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Months passed and there were even fewer employees who fit under the dress code to be mostly naked. Sex was still an active part of the day but there was a subtle shift as people moved into offices, break room, and even into the locker room by the elevators. With the change in blatant nudity evident, people were shifting from blatant sexual acts. I, however, continued with my preference of nudity in the office and willingness for being fucked or giving blowjobs anywhere and everywhere. I loved it. I loved everything about the overt exhibitionism the office allowed me. It seemed I couldn’t get enough of it and I was fucked several times a day at work, blowing or eating several others, and enjoying the sexual attention of Mr. and Mrs. C at night in our casually sexual life.

All that seemed to threatened to crash to a stop.

“Sir? Is something wrong?” I entered his office unannounced as was my practice. He turned from the window he stood before, allowed his eyes to slowly, appreciatively, moved down and up my body, and gave me a smile that lacked his usual. I was dressed. Well, as dressed as I might be in the office: white heels, sheer white stockings, garter belt, and a string of costume pearls hanging between my large breasts. It was one of his favorites, drawing attention with white to all the ‘best parts of a woman’ as he liked to tease me. And, given my joy of using all those parts for the delight of others, I took no offense to the tease.

He put his arms out and I knew something was indeed wrong. I stepped into his arms at the window and into his embrace. A hand slid down my bare back to my butt. As I pressed my hips into his, though, I did not find the hardening of his massive cock. Something was quite wrong.

He parted his body from mine enough to look me in the eyes and to allow his hand to go to a breast. The act seemed to happen without thought or intention. His hand touched me as he did whenever my body came close to him but there was no sexual hint to the act this time. Something quite wrong, indeed.

“We’re being sued … I’m being sued.” He moved to his desk and plopped down into the chair. I watched in something of shock. This man had control of everything. I had never seen him like this before. I took one of the guest chairs in front of his desk and slowly opened and crossed my legs as I often did to tease him. He seemed to be looking at my face but his focus seemed to be on something a long way beyond me. I had never failed to draw his eyes to my shaved pussy before.

I mentally ran through the risky projects I was aware of and he saw my mind working. “No … not project … internal … within the office.” I looked back at him in confusion and stunned amazement.

“Sir … sexual harassment? We all knew what this office was. We all agreed to it without intimidation. We could always leave or take a transfer. Sir … we all signed a contract AND a nondisclosure. Sir …” My thoughts shifted. Then, awareness. “Candace?” He nodded.

She had been acting differently of late. She had been in the office long enough to be fully dressed. I had seen her go off with men to the breakroom. I knew she was still sexually active. It didn’t make any sense. What could be her basis for suit? Couldn’t she be sued in return for breaking the NDA?

“It’s a gamble for her but she doesn’t need a sound basis. She’s gambling I won’t want what we’ve been doing in this office to go public. She’s gambling the Board and the public would predictably respond with outrage. She’s right. If I fight it, everything comes out in court. Even if the court finds her without cause. If I sue her, the same thing happens. She knows I am stuck. She also knows my bigger concern might be the people out there who will be exposed as being part of it.”

I sighed. “She’s right about that, too. That would be your greatest concern … the people who followed you into this with trust.” He nodded. He asked me to call a meeting of all his staff for a time as quickly as possible given the schedules. Human Resources, Dan, would be critical.

I stood next to Mr. C as his staff entered the conference room and took their seats. Most of them bypassed the look on Mr. C’s face and initially focused on my exposed body, a regular sight but one not ignored. I was, of course, the only one naked. This time, though, that fact was not stimulating to me.

Mr. C didn’t waste time. He explained the situation and the obvious ramifications. The group was stunned but quickly responded with calls for immediate legal retaliation. Calmer consideration took over as the implications of action sank in. Finally, Mr. Peterson offered, “We negotiate. We find some common ground for keeping this quiet.”

Dan, HR, added, “We invite them in for a meeting. We immediately change our policies. No requirements for nudity, partial undress, sexual activity. We make the immediate change and bring them in. If her gripe is truly harassment, show her legal team it wasn’t our intention.”

