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This is the first part of a week long journey. Please provide feedback and let me know if you want me to post the next chapters. If not, no harm no foul.


I awoke immersed in total darkness with a dull headache and a dry mouth. I could hear my wife sleeping soundly beside me in the big, king sized bed and I struggled to fill in the holes of my cloudy memory from the night before.

I’d started drinking at lunch with my wife Maria. After lunch we’d moved to the swim up bar and continued imbibing mixed drinks and beer for several hours. I was more than a little drunk when Maria left for the room sometime around 4pm and an hour later I’d begun to wonder if she was coming back. But I was having fun talking to the people around me at the main pool of the resort and I was in no hurry to leave.

“I’ll be right back,” I said as I climbed out of the pool. Water cascaded off my athletic body and I rubbed my eyes. I’d been getting some looks and vibes from a few of the women around me, even though they were all married and vacationing with their husbands.

We were at a well known adults only, all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. It was not one of the few that focused on swingers, and that was good since my wife was not interested in that lifestyle in any way. She was not completely vanilla sexually and we’d dabbled with kinky sex like bondage, dominance and roll playing, but she did not share well or play well with others.

My legs felt rubbery as I climbed from the water and I paused to steady myself. I could feel one woman, Meghan, eyeing me like a piece of meat and a shiver ran down my spine. She was a good looking woman in her early forties. She had long auburn hair, pretty green eyes and a cute bespectacled face. Her body was tight and slender with great legs and decent tits. She was married to Kevin who was a fitness instructor back at their home in New Jersey. He had the body I wished I had and they both had the laidback demeanor of relocated Midwesterners.

Kevin had left for the men’s room a half hour after my wife and Donnie, one half of the couple Kevin and Meghan were traveling with, had gone a few minutes later leaving me alone with their women. We’d been pretty flirtatious in their absence and there was tension in the air.

Donnie’s wife Tina was a loud, buxom blonde with huge tits and a fat curvy body. She was brash, outspoken and confident enough to wear a tiny bikini that struggled to contain her voluptuous curves. The net result was oddly attractive and very sexy though Meghan was much more my type of woman.

I turned the corner towards the men’s room and then stopped dead in my tracks. I swallowed hard and clenched my teeth as my eyes adjusted to the shaded corridor. The door to the bathroom was propped open and I had a clear view inside. Donnie stood with his back against the tiled blue wall of the men’s room. His swimsuit was around his ankles and his eyes were closed. Kevin knelt on the hard, tiled floor with his lips wrapped tightly around Donnie’s big dick. His hands cupped Donnie’s balls and gripped his shaft. His head bobbed slowly as low coos and deep moans spilled from their mouths. I’d never in my life seen two men having sex and truth be told I’d never wanted to but for reasons I couldn’t explain it was exciting and exhilarating to see.

I stood silent and backed slowly out of their view. My pulse quickened and my dick began to swell. From my new vantage point I could see them clearly but unless they turned their bodies they couldn’t see me. My dick strained against my wet swimsuit and I was tempted to touch myself. It was confusing and my mind was reeling. I was straight and I’d always been repulsed by the idea of gay sex. I couldn’t explain why I wasn’t repulsed watching them but my reaction was visceral. I could feel precum oozing from my stiff cock and my eyes were affixed to the union of Donnie’s hard cock and Kevin’s eager mouth.

Donnie had a thick circumcised cock. It glistened with a generous coating of Kevin’s saliva and Kevin’s hand glided over the tumescent . Kevin’s enjoyment could be seen and heard.

Donnie placed his hand on his friends head and his legs started to tremble. Kevin reached around his friend and grabbed his ass. He opened his throat and took the length of his cock into his hungry mouth. Donnie groaned and Kevin swallowed. My eyes were like saucers and my cock protruded above the waistband of my swimsuit. I touched the tip and smeared precum over it as Kevin swallowed all of his friends load.

Donnie opened his eyes and turned his head. Our eyes met and my breath caught in my chest. He smiled and I quickly pushed my hard dick into my swimsuit. My cheeks warmed and flushed and I stepped back to calm my nerves. I wasn’t sure what had happened. I’d gotten caught up in the moment but I didn’t want them to think I was gay or into gay sex. I didn’t care what they did but I didn’t swing that way. Plus I was married and my wife definitely would not understand. Maria wasn’t a homophobe and she had drunkenly kissed canlı bahis a few of her female friends over the years but she had much less tolerance for gay guys.

