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The night air was cool and refreshing after the heat of the party. Too many people and music too loud for such a confined space. You wouldn’t have thought that such a big house in the middle of nowhere would have felt confining but when you crowd almost a hundred people in it then things can get crowded pretty fast. It seemed that Todd knew everyone and when he threw a Halloween party everyone who was anyone showed up. The night had started pretty lively with lots of food and drink, dancing and carousing but as the evening wore on the crowd started to wear thin. Couples split off to the pool for skinny dipping or off to private corners to enjoy private pleasures.

Aaron tapped his wife on the shoulder and yelled in her ear to overcome the booming sound system, “C’mon, let’s get out of here for awhile. I need some fresh air.” Marcy nodded her head, her blonde curls bouncing with the motion and pointed to the patio door. The white Marilyn Monroe dress accentuated the swish of her hips as she walked toward the door. The loincloth of Aaron’s indian brave outfit threatened to give away his thoughts as he watched his wife’s luscious body bounce in all the right places.

After closing the door the music and conversation suddenly felt miles away. Aaron let out a sigh and said, “Man, Todd knows how to throw a hell of a party but I can only take so much. Why don’t we take a little walk around? I need to let my head clear out.”

Marcy replied as she slipped off her high heels, “Yeah, I was stuck talking with a couple of guys dressed up like androids that were trying to get me alone and stoned. If you didn’t come along when you did I probably would have had to smack them both upside the head.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to stand between you and a good time. If you think both of those Ken dolls could keep up with you then who am I to get in the way?”

Marcy hit him in the arm affectionately and said, “Honey, you’re the only one who can keep up with me and sometimes I wonder if I can keep up with you. When you’re good and horny, you’re practically insatiable.”

Aaron chuckled, “Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me, little miss ‘what do you mean you’re done? I’ve only cum four times tonight.'”

“Sounds like a personal problem to me.”


“Light weight.”

Aaron and Marcy both laughed at their private joke and hand in hand started walking down the path towards the expansive backyard.


The moonlight made the grass look like an lake of silver broken only by an impressive gazebo thrusting up like an island of refuge. Aaron and Marcy walked toward it and then noticed another couple were occupying the benches. Even from a distance they could tell that the couple had divested themselves of their costumes and were not in the mood to sit and discuss politics with newcomers. They might have been receptive to other forms of stimulation but neither Aaron nor Marcy were in that particular frame of mind.

“There’s a path that circles through the woods,” said Aaron. “Why don’t we walk out there?”

Marcy turned to him in mock horror. “But what about the lions and tigers and bears. I’m sure those woods are full of wild animals that would love to eat us up for supper.”

“I’m the only wild animal you have to worry about eating you, my dear.”

“Oh you cad,” replied Marcy with feigned shock. “I bet you say that to all the innocent young girls who fall into your clutches.”

With a Snidley Whiplash sneer Aaron said, “No my pretty, only the not so innocent ones whom I can despoil and then steal the deed to their daddy’s farm. Now come on, I think I’m hungry for supper and you look like a tasty morsel.”

“I warn you that you’ll find me tough and stringy.”

“That’s funny I usually find you quite juicy and succulent, not to mention more than willing to let me indulge my hunger on all your tender bits. Besides if you believe the stories that Todd tells about these woods you’ll have my clothes off and be nibbling on my tender bits before you can say ‘horny old goat’.”

Marcy looked at him skeptically and asked, “OK I’ll bite, what story are you talking about?”

“Well to hear Todd tell it, these woods make people horny.” Marcy started to laugh as Aaron continued. “According to legend, the early settlers in this area were very bad-tempered puritan types who couldn’t stand the thought of somebody having a good time. They encountered the local kurtköy escort Indians who were quite a bit more casual in their fornication habits and when they invited the settlers to do a little swapping of partners as well as trinkets the settlers killed the whole tribe. They say that soon after the massacre the spirits of the tribe came back and inhabited these woods. The last anybody ever heard of the settlers, they were running around naked in these woods and screwing anything in sight.”

Marcy’s green eyes flashed as gave him a look of utter disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me. I have heard some pretty amazing stories in my time but that really takes the cake. I think Todd just made that up as a test. Any nubile young maiden, settler or Indian, who’d believe a single word of that tall tale would be out of her pants before they got past the first stand of trees.”

“What’s the matter? Scared it might be true?” Aaron teased.

“Yeah right. C’mon Big Chief Horsey Dick, we’ll see if its true.”


