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Author’s Foreword: This is the seventeenth part of much longer story, if you haven’t read the previous parts, the story will make much more sense if you go back and start from the beginning. The first part is mostly background so is a bit boring but it isn’t very long, the sex really gets started in the second part. Also, you should read A Victorian Sex Beginning Pt 01, before reading this part, as it is the story written by Hannah, Martha and Robert (Daniel’s Grandfather, Grandmother, and great Aunt) about how they became lovers. Daniel and his lovers read that story in Pt. 16 Parts 01 to 13 are short, then they start getting longer. This part will probably be long also, not sure how long at this point.

Warning, this part and future parts will be filled with explicit incestuous activity between adult participants, all over 18 years of age, who share a forbidden love. If fictional incest offends you, please don’t read this story. It is my intention to try and make this story romantic, I like romance in my sexual stories, where people care about each other rather than people who just use others to get off. This is a fantasy, do not try this in the real world.

I am interested in hearing from readers what you think about the story. I do want to talk a little about a valid point that someone made on my not using Mummy rather than Mommy. I thought about this when I started writing this and made the decision to use the idiom I’m familiar with. I was afraid if I tried to use British idiom, I would make a lot of errors. So please consider this a ‘Memoir’ originally written in British idiom that has been translated into American for publication, as American publishers do with books written by British authors.

Editor’s Note from the Harem Historian:

Up to this point, we have presented Daniel’s story as he wrote it, years after the events he recounted. Some readers have complained that he spends too much time on uninteresting details of his daily life. I’m afraid that it only got worse as his writings continued. While it might be of interest to historians if we were to release his writings for general consumption, we, of course, cannot do that for obvious reasons. As a historian myself, I find the details of his life fascinating but realize that for the general reading members of the harem, who are interested in the formation and evolution of the harem and the salacious details of the love life of their progenitors, the details of general life are boring and slow the story down.

So, from this point forward, I, with oversight from senior surviving members of the harem, will be abridging Daniel’s Tale, replacing sections of text that contain long descriptions of events that are felt to be extraneous to the main events of the story, which is,how did Daniel’s harem grow? Removed sections will be replaced by my brief comments in italics indicating what was removed.

Anyone interested in more detail about specific events that have been summarized, are welcome to meet with me to learn more about those events or people. I love research, if I don’t know the answer to your questions already, I will be happy to investigate and report back what I can find out. The creators of our harem were very good about keeping records and paperwork, as were Daniel’s Grandfather, Grandmother and Great Aunt, whose archives came to us after the death of Robert and the merger of his harem with ours.

Abridging Daniel’s story may result in some chapters being very short, as large sections of text are summarized but we feel that it is important to preserve his chapter headings. It is possible that some chapters may be eliminated entirely, so don’t be surprised if you find jumps in chapter numbering.

And so, lets get back to Daniel’s Tale.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Preparing for London

Daniel spent several pages describing the family’s preparations for being away from the estate.

My sisters continued to come to my room with Mamma in rotation and while the intensity of the love making decreased, we still enjoyed ourselves immensely. I didn’t think that I would be able to go back to sleeping alone in my bed.

The women packed what we would need to take with us, including for me. We were going to be getting new clothes in London but would still need to take quite a bit with us to use until the new clothes were completely ready.

Mamma and my sisters all spent a lot of time in each others company talking privately. I assumed that they were making plans for how we would spend our time in London and possibly planning for the future. On the last night before we left for London, I found out that they had been talking about a lot more than that. Also, I knew that letters had been written and dispatched.

That last night, once we knew we were alone in the house, Mamma let me in on what they had been discussing and deciding.

Mamma “Dear Daniel. onwin giriş We need to fill you in on some of the decisions your harem has made. These decisions are subject to your approval, of course, but I wanted to get details worked out to present to you coherently, instead of your having to deal with ideas that were ultimately rejected.”

Gail “We want you to know that all four of us are in agreement with what Mamma is going to propose. We have thought about everything thoroughly and we are all happy with the plans.”

Beth and Cathy both nodded to indicate their agreement with Gail.

Mamma “We have decided to go ahead with trying to include my sisters and their daughters in our harem. I have written to my sisters, informing them that we will be in London and that we would very much like to see them and their daughters while we are there and that we would love to have them come to visit us after we have returned home. Of course we haven’t mentioned anything about the girls planning on marrying, as they haven’t yet met their prospective spouses.”

“Are you expecting me to woe them Mamma, while we’re in London?”

Mamma “Not as such dear, just be your ordinary wonderful self as you’ve always been. But we do want them to have a chance to see what a wonderful person you are. My sisters have always had a high opinion of you and their daughters were definitely smitten with you the last times they visited. We just want to reinforce those feelings. So dance with all of them, you are a good dancer. Make an effort to get to know them better. I doubt we will attempt anything while we’re in London to made things go further than that, we’ll wait until they come to visit here where we’ll have privacy. That said if an opportunity should open up, don’t be afraid to take it.”

Mamma continued “The other thing we need you to do while we’re in London, is to keep your eye out for any prospects you might come across that you think might make a good candidate for your wife. This is not a high priority, there isn’t any real hurry for you to get married, unlike the girls. But there will be a lot more opportunity to meet women who might be suitable in London than here.”