I stepped back into view. My cock had wilted from the embarrassment of being caught watching them. Donnie looked me in the eye and smiled confidently. He wasn’t ashamed and neither was Kevin but I was.

“Sorry,” I said sheepishly. My cheeks were burning and my voice was trembling.

“Don’t be,” Donnie laughed. “We like an audience and if you ask nicely I bet Kev will blow you too.”

“Uh, yeah, no I’m good. Not really my thing, ya know,” I stammered nervously. I’d never been propositioned by a guy and it felt weird and uncomfortable.

“Okay, your loss,” he shrugged. “Kevin here gives great head.”

“I saw,” I laughed, slightly less nervously than I had been at first. “By the way, can we not tell my wife about this.”

“Sure thing, we’ll keep your hardon between us,” Donnie chuckled.

“Oh you saw that?”

“Kinda hard to miss. Looks like you’ve got a nice piece. We could definitely have some fun.”

“Thanks, but really, I’m not gay.”

“I’m not gay either,” Donnie replied. “Kevin is a bit of a fag though.”

“Hey, fuck you,” Kevin laughed as they turned and headed back to the pool.

I relieved myself and went off in search of my wife rather than going back to the pool. I found her passed out in our room and I changed out of my wet swimsuit and turned on the TV. Maria was still sleeping at dinner time and I ended up eating alone after trying unsuccessfully to wake her.

The image of Donnie cumming down Kevin’s throat continued to populate my head and it made my juices flow. I’d never considered myself bucurious but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and my dick drooled precum into my pants throughout dinner, leaving a cool wet spot in my underwear.

Maria was up and ready to drink when I got back to the room. She’d eaten room service to fill her empty stomach and she’d straightened herself up. But first she wanted to fuck. She’d been horny since we’d arrived at the resort and we’d had sex a few times each day which was a drastic change from our normal routine.

Maria dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. She rarely blew me but she was still somewhat drunk and we were on vacation celebrating our twentieth anniversary. I looked down and watched my cock disappear into her mouth. She’d never been great at giving head and I started to wonder what a blow job from Kevin would be like. Several minutes later I tossed her onto the bed and slid deep inside her soaking wet pussy. I couldn’t remember the last time she’d been that wet and I began to thrust hard and fast. Her hips bucked to meet me and we fucked at a maniacal pace. I imagined Donnie, Kevin and both of their wives watching us fuck as I erupted deep in my wife’s frothy cunt. My cum splashed into her fertile womb and then seeped from her soiled depths as my spent cock wilted. She hadn’t yet climaxed and she asked me, with her sexiest pout, if I would lick her pussy. It was something I usually enjoyed doing but not after I’d cum inside her. But watching Kevin swallow Donnie’s load had left a spark of curiosity in my head and I willingly settled between her legs and lapped at her swollen clit until she came hard.

I’d avoided her drooling hole as best I could but my chin was soaked with our combined juices. I wiped my wife’s soiled pussy with a towel and then took a quick shower before we went out to drink and party some more.

Maria and I spent two hours drinking at a piano bar and we were both pretty lit when she suggested that we hit the dance club. I’d never been much of a dancer and neither was she when she was sober but when she got drunk she liked to shake her ass on the dance floor.

It was after midnight when we entered the club. My wife made a bee line for the dance floor while I headed to the bar for a few drinks.

Heavy bass pounded in my chest and my eyes slowly adjusted to the dimly lit room. I turned towards the half full dance floor and scanned it for my wife. Before I found her I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see Donnie’s wife Tina standing next to me. Her huge breasts were spilling from the top of her tight black dress and her pretty dark eyes met mine with a mischievous glimmer. She looked half drunk and she gave me a sudden, unexpected hug.

“Hey sexy,” Tina giggled in a thick New Jersey accent. Her hand moved down my back and she grabbed my ass as she ground her hips gently against my body in time with the music.

“Hi,” I stammered nervously. I glanced from side to side to see if her husband, her friends or my wife were watching but they were not. Donnie, Kevin and Meghan were sitting at a table talking and they seemed oblivious to the world around them. My wife had found a partner and was shaking her wares on the dance floor. She seemed lost in another world and she was uninhibited and obviously intoxicated. Her partner was a young black man who I’d seen earlier with a group people. They were bahis siteleri at the resort for a destination wedding and I’d seen the sunset ceremony on my way to dinner earlier in the evening. He was at least fifteen years younger than my wife and had a fit body with dark skin and short curly hair.

