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It happened a couple of years ago, at the end of the term in college when a bunch of us chipped in to get a couple of kegs and enough munchies to get us through the night. We knew each other and hung out together on a regular basis but I wouldn’t say we were all good friends. There was John – straight ‘A’ student by day but party animal at night except he couldn’t hold his booze, Peter – a fairly regular guy who always seemed to have a girlfriend but never for long, Janet – a very pretty girl who acted hot and slutty but from what I heard never went all the way, Denise – the opposite of Janet, ok but not great looking and a real slut, Debbie – another really good looking girl who just went with the flow, had a few relationships but nothing long term and myself, Dave – average looks, getting decent marks but working for all of them, not a huge partier but I enjoyed letting go once in a while. Dave & I shared a two bedroom apartment which is where the party was being held.

As usual when you get a bunch of guys and girls together there was a fair bit of sexual tension in fact I’m pretty sure that Denise had fucked both John and Peter and I’d fucked her a couple of times at other parties. That night wasn’t any different once the alcohol kicked in things got even raunchier when Peter threw a porn DVD on. I’m not sure if he was trying to gross the girls out or get one of them to bed with him but they were too drunk to get upset and too sober to fall for his advances. We all pretty much sat there watching them, drinking, making comments about either the acting or the script and at least for myself, getting hornier and hornier.

Things kind of came to a head (no pun intended) when the actor blew his load in the woman’s mouth and she made a big deal of showing it to the camera before swallowing. At that, Peter said, “oh ya, that’s it – swallow his cum”.

I’d never really seen Janet get pissed at anyone but she got right in his face, “That’s right, just another guy who thinks it’s cool to cum in a girls mouth but I bet you won’t even kiss your date after she sucks you off, let alone if you cum in her mouth!”

“Of course not – I’m not queer, why would I want to taste my cum?”

“Exactly, it’s ok for the woman to taste it but no guy is ever going to man up and taste his own cum!”

I likely should have kept my mouth shut but the alcohol wouldn’t let me so I said, “Don’t be so sure, just ’cause he’s paranoid doesn’t mean every guy’s the same way.” As soon as I said it, I wished I hadn’t ’cause both guys looked at me with a “what the fuck are you saying?” look but said nothing and Janet just said, “Ya right” and let it drop which was fine by me. As the night wore on, Peter and Denise disappeared with a not so subtle, “we’re going back to my place to fuck” as they left the apartment. Not too long after that John suddenly got up, went to the bathroom and we could all hear him puking his guts out. Being the only guy left I was nominated to go and make sure he was alive. Thankfully he’d made it there on time, hit the toilet and passed out on his side – cool!

When I came back to the living room to let the girls know he was alive but asleep, I heard them talking but what surprised me was they stopped as soon as they heard me coming. When I asked what they were talking about, Janet hesitantly said, “Debbie asked what I thought you meant by your comment earlier about guys tasting their own cum and I said you were likely just trying to get on our side but wouldn’t be any more likely to taste your own cum than the other guys.”

Now I’m sure I’m not the only guy that’s ever done or said something they normally wouldn’t but because they were a bit drunk, all the filters were gone and that’s just what happened. I thought about it for a minute, pulled out my wallet and threw a $20 on the table. “Tell you what Janet, you suck me off until I cum in your mouth and then we’ll kiss and I’ll take my cum from your mouth. If I do, you owe me $20, if I don’t then the $20 is yours.”

“Ya right, do you think I’m stupid? You’ll shoot in my mouth then tell me to keep the $20”

I thought about that for a bit and said, “Ok, then let’s up the ante and I put four more, $20 dollar bills beside the first one. There ya go match that, if you’re right and I don’t go for it, you get $100 for a bj and if I’m right, I get your $100”

She was pretty much caught and knew it so she tried to get out of it by saying she didn’t have any money. Surprisingly Debbie jumped in and said, “I’ll put up the $100 Janet, he’ll back out anyway so we can split his money Zonguldak Escort between us.” Obviously Debbie wanted to see her go for it as much as I did because when Janet still looked unsure she said, “ok, never mind splitting it – if he backs out the money’s all yours and if he doesn’t you only have to pay me back half of it. Come on, I’m sure you’ve given a blowjob for free so here’s a chance to make some money.”

Debbie’s urging seemed to make the difference because Janet looked at me and said, “ok, if you’re willing to pay $100 for a blowjob then let’s go.” Now that she’d made up her mind she was obviously in a hurry to start because she pulled me in front of her on the couch, undid my pants and pulled them and my boxers down in one pull. I already knew I was hard but I don’t think she was expecting me to be fully hard or maybe just not that big. I’m not huge but when I’m totally hard it’s about 7.5″ long and 1.5″ across. I was pretty sure I even heard a bit of an intake from Debbie but when I looked over, her face didn’t give any indication.

I’d often wondered just how much real experience Janet had sexually and while she may not have fucked a lot of guys, from the way she gave head this definitely wasn’t the first time. She teased the head which was already really sensitive, slowly running her tongue further down my shaft each time. On the way back up, she’d nibble and kiss it and when she got back to the head she’d take it in her mouth and suck gently on it before going back to the licking.

