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It was already snowing when I got up in the morning and even though I thought I was a bit too old to care that much about it, I secretly wished that the snow would stay until Christmas. It was only two days. A white Christmas is something special and I hoped this one was going to be special. I really wanted a portable CD player. Dad said it was much too expensive, but I had the feeling that I was going to get it.

The rest of the family had the day before Christmas off, but I still went to school and even though it was a Monday they had decided that we were going to school that day, not to have any lessons but to go to church, then eat cookies in the classrooms and wish everybody a merry Christmas.

In the morning there was a bus to take me straight to school, but since I got off early I had to take two busses to get home. The first one was late but eventually it did come. When I got off to wait for the second bus, the driver stopped me.

“Are you sure you want to get off? 507 might not come at all. The weather is getting worse and they’ve already cancel a lot of busses.”

“I have to. This is the closest to home you can get me.”

The driver shrugged.

“Merry Christmas, then. I hope your bus is still running.”

I waited for twenty minutes after the time the bus should have been there. Not a single car has passed me and it looked like my wish had been granted: the snow was falling steadily and had been doing so all day. Drifts were forming everywhere and judging from the layer on top of the house opposite the shelter where I stood, shuddering in the cold, the blanket of snow was getting close to two feet thick. I began to feel alone and abandoned. I wouldn’t stand a chance if I tried to walk the five miles home, but I had to do something.

My options were limited. There were three houses: one opposite the bus stop and two a little farther away, all looking deserted. I chose the nearest. I was quite relieved when I heard footsteps on the other side of the door. A girl my age opened the door.

“Hi. I think the busses have stopped. Could I borrow your phone and call my parents? My dad will come and pick me up.”

“Sure,” she said and ushered me in. “But I don’t think your parents will come. Almost all the roads are closed and the police advice people to stay indoors. They use the military’s tracked vehicles as ambulances.”

“Shit. How am I going to get home?”

“I think you’re stuck here. My parents just called to say that they can’t get home. They went up to visit my sister this morning. It’s only about fifteen miles.”

“I better call my parents anyway.”

I did and they were very happy to hear from me, but they couldn’t pick me up and asked if I could stay where I were. I turned to the girl.

“Can I stay here until the weather gets better?”


That was it and I hung up.

“Thanks. It will probably stop snowing soon and then I can go home.”

“It’s okay. I don’t mind some company. I’m not really used to being alone in the house.”

Normally I was not talkative around girls but she was easy to talk to. Perhaps it was because we were alone and didn’t know each other. Her name was Lisa and her school was closed on the twenty-third, so she had been home all day. We talked until it was dark outside. The snow was still falling. Lisa’s parents called again to say that they stayed at Lisa’s sister’s place for the night. Lisa told them about me. I don’t know what her parents said but Lisa said she was glad I was there because she didn’t like to be alone.

We turned on the radio. The forecast was snow, snow, snow and wind. A high-pressure front had not moved as anticipated and it looked like the snow was going to continue for at least 24 hours, perhaps longer. All roads were closed and the situation was serious. The general message was “Stay indoors”.

“We’re not going to starve,” Lisa said, when she had turned off the radio. “The fridge is about to burst. Can you cook?”

“No, not really. Can you?”

“A little. Let’s see if we can find something I know how to cook.”

Lisa found a big sausage. We both knew how to peal potatoes and it turned out to be fun cooking together. After we had eaten we watched TV, wondering how they always can get a camera crew out to get pictures no matter how severe the weather is. There were pictures of people being rescued from their cars and a lot of very scenic snow landscapes. The wind had picked up and was causing drifts more than three feet high. It looked fantastic, but we were both very happy that we were indoors. We continued to watch the telly and talk. It was obvious that I’d have to stay the night, but we didn’t talk about it until it was around ten o’clock.

Lisa put me up in her sister’s old room. It Anadolu Yakası Escort was kind of strange that we were the only people in the house. Lisa let me use the bathroom first and as I lay in my bed I could hear her on the other side of the wall. A few minutes later the house was completely quiet. All I could hear was the snow on the window.