“Where’s your wife?” Tina asked as she held my hips and continued to dance. She was not my usual type but the looked amazing in her tiny black dress and I felt my dick begin to swell.

“She’s dancing with some guy,” I shrugged. My hands gravitated to Tina’s full hips and I instinctively started to move to the music. The fresh, intoxicating aroma of her perfume engulfed me and I breathed deep, drawing it into my lungs. My cock began to grow harder and it stretched into the leg of my pants.

Tina looked over my shoulder and giggled. “Ooh, he’s hot. Looks like your wife has a little jungle fever. Those black guys will tear her up too. They love big asses like hers and mine.” Her hands slipped under my shirt and she rubbed my stomach and up to my taut nipples.

My head was spinning and I realized that I was more intoxicated than I’d realized. I was very attracted to Tina. She smelled fantastic and her body felt great against mine. I’d never been unfaithful to my wife but the same couldn’t be said for her. Maria had a three month long affair five years earlier with a man she met at work. He had worked for one of their vendors and they had sex several times a week before guilt got the better of her and she broke it off. I suspected that there had been others before him but I had no proof and she insisted she didn’t cheat other than with Tim. We had almost split up when I found out about her affair but I’d given her a second chance and with counseling we had, in time, gotten back to a good place.

Tina dragged me into the dance floor and we started to dance next to my wife and her new friend.

It was surreal. My wife looked at us and smiled. Her body twisted and writhed to the music and she put her hands on her partner’s strong arms and drew him close.

Maria wrapped her arms around his neck and shamelessly ground her body against his. My wife was a pretty woman who looked much younger than 42. She had bright golden brown eyes and a youthful complexion. She wasn’t the petite athletic woman she’d once been but she was still in reasonably good shape with a trim waist, perky b cup breasts and a great ass.

Tina giggled and followed my wife’s lead. She pulled me tight and writhed against me. I felt like a passenger on a speeding train. I wanted to get off. I was terrified what might happen but I was along for the ride. Her hips bumped against my leg and her sex grazed the tip of my hard, throbbing manhood. I could feel precum ooze from my pulsating manhood and I looked into her pretty eyes.

A low moan rose from my chest and I sighed as Tina grabbed my ass. She presses her body against mine and ground her full hips like she was fucking me on the dance floor.

My eyes fluttered and I groaned. Her huge tits pressed against my belly and I could feel her taut nipples through our clothes. My mind was reeling and I glanced over at my wife.

Maria had her arms around her partner and her lips were pressed against his. Their mouths were open and their tongues were entwined. I couldn’t believe what was happening and I didn’t know what to do. Maria and I had never done anything like that before. We weren’t swingers, we were just an ordinary married couple but we were both caught up in the moment.

Tina’s hand moved up my back and cupped the back of my head. She was nearly a foot shorter than me and she guided my lips down to hers. I hadn’t passionately kissed anyone but my wife in 20 years but I’d just watched her soul kiss a total stranger. My lips parted and my tongue dipped inside Tina’s warm, hungry mouth. I held her tight and our tongues danced together in the warm, enclave of our joined mouths. My heart was pumping fiercely in my chest and my cock was throbbing between us. I wanted her.

“I want to fuck you in the same bed as him and your wife,” Tina groaned loudly. She stepped back and then whispered in my wife’s ear.

Maria nodded and they led me and my wife’s new friend from the club.

“Who’s room?” Tina asked once we were outside of the noisy club. It was clear she liked being in charge and we quickly agreed to go to my wife’s new friends room.

His name was Marcus and he was a recent college graduate from New York City. As I had surmised, he was in the wedding party of a long time friend and he would be heading home in two days while his friend and his new bride moved to a different resort for the honeymoon portion of their trip. He was only 23 years old and he was quite enamored with my pretty wife.

Marcus let us into his room and flicked on the light. Tina and Maria gravitated to him and began to slowly undress him while I watched. My wife kissed him passionately and caressed his strong, ebony body while Tina took off his clothes. His pants and underwear dropped to the floor bahis şirketleri and his cock sprung from them like a hard black pole. It jutted proudly from his body and hovered parallel with the ground. His was the only black cock I’d ever seen but based on my sample size of one the stereotypes of well hung black men were true. He had the cock of a porn star and the body of an athlete and I felt a pang of jealously when Maria grabbed his big black dick and stroked it slowly and methodically.