Falling into an amused silence they entered the edge of the woods, the canopy of trees blocked the bright moonlight and the darkness seemed to close in like a comfortable blanket. What little light made its way to the ground was enough to show the path ahead and the well maintained trail stretched into the distance. When Todd had given everyone the grand tour earlier in the day he mentioned that the path was only about a mile long and would loop around to the side of the house next to the swimming pool. The quiet was soothing after the noise of the party and the only sounds were the occasional chitter of a chipmunk or the soft cooing of doves settling in for the night. Their feet made no noise at all as they walked along the soft pine mulch that covered the path, each footstep coaxing the fragrant odor of summer from the ground up wood. Strolling hand in hand, Aaron and Marcy enjoyed the quiet and each other’s company. They didn’t say a word as they strolled but would occasionally give a small sigh or glance at each other and smile.

After walking for several minutes, Aaron thought he heard a noise in the distance that didn’t match the soft gentle sounds of the woods. He stopped and Marcy stopped with him giving him a quizzical look.

“I thought I heard something.”

“Like what?”

He paused and said, “I don’t know. No wait, there it is again.” His ears caught what sounded like a soft moan in the distance. “Did you hear it?”

Marcy looked at him and said, “It sounded like it came from up ahead. Maybe somebody is in trouble?”

In a hushed voice Aaron said, “Or maybe somebody came out here for a little extra-curricular activity. I wouldn’t want to go busting in like a knight in shining armor when they’re at their most vulnerable. People generally get annoyed at things like that.”

“You’re right, lets just ease along and if somebody is in the middle of the hoochie-coo then we can just ease right past them.”

Quietly creeping down the path they again heard the unmistakable sounds of moaning. Moans that definitely originated from pleasure and not from pain. As they moved closer they saw two naked forms lying in a clearing just off the path. A body that was definitely male and obviously enjoying his predicament was lying on his back with a blanket underneath him. Another body that was definitely female was kneeling over his face and turned towards his feet. There was no doubt that she was enjoying her situation as well. Another moan issued from her as she bent down to take the man’s erection into her mouth and start bobbing her head up and down. He let out a moan of pleasure and with hand place firmly on her hips proceeded to bury his face into the source of her delight.

Marcy and Aaron knelt by the side of the path as they observed the couple exploring the balance of give and take. Marcy leaned over to whisper in Aaron’s ear, “C’mon, let’s get out of here before they notice us.”

Aaron motioned for her to stay still for a moment and went back to watching the display of mutual gratification. After a moment, the woman in question released the hold she had on the young man’s turgid rod and sat up, grinding herself into the young man’s face. Her muscles stiffened and she rose her face to the night sky. Her eyes closed as she threw her head back, neck bared to the moonlight, dark hair cascading down her shoulders and outlining the curves of her arching tuzla escort back. Her smallish breasts bounced gently as they echoed the quivering muscles underneath while her nipples pointed like tiny beacons to the distant stars. From somewhere deep within her came a sound that was half-moan and half-yell of triumph that threatened to wake the stillness of the forest. The young man never changed or adjusted what he was doing but seemed to redouble his efforts on her until she finally must have had enough of his loving tongue play. She moved from his face with shaky legs to turn around and straddle the young man. With no hesitation or preparation, she impaled herself on his display of masculinity and proceeded to rock back and forth. Her rhythm was obviously for her own pleasure as the gentleman did nothing to help or hinder the varied motions she used, he just laid there with his eyes closed and his hands caressing her bouncing breasts.

Aaron looked at Marcy and saw that she was staring at the scene with wide eyes. She licked her lips and swallowed with a bit more effort than normal. Gently, he touched her arm and motioned for her to move away quietly.


After they had regained the path and quietly walked for several dozen yards Marcy said, “We shouldn’t have spied on them like that but I couldn’t take my eyes away. I knew precisely what she was feeling and I swear I almost had an orgasm at the same time she did.”

Aaron replied in a faraway voice, “I know what you mean. It was almost like I could feel what that guy was feeling and right now I’m so hard I think I could cut diamonds.”

Marcy stopped and with a hand on his arm turned him to face her saying, “Let’s see if that’s true.” And she reached her hand to the bulge in his loincloth. “Yes, it does seem that you have a bit of a problem. I seem to have a bit of a problem too. All I can think about is how much I want you out of those clothes and into me.”

Feeling his face flush with excitement Aaron said, “I’m so hungry for you I can’t stand it.”

“I was hoping you would say that” said Marcy in a voice laden with desire and with no thought to where they were or who might come along the pair started shedding clothes as fast as they could. In no time skin met skin as both stood naked, kissing with a fire that reminded them of the first passionate embraces of their relationship. Hands traveled over quivering muscles caressing the source of their partner’s heat. Aaron’s fingers plunged into the drenched folds of Marcy’s sex, her clit practically searching on its own for his touch. His hand cupped her pubis fully and when his finger barely grazed her insistent nub she came almost instantly. Her knees shook as one orgasm after another rocked every muscle in her body.

