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The greatest gift of that holiday season was when Adie’s parents decided to go away for a night. There was some sort of event they wanted to go to and staying overnight would make things much more convenient, but they hesitated because of Adie. Not that they didn’t trust her at home alone; they thought she might feel they were abandoning her when she would only be home from school for a few weeks. Adie told me she almost had a heart attack when she found out they had an opportunity to be gone for a night and were considering passing it up. Without coming across as too anxious, she encouraged and reassured them until they decided to go. She kept this all a secret from me until the day before, when she told me that she was going to cook dinner for me. When she revealed that her parents would be out of town, my first thought was that I was definitely going to get laid. In fact, I pretty much told my friends exactly that. Can’t go out with you tomorrow night, boys, I’m going to be getting some.

Her parents left in the early afternoon, but Adie didn’t want me coming over until later. She had shopping and other preparations for our dinner, which was clearly a pretty big deal to her. It was a pretty big deal to me, too. I’m not sure I’d ever had anyone cook dinner especially for me before that night. My effort went into securing a decent bottle of wine, one with a cork instead of a screw-cap. This wasn’t easy, given that I was only 18, but I managed to pull it off. I also stopped by the drugstore for a box of condoms, tucking one into my wallet and the rest into my “just in case” bag. She hadn’t said anything about me spending the night, but I packed a few things in a bag, just in case.

I made one last stop on my way to dinner, picking up a nice bouquet of flowers for Adie. I had even made an effort to look nicer than usual and used just a little bit of cologne. I admit I was still somewhat nervous when I rang the doorbell because this night promised to hold a few new things. Little did I know.

Adie looked lovely when she answered the door. She had obviously put a little extra effort into her appearance without going overboard and making me feel like I was picking her up for the prom. She was thrilled by the flowers and pleasantly surprised by the wine. She said she had a couple of things she had to finish up, so while she did them, I got the flowers into a vase with some water. Once we were both done, and were standing there in the kitchen, Adie explained that dinner was in the oven and that we had some time available before it would be done.

“Now,” she started, “I seem to remember a mention of ‘returning the favor’ a few days ago. Why don’t we go to the living room and take care of that while we’re waiting?” I was impressed; she was a real take-charge kind of girl. She took my hand and led me to the living room, stopping in front of the couch. We put our arms around each other and made out for a minute or two before I dropped to my knees. She was wearing jeans, so I started to unbutton them, then slid the zipper down. I gently worked them down over her hips and slid them down her legs. After she stepped out of them, I tossed them aside and ran my hands up her smooth legs. Her panties were pretty simple with a flowered pattern and felt like cotton as my hands squeezed her ass cheeks. I brought my face close enough to nuzzle her pussy with my nose as I inhaled her musky scent. As I moved my hands up to grasp the waistband, I pushed my tongue against the cleft of her pussy through her panties. I pulled my face back as I started to slide her panties down, wanting to closely admire what I’d seen through her bedroom window. She’d obviously groomed her dark blonde hair recently, which made me suspect that she wasn’t the only one who had been expecting to “get some” that night.

Her pussy looked good enough to eat and I planned to do just that. Once she’d stepped out of her panties, I had her sit down on the couch. She spread her legs wide, ready for me to take care of her. With my hands on her knees, I looked up at her face and smiled at her, then lowered my own face into her waiting lap. I slid my hands up from her knees along her smooth thighs as I inhaled, smelling her arousal. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up her slit a few times, picking up the pungent juices that were collecting there. Adie wriggled a bit and let out a soft moan, which only served to encourage me. Pulling her to the edge of the couch, I focused my tonguing on her clit and slipped a finger into her. Her pussy was slick and wet, fitting snugly around my finger as I pumped it in and out. With my other hand, I was spreading her lips away from her engorged clit as I lapped at it.

Adie was a little reserved at first, but the more I worked on her pussy, the louder she got. She was also squirming like crazy, pushing her ass up off the couch while running her fingers through my hair and squeezing her tits. I tried sucking her clit and Adie about went through the roof, so I added that to my repertoire. I didn’t try slipping another finger into her, because she was so snug, but yenibosna escort it didn’t really appear as though she would be missing out on anything. As I was sliding one finger in and out, I alternated between licking and sucking her clit. Adie was thrusting her hips upward at my face as she held the back of my head, using her feet on the floor for leverage. Finally, with her ass up off the couch, Adie tensed up before letting out a loud cry and collapsing back onto the seat. She shuddered a couple of times as I continued to lick and finger her, then she was still.

