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Remarks: Please forgive my poor command in English. Enjoy!


I am so horny right now, my undie is wet, stained with my pre-cum. I just had my personal best cruising experience. There was no sex, but there was no need for sex. I’m already wet like a dripping tap.

So I was at NSK Kuchai Lama (a local hypermarket) loitering(cruising) during my lunch break. Spotted many sexy men, especially foreigner laborers. But there was this guy- he looked like a Pakistani man, slightly muscular body, daddy like and extremely handsome. When I saw him I just had to stop walking to admire his perfection- he’s my ideal type- hairy, mature looking, handsome and motherfucking hot! We exchanged gaze for 2-3 seconds as he walked passed me towards the NSK basement grocery department entrance. I wouldn’t normally do this, but my heart, brain and my dick was telling me to go after this guy. As unsure as I was (because he seemed calm and wasn’t giving me any signals), I decided I was going to be the initiator, because it was an opportunity that would never present itself again.

I followed him into the hypermarket, he was pushing a trolley. He arrived at a section selling shampoo and other non-groceries items that required one to ditch the trolley before entering. He walked in, leaving his empty trolley. I was like “thank you buddha” and I tailed him. I kept a 3-5 steps distance from him to not startle him, but we would look each other in the eye every time he faces me. The “stalking process” lasted for about 5 minutes. I normally don’t stalk others like this, but this guy was a gem I could not miss.

Suddenly he walked up to the counter and I thought “fuck, is he going to report me or is he leaving?” thankfully he was just asking the cashier where the shampoo section were. I followed him there again. Unexpectedly he broke the silence and said, “hello”. I replied with “Hi, how are you doing?” “Why are you following me” he said, with a smile. Now that smile, that sexy smile gave me the courage to be a slut on move, to go for what I really want. I said to him, “Do you really wanna know?” “Yes”, he said. After inhaling a deep breath I told him, “I saw you coming down the escalator just now and I think you’re a very very sexy man, so I thought I would say hi to you.” To my surprise he laughed and said “Thank you haha. I know”. Fuck me that confidence made him 10 times even sexier if that was possible. By that time I was already wet, and I was trying not to shiver when I speak. Then I continued to talk to him:

Me: So how old are you, Sir?

Sir: I’m 34 years old, what about you?

As I crept closer into his “safe zone” I saw his features even more clearly. His eyes are mesmerizing, and the color of his mustache is dirty blonde and somewhat ginger. I was extremely turned on by his extremely perfect looking white teeth, they were unbelievably neat. His arms are both hairy, not too hairy, just right. His body was very in shape, I could tell he didn’t work out on purpose but his body is slightly muscular and very sexy.

Me: Try and guess?

Sir: 26?

Me: I’m 22 🙂

Sir: You work here?

Me: No, my office is around here, I came here for my lunch break. What about you sir?

Sir: I own a small cafe in a condominium somewhere here.

Me: That’s nice. Are you married?

Sir: (I couldn’t catch what he said, was too busy admiring his gorgeous self.

Me: So I bet a lot of girls like you, I suppose even boys too? Do you have a girlfriend?

Sir: No, I just focus on my business. I don’t need.

Me: So you don’t play at all?

Sir: I do whatever I want when I feel like it.

He turned to me and said:

Sir: Why? You like to play?

I knew I was fucking busted but a guy’s gotta try to stay calm when shit happens

Me: What do you mean? Play with who? *Grin

Sir: You know, do you like to play with girl or me?

Fuck my sex god just asked me if I wanna play with him. The man of my dreams asking me that crucial question.

Me: Yes Sir I would love to play with you, in fact, you make me wet just by talking to me.

Sir: *hahaha.

Me: I like you very much sir, but am I okay for you?

Sir: You will get what you want.

Me: You saying that, makes me the happiest boy on earth. When are you free?

Sir: I’ll call you after closing cafe later at 4pm.

Me: I finish work at 6pm, is that ok?

Sir: yes I’ll call you.

I touched his back gently, dang it was solid and hard, unlike mine. As I looked away from his back I noticed a bulge on his pants, but He must’ve only been semi-hard, because he told me if I was to offer myself to him, I might not be able to take it. He said he was BIG. I assured him, as long as we do it slowly I can take it.