Just when I was getting used to the feel of her tongue, she changed tactics and when she finished sucking on the head, she clamped her lips around the shaft and started taking more and more of me into her mouth. I’d known a few girls who could take the whole length in without gagging but they usually had to work up to it but not Janet. She just kept sliding down my pole like a hot knife into butter until her nose was right against my pubic bone.

Once she was all the way down, she paused for a couple of seconds and it felt like her throat was massaging my cock. Ever so slowly she pulled back again, took a breath and went all the way down again. She kept repeating it over and over, speeding up each time until her head was moving back and forth as fast as my hand when I jerked off thinking about a blowjob like this one. I could feel it building and figured I’d better give Janet a last chance out so I said, “if you don’t want a mouth full of cum you can quit and we’ll call it even.”

She pulled back just long enough to say, “No way!” and then plunged her mouth back down my cock. It was only another 10 or so strokes before I hit the point of no return and started cumming. My first shot was while I was all the way down her throat but as soon as she felt me cumming she backed off until just the head was in her mouth and held me there through the rest of my orgasm. When my orgasm was over she looked up at me with a ‘I’ll bet you won’t go through with it’ look on her face. Little did she know I meant exactly what I’d said earlier and not only didn’t I have a problem tasting my own cum, it was a turn on of mine.

I looked over at Debbie and said, “watch me win the bet”. With that, I knelt down in front of Janet and started kissing her and probing at her lips with my tongue. As she realized I was actually going to do it, she opened up her lips and my tongue slid inside where I could instantly taste and feel my cum in her mouth.

“Open up Janet,” said Debbie, “I want to see him lick the cum from your mouth!”

I figured I’d give her a real show so I knelt down a bit lower so my mouth was under Janet’s and pulled her head over mine so that as we kissed the cum flowed from her mouth into mine. As the last bit of cum dripped into my mouth I looked up at Debbie and her face was a mix of shock and what could best be described as lust. Her nipples were clearly showing against her T-shirt and her hand was massaging her pussy through the crotch of her shorts. When she saw me looking she pulled her hand away from her crotch but there was no doubting how turned on she was.

Janet on the other hand didn’t seem to be excited by it at all, I think me cumming in her mouth had sobered her up a bit. “Fine, you proved your point. Not all guys mind the taste of their cum, take your $100 and enjoy it, I’m going home.”

As she left, Debbie said, “It’s ok, she’s really competitive and just pissed that she lost. She walked out on me last week when I beat her at monopoly”

“Well, she might not have enjoyed it but Zonguldak Escort Bayan from the look on your face, the hardness of your nipples and the way you were rubbing yourself something about this got you turned on – what was it? Did you like watching someone else give head, did you like watching me cum in her mouth or did you like watching me take the cum from her mouth?”

“Well, not exactly. It’s kinda weird.”

“Come on, it can’t be any weirder than watching you play with yourself while Janet let my cum run from her mouth to mine can it?”

She chuckled a bit at that and said, “Ok, I guess not. I was just…well….I love having a guy go down on me but what I’ve always wanted to try is to have a guy go down on me after he’s cum in my pussy but no guy has ever been willing. Watching you swap cum made me totally horny.”

As she finished, she looked at me like she was expecting me to call her a freak or something. “Hang on a sec.” I said as I got up, “I just want to check on John.” I looked in the bathroom and he was totally passed out beside the toilet. I called to him a couple of times, poked him, kicked his foot and got no response so I left him there and went to my bedroom, grabbed a DVD and went back to the living room. When I got back, Debbie asked, “What was all that about?”

“I just wanted to make sure he was still breathing and out cold enough that he wouldn’t wake up for a while.” As I answered her, I popped out the DVD that was in the machine and put in the one from my bedroom. On the way back to the couch I took her hand and said, “here, sit with me and watch this.” She looked a bit puzzled but sat beside me as I hit ‘play’.

As soon as the DVD started it showed a woman riding a guys cock and telling him to fill her with his cum. It wasn’t long before he did just that and you could tell he’d actually cum because when she pulled away from him you could see a couple of strings between his cock and her pussy. Any remaining doubt disappeared when she covered her pussy with her hand, moved up his body and as she moved her hand away she lowered her pussy to his mouth. As soon as her hand moved, two large globs of cum dripped into his open mouth and then her pussy was close enough that when his tongue came out he could lick the rest from her. They stayed like that for at least 5 minutes with her rubbing her pussy all over his face and him licking and sucking his cum from her until she screamed and orgasmed.

As soon as the scene ended, another one started. This one had a woman laying back over the arm of a couch while the guy was standing and fucking her with long, slow strokes. I knew the video’s quite well so I looked over at Debbie and her eyes were fixed on the screen, her nipples were hard and her fingers were stroking the crotch of her shorts again. She must have felt me watching her because she suddenly looked at me and pulled her hand away. I put one hand on her upper thigh and said, “It’s ok, they get me horny too!”