I raised my head and straightened my back, still kneeling. Looking at me with glazed eyes, Adie asked me if I’d brought a condom. I nodded, pulling out my wallet. As I pulled out the shiny, new condom, Adie sat up and began to unfasten my belt. I handed her the condom, which she tore open, and got my jeans and underwear quickly down to my knees. I took the condom from her right hand as her left hand immediately began stroking my rigid, bobbing cock and gently caressing my dangling balls. Even once I’d rolled the condom down my cock, Adie was still stroking and caressing until I guided it toward her slit. Then, she lay back against the couch again and watched as I lined up with her waiting slit and pushed gently forward. She let out a long, low moan, her eyes rolling back, as I slid slowly into the tight grip of her pussy. Once I was fully embedded, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against Adie’s. Her arms went around me as her mouth opened and our tongues mingled. Then, I slowly began to piston in and out of her snug, slippery pussy. The kitchen could have been on fire at this point and I don’t think either of us would have noticed. Since Adie’s timer hadn’t gone off, though, I didn’t think we had anything to worry about.

I was bracing myself against the back of the couch with one arm while I slid my free hand up under Adie’s shirt. I was stroking her hard nipples through her bra as I slowly slid my full length in and out of her pussy. I would also let my hand run down around her back and along her muscular thigh. I just kept up a nice steady pace, enjoying the feel of her pussy while my tongue explored her mouth. It was really nice to be making love so slowly and passionately, but I started to realize that I wasn’t in the most comfortable position. I’d been on my knees for quite a little while now, and the rug was starting to take its toll.

After about 10 minutes or so, I grabbed Adie – one arm under her ass and the other around her lower back – and lifted her. Pivoting around, I was able to gently lay her on her back on the floor and lay on top of her without ever slipping out of her. I propped myself up on my elbows and went back to making out with her as I resumed sliding my cock in and out of her. In this position, Adie was raising her hips up to meet my downward thrusting. I know what you are probably wondering at this point – is missionary position that much easier on the knees? Keep in mind that I am balls deep in a tight, hot, wet pussy that I have never experienced before belonging to a cute girl who I am very fond of. A considerable amount of time passed before I realized that my knees weren’t much better off in this position. My pants were also still hung up around my knees, which didn’t leave me much flexibility in my thrusting. So, finally, laying myself on top of Adie, I executed a move that put me on the bottom and her above me, again without slipping out of her cozy confines.

Adie got her knees under her and quickly began rocking up and down on my cock. She had her eyes closed and a look of determination on her face. I assumed that she was doggedly in pursuit of her second orgasm. Finding myself much more comfortable in this position, I could feel my own climax rapidly approaching as well. My hands were roaming from her hips to her ass and up under her shirt while her hands remained planted on either side of my head. Her pussy felt so amazing, even through the condom, as she slid up and down my rod. I started raising my hips up while holding her hips, pulling her down on me while pushing up into her as deeply as I could. Our thighs were slapping loudly together and I could feel the slickness of sweat between them as they met. Adie was beginning to get louder as our movements became more frantic until she finally let out one long moan. I continued fucking her hard through her orgasm, the additional lubrication bringing my own on quicker. As Adie shuddered above me, I pushed into her a few more times then let loose a torrent of cum into the condom I was wearing.

With both of us spent, Adie collapsed on top of me, breathing hard and occasionally kissing my neck. Once I’d caught my breath, I was thinking I’d better dispose of the condom, but before I said anything to Adie, the timer in the kitchen went off. Adie got up slowly and headed to the kitchen without bothering to pull her clothes on. Because my pants were still at my knees, I pulled them up but didn’t fasten them, leaving my shrinking cock hanging yeşilköy escort out. I headed to the bathroom where I slipped off the condom and flushed it. I quickly cleaned myself up and tucked myself away before heading toward the kitchen to see if my assistance was needed. Adie was back in the living room, though, pulling on her jeans so I changed course and went over to her. She embraced me tightly and I hugged her back then leaned down to kiss her.