Tina lifted my wife’s dress over her head exposing her pale white flesh. She ran her hands over my wife’s body and purred like a happy kitten as she deftly unfastened Maria’s bra and lowered her thong to the floor.

Marcus led my wife to the bed and she sat before him. My stomach tensed and my head began spin. I was stunned and amazed. I’d never imagined being in a situation like that. I’d never dreamed that my wife would have sex with a stranger or a black man, much less in front of me. I felt a rush of conflicting emotions. I was jealous. I was excited. I was confused and I was absolutely ravenous.

“Your turn sexy,” Tina whispered in my ear as she moved behind me. The warmth of her breath sent a shiver down my spine and I moaned quietly. Her hands slid under my shirt and she toyed with my nipples while I unbuttoned my shirt.

My wife looked up at Marcus and smiled. She had a lustful and sexy glimmer in her golden brown eyes and she licked her lips before lowering her mouth to his giant dick. Her tongue flicked from her supple lips and she dragged it up the length of his veiny shaft as Tina unfastened my pants and pulled out my cock.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. My hands trembled with desire as I lifted Tina’s tight dress over her head. She wore no bra or panties and my eyes soaked in her naked splendor. She had a perfect hourglass figure with wide hips, a tapered waist and broad round shoulders. Her huge breasts sagged towards the floor under their own weight and they were capped with big, taut nipples and large, dark areola. Her pubic mound was covered with a neatly trimmed triangular patch of dark brown hair that was very different from her dyed blonde hair and matching eyebrows.

She dragged me to the bed and pushed me onto my back. My cock was as hard as it had been in years and it pointed skyward. Tina joined me on the bed and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto it.

I groaned loudly as her silky pussy engulfed my hardness and I reached for her soft, doughy hips. A warm smile spread across her face and she cradled her huge tits as she began to ride my pulsating manhood. She started at a slow trot and the bed rocked with her steady rhythm. She pinched her big nipples between her finger and thumb and looked into my eyes with a sultry gaze.

The bed shifted and Marcus guided my wife onto her back. His black cock glistened from a generous coating of her saliva and she spread her legs wide. Her smooth shaved pussy was flushed crimson and her engorged clit peaked out from beneath it’s small hood.

I watched with wide unblinking eyes as he moved between my wife’s legs. His cock seemed to lead the way and she groaned when it made first contact with her puffy pink labia. He grinned and grabbed his heavy slab of dark, wet meat. A series of dull thuds rose into the air as he slapped my wife’s pussy repeatedly.

Maria squirmed impatiently and gazed up at him with dark, hungry eyes. Her bottom lip curled into her mouth forming a sexy pout and I shuddered with a mix of fear and disbelief.

“Are you ready for some black dick,” Marcus teased. He was an educated and articulate guy but he’d recognized something about my wife that I’d never known and it hit me in gut with the force of a Mike Tyson body blow. Goosebumps covered her exposed flesh she her chest heaved as she breathed deep and steady.

“That’s not her first is it?” Tina whispered knowingly. Her nails raked down my sides and she ground her soaking pussy against my pelvis. Her big tits brushed across my chest and I moaned as the head of my cock pressed firmly against her cervix. Her lips met mine and we kissed sloppily. I closed my eyes and tried to push the nagging questions from my conflicted and confused mind.

“I need it Baby,” she hissed excitedly. Her eyes fluttered wildly and her painted pink nails dug into his hips, coaxing him closer.

I thrust upward and my body slammed hard against Tina’s soaking wet pussy. She started to pant and her legs began to quiver. The squishy sound drown out the nagging questions in my head and I grunted like a wild animal.

A guttural moan rose from her chest and I focused all of my energy on making her climax. She grunted and groaned. Her back arched and she shuddered as intense spasms washed over her. I glanced beside me at Marcus’s dark glimmering eyes and a foreboding pit formed in my stomach.

He was balls deep in my wife’s tight, married pussy. Her eyes were closed and a euphoric expression was painted on her pretty face. She’d never shown any interest in black men but I realized that I knew nothing about the man with whom she’d had her affair with. I’d never seen pictures because I didn’t want to know anything about him but at that moment I was certain that Tim was a black man.

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