The weather hadn’t changed much during the night. Neither of us could recall seeing so much snow before. I still hoped that I’d be able to get home and I guess Lisa hoped her parents would make it home before Christmas Eve, but the forecast shattered all hopes. Normally, I would be home celebrate Christmas the twenty-fourth in the evening, walking around the tree holding hands and singing Christmas carols before exchanging gifts. I’d never been without my family on Christmas Eve before and the thought of it was kind of sad. I tried not to think too much about it. Lisa wanted to decorate the tree, which meant that we had to get it from the shed behind the house. If the door had opened out instead of in we had never been able to open it. We had to dig our way across to the shed by hand. The shovel was in the shed, too. When we finally carried the tree into the living room we were very warm and sweaty.

The tree was so beautiful when we had finished decorating it.

“You know, it’s the first time I’ve ever decorated a Christmas tree. It’s always my dad doing it and the rest of us are not allowed to see it until after we’ve eaten. Have you done it before?”

“Yes, once. I did it last year because dad had broken his leg,” Lisa said. “But it’s much better doing it with you.”

She blushed and I didn’t know what to say. I felt the same way, even though I’d never done it before. While I was desperately trying to find a suitable reply, the lights went out.

“It probably a fuse,” I said.

“Do you know how to fix it?”

“Yes. Just show me where the fuse box is.”

“I don’t know.”

We went looking for the fuse box and found it, but to no avail. The snow and wind had probably brought down the cables. Lisa retrieved a lot of candles and candlesticks and we put them up all over the living room. We didn’t light them. It was still day, even though it was very grey and dark outside. It took about an hour before we noticed that it was getting awfully cold.

“Oh god,” Lisa said. “The central heating is gone, too. Perhaps we have run out of oil?”

“No. It uses electricity to fire up. Doesn’t make much difference. Do you have any firewood or is the fireplace only decorative?”

“We have loads of wood in the shed. Let’s go get it before we freeze to death.”

Getting it from the shed was enough to bring the heat back. We lit up and sat down to think things over. Whatever cooking we were going to do was to be done over open fire. The fireplace was never designed to heat the whole house, so we had to stay in the living room. As it grew darker we lit the candles and played cards in front of the fire. It was quite cosy.

After we had eaten Lisa’s parents called. Lisa was a bit sad after she’d talked to them. I called my parents and assured them that I was okay. My mother was a bit worried about the fire hazard and told me to be careful. Lisa was starring at tree when I hung up.

“We have no presents,” she said. “I don’t know where they are and anyway, it wouldn’t be right to open them when mum and dad aren’t here.”

It was kind of sad. But then I remembered the box of chocolate I’d bought for mum. It was not a Christmas present, more a way of showing that I had turned eighteen and was a grownup now. Dad always bought mum flowers on Christmas day, so I the chocolate was a very good idea.

“I have a present for you,” I said. “Just wait here.”

I went out, found the box in my bag and put it under the tree. Lisa just sat there. She looked a little sad, almost as if she was going to cry.

“I don’t have anything for you,” she finally said.

“It’s okay. I should have announced that I was coming around for Christmas.”

Lisa smiled. She got up and began to light the candles on the tree. When she had finished she took my hand. It felt warm and I was grateful that, for once, I didn’t have sweaty hands. It felt a little awkward when she began to sing but I join in and we walked around the tree together, hand in hand.

Lisa looked genuinely happy when she opened the present. She held it as if it was a fine and expensive piece of jewellery. We ate a piece each and then some of the cookies her mum had baked. For a brief second I missed my mother’s cookies and my family, but our Christmas was almost better, sitting in the flickering lights of the candles and the fire. Open fire gives a different kind of heat; a nice heat, very suitable for Christmas. We watched the candles burn low on the tree, but we blew them out before there was any danger of the tree catching fire.

Soon, some of the other candles died out and we began to think about Kadıköy Escort sleeping arrangement. We had to sleep in the living room, so we hauled two mattresses down from upstairs along with duvets and pillows and arranged the mattresses end to end in front of the fire. That way we could easily put another log on the fire during the night.