She smiled a bit at that and turned back to the movie just as the guy moaned, “oh, oh, cumming!” and started pumping into her. As soon as he was done cumming he dropped to his knees in front of her and buried his face between her legs. When his tongue made contact with her pussy, I could feel a shudder run through Debbie’s body and when the first glob of cum was pushed out and licked up Debbie moaned like it was her being eaten.

Taking a bit of a chance I moved my hand up her leg and toward her pussy. I could feel the increase in heat and was surprised to find that there was already a noticeable wet spot at her crotch. I wasn’t sure what her reaction was going to be but figured it was ok when she slumped down a bit in the couch and spread her legs further to give me better access. There were a total of 5 scenes on the DVD, each one with the same theme – guy fucks girl, guy cums in girl, guy eats his cum from girl. By the end of the third scene I had Debbie’s shorts unzipped and by the end of the fourth she’d helped me slide them down her legs so I had full access to her incredibly wet, smooth, pussy. Just as the last scene ended, her whole body tightened and I felt a noticeable gush of fluid against my hand as she came.

As the screen went blank, I looked over at her and said, “see, it’s not such a weird turn on at all and apparently we’re both turned on by the same thing. I’ve swapped cum with a few girlfriends after getting head but any time I’ve mentioned going down on them after cumming they all thought it was either too gross or too kinky Escort Zonguldak to try.”

As she absorbed what I’d said, a smile started on her face. “So basically you wanted Janet to swap cum with you and even managed to make money doing it.”

“Hell yes, she talks a good show but almost never follows through and I really wanted to see her mouth full of my cum. To be able to taste it from her mouth and make $100 doing it was just an extra bonus!”

“So, what kind of ‘bonus’ would you need to eat your cum from my pussy?”

“Well, seeing as you’re already shaved smooth, if you’re willing to straddle my face with your pussy after I cum so I can eat you out, that would be bonus enough.”

“How about this then…John’s ok, you said he’s sleeping and hasn’t puked for a while. Why don’t we leave him there and go back to my apartment – Denise went with Peter to his place so she won’t be back until late tomorrow morning. Once we’re there, we can both get something we’ve always wanted.”

The grin on my face and the bulge in my pants was the only answer she needed – thankfully her apt. was only in the next building so we didn’t have far to go. We both knew exactly what was happening so as soon as the door was locked, we went straight to her bedroom and got naked. I’d always thought she was good looking, but man was she hot when the clothes came off!

Her skin was smooth and slightly tanned – seeing as it was winter and there weren’t any tan lines I figured she must go to a tanning salon. Her breasts weren’t big but the aureolas were over an inch across and her nipples were hard and stood out almost half an inch. She was all for starting to fuck right away but I pulled her over on top of me and told her I’d like a ‘before’ taste so I had something to compare it to. She eagerly agreed and I quickly found her knees on either side of my head and her incredibly tasty pussy against my mouth.

She wasn’t kidding when she said she enjoyed oral sex…as soon as my tongue touched her slit she came a little bit and when I licked her clit she almost exploded. I ate her through several more orgasms, some big/some small but eventually she rolled off my face onto her back and with a huge smile said, “that was some of the best tongue action I’ve had – now please fuck me!”

Fuck her I did! This wasn’t tender ‘I love you’ sex, we fucked in just about every position we could and I quickly found that her nipples were as sensitive as her clit had been and brought her to several huge orgasms by sucking on one nipple, squeezing the other and pounding her as hard as I could with my cock.

Even though I’d already cum earlier, I could feel another one building and when I knew I was getting close, I rolled back onto my back and told her to ride me until I came.

Ride me she did…long, hard strokes that brought me closer and closer to cumming with each one. I might have been able to hold off longer if she hadn’t started telling me how much she wanted to feel me shoot inside her and how turned on she was at the thought of bringing her cum filled pussy back up to my face so I could eat her again as the cum slid back out of her. Hearing that was all it took and I blasted my load into her. As soon as she felt me coming she pulled back a little bit and said, “I don’t want it so far inside that you can’t lick it out”.

As soon as I finished cumming, she slid the rest of the way off my cock, covered her pussy with her fingers and started moving up over top of me. Her pussy was at least 6″ away from my mouth when she pulled her fingers away and a string of our cum fell from her fingers into my mouth. The flavour was totally different than what I’d experienced swapping from someone’s mouth – much creamier, a little runnier and had a wonderful pussy flavour in addition to mine. When her slippery lips got close enough, I licked them clean and then focused on the cum oozing from her hole.

It was the first time I’d really seen a pussy that close after fucking it and it was much redder and more open than before sex. I lost track of exactly how many times she came as I licked and sucked her pussy clean but I from the satisfied look on her face when she finally rolled off, I knew we’d both found something we’d been missing. As she lay beside me, we kissed a bit and she licked the stray juices from my face, telling me next time she’d like me to save some of our cum and swap it back to her mouth.

We tried dating for a while but that didn’t work out – we quickly found the only thing we had in common was a love for cummy sex. It still worked out ok though – both of us dated others if we wanted but when either of us needed some hard, cum eating sex we got together and it was great. One of these days I’m sure we’ll find someone who we want to share the rest of our lives with but for now we’ve each got someone to share our cum with!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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