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Eunice was conducting a two-week clinic at the acting academy to give the class an idea of what is required to be part of a soap opera cast. She explained what her role as casting director meant to the production and what was expected of the cast in terms of their time commitment and what writers can and have done to characters for the convenience of the storyline. She openly admitted she was scouting the acting schools for new talent

Of particular interest to me was the actors’ relationship to the script. Eunice explained that some characters get attached to their character when the writers change their initial character to something completely different in the interest of a sensational storyline.

As I was the oldest in the class at age 48, I was given the roles of all the mature aged characters, but because there was more than one character that suited only me, I was asked to play other roles in some scenes to fill out the numbers.

In one scene, I was cast opposite the youngest girl in the class, Evie, as her young live-in boy friend and our scene was one where our characters, Callie and George, were making up after an argument we were having about use of each others bathroom supplies. The scene was to end in a make-up kiss.

After she delivered her final line I moved and shaped up for a kiss and Evie puckered and gave me what must have been the shortest kiss in screen acting history and pulled away quickly.

Eunice said, ‘What was that? Evie, you’re making up after a fight. You feel very close after resolving an awkward difference. That kiss was so quick, I missed it.’

Evie was embarrassed.

Her uncertainty remained, but her embarrassment reduced when Eunice called ‘Next scene.’

I was involved in the next scene and was unable to console Evie, but I knew she was ambitious to join the cast of the production Eunice was involved in.

I caught up to her outside when she was walking to her car, anxious to be alone and to recover from her disastrous scene earlier. The last person she wanted to talk to was me.

After that session, I made a point of speaking to Evie. I leant against her car door preventing her from opening it and asked her, I asked what she would like to do to get approval from Eunice enough to consider her for a part in the TV serial.

‘Evie, we’re stuck with this scene for next week. We will have to deliver on it twice in succession. Eunice has a strong image of the one we just did and something will have to be different. Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me? My shout. We’ll see what we can do to make her forget tonight’s scene.’

She was very embarrassed, but she was a little relieved that someone understood her predicament.

We sat and had coffee in a nearby café. When I brought the coffee to her, I sat and asked her about herself.

‘What are your aspirations regarding this course, Evie?’

‘I really want to get on the cast. I want to be an actor. After tonight, I don’t know if I have what it takes,’ she said with her disillusionment clearly showing on her face.

‘What you’re doing is not hard. You’re just making it hard. Make it easy. Get familiar with your character. Talk about it or just give up and stop stressing yourself unnecessarily. Confidence will make all the difference.’

‘How do I get familiar with my character, Harry?’ she asked with genuine concern.

‘When actors have something difficult to do, they mostly practice it away from the set and become comfortable with their role whether it’s shooting someone, yelling or kissing. The best advise I’ve heard was to over-learn the role, then you can pull back on camera,’ I explained.

I was making it up, but it made some kind of sense to me.

‘Do I have to kiss you?’ she asked with some alarm in her voice.

‘Not at all. You don’t have to do anything. Eunice expects Callie to kiss George. It’s in your best interest to show Eunice what your idea of what real love looks like. Don’t forget they have been living together so they’ve been fucking regularly. So you aren’t kissing an old geezer like me. Callie will be kissing a 24 year old spunk, and it makes her feel good. An experienced actor takes this in her stride. You can do it easy. The best idea is to make Callie look pleased and make all the boys wish they were George,’ I said genuinely trying to inspire her to her best effort.

‘So what do I do?’

‘You kiss me. You do some good old fashion practise. You choose. I’ll kiss you or you kiss me. Your move.’

‘I better kiss you first I think,’ she said tentatively.

I was in pendik escort heaven. I took over and instructed her.

I said, ‘Stand up, lean over the table kiss me full on the mouth for at least 4 seconds. Then sit down and look in my eyes. Make me think you love me.’

‘You mean in here? Now?’ There was alarm in her voice.

‘Why wouldn’t you? You’re going to have to do it in front of the cast and crew. You might as well get accustomed to doing all this stuff in public if you want to earn buckets of money for playing pretend.’

‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you Harry.’

‘I don’t know yet, but I think George probably is,’ I replied professionally. ‘Come on Evie,’ I said waiting.

She stood and leant over the table, leant forward and gave me a dry firm kiss in my closed mouth, then resumed her seat.

‘Like that?’ she asked.

‘Close. But I’m a bit surprised at you Evie. If you were trying to convince your boyfriend that you were pleased with him and wanting to demonstrate your closeness, you might wet your lips and kiss a bit more softly. Maybe use your hands playing with his hair, or touching his face.’

She was visibly upset, feeling the sting of criticism.

‘I did exactly as you asked me. You’re just using me up for some sort of gratification,’ she hissed at me.

‘Don’t get your nickers all twisted up Evie. I was talking about Callie and George, Not you or me. I was thinking you might like to get Eunice to consider your prospects,’ I said smugly. ‘You are going to need to develop a thicker skin and not flounce around in hissy fits whenever someone stops worshiping you for a minute or 2. The screen and TV environment spits out prima donnas on a daily basis. If you want to realise your considerable talent, you will have to get over yourself instead of up yourself. Do you want to do this or not?’