Lisa went to the bathroom first and she was already under her duvet when I returned. I kept my shirt and jocks on, but as soon as I was under the duvet I realised that it was too hot to wear the shirt and I took it off.

“Thank you for a lovely Christmas evening,” Lisa said.

“Thank you. If it hadn’t been for you I’d be outside, freezing to death.”

Lisa giggled. “I’m not freezing. Perhaps we’re too close to the fire.”

“Perhaps. Do you want to move?”

“Yes, I think so.”

We got up and moved the mattresses. Lisa had a short T-shirt and panties on. I tried to look at her without her noticing, but she saw me. She wasn’t angry; she just smiled. When we were back under the duvet, she groaned.

“Pew, it’s still too hot.”

“Do you want to move again?”

“No, this is perfect,” she said and slipped her arms under the duvet. “I’ll just take the shirt off.”

She blushed and giggled shyly when she tossed the shirt on the floor. I could see her shoulders but I couldn’t see any bra straps. The sight of her bare shoulders was very exciting. We were quiet for some time, giggling timidly when our eyes met.

“You know what?” she asked and when I shook my head she continued: “We are lying under the mistletoe.”

I looked up and there it was. Lisa inched herself a little closer to me. I did the same, then Lisa, then me, until we were as close as we could get without touching each other. I could smell her and feel her breath. She had a lovely scent. We stayed like that for a while, unsure of which one of us should move the final fraction of an inch. I don’t know who did, but our lips touched.

It was a brief kiss like you would kiss your sister. I didn’t know much about kissing other than what I’d heard, but enough to know what a french kiss was. Our lips touched again and this time I tentatively tried to open my mouth a little. Lisa did, too, and her lips felt so incredibly soft and warm. The heat spread through my body like fire spread in a pool of petrol. Our tongues touched and the kiss just went on and on.

I was short of breath and my cheeks were burning when we stopped kissing. Lisa had a wonderful glow in her eyes and her cheeks looked just as hot as mine felt.

“I’ve never… done it before, you know, with a boy.”

“Me neither,” I replied with a hoarse voice.

“I want to. I think it’s meant to be tonight. That’s why your bus didn’t come and you came here. It’s what Christmas is all about: love, giving and receiving, being together, don’t you think.”

I had to clear my throat before I could answer: “Yes.”

Silence followed. I was very exciting but unsure of what to do next. I guess I was afraid, too; afraid of making a fool of myself, not knowing what to do. Boys were supposed to know such things and I did know, technically at least. We’d learned about sex in school, but I felt I missed some essential knowledge. How do you get started? How do you get from lying here, facing a girl, to the stage where you can touch her “erogenous zones” and actually make love? They hadn’t taught us anything about that part of it and what I’d heard from more experienced boys didn’t help, either. They also skipped that part when they bragged about their conquests.

It would have been easier if we had been lying side by side. As it were, one of us would have to get up, and to me it was an almost insurmountable barrier. Lisa finally put her arms under the duvet again and after a lot of twisting and turning, trying to kept the duvet over her while she was doing whatever it was she was doing, her hand emerged with her panties. She looked at me with anticipation: next move was mine. I removed my jocks under the duvet and threw them on the floor.

There was a new pause until Lisa, giggling and with a daring expression on her face, began to push her duvet off using her feet. When the duvet was half way down her back she stopped and waited for me to follow. I did. As we got closer to the lower part of our backsides we moved slower, only pushing in inch at a time.

My fear had almost been replaced by excitement. As soon as the duvets had passed our buttocks we pushed fast again. When we were both uncovered I took the next step, not because I felt brave but I wanted to see more of her and I raised myself on my elbows. When I saw Lisa’s small tits my excitement overpower my embarrassment and I began to crawl towards Lisa’s mattress. She rolled over to make room for me.

I stopped for a moment and stared at her, mainly at the parts that girls normally hide. When my eyes returned to her face I could see that she was exploring my body Ataşehir Escort as I had been exploring hers. I was kneeling next to her and my hand just moved on its own, reached out and touched her stomach. Her skin was warm and smooth, and my hand moved up to her breast. Lisa held back her breath and looked down on my hand. From there on it was a lot easier.