“That was fantastic,” Adie said, ” but let’s go eat so we have enough strength for the night ahead.” We went to the kitchen and, as she got dinner on the table, I located a corkscrew and some wine glasses. Dinner was a very romantic occasion. We dimmed the lights, lit some candles and put on some soft music as we ate and sipped what turned out to be a pretty darn good white wine. The meal wasn’t too heavy and we didn’t drink too much of the wine, but even so, after dinner we decided to relax on the couch and watch a movie. First, however, Adie asked if I’d be able to spend the night with her. I told her that I had hoped she would ask and had packed a bag, just in case. I quickly went out to my car and grabbed it, dropping it at the foot of the stairs when I came back in. She was already setting up the movie in the living room, so I took a seat on the couch. Adie joined me and the movie began.

I had my arm around her as she lay against me while her hand rested on my leg. Before we were even very engrossed in the movie, Adie’s hand began to journey up from my knee. I could feel the blood returning to my lap as my tool began to grow. Pretty soon, Adie’s hand was on top of the growing bulge, rubbing it, encouraging its further growth. She raised her head and I brought my lips down on hers, quickly slipping my tongue into her mouth. As we made out, Adie put both hands to work unfastening my jeans. She stopped kissing me as she began to work my jeans and underwear down, letting my rigid cock spring free. With my pants at my knees, Adie lowered her head into my lap and slipped my cock into her warm, wet mouth. I groaned, running my fingers through her curly, dark blonde hair.

She spent only a few minutes running her mouth up and down my tool before raising her head and asking if I’d brought another condom. I told her I had and that they were in my bag by the stairs. Adie released my throbbing cock and got up to go get them, telling me I’d better be naked when she got back. It didn’t take much to kick my jeans and underwear off and my shirt quickly followed. I was still yanking my socks off when Adie tossed my bag next to me on the couch. I unzipped it and, as I was reaching in, Adie started pulling her shirt up. I just froze, one hand on the box of condoms, and watched as her bra was revealed, the hard bumps of her nipples pressing against it. When her head reappeared and the shirt was cast aside, Adie began to unbutton her jeans. I had managed to free the box of condoms and pushed the bag off the couch while I watched her.

Her flowered panties came into view again as she pushed her jeans down over her slim hips. My cock was about as hard as it could be, waving like a flagpole in my lap. I was trying to get a condom out of the box without taking my eyes off of Adie’s hot body. She stepped out of her jeans when they hit her ankles, then kicked them away. I was practically drooling over the lean muscles of her arms and legs and her flat, muscular abs. I probably could have cum just sitting there staring at her. I just stared, dumbly, as she unfastened the front clasp of her bra, knowingly revealing those beauties fully to my eyes for the first time. They were so perfect, sitting proudly on her chest, small and perky with hard, pink nipples that begged to be sucked. I didn’t take my eyes off them as she tossed her bra aside, but my eyes moved downward over her flat stomach as her hands grasped the waistband of her panties.

I had somehow managed to get a single condom free from the strip, so I let the box drop as I watched her. She started easing the waistband down over her hips, her trim bush slowly coming into view and looking as luscious as ever. Once her panties were down to her knees and she was leaning forward, her tits dangling, she looked up at me, then started to turn. Her ass was only about three feet away from me as she bent the rest of the way over, pushing her panties down to her ankles. Even when she should have been standing to step out of her panties, she remained bent over in front of me. As I got the hint and leaned forward, she pulled her panties off of her feet and spread her legs wider apart. By this point, my face was between her cheeks and my tongue was darting out to lap the dew off of her pussy. My nose was right against her asshole so, after a minute or two of slurping her pussy, I ran my tongue up between her cheeks and pushed it against her anus. Adie moaned and reached back with her hands to spread her ass cheeks further. I slipped a hand up to play with her pussy while giving her ass a rim job, gently tracking circles zeytinburnu escort around her hole and probing it with my tongue.