‘I guess so. . . Yes. You’re right,’ she said with growing resolve. ‘Let’s do whatever it takes.’

‘Good. Now we’re pulling together. I say let’s go a bit overboard. Spread your comfort zone and make this whole thing look easy. You’re going to knock Eunice and the rest of the cast over.’

She closed her eyes and nodded resolutely.

I said, ‘You’re luckier than the rest of the aspirants Evie. Eunice expects nothing of you, she’s obliged to watch you again and you’ve got time to get it right. Two things, One, keep the end in sight; and Two, forget about your self and let Callie take this on. Add something of your own to her, sassiness vulnerability, or bitchyness; anything you choose, and give it whatever you have. What are you going to do about that?’

I had given her food for thought. She became pensive for a few moments.

Then she said with some resolution in her voice, ‘You’ll have to wait and see, and thanks Harry. I want to make this challenge the most fun it can be.’

‘I’m glad to hear it. Want to have another go at that kiss now Evie?’ I asked expectantly.

‘Do you think it’s wise to kiss in this café? In public?’

‘I can’t think of a better idea than to get close to the public situation of doing it for Eunice and the class. Now show me how you would like to do it,’ I said with encouraging authority.

I sat and looked at her expectantly, with a half smile on my face.

She followed my last suggestions and kissed me softly with wet lips and lightly pulled on my earlobe. We slowly pulled apart and continued looking at one another.

She said, ‘Harry, I’m trying to get into this and gradually feeling a little uncomfortable. I guess it’s because you’re a virtual stranger.’

‘I know what you mean. I can see 3 options here, Evie. You can keep practising until you feel you have acquired the skill, or we can get on more intimate terms so it feels more natural to you,’ I said.

‘You said 3 options. That’s only 2. What’s the third?’ she asked, hoping it might demand less of her time or invasion of her emotional space.

‘We do both’. Imagine acting this scene out with Chain. Do you think that would that present any problems?’

‘Of course not. We’ve been sCallieping together for 6 months. It would be the most natural thing in the world,’ she said with assurance.

‘Well then, that seems like the beginning of the best idea you’ve had so far. Of course it won’t be between you and Chain. It won’t be you and me. It will be Callie and George.’

‘I suppose you want to fuck me now Harry’ she said tartly.

‘Not particularly, but I was thinking Callie might like to get more intimate with George so that a silivri escort kiss is no big deal, particularly where this scene opens a door to a lucrative acting career.’

‘Chain would not like it one bit,’ she said as though fishing for doubts and finding one.

‘This is all to do with your commitment to your acting. This has nothing to do with him. You can spread your comfort zone so that this becomes easy. I believe if you don’t give this everything, you aren’t going to find out how good you can be. If you’re not interested, just tell me,’ I said.

Evie thought about that and I let her process this through 2 minutes solitude while I visited the men’s room for a piss. If I have any logic, or influence over her, she will end up agreeing with me.

When I returned to the table, she said, ‘What now?’

I said, ‘If you’re serious to do whatever it takes to boost your career, come with me.’

I held my hand out. She took it and we walked back to where she had parked her car in the car park behind the academy. There were three other cars still there.

Standing in front of her SUV, I turned to her and said and said, ‘First exercise, a range of kisses. Easy to start with, then we warm it up a bit. Are you good with that?’

She nodded her head and looked very vulnerable and I felt as if anything was possible with her. I thought we had a tacit agreement, there would be no more talking and there would be only body language.

At that moment, the caretaker of the academy walked towards us and I asked him if we could use the keys to the building to practise a few scenes and I would take the key back to him later that evening. We knew each other well and he had no hesitation in passing me the key.

We walked to the academy entrance, opened the door and entered. With the key in my pocket, Evie waited for the next stage of whatever it was we were doing.

We moved to the centre of the room where we had been rehearsing previously.

With my eyes closed, I pointed to my cheek. Two seconds later I felt her kiss my cheek softly. She was smiling and I touched her cheek, lightly running my thumb and fingers down her eyebrows and over her eyelids. She closed her eyes. I licked my lips and kissed her cheek with a wet mouth for 5 seconds. My fingers ran down her cheeks to prompt her to open her eyes and she smiled.

The game changed. Turning her around with my hands on her waist, her hair was moved aside and I kissed her neck. She shuddered and sighed as goose bumps formed on her arms and shoulders. I thought she was starting to become aroused. I moved to kiss the other side of her neck I let my hands wander slowly up to her size 34C breasts, spidering my fingers slowly from the outside and centring on her nipples. She shuddered lightly again, and reached for my hands. Maybe she wanted to try and move my hands away.

‘Uh uh,’ I said sharply.

She seemed to remember why we were there and why we were doing what we were doing. She held her hands over mine and rotated them in small circles around her firm tits.

From there, I reached around her and unfastened the buckle of her tight jeans and released the stud and lowered the short zipper exposing the lacy waistband of her nickers.