Ms. Benson blurted, “She can’t work here.”

Mr. C leaned back. “I’ll setup a meeting here … without our lawyers. We’ll try talking this out, first. We won’t fire her, though. That would send a message of retaliation. Suggest she take some time off from the office … with pay. Suggest it is for her own good … make it sound temporary.”

Within the hour, anyone in partial dress was fully dressed. There was a lot of grumbling as the day wore on and there was no sex. Mr. C’s experiment seemed to have been true. Sex among co-workers was an ideal tension reliever and the attitude of the office reflected the lack of having it.

I walked into Mr. C’s office to confirm the meeting with Candace’s lawyer. He looked up and leaned back. “I thought there wasn’t to be any nudity.”

I smiled and gave him a bit of a bounce to jiggle my breasts. “The new policy eliminates the REQUIREMENT for nudity or partial nudity. It says we should dress as appropriate.” I held out my arms, “This is how I choose.” He chuckled.

“You know I’m not complaining but when they come in for the meeting you have to be dressed.”

I gave him a pout, “Oh pooh …” He chuckled, again.

When Candace strutted into the open office area with her lawyer alongside her, she received immediate and unveil looks of scorn from her former co-workers. The lawyer was a man no taller than she, more than a bit overweight, balding, and wearing a poorly tailored suit. Not impressive. Maybe he was better than he looked … some people were. Maybe his fee was all she was willing to gamble with. They were right on time as they strode down the center of the room for the conference room where Mr. C appeared. I watched from my desk as they shook hands. His face reflected the hurt when he greeted Candace.

I waited as planned. This was intended to be an introduction for all to be familiar with the situation. Mr. C’s lawyers didn’t like it. They were worried about giving too much information that could be used or explained. Mr. C had respected Candace … disappointed now but he didn’t want to hurt her. Everything I learn about Mr. C brings more to appreciate and respect and love.

My interoffice phone buzzed. I answered and stood, taking the prepared files off my desk. When I entered the office, closing the door behind me, the lawyer gave a double take when he saw me, then continued to stare. Candace grew angry by the reaction and blurted out, “There’s the slut.”

I stopped next to Mr. C and bent over at the waist to place the files in front of him. I was careful to be positioned so I directly faced the lawyer. As I was bent over, I felt my unencumbered breasts hang and swing. I was dressed as requested but dressed specifically for this meeting. I wore the shortest pleated skirt I had without panties. On top I wore a blouse tucked into the skirt but completely unbuttoned. Thigh high stockings that weren’t covered by the skirt and heels completed the outfit. When I stood upright, my large breasts had parted the blouse and were in full view. I looked at the lawyer who couldn’t take his eyes from my exposure and replied ot Candace while looking at the lawyer.

“Yes …” I chuckled, “I guess I probably am a slut. I make no pretense or apology for liking sex and being an exhibitionist. Though I would have like my jobs here, anyway, the policies Candace is referencing made the office perfect for me.” I walked to the lawyer with one of the files and bent over alongside him, one breast swinging out and grazing his cheek. I could see the tension in him to resist turning his face into my breast flesh. In that moment, I knew what I would recommend to Mr. C. I stood and resumed my position next to Mr. C. “But everyone here is a slut in some form. Everyone here came into the office to experience freely given and received sex without complications or connections. Sex is used around here like some places use exercise breaks or meditation rooms. Yes, there were requirements because to be here meant everyone would participate. AND …” looking directly at Candace, “… everyone freely and eagerly participates.”

The lawyer stuttered and I smiled as I looked down, then apologized and pulled the blouse over my breasts. “Sorry, I do sooooo enjoy the feeling of braless.” Mr. C’s hand stroked my leg behind the cover of the tabletop. That was the signal not to push too hard or too far.

The next meeting was set a week later. This time, though, it was arranged for the meeting to be with only her lawyer and Mr. C., expressed as another attempt to possibly negotiate an equitable solution for everyone. When the lawyer stepped from the elevator, he was greeted by Marie who volunteered for the role. She was dressed impeccably, quite a contrast to the bra and panties she still had enjoyed wearing (not being quite the blatant exhibitionist I was). She led the man to Mr. C’s office and closed the door quickly behind him. He had stopped in his tracks upon entering and the closing door nearly hit him.