He paid for a bottle of shampoo that he chose, and told me he wanted to get some coal. Now in NSK there is a wholesale section, so I walked with him to where coal was placed. It was in a very isolated place, away from the crowd, only a few bahis firmaları NSK workers passing by. I told him I’d give him a blowjob before going back to work, but lunch time was almost up. After he chose his coal i told him I gotta leave. He said he’ll call me at 6pm later. But he laid down one condition: he asked me if my family is aware. I told him not now, I will let them know when I am independent. He said he doesn’t want to cause any trouble to my family. I assured him it was okay and I ain’t exactly innocent. I also thank him for being so kind, sexy, considerate and fucking hot. Before I left he wanted to shake my hand, but I have sweaty palms. So we hugged instead. It felt great and what felt better was to feel his hand on my butt cheek. After we hugged he said give me a kiss and wanted to kiss me on the lips, I looked around and let him lay a kiss on my face. I was enchanted.

No sex, but I was so freaking wet, I can’t imagine if the sex really takes place (hopefully) how it’d be like. I have dealt with middle eastern before, they would say anything when they are excited. I hope this man of my dream would keep his word and call me later. I need to be fucked by him, and I want him to be in me, spreading his seed in my hungry hole. Who knows, maybe he can be my sex buddy.


You know what it’s like, to be waiting on a phone call? A phone call that is so crucial, it might lead to a new friendship, a phone call that keeps your mind off everything, a phone call that tortures your waiting soul- a phone call that you’re afraid might never come.

After the brief encounter with the man of my dreams, I had no time for lunch, I quickly grabbed a Peanut butter & Chocolate waffle and RAN back to office. Made it in time, but I was sweating like a cow. So everything went back to normal, except nothing was normal with me. My heart was still pounding like I was about to have a heart attack, and my pre-cum did not stop leaking. I’m still awestruck that I met the man of my dream, and I’m not exaggerating. He had everything I look for in a man. And what’s more unbelievable is that, he was genuinely nice to me. It doesn’t happen a lot, not in a society where beauty is defined by one’s outer appearance. I’m not saying that I look horrible, I’m a beautiful boy, I’m just not of the right size. But my dream man didn’t seem to mind all that, he treated me like any other people, most of all he saw me as ME.

Fuck none of these would matter if he didn’t call me back, I thought. I was in the office, but my mind was still in NSK. I could not focus on anything else but his perfect body, his charming smile and that bulge that looked so inviting. So i continued doing my work, and tried not to think about it. I told myself, it’s alright if he didn’t call me back. After all, I’m grateful enough that I’ve met someone like that and had a memorable encounter. Yes I should be grateful already.

After what felt like forever, at around 2pm my phone rang. It was a landline, so I thought he called using his cafe phone. But fuck me it was wrong number! I was going to give up, but at around 4.10pm, someone called me. It was him, just like he said, he’d call after he closes the cafe. He told me thank you for your text ( I sent a cheesy shit text message to express my gratitude) but he told me he might be busy later today because he was going for apartment viewing session with some property agents, as he is looking for a new place closer to work. I told him what was on my mind: I was happy enough to meet him and even more happy that he called me. He said thanks in a shy manner and he told me if he was available later tonight he’d call me.

I continued work and the day eventually ended at the office. I left office and got in my car, went for a little cruising around the neighborhood (again) before I decided that it was time to go home. Mom cooked prawn mee and I was looking forward to go home and enjoy the good food. As I was driving towards the highway that brings me home, my phone rang. It was him, again. I thought he needed my help for something, but…

Me: Hi my sexy friend, how are you?

Sir: I’m fine! Where are you now?

Me: I just finished work, on the way home, what about you?

Sir: Oh, I’m at a condominium in OUG, it’s called Bukit OUG, you know it?

Me: I don’t, but I guess I can Google it. Why, is everything ok?

Sir: Yes, I just called you to see where you are.

Me: So you’re saying that you miss me already?

Sir: *laughs

Me: Do you want me to meet you?

I heard background noises and someone talked to him. I’m guessing it’s his agent.

Me: Are you busy? If you are don’t worry about me. We can meet next time dear.

Sir: No problem, but now I have to go, I’ll call you later?

Me: Sure, talk to you later love.