She was surprised to be spun around and have her face held and kissed softly and square on her mouth. We kissed for about 10 seconds remaining completely still before I began licking her lips and she followed suit and licked mine. She tasted delicious.

We moved to allow our hands space between our bodies. I held both of her hands and moved one to my neck and one to my cock to play with. My hands moved to her hair and the other between her legs. We were touching one another lightly. When she could feel my swollen cock, her mood changed from being directed to acting on her own arousal.

Still kissing her, I bent her backwards lowering her slowly to the soft-carpeted floor.

I lifted her legs up and slid her jeans down to her feet, removed her shoes and jeans and threw them on to divan near the far wall.

Her feet rested on my shoulders. My fingertips began running from her feet to her knees, thighs and around the crease between the top of her legs and her buttocks. She appeared to be helpless to stop me doing whatever I felt like.

‘I’m going to kiss you somewhere else now Evie. Take your pants down,’ I directed her.

I stood back and waited a few seconds while she stalled, then turned away from her and walked towards the door, but when I looked back, she had lifted her legs şirinevler escort and was removing her underpants, swirling them around on her finger while her feet were together pointing straight up.

There was a diamond shaped recess at the top of her legs that gives direct access to her cunt in a way that only God could have designed. I think I stopped being an Atheist in that moment.

I turned and walked back slowly towards her, thinking of the possibilities she held for me. She had made her cunt available to me and expected me to put my face between her legs. My penis had hardened and was straining to escape from the confines of my clothes and take its considerable pleasure sliding in and out of that slippery cunt.

I decided to enjoy the enormous pleasure of the arousal coursing through me for a bit longer before I availed myself of the release in the promise of her sex.

‘Hold your ankles apart with your hands and close your eyes,’ I instructed her.

She did so and her breathing became faster with whimpering sounds as her expectation increased. It was all I could do to stop plunging my swollen hardened cock into that throbbing moist cunt in full display in front of me.

With her cunt lips spread wide open by my thumbs, I looked closely at her pink flesh and moved my face in position to taste her. Licking with a firm tongue from her perineum, dipping deeply into the wet opening of her slavering cunt, then slowly along her slippery cunt lips to her clitoris, she was very tasty. Her passion seemed to intensify with each long sliding smear of my tongue. After the fifth slow lick, she began shuddering as an orgasm gripped her lower body and there was a rush of vaginal secretions flooding her cunt and into my hungry mouth. She tasted like passionfruit. I couldn’t get enough of her juices.

This seemed to me like the time she would be beyond making rational decisions, because there was no rationality coming from me with this hard cock dominating my thinking. With my swollen penis free of my underpants, but still concealed in my loose pants, I slowly joined her kneeling between her legs, bent forward and began licking her delicious juice spread over her arse cheeks and pooled inside her vagina.

Moving upward to her face we resumed kissing and she started licking my face as though enjoying the taste of her own cunt juice. I took my pants down and my throbbing cock was freed from my clothes to probe around for the wet opening to her cunt. Watching her face, there was an expression of desire and a trace of doubt mixed in. My cock jammed hard up against her open vagina.

She looked down in dismay and in a frightened tone asked me, ‘What do you think you’re going to do with that?’

‘Is this when Callie would say “No” to George after making up?’

I continued with considerable pressure on her slippery opening. The pronounced head of my cock stretched her wide open, and I watched in awe as the force of my hips behind my swollen hardness finally caused her tortured vagina to give way, then I stopped when it occupied the first two inches of her dripping cunt while her legs were spread wide apart before her doubt could take hold.

‘You’re inside me. You didn’t even ask,’ she accused me.

‘Yes, I am. No I didn’t.

I waited and remained still.

‘If you stop now, I will have to kill you in cold blood,’ she gasped desperately.

I continued fucking her gradually forcing more and more of my swollen cock through the opening of her dewy vagina. I began kissing her at the same time, and her response triggered an avid primal rutting and grunting as if we were two bush pigs following our unalterable instincts. I was thinking more about fucking Chain’s girlfriend than any role Callie and George might wish to portray.

For the next 15 minutes, we continued fucking each other very energetically, taking it in turns for about one minute each swivelling our hips at one another. I didn’t count but I think her climax invaded her body a few times, mostly when she was fucking me.

I eventually ejaculated into her, once again when she was poised above me and fucking slowly and ver purposefully. She collapsed onto my body and we remained unmoving for a minute before she raised herself from me, her dripping cunt gradually releasing my still hard cock.

She stood up and walked to the shower with my semen dribbling down her thighs, and a minute later I joined her in an adjacent shower.

When I had finished with a few seconds of cold water over me, an old habit I picked up in the army, my cock shriveled to its customary two-inch long inactive state.

‘How could that little toy grow into the enormous state it was in when you poked it in me?’ she asked.

‘Kissing probably,’ I said, implying that I was probably aroused when she kissed me in the café.

I’ll call her tomorrow. She might want to create more familiarity to help her career.

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