked Alison’s outer pussy lips again this time pushing her tongue inside the pulsating cunt and began exploring the wet inner folds tasting her sweet nectar. Then she took Alison’s clitty into her mouth licking, sucking, teasing, and finally bit hard on the sensitive nub.

‘Oh fuckkkkk ccccccccuuuummiiinnnng.’

Alison’s body shook as a massive orgasm engulfed her, with her eyes fluttering she saw stars and white-hot light before she passed out.

Jane lay next to her, cuddling, softly kissing and stroking her face gently until Alison slowly recovered.

‘Hey, honey are you ok?’

‘Oh fuck Jane I have never ever cum like that you are just amazing.’

Jane smiled and gently tucked a strand of hair behind Alison’s ear

‘You are so sexy when you cum darling. I licked you clean but don’t think you knew much about it.’

‘Oh Jane that was so lovely of you.’

‘Shush Alley, I wanted you to experience some intense orgasms. You are very beautiful and your body is so responsive to soft touches.’

‘Kiss me please Jane.’

Jane smiled and nodding, she began butterfly kissing Alison’s face all over ending up forcing her tongue into Alison’s canlı kaçak bahis mouth letting her taste her own juices.

‘Like the taste darling? I did and there was so much of it.’

‘Mmmm I do taste nice.’ She giggled.

‘Pam told me what a special lover you are and now I have experienced it first hand I totally agree. You can have any girl you want.’

‘Well, tonight I just want you. So are you up for some more loving?’

Alison smiled and nodded.

Jane kissed her again and Alison responded. Their kisses grew more passionate. Jane kissed Alison’s throat and neck causing the girl to moan aloud. Jane licked and kissed her way to her lover’s breasts, and while giving them the attention they deserved she traced her hand down her inner thighs and began stroking. Alison instinctively parted her thighs.

Jane grazed her teeth over Alison’s nipple as she ran her fingers slowly up and down Alison’s outer pussy lips feeling her wetness. Alison was in sexual heaven, she was so aroused. Jane switched her attention to Alison’s other breast while inserting a finger into the girl’s wet cunt.

‘Oh, GOD.’ Alison moaned.

Jane began to move her finger around inside exploring the interior of the pussy while rubbing Alison’s clitty and teasing it out of its hood.

‘Oh fuck yessss.’

Inserting a second finger into Alison’s pussy she began to finger fuck her latest conquest. All the time kissing her breasts and flicking her tongue over the nipples which were now fully erect.

Alison kissed Jane’s head and stroked her back. Jane began pumping her fingers in and out of Alison increasing her speed, and curling her fingers and finding her g spot. She tapped it forcefully. Alison arched her back and climaxed.

Jane looked at Alison.

‘Did you just cum darling?’

Alison blushed and nodded. She gently bit Jane’s shoulder and orgasmed again. Jane grinned enjoying seeing Alison so aroused. She kissed her way over her lover’s tummy, taking her fingers out, she made eye contact and slowly licked her fingers.

‘Oh fuck Jane you are so sexy.’

‘Mmm, you taste delicious Ally. I need to taste more of your juices. She kissed her way down the other girl’s body nibbling her inner thighs.

Alison was panting and groaning with ecstasy.

Jane ran her tongue over her outer pussy lips then sucked the clitty into her mouth rolling her tongue around the engorged nub. Pulling her pussy lips wide open she pushed her tongue in deeply and began lapping, licking, and sucking. Alison screamed as a huge orgasm ripped through her. Jane fucked her through the shuddering climax tongue fucking and rubbing her clitty. Alison thrashed around on the bed and came again.

Jane lapped up her juices and let her come down from the sexual high. She cuddled and stroked her until she had fully recovered.

‘Jane that was awesome I have never cum so hard and so often. Now it is my turn to fuck you, Jane, you gorgeous creature.’

She pulled Jane onto her back and let her eyes wander all over her body committing it to her memory. Kissing Jane, deeply she cupped her breasts tweaking the nipples until Jane groaned into her mouth. Knowing the effect she was having gave Alison the confidence to kiss down to Jane’s breasts kissing and flicking her tongue over the nipples. She continued over her toned abs and flat tummy until she arrived at her goal, Jane’s shaved and glistening pussy.

Licking her labia she flicked her tongue at the clitty causing Jane to moan softly. Alison took the clit into her mouth and gently bit it.

‘Aaahh Yesss oh Alli you darling girl I am sooo wet.’

Alison loved the effect she was having on Jane and pushed her tongue into her cunt as deep as she could get it, exploring the inner depths she licked and sucked. Jane ran her hands through her lover’s hair as she enjoyed the sensations of the tongue fucking her so well. Alison was fucking her hard and fast, she reached up and tugged Jane’s nipples whilst eating her out. Then she pinched Janes clitty.


Jane let her juices flow and Alley licked and lapped them up. She moved up and kissing Jane she transferred her cum juices into Janes waiting mouth.

‘You taste wonderful Jane, but I am not finished with you yet. She pushed 3 fingers into Jane’s cunt and began to fuck her furiously, pounding her fingers into Jane’s throbbing cunt. Moving down again she took her clitty into her mouth. Alli curled her fingers in Jane’s cunt seeking her g spot. She bit the clitty sending orgasmic waves throughout the pulsating cunt. Jane shuddered as her juices gushed forth as a fierce orgasm rippled through her body.

The girls lay together cuddling and stroking each other enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking.

‘Oh, Jane this is so nice. You are absolutely stunningly beautiful. I can see how Pam fell in love with you.’

Jane looked questioningly at Alison.

‘Don’t worry I am not going goo goo over you. I know you don’t want a lasting relationship. It would just be so easy to fall head over heels.’

‘Don’t Alli, enjoy what we have.’

‘Oh darling lover I do, I am, we both enjoyed each other.’

‘Yes and more to come when you’re ready. Anything, in particular, you would like or want?’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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