“Thank you for agreeing to come. Mr. Cornell was called away on some urgent family matter. Nothing else would have kept him from this meeting.” I had convinced Mrs. C that, after weeks of experimentation alongside me, it was time for her to show her husband just how much she loved everything we had been doing. That translated into a full day of the two of them fucking and loving We all felt that qualified as an ‘urgent family matter’. Knowing Mrs. C, I had no doubt of her success and the eventual fucking during the day in various other rooms of the house.

What caused him to stop, though, wasn’t just my sitting behind Mr. C’s desk. I stood from the desk and walked around the side to greet him. I was naked. Nearly so, anyway. I wore another white outfit of heels, thigh-high stockings, and lace choker around my neck.

“You … you’re … you’re naked,” he stuttered out.

“Yes, sir.” I held out my arms for effect, “This is the way I enjoy being dressed for Mr. Cornell in the office. He enjoys it, too. I hoped you wouldn’t mind and would appreciate the experience of what this office environment really was.” I extended a hand to the couch as I moved to a chair opposite it across the small coffee table. He sat as I did. I gave him the same move Mr. C enjoyed: a slow and deliberate opening and crossing of my legs that fully exposed my shave pussy for a long enough look to appreciate. His eyes were riveted on that spot until it disappeared, then nervously looked up to find me smiling. “It’s okay, sir. There isn’t harassment here. When a woman exposes herself in open nudity or … what I just did … it is merely part of what we are. When a man exposes himself with a hard cock, it is validation of mutual desire. Everyone here has the same interest, the same openness, to sex and the body.”

He cleared his throat several times. “Well, clearly … uhmmm … clearly not everyone … surely not everyone feels the same …”

I stood, again opening my legs for a peek, and retrieved a file folder from the desk. The folder was an inch and a half thick. I measured. I brought the file to him and bent to offer it to him. He fumbled it as my breast hung and swung in front of his eyes.

I retook my seat. “I know, sir, you’ve taken the responsibility to represent her interests in this suit. I have been made aware by attorneys that you may not even care about the validity of the suit … you represent her regardless.” His eyes met mine and I could see I had hit the mark. Gerald Olsen. Our research indicated he was a modest lawyer doing modest legal affairs but his reputation was one of ethical representation and working hard for his clients. “That file, sir, contains voluntary statements from nearly everyone in the office who had contact with Candace. When I say ‘contact’, I obviously don’t mean work related but sexual contact.”

He opened the file and began skimming the sheets inside. Sheet after sheet and he began to take in more of what was presented on the sheets. He began looking up at me as he turned the sheets, his eyes frequently dropping to my breasts or body.

“Are they all like this?” He hadn’t penetrated half way through the file. “This isn’t what she said.”

“I’m sure,” I assured him.

“She said she felt trapped by the environment, forced by management and peer pressure, afraid of losing her job … this all suggests something different.”

“Yes, sir. Those sheets … testaments to Candace’s participation … tell how much these people found her not only involved in the activities but her openness and willingness. You may have noted the frequent references to her action generally being about her pleasure. She rarely merely gave head to a guy or ate a woman’s pussy. Those acts would reflect someone interested in giving pleasure. She insisted on being pleasured.” He looked me in the eyes. “That, sir, is not the impulse of being forced or coerced.”

He dropped the file on the coffee table. “I don’t think I need to read more of these.” As he considered me, I could see his eyes traveling more freely, less embarrassed by looking. His eyes moved from my breasts to my face. He smiled, “So … this is negotiation? What are you suggesting?”

I uncrossed my legs and this time his eyes moved quickly to the V between them. I allowed him a good look. I rose and moved to the couch next to him. I took his left hand and moved it to my bare thigh as I placed my right hand on his clothed thigh.