Bukit OUG huh. I opened Waze and in 10 minutes, I was already there. Nobody does spontaneous better than a slut on move. It was not exactly easy to find and was a little far away from OUG already, but kaçak iddaa the condo still looks decent. I figured, who doesn’t love surprises? I don’t mind driving the extra miles to meet my dream guy, and sometimes one’s gotta create opportunity rather than waiting for opportunity to present itself. Just like how I met him 🙂

After parking my car, I sent him a text asking if he was indeed inside this condominium. He called me immediately after reading my text

Sir: Hello *****

Me: Hi dear. Are you at Bukit OUG condominiums?

Sir: Yes, you know how to come here? I can see u for a while.

Me: Actually… I’m already here 😀

Sir: What? Where?

Me: I’m standing in front of the Bukit OUG guardhouse right now.

Sir: What?

Me: I drove here after you said you’re here… Just to see you.

Sir: Ok you can come inside, wait for me near the mini market, don’t approach me I will come to you

Me: Anyway you want it dear.

He must’ve been worried that his agent would see us. I get it , I really do. He is a decent guy and never in a million year would I know of him being interested in a male male encounter. I too, wouldn’t want anyone to misunderstand him. Beside, this whole idea of meeting my dream guy secretly, it fucking turns me on. Guilty pleasures like these: my passion.

So I registered myself at the guard house (damn the head of security guard was a hot daddy) and went inside. Spent some time looking for Level CL ( I don’t know what it stands for) but I found it after climbing many stairs I finally reached my destination. I spotted the mini market and directly opposite it was a small cafe. There he was, my dream man my sex god, sitting there with another man, who I assumed is his agent. He spotted me and got up from his seat. I knew he was aware of my presence, so i just leaned against the wall beside me while catching my breath. Those stairs were steep and i climbed 3 levels. Tried to calm down before he comes to me. “Hi, come with me.” Sir told me while walking towards the mini market. He was asking the shopkeeper where the lift was. We headed towards the lift lobby and pressed up.

Me: Are you gonna rent a unit here?

Sir: We don’t know yet, will be looking at other properties later. But now let’s take a look at the unit here.

Me: Oh, is it an empty unit?

Sir: Yes.

Me: So it’s just you and me?

Sir *smiles

The lift stopped and we stepped out. He unlocked the padlock on one of the unit which I did not bother checking out. I did not waste another minute and I started caressing his sexy back. There was no resistance and it’s a very good sign. The door opened and we went inside.

It was evening time, around 7.30pm. The unit was quite big, but there was no electricity, I tailed my dream guy as he looked for a spot that was not visible by the neighbors, to do you-know-what with me. It was practically an empty unit , with a mattress in the living room, a few chairs and that was all. We settled outside the guest bathroom in what seemed like the kitchen area. There was no window around and I knew it was a cue for me to start behaving like the slut that I really am.

I hugged him and he laid his hands on my butt. I moved forward, pushing him to a wall behind us while started kissing on his neck and face. The sensation of his well maintained beard poking my lips turned me on so bad I started breathing more heavily. I was taller than he is, but he was a tall man too, so when I hugged him it felt right. My hands started behaving like bad boys caressing his chest, hairy arms, his tummy and his extremely sexy waist. You could literally trace the lines of his muscles on his waist with your fingertips. God I’m making out with the man of my dreams.

Sir: Oh god, oh god. You’re so young.

Me: *finish a final peck before whispering in his ears* Is that a bad thing?

Sir: No no.

Me: I’m 22, you’re 34, there’s only 12 years difference between us, no big deal, don’t you think?

Sir: Yes, but at such a young age you should be exploring your life, I shouldn’t do this to you.

Me: *kiss his cheek and crept closer towards his lips* Do what? Fuck me? I need you inside me. Besides, I’m a young adult now, I know what I’m doing. *I planted a kiss on his lips afterwards*

I am in Cloud 9 right now. My dream man indeed has everything I look for in a man. His look is beyond gorgeous. His body is well built , his teeth is neat, he speaks fluent English and god his breath is fresh. That is something that is very important to me because I love love love love love kissing very much. He possesses everything I need in a man.

Sir: Oh god. *unzip my pants* Take it off*

Me: *unbuckle my belt and let my trousers slide down* Mine is extremely small, unlike yours, but you made me wet already.

Sir: *touches my wet penis and played with it* Wow you really are wet. *he pulled my foreskin and touched the tip of my penis*

Me: It’s flaccid because of my weight. I’m kaçak bahis extremely excited but it doesn’t get big unless I play with it.

