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This story is a prequel or introduction to my ‘English Pub Landlady’ series.

If my little tales, which are centred around a pub that time forgot in a village with a strange past, appeal to you and you want to read more I should just warn you that they do get weirder.

Not now, but later in the journey you may want to remember that Wite rhymes with Rita.

This is a little incident that happened a few years ago. It’s not the sort of Olympic Mega-Sex type of story that a lot of people like but it still gives me a thrill every time I remember it.

It occurred not long after we took over the ownership of a pub in a little Dorset village. As we don’t open until the evening we have most of our day free to do as we like. One of our trips out is to drive around the English countryside and then find a secluded beauty spot to picnic or just relax. On this particular day we had lunch at a Country House Hotel. We then pulled into a woodland car park not far away.

The place appeared deserted so I let Avrupa yakası escort bayan my car seat back a little and lent back with my eyes closed. After a few minutes I undid the buttons on my blouse and teased my nipples out so that they rested just above my half- cup bra. I said to my husband, Harry, “You know the drill.”

It is one of my favourite pastimes to have him work my nipples over while I just luxuriate in the feeling. Harry starts on one side. Gently stroking, pulling, twisting or squeezing. After a while I just grunt and he knows that it’s time to change sides and so on. I should say that back then Harry was in his late fifties and I was a year younger.

Sometimes Harry gets a bit over enthusiastic and causes my nips real pain. I’m sure that he does this on purpose to get back at me for the way I treat him. I let it go on for while and then I say, “Harry!” and he says “Sorry”. He believes that he is getting away with something but little does he know Escort Ataköy that I really quite enjoy it. Harry’s tit work goes on for half an hour or so until my knickers are soaking wet. Then I usually let him fuck me. If I’m feeling a bit naughty, I make Harry stand outside the car with his pants down and his hands behind his back. I have him watch me bring myself off. After that I make him put his stiffy back in his trousers and drive all the way home like it.

Anyway, to get back to the story. Harry was giving my teats the treatment when there was a knock on the window. There was a young man by my side of the car. Totally oblivious to the fact that my tits were on show, Harry let down the window to ask what he wanted. He said, “Are you dogging?”

I thought Harry would tell him to fuck off but instead he just said, “That depends. Show the lady what you’ve got.”

Before I knew what was happening he whipped down his shorts and this long rigid cock sprang at my face. As if by instinct Şirinevler escort or something I put my lips round the knob. He shuffled forward a bit and I started to bob my head. Harry just carried on working on my right nipple as if it was all perfectly normal. Eventually, I put my hand up to cup the young man’s bollocks. I could feel that he was about to cum so I jerked my head back and he shot spunk all over my tits and bra.

The chap then pulled up his shorts and ran off behind a big bush. He must have been hidden there when we arrived. He then sped off in a van with the name of some company on the side. Harry and I both looked at each other for a second and then rushed to get out of the car. By the time he got around to my side I was already bent over the bonnet with my drawers round my ankles. Harry was up me like a rat up drainpipe. It couldn’t have taken more than about four strokes before he spunked. Quick even by his standards. I turned around and pulled his hair until he had is face in my minge. It didn’t take too many licks of my clitoris before I orgasmed wildly.

On the way home Harry said that if a man had stepped out of the bush after we had fucked he would have let him shag me. So I told him that if ten men had stepped out of the bush before Harry had fucked me he would have been at the back of the queue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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