“I imagine that about now you are fantasizing about what it would be like in your office.” He visibly tensed and I felt his leg tighten. He didn’t deny it so I pressed on. “Do you have a woman or women in your office?” He nodded. “Do you tell them how pretty they are or what you like about their body or how attractive or whatever they are?” I smiled. “Of course not. Many of those things could lead to what Candace is saying about our office, isn’t it? Of course it is. But, we have that freedom. Can you imagine what men here might say to me?” He shook his head but was clearly hoping I would tell him. “They like my large breasts. Not a surprise, huh? They like to see them swing and bounce. They comment on how wet my pussy always seems to be any time they touch it … which happens a lot. I like it. I like that men find me sexy and arousing. I like that I turn men on. I like to give pleasure and to receive it. People here do and is why they took the job. Just like me they like sex. Just like Candace.”

I opened my legs and slowly slid his hand up my thigh until it was almost touching my pussy. I looked into his eyes. “You think my pussy is wet now? I bet you’re wondering how it would be to work in an office with women who were like us.”

“This is part of the negotiation? Shouldn’t we negotiation something, first?”

I smiled and moved my hand higher up his legs to his crotch and felt his hardness inside his pants. “Think of this as our ‘understanding each other’ phase. I trust you to work with me.”

His fingers were shaking as they moved inches closer to my pussy. I shifted slightly and contact was made. His fingers twitched but remained. I leaned into him to kiss his cheek and whisper, “So … what did you find?”

“You … you are … wet …”

I kissed him on the lips. “That’s because I am turned on. This is very erotic, don’t you think? You’re the lawyer of someone who wants to sue us and I am naked with you in our offices. There are people working just outside that door. People who might here us if …” I stroked his hardness. It wasn’t large but it was hard. “It feels like we shouldn’t do this but … but I want to. I want to do it with you … to show you what all this is like. You might understand us better, then. Do you think that might happen?”

He nodded numbly. I put his other hand on my breast and it squeezed the flesh on contact. For a moment I let him play with me, his fingers along my pussy and his hand fondling my breast. I kissed him, again. Then, with our lips touching, “I want to suck you. Can I suck your cock? I want to feel it in my mouth, on my tongue.” He nodded.

He seemed a bit dazed as I slid from his hands to kneel before him. I worked his belt and zipper, tugging his pants from under his butt to expose his average sized cock. I took it in my hand and smiled up at him. I licked up the underside as my eyes kept contact with his. Then I shifted, turning my attention to take his cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked the head before taking it deep into my mouth. I heard him gasp and moan as my mouth worked down and up over his cock. I felt him tense and his cock pulse. I quickly pulled my mouth off while keeping a hand slowly moving up and down over it. I licked my lips.

“Mmmmm … I like this but … but what would you like? What would you really like?” He looked shell-shocked. This was a proper, ethical man. No way was he going to blurt out his desire to a naked woman like me when harassment was the word of our meeting. “Mmmmmm … I could keep doing this until you give me your cum. Or … you could have may pussy … or ass?” His eyes opened wide at the suggestion of my ass. I gave him a smile and took his cock back into my mouth and fucked it down and up several times. “You seem like quite a proper man … straight-laced experiences.” He was holding his breath, allowing it leak out of his lungs before gulping a great volume back in. “No woman has ever given you her ass, have they?” He shook his head, his eyes wide in shock, disbelief, or anticipation.

I kissed the head of his cock, stood, bent over to allow my breast to hang for his view while reaching for his hands to pull him from the couch. His slacks slid down his legs to his feet. I slipped his jacket off his shoulders and arms, his tie loosened and off, unbuttoned his shirt and pulled his undershirt over his head. He had a pot belly and his muscles were soft but his body showed the remains of what must have been a much more athletic person. I kissed him on the lips, my tongue sliding over his lips, my breasts and erect nipples squashed against his chest. He moaned into my mouth as my hand snaked between us and I gave it several more strokes.

I helped him out of his shoes and pants and underwear pooled at his feet. I led him closer to the desk, then moved around the desk to open the side drawer for the ever-present tube of lubrication. I moved around to his side of the desk and handed him the tube.