I was just seconds away from standing up and, unprotected, jamming my cock into one of the two holes before me when Adie straightened up and stepped away from me. Turning toward me, she looked down at me and asked if I would put the condom on so she could fuck me. Who was I to deny such a pretty young naked lady? I had lost track of the condom momentarily, but luckily it was sitting beside me on the couch. I tore it open and rolled it on and Adie straddled me. Positioning herself over me, she began to lower herself as I guided my cock toward her approaching pussy. Once I was lined up, she dropped down, engulfing me in the warm and slippery environment. She sat on my lap with my cock fully embedded in her and we made out for a minute or so before she started moving up and down.

We tried to continue making out at first, but the more active she got, the harder it was. Instead, as she grabbed the back of the couch and bounced up and down on my cock, I found her boobs right in my face. Her small, hard nipples were in need of some oral attention, so I started licking and sucking them. My hands were on Adie’s ass, pulling her down on me as I pushed my cock upwards. The tight yet slick grip of her pussy felt incredible sliding up and down my latex-encased cock, regardless of how fast she was moving. She was slamming herself down on my lap at this point, crying out each time on the way down. I just kept pulling her down, forcing my cock upward as hard as I could while still licking and sucking her long, hard nipples. Her hands had gone from the back of the couch to wrap around my head, pulling me against her as she rode me. Her breaths and cries got shorter and shorter the closer she got to yet another orgasm. Finally, with one final slam downward, she let out a long, low moan as I could feel her orgasm reverberating through her body, particularly her pussy.

She paused on my lap, catching her breath, then pulled back slightly and leaned down to kiss me again. As we kissed, I started maneuvering her to the side so that pretty soon, she was reclining on the couch and I was on top of her. Continuing to explore each other’s mouths with our tongues, I pumped my hips up and down, sliding my rigid cock in and out of her sweet pussy. Our naked bodies pressed together, a sheen of slick sweat between us. Adie’s legs were wrapped around mine, pulling me deeper into her with every thrust. I could feel my own orgasm building deep within me, but was in no rush to end this dance. I stroked slowly in and out, allowing the pleasure to continue to build.

What happened next caught me completely by surprise. I was assuming Adie would be content to have me finish off in the missionary position, our bodies pressed closely together, but I was wrong. She broke off our kiss and, pulling my head down, whispered into my ear, “How about if I turn over and you fuck my ass?”

I stopped mid-stroke and pulled my head up to look into her face. She was dead serious, so I just said, “OK” and, pulling out of her, backed up onto my knees. She quickly turned around so that her ass was pointed at me and her face was in the cushion. For a moment, I just admired her fine ass, then plunged my fingers into her pussy to extract some lubrication. I smeared her juices around her asshole, probing it gently with my index finger and eliciting a muffled moan, before lining up my raging hard on and pressing forward. Another muffled noise escaped from Adie, sounding like a conflict of pleasure and pain. I paused once I’d fully embedded myself between her cheeks, then slowly began to extract myself.

Her ass was so incredibly tight that at first I worried that I’d slip right out of the condom. But as I slowly slid in and out, the condom did its job and I got lost in the feelings of pleasure once again. I held Adie’s narrow hips and pumped my cock in and out of her sphincter. Her moans were sounding more like pleasure now and I’m sure I let out a few of my own. I had been very close to cumming in the missionary position and it didn’t take long before I was on the verge once again. Looking down and seeing her fantastic ass was hot enough, but seeing my cock disappearing and reappearing only heightened the pleasure I was feeling. Finally, I just couldn’t hold out any longer and with a final push, I was overtaken by an incredibly intense orgasm. My cock pumped and pumped within Adie’s ass until I was finally spent. I pulled my deflating organ free and collapsed next to her on the couch. Adie slid her knees out and lay against me, murmuring, “Hurt so good…” in my ear.

The movie, at this point, was a total loss so we just shut it off. We lay there together for a little while, partly recovering and partly enjoying being naked together. Eventually, we got up, gathered up our clothes, the box of condoms and my bag and headed upstairs to Adie’s room. It was still early, so we played a lot that night, experimenting with many different things. We got a few hours of sleep before Adie woke me with another of her skillful blowjobs. We played some more both before and after showering together then reluctantly got dressed. Adie only had a vague idea of when to expect her parents and we didn’t want to arouse their suspicions by having me there when the arrived home, so after an appropriate good-bye, I headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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