Finally Marcy broke away from Aaron’s unrelenting fingers to kneel down and bring his engorged rod to her lips. Kissing up and down the shaft caused a rumble deep in his chest that transformed itself to a moan of delight as she took him into her mouth. Her tongue played exquisite games with him as she slid him between her lips, first swirling around the head and then caressing the entire length with a skill that she had never displayed before. He was surprised as she kept moving her head down, engulfing him until he was completely within the warm wet confines of her mouth. Pulling his cock out slowly until just the tip of the head remained between her lips, she again moved her head down until her lips encircled the base.

It seemed as if Marcy were trying to pull every single bit of pleasure out of him and the fervor in her activities was something that neither understood but both were willing to enjoy. She had given him blow jobs in the past but never with such enthusiasm as she was displaying now. It was if all past occasions where she gave him head were rehearsals and this was an academy award performance. She took him from between her lips and ran her tongue up and down his length as if she were licking a huge candy cane and then she would encircle him with lips and tongue plunging her head down to completely engulf him. Moving her head up and down in an incredibly sensual rhythm soon had Aaron on the brink of an explosion such as he had never felt before. The feeling seemed to well up from every corner of his body until he felt as if he were about to burst into flames. When the orgasm finally did burst forth he felt as if every last molecule of his being tuzla escort were being transferred to Marcy’s hungry mouth. She maintained the rhythm of her tongue and lips as she tried to pull even more out of him, milking him of every drop. “Oh God, I needed that,” she said as she allowed his collapsing tool to fall from her lips. “It was like I was starving and your cum was the only thing that could stave off that hunger. Do you know what I mean?”

With a look that echoed her own hunger, Aaron said, “I sure do. I feel like if I don’t get at your honey pot right now I’m going to go crazy.”

He swooped Marcy up into his arms and carried her to a nearby rock that looked like a bed transformed into stone. He placed her gently on the moss-covered cradle and swiftly knelt between her legs. His head swam from the scent of lust emanating from the confines of her sex and he drove his tongue deep within her folds. Here was the juice for which he was so hungry and she was supplying so freely. As soon as his tongue penetrated her aching lips she let out a moan of sheer delight and shuddered as if jolted by an electric current. Aaron felt that no matter how much he lapped at her honey, he still could not get enough to satisfy the hunger that drove him. With an appetite and fierceness she had never seen him display before his swirling tongue and questing fingers danced over her. Finally, she could take no more and released the tension that had been building into an orgasm the likes of which she had never felt before. It seemed as if all of their surroundings joined in the pleasure which coursed through her body. The trees, the grass, the insects in the dirt all combined to enhance the sheer delight that flowed along her nerves, passing through her pussy and out to Aaron’s devouring tongue. She felt as if the orgasm lasted for hours until finally she pushed his head away and said, “I need you in me right now.”

Aaron stood up with a glazed look in his eye and her moisture still dripping from his chin. Marcy glanced at the renewed erection that jutted between his legs. She couldn’t remember ever seeing him in such glory, he looked to be larger than he had ever been before and all she could think of was how much she wanted him inside her. She rose from the moss-covered stone and turned around, bent over from the waist and presented her aching pussy to him. Aaron needed no further invitation and poised his shaft at her entrance. Pushing himself in slowly so as to feel every inch of her hot flesh made him weak in the knees but he continued until he was buried up to the hilt. Marcy had never felt so full in her life, he had always been just right in the way he fit inside her but now he seemed to be stretching her to a whole new level of pleasure. Aaron began moving his hips back and forth with a slow measure that eventually became faster and more insistent. They began to move together in a perfect rhythm as she would back herself up to meet his urgent thrusts. Neither could imagine a time when they had been so exquisitely conjoined. His hands glided to her breasts, caressing and pinching her sensitive nipples. Her hands on his hips pulling him into her again and again. They both let out a moan at the same time as they climaxed together, her muscles rippling along the length of his pumping shaft. The leaves on the trees seemed to sway in time with the waves of pleasure.

The mutual orgasm had no sooner passed when Aaron pulled out and stood Marcy up straight. He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he buried his still raging cock into her again. Slightly off balance and not caring for the consequences he held on to Marcy and continued thrusting himself into her, stepping forward with each plunge. His forward momentum finally halted when Marcy’s back was against a huge old oak tree. Her legs still entwined around his waist, Marcy soon lapsed into another earth-shattering orgasm. She even thought she felt the tree at her back shudder with delight as the waves of pleasure cascaded through her. Aaron finally thrust himself as deeply as he could as another orgasm ripped through his body as well. He couldn’t tell if it were his legs trembling or the ground beneath his feet as he felt like a pulsing fountain erupted from deep within his body.

Finally, both Aaron and Marcy just held onto each other and tried to regain their breath. Still leaning against the old oak, Marcy felt a golden warmth along her back as if the tree were trying to hug her as well. It felt as if the entire wood had relaxed into a feeling of peace and delight. After a moment, Aaron and Marcy kissed each other deeply and without a word gathered their clothing and walked hand in hand back to the house. The forest sighed behind them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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