“Cover your cock, then around the outside of my asshole … and push some inside.” His mouth fell open and he gazed at the tube in his hand. The poor man couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His mind had to be a swirl of conflict. He had come here to discuss a harassment suit. He found himself with a busty, naked woman. He had his cock sucked hard. Now … now he was about to fuck her ass? But this was real. She was in front of him leaning over her boss’s desk with her hands spreading her ass cheeks. He’d only ever heard about fucking ass … how tight it was … how much more stimulating it was. Could he not do it?

I knew he was confused by the turn of events from when he planned for this meeting. I also knew he was overwhelmed by what we were about to do. It was all working to my plan, though. Mr. C might not have been as convinced as I was about this but he also appreciated the very real effect I had on men … and women.

Patiently, I waited with my asshole opened to him. Finally, it happened. I felt the cool gel pressed over the tight opening, then a finger pressing there. I nearly chuckled when I heard, “Just push a finger inside with the gel?”

I looked back over my shoulder. His eyes flicked from my asshole with his finger poised there to my face peering at him. I nodded. “Push one finger in, then add more lubricant and push two fingers in.” I smiled over my shoulder. “Don’t worry … I like it.”

His eyes refocused on my asshole and his finger finally penetrated inside. It stayed there, just inside, for moments as if he couldn’t believe it. Then he pushed in further and sawed it in and out before pulling it out, adding more lube, and pushing two fingers in. He was involved now. His fingers moved smoothly in and out until I told him to use his cock. He quickly pulled his fingers out and placed his cock at the same hole. I felt the slight resistance of my sphincter but only slight as it was more used to Mr. C’s giant slamming into it. For effect, though, I gasped as the cock head opened the sphincter and popped inside. He groaned and groaned again as I used the muscle to grasp his cock inside me.

“OHHH … GODDDDDD … I … I … I can’t … believe … Ohhhhhh …”

He mumbled and stammered and groaned and gasped. At the same time, though, his actions began with more awareness and confidence. He pulled nearly all the way out before pushing smoothly back deep into me until his hips smacked my ass. I tightened the muscle as he pulled back and released it as he thrust back in.

“Lean over me and use my body … however you want. Squeeze my breasts, pinch my nipples, stroke my clit and pussy … anything … touch me … grope me anyway you want.”

It was like I had unlocked something within him. He rested his chest on my back and his hands roamed and groped over my body and his fingers pinched and twisted and probed. I wasn’t sure I would cum doing this but the excitement of seducing him, blatantly exposing myself to this stranger who intended to bring suit against us.

Before I could, though, I felt his cock inside stiffen and twitch. His entire body tensed and he grunted as he slammed repeatedly up into my ass until he sent cum into me. I squeezed hard around his cock as he spurted his seed into me. He sagged against my back, his hands and arms coming out to brace himself. As he recovered his breath, He slowly stood and eased his cock out of my clenching asshole.

“Oh God,” he exclaimed. I looked over my shoulder, again. He was staring at my ass. I smiled. I was sure he was staring at my gaping asshole and his cum beginning to leak from it. He looked up, saw me, and gave an embarrassed smile. “That was amazing. I never imagined … never thought …”

I stood upright and kiss him on the lips, my hand stroking over his cock slick with his cum from my ass. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Simple sex is such a wonderful diversion, don’t you think?” He bent to grab his clothes but I put a hand on his arm. “Don’t … not yet. Now we negotiate. Let our nudity be our symbol of openness to work something positive out.” He was awkward, but he nodded and retook his seat on the couch while I retook mine on the chair opposite him. He reached into his case for a pad of paper and covered his crotch. I didn’t bother.

* * * *

Mr. C had just called me into his office. I was completely nude and padded into his office barefoot. The entire office seemed to understand that the intention of the new dress policy was for everyone to be dressed. I took the policy wording literally and continued to focus on the word ‘appropriate’. Given my job and responsibilities to Mr. C (not to mention Mrs. C), being naked and accessible seemed very appropriate.

He looked up and shook his head. He knew I was naked, of course. We came to the office together and I immediately stripped at the locker I always used. Maybe he somehow thought I might take the hint from the others in the office and follow them. He knew better than to think I was a follower, though.

