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You and I have been playing World of Warcraft together for years now. It works well for us, no one’s bitter that the other person’s busy in a “silly” computer game. We spend time outside the game of course, but we do enjoy raiding and playing together. Our guild is full of adults. I made it that way. I learned a long time ago that women playing the game get very little respect, and that it’s usually more often given by adults than minors.

This is how I met you, you were looking for an adult only guild…and it just grew from there.

It’s a more commonly known fact than I’d like that I’m normally playing pants less. I find it more comfortable, it allows me to adjust how I’m sitting without fear of being truly distracted from the game…and besides…it’s just more fun being naked! The guildies tease us all the time…any time we’re a little off our game or any time we’re a little slow to respond. They say that means we obviously must be playing with each other instead of the game. We laugh along with.

Little did I know it planted an idea in your mind…

I’ve been sitting here at my desk for almost twenty minutes now, waiting for a raid to start. I’m leading tonight and healing, so I’m totally focused on the 24″ monitor in front of me. topkapı escort It’s your raid night off, and I can hear you puttering around the apartment. I glance up to see you standing in front of my desk, with a smile on your face you hand me my traditional glass of what we jokingly refer to as my “Raiding” Cabernet. I smile up at you, reaching over the monitor to take it and say thank you, eyes back on the screen before the glass has even exchanged hands.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate you, you know that. It’s that I’m focused. Invites have started, and I’m getting people prepared. Five minutes after the first pull I feel a tickle on my right ankle. I pull my foot up onto the chair, bracing my shin against the desk so I can rub it without looking away from the screen. Hands back up on the keyboard, I feel another tickle, this time on my left inner thigh. I figure it must just be phantom tickles from a draft or something and ignore it.

Exactly as you’d hoped.

You plant your first soft kiss on my right leg. The sensation sends a chill through me and I stop what I’m doing to push back. You thought of this though, and have put wedges under two of the wheels of my chair. I’m trapped up to the ümraniye escort desk. I start protesting, citing the raid, the people counting on me. You chuckle softly and kiss me again, this time on my left thigh, your breath blowing against my sensitive skin.

I realize you’re not giving up, and try to ask the raid for a break for a moment. But the tank’s just pulled the boss, there’s no stopping for a break right now.

You continue your caresses, kisses, licks and soft nibbles…my legs fell wide apart and my hips began to move in small circles. It’s totally involuntary. I’m trying by best to focus on the screen in front of me, on the life bars of my fellow raid members. You pull my outer lips apart and opened my pussy fully to your view. You kiss and lick around the edges of my pussy until I moan and beg you to lick me. I close my eyes for a moment and let your tongue feel its way over my velvet flesh.

My eyes snap open as the tank screams in my ear for a heal. I hastily hit whatever keys I can, and press my push-to-talk button to apologize.

Just as I press down the button, you begin flicking my pink clit like a vibrator. It’s all I can do not to cry out for 9 random guys to hear on üsküdar escort their end. I release the button quickly as you pull and suck, then flick your tongue against my swollen, exposed clit. Not letting up until I am on the verge of a climax. My spread pussy becomes wetter, and you watch thrilled as my juices flow out and ran down over my small anus.

I run one hand through your soft dark hair urging you on, pressing your face back toward my now aching pussy.

You slide two fingers into my slick vagina, fingers crossed, a trick I’d learned from an ex years before, one that you’ve found I adore. You start working your fingers slowly in an out of my hole, curling them as you go, knowing exactly how to hit my g-spot. You start rotating your hand, moving faster and faster as your lips latch once again on to my clit. My hips thrust toward you in my chair, meeting your hand. I’m now quietly chanting yes over and over.

You begin to thrust hard, finger fucking my sweet pussy. My body goes rigid, and my hips come off the chair as you suck and eat my pussy for all it’s was worth. I explode, making it hard for you to keep you lips on my clit.

Your hand slams against my spread sex, driving your fingers inside me. making my climax last and last. When I finally fall back spent, you slip your fingers from my reddened opening and licked my pussy softly and slowly. You kiss my thighs, avoiding my still swollen clit.

You slowly back out from under the desk, chuckling as you walk away. You leave me to resurrect my now dead raid, and to try and explain my unusually very bad playing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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