I enjoyed her touches as much as I enjoyed exploring her body. First her breasts, small, soft, and yet much firmer than I had expected. Her nipples grew hard and I couldn’t resist the temptation to kiss them. Lisa rolled over on her back with her eyes closed. Her sighs indicated that she liked being explored and I was a willing explorer.

I ended up between her legs, tentatively kissing her on top of the triangle of downy hair covering her pussy. Her scent was strong and exciting, urging me to move my mouth lower. Lisa tensed and gasped audibly. A moment later she put her hands on my head and guided me to the right spot. It was just an incredible experience to taste her and feel her reactions to my tongue. I quickly learned where her most sensitive spots were and I used that knowledge. What I didn’t know was when to stop. It’s so much easier for girls. They can see the physical evidence of a boys orgasm. I didn’t know what signs to look for and continued until Lisa pushed me away.

It took some fumbling before my cock was in the right position and I cautiously began to push into her. Lisa was tense and her hands grabbed my arms tightly. I don’t know what I expected her reaction to be. Perhaps a scream or a few tears, but all I could detect was a gasp and then I was completely inside her. I stayed motionless for some time, lost in the new and wonderful sensation of being inside her.

As soon as I began to move I could felt that is was going to be more like a sprint than a marathon. I tried to slow down but Lisa pulled her legs up almost to her chest and moved her hips. I had to follow her movement and keep up the pace until the wonderful end.

Afterwards, I felt I was ready to die. What could the world ever give me that would be better than this? I looked down on Lisa and she looked so happy; warm, soft and smiling.

“Merry Christmas,” she said and we then we kissed for a long time until I could feel that I was slipping out of her. When I did, Lisa squealed.

“I’m leaking!”

She was and it was too late to do anything about it. A large wet spot had formed on the sheet and we had to take it off and put it in cold water. Lisa said that it was be the best way to get rid of bloodstains. Some of the fluid that had cause the spot was blood. We rearranged the mattresses side by side and fell asleep close together.

The electricity returned sometime during the night and we woke up drenched in sweat. Not only had we been lying close together, but the combined heat produced by the fireplace and the central heating had turned the living room into a sauna. We kicked the duvets away and saw each other naked in daylight for the first time. Lisa looked just as beautiful as she had in the flickering light from the flames as she stretched out drowsily next to me.

The first thing we did was to take a shower together. We were excited, happy and very playful in the shower. We washed each other paying special attention to the most sensible parts. Lisa was a little sore but washing her tits thoroughly was enough for me. After she had spent a long time washing my cock she knelt in front of me. The first kiss was light and tentative but it made me shiver. She looked up at me as if she wanted my consent to go on. I was unable to say or do anything, but she proceeded without my encouragement. She put her hands on my hips and took the head of my dick into her mouth. Involuntarily I jerked and pushed forward, choking Lisa. She had to let go and clear her throat.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “It was a reflex. I’ll be careful.”

She just smiled and took me in again. It felt different but almost as good as doing it for real. First she just moved her head back and forth, but then she began to use her tongue as well. She moved faster and faster and when she began to caress my scrotum I was lost. The warm tensing spread rapidly from my crotch. I was enjoying it so much that it never occurred to me to warn her. The first spurt made Lisa jerk back in surprise and the rest splashed out on her face and chest. She looked startled at first and I felt ashamed that I hadn’t warned her, but she just laughed.

The living room was still hot and we decided it was too hot to wear any clothes. Just to make sure we put a big log on the fire. We were alone in the world and it wasn’t until the phone rang that we remembered our parents.

It has stopped snowing and I found myself fearing that the road was cleared and my dad would come and pick me up, but the wind was still keeping the roads closed. The forecast said that the wind was going to lessen in the afternoon. In a way it was good news. The “bad” news was that it was going to start snowing again.

While I was talking to my mother and listing to her cautions I suddenly thought about the thing I should have remember the night before. I stopped listening to my mother and ended the conversation as quickly as possible.

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