“What am I going to do with you?”

I chuckled and rotated side to side to cause my breast to swing, “You could fuck me, sir. That always works for both of us.”

He had news, though. Mr. C had received a call from Gerald Olsen, Candace’s attorney, he added as if I might need a reminder. He convinced Candace to take the offer I settlement I offered. It was much less than she hoped for but he confronted her with the reality; that her case had little merit and it could only create harm. It was agreed that the money would be the only outcome for her, that she would be required to sign a confidentiality agreement that would contain severe penalties for her if she ever breathed a word about this office. She would be given a good recommendation because her work had been good.

“Sir, that’s wonderful!” I thought for a moment, then added, “I assumed she would come back with a counter-offer.”

Mr. C’s eyes smiled and he allowed them to fall to my breasts before responding after a moment of thought. “You apparently made quite an impression of Gerald Olsen.” He winked. “He wouldn’t say how but he complimented you in the way you represented the cause of the office. I think there is much more to Gerald Olsen than meets the eye.”

“I agree, sir. He is a more effective attorney than his resume projects but more importantly gaziantep escort he is a man who wants to see the right thing happen and sometimes that is a conflict for his client. He wants to work on the right side of the law, sir.”

He nodded and his eyes twinkled, “I agree and I had a thought …”

* * * *

After the settlement with Candace was finalized and Candace became an after-thought to us, there remained a big question: what was all of this going to mean for the office?

I surveyed the entire office. Everyone seemed to be taking the conservative approach to the fallout of the Candace situation by wearing clothes. A few women flaunted the risque edges of what was thought to be expected by following my example earlier with unbuttoned blouses and short mini-skirts. I was still the only one basically naked. As I met with each member of our office, my continued rebelling through my nudity seemed to give them hope the office could return in some form of what it was. We really were a collective of sex enthusiast.

I presented my findings to Mr. C and his staff. They were unified in simpathy for the universal position of the office but there was now a legal issue staring us in the face. Mr. C had interrupted the negativity of the discussion with an idea that, if it might work, he would take to the Board. That led to the day I looked up from my monitor to find Gerald Olsen striding through the office.

“Mr. Olsen … what a surprise,” I blurted out as I quickly stood up from my desk. I quickly peeked into Mr. C’s office. “Sir … uhmm … Mr. Olsen is here …”

He rose up from his desk and quickly closed the space to the door where he stretched out his hand. “Gerald! Wonderful. So glad you could come.” I was still confused. This meeting wasn’t on his schedule. He looked at my reaction with a laugh, “Do you think I am completely helpless without you, Abby?”

Mr. Olsen remarked as his eyes scanned my body covered only in heels and stockings, “Tell, Joe, does Abby even own any clothes?”

“If she does, I think we should send a team to steal them from her closet, don’t you think?” They both laughed. I smiled and pondered. Though Mr. C has tolerated my insubordination in dress, this was the first time of sounding like it might continue. They met privately for an hour. Several people came to me for any information because they all knew he had been Candace’s attorney. It was easy for me to plead ignorance. I didn’t know.

When the door opened, Mr. C led Mr. Olsen from his office and stopped in front of my desk. “Abby, Gerald has agreed to come work with us as an internal attorney focusing on employee issues and needs both professional and personal.” I looked up at them stunned. He turned to Mr. Olsen, “It was her idea, really.” He turned to me, “You see my dear, I am able to act on good ideas on my own.” He laughed at his tease at me and moved to his office before saying over his shoulder, “Gerald, Ms. Thomas will detail your first assignment.”

Mr. Olsen stood not quite knowing what happened. “Geez, he can act fast.” I just smiled and stood.

I took his arm in mine and hugged it to my bare breast. “I know you haven’t officially started, yet, but I hope you can give me an hour or two of your time?” He nodded. “Mr. Cornell will assume I have properly outlined the first issue for you to focus on … and it really is very important. He will also assume I have effectively provided you with motivation for working here.” I raised my arm and pointed toward Marie. Several people spotted me and sent the word across desks until Marie stood, saw me waving at her, and moved toward us as I moved Mr. Olsen to the conference room. Since Candace’s threat, all the offices had their glass walls frosted for privacy, including the conference room. The general office might have stopped dressing so exposed but the we didn’t stop the sex entirely.