Sir: Don’t you wanna lose weight?

Me: Do you want me to? I’d do it for you.

Sir: Do it for yourself, I can train you, I can help you be slimmer

Me: Sure, or you can just fuck me

I started kissing his lips again, more passionately. I did not place my tongue in his mouth because not everyone likes deep kissing. I kissed him again & again the sound of my pecks on him turns both of us on so bad. My hands wandered on his body, accidentally i touched his penis region- there was a tent going on in his pants- he was hard!

Sir: What does your dad and mom work as?

Me: Why would you ask about my family? *my heart stopped beating as I thought he’s after money, not me*

Sir: I just want to know

Me: Dad’s working an office job, mom’s housewife. We don’t have money.

Sir: Like your dad, I don’t make a lot of money. I have very little free time to-

Me: * I kissed him before he said anything else* Oh dear I don’t need your money. First of all I’m not a moneyboy. Moneyboys are slim and perfect, I’m not. Secondly, meeting you is the best thing that have happened to me and you are all I need. I am willing to be your personal boy toy and I will always wait for you.

He wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me in. We hugged for some time before he stared at his crotch. Picking up the signal, I asked

Me: My sexiest friend, would you like me yo start sucking your cock?

Sir: Yes please. Open it

I unbuckled his trousers and there it was, his beautiful penis- probably one of the most beautiful one I have seen so far. I couldn’t see the complexion in the dark, but i was sure it’s at least 6 inches. I love this size, cocks that are too big aren’t my thing. A perfect cock should be of the right size, with a slightly thick shaft, and that’s exactly how my man’s dick was. I opened my mouth like a greedy wolf and suck on the tip of his uncut cock. I teased him in return as I tasted his pre-cum on his tip.

Me: Mhm you’re wet too.

He gently pet my hair and let out a soft moan when I moved my head forward. His whole perfect penis was already in my mouth. I continued blowing him passionately for about 5 minutes while working my fingers on his body. His waist and chest are to die for. God this man is so sexy I wouldn’t mind becoming his personal boy toy, for real. I sucked harder and harder and at this point, I’m dripping pre-cum like mad and i was fucking wet.

After a while my man stopped my sucking, probably I was sucking too hard he might have cummed if he didn’t stop me. He ordered me to turn around and I obeyed, just like how a personal boy toy should behave. I bent forward and pointed my ass towards his penis. Mhm i felt his tip poking my hole, god my sex god was going to fuck me right there and then.

I stood up and asked him, “shall we save this for our next meeting?” My rationality was telling me without lubricant he’d tear open my ass but my heart was telling me otherwise. My heart was telling me to let him in, to be joined as one with him and to relax and enjoy what I’ve been looking forward to. “Don’t worry dear I do it gently you won’t feel pain you’ll enjoy it” His assurance made me even hornier and I turned around and suck his dick one more time to lubricate it before it happened- we were gonna have anal sex.

He leaned back towards the wall and point his dick towards my horny hole. He was having difficulty at first because my butt cheeks were too damn huge. He asked me to hold my butt cheeks to the side while he uses the tip of his penis to caress my hole, applying some pressure on the opening. When he felt like I was relaxed enough he trust forward and I felt my opening stretched a little, but I knew it was good because he was in. Slowly he pushed further and further inside until half of his dick was in.

I guess he was really enjoying the sensation as he didn’t bother going in any further, he started ass fucking me and it felt like heaven. This sex god of mine was so skillful it didn’t hurt a tiny bit. I always thought anal sex is impossible without lube but today I was proven wrong. He fucked me like I was his personal boy toy, moving in and out of my hungry hole that needed the attention he was giving me. I caressed his waist and thighs as he fucked me gently but with so much passion both my legs were shaking. God it was surreal, to be making love with the man of my dreams, how I wish time just stop right there.

Soon I felt his cock swelling inside my ass and I knew he was going to cum. “dear please cum inside me I want your cum inside me” He moaned louder & louder and finally he gave a final thrust pushing my whole body forward and I felt his cock “dancing” in my hole. He came in me!

Suddenly his phone rang. He stopped thrusting me and answered the phone. His cock was still very hard and erect so I fucked myself by moving back and forth while he was leaning stationary against wall. After he answered his phone call he stopped my movement, while we waited for his cock to slide out of my hole on its own.

Me: I’m going to bring your seeds home, in my hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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