When Marie strutted into the conference room, Mr. Olsen gasped. Marie was wearing a see-through blouse unbuttoned … not tucked in … she her C-cup breasts flashed into view frequently, including as she held out her hand to shake. Her skirt was a micro that barely covered her ass with no underwear.

We heard him mumble, “I thought you would be the only one …” We both laughed and took chairs at the table. Marie looked inquiringly at me and I nodded. I smile forming on her face. Before she sat down, she unclasped her tiny skirt and slipped off her blouse, dropping them onto the chair next her. “Damn …,” he muttered. As if already used to seeing me naked, he seemed to focus on Marie’s bare chest with pert, erect nipples. “This really is what it was like …”

It wasn’t really a question, more of a statement of amazement. “The difference now is that full nudity has become a matter of anxiety and now occurs behind closed doors.” I stood and Marie followed my lead. We each stepped around the table to take chairs on either side of him after pulling his chair from the table so we formed a tight grouping and he had full view of our bodies, including our shave pussies as we refrained from crossing our legs or pressing them together.

We talked for a while about the original office policies, the revised one, and what we were comfortably left with now and wondering if it might have to go away entirely.

He leaned back in the chair gazing at us but in deep thought. His elbows resting on the armrests and fingers steepled at his lips. After a few moments, he pulled his hands down. “What you were doing was bound to come to an end. It’s frankly amazing it lasted as long as it did. All it takes is someone who becomes disenfranchised or opportunistic, like Candace. It was built around secrecy which is always a mistake. The better approach is to be open and upfront about it, though that will take some heat in the community or business world. I don’t think you can have requirements of dress and participation like you did. It has to be open to participate and what the environment will be like when hiring someone, but the actual participation should be left open.”

I looked at Marie and looked at me. Smiles grew on both our faces. Marie said, “So … you think it’s possible?”

His attention wavered from us to our breasts and pussies. He smiled, too. Our excitement and eagerness was obvious to him. “This isn’t just talk … this is the first project to work on … you want a modified approach … legally protecting everyone and the company …”

We both nodded and stood, our legs parted, our shaved pussies already glistening with excitement and anticipation. “Sir … under such an office situation … would you be a participant?” Marie and I asked in alternating effort.

He nodded, then his hands rose to touch our bare hips. We stepped close to either side of him and hugged him to our bodies. He stammered out his response, “I … I’m not really … what you’d call … experience.”

I kissed his cheek and Marie joined me at the other cheek. I stroked his chest and belly inside his jacket. “You were just fine last time, sir.”

He smiled sheepishly. His hands moved up our backs and back down onto our butts. We pressed into him on either side. “I think this may just be a wildly fanciful dream, but in case it isn’t … I really want to live this experience out. I mean … I’ve not even really started and two young naked beauties are pressing into me. It has to be a dream.”

I reached up and turned his face to me and kissed him hard and long on the mouth. When I broke it, Marie did the same. My hand slid down and over his cock under his pants. It was already straining in hardness. Marie slid to her knees and undid his belt and pants. He sucked in his breath as she reach into his underwear and grasped his cock.

I whispered into his ear, “All you have to do is find a way to preserve what we had here safely for company and us.”

He gasped out, “Of fuck …,” as Marie took his cock into her mouth, “… consider … it done.”

I joined Marie as I pushed him back onto the chair. Our combined mouths and tongues battle over his cock. A calmness washed over me that I hadn’t felt since this whole Candace thing started. I had the distinct feeling that Mr. Olsen would be successful and we’d have our slutty office back. Just to be sure he remembered what was important and what was at stake, Marie and I would tease and torture him with our mouths and pussies, holding his climax at bay until it was impossible to delay it further. It would be a memorable climax. And … we’d have our office.


* * * THANKS FOR READING. Another series will begin to be posted soon. * * *

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