I think I must have grimaced because Mamma reached out and touched my face “We know you aren’t enthusiastic about the idea but you have acknowledged the necessity. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a lovely woman who will willingly join our harem.”

“Because all of you wish it, I will keep my eyes open for suitable candidates. I’m just very unsure how likely we are to find someone who will want to join a harem. Frankly, I don’t see how you are going to approach your sisters about joining, let alone ask them to include their daughters.”

Mamma “We have ideas on how to handle that. Part of it we will have to play by ear, see how they react to things I will tell them. I’m planning on letting them know first that I’ve taken a lover who is making me very happy, without telling them who. Then I will tell them that my lover has gotten me pregnant and that I’m very happy about that also. That should interest them, as they both wish that their husbands had given them more children. I won’t be telling both of them at the same time, I’ll do it individually so they won’t worry about what the other may think if they want to ask questions. If they react the way I think they will, wishing that they could find a lover like I have, I’ll hint that I might be willing to share and that I think it would be naughty fun to watch her being loved by my lover.”

“And if one of them should agree, how do you plan on handling that? I just show up as your lover?”

Mamma “I’m thinking I would say that they need to wear a blindfold because you want to keep your identity a secret. Then, after you’ve made her cum several times and gotten her addicted to you, we reveal who you are. My sisters are a lot like me, I think the naughtiness of my lover and hers being my son will excite them. Plus, while you are loving them and they have gotten sufficiently excited, I plan on starting to participate, kissing my sister on the mouth, touching her breasts, sucking on her nipples. And then when she is getting ready to cum, I will tell her that I want to lick your cum from her pussy. And that is what I will be doing when you finally remove her mask and reveal who you are.”

“Do you really think this will work? It could go so wrong!”

Gail “Don’t you trust Mamma Daniel? Mamma knows her sisters better than we do. All of us have seen how much her sisters have enjoyed your company when they have come to visit. They are always watching you. They may not seek you out and follow you around like their daughters do, but now that we know more about the signs that a woman finds a man attractive, we realize we’ve seen our aunts showing those signs around you.”

Mamma “I certainly noticed and found it amusing that my sisters were so attracted to you and were trying onwin yeni giriş to not show it and to not yield to it. I wondered if one of them might not yield to temptation and seek out your room and become your lover but I guess they were too afraid I might find out and be mad at them. Either that or they wanted to be true to their wedding vows, but their husbands certainly aren’t so why should they be?”

Beth “And Mamma thinks that we should seduce our cousins. Invite them to join us in our rooms for the night and show them how much fun loving another woman can be. We won’t tell them right away that we’re no longer virgins, until they are willingly joining in on our love making. Then we’ll let them know how wonderful it is to be loved by a man that you love. We think that after we’ve loved them and they’ve seen us love each other, it won’t come as too much of a shock when they find out we’ve become our brother’s lovers and want to include them in the loving.”

I was a bit alarmed at what Beth told me “I hope you don’t expect me to make love to my cousins without their mother’s knowledge. That would not be an ethical thing to do. Them having a little naughty fun with you girls is one thing but taking their maidenheads and ruining their chances of having a normal marriage would not be right.”

Mamma “We agree with you entirely dear. Our plan is that the first time you make love to your cousins, it will be with their mothers there participating and guiding your cock into their pussies. So it may take a while to get everyone to that point. Or, if all goes well, it could happen faster than you might think.”

I was reassured “Well, I still have doubts but am certainly willing to do what I can to make this happen, since you all seem to want it to happen so much. Just remember that I am happy to have only the four of you for my lovers.”

Mamma “We know dear and we appreciate your feelings. But I want my sisters and their daughters to be as happy as we are. And I love the thought of being naughty with my sisters and watching them being naughty with their daughters, as I am with mine. Not to mention, watching them being naughty with you.”

Chapter Forty: Off to London

And so the next day, we went to the village station and caught the train to London. We’d alerted Grandpappa of our arrival, so he was there with sufficient transportation to hold all our luggage and us for the trip to his London residence. He had a very nice large residence on a square in an area that wasn’t the most fashionable, being mostly occupied by well off business people rather than the gentry. But the residences in the area were all well maintained and obviously expensive.

We got settled in and then met with Grandpappa and Aunt Martha. Grandfather filled us in on his efforts to find potential husbands for my sisters, letting us know that it had gone well, that there were enough candidates that the girls would be able to pick and choose rather than having to take what was available, mentioning that if Mamma’s plans to include our cousins in the harem worked out, they would be able to pick from those remaining and would still be able to have choices. He assured us that all the candidates were from good families and had spotless reputations, no drunkards or wastrels in the lot.

Aunt Martha told the girls that she would alert them to who the approved candidates were when they were introduced at the functions we would be attending. I had to admit that I was curious to meet the candidates, not sure what to expect of men who supposedly had no interest in women but were never the less willing to lend their name and consequence to women who would have a lover outside of their marriage.

Aunt Martha told us of the upcoming events we would be going to in order to meet the prospective grooms. It sounded like the next week and beyond was going to be very busy. We were all going to have final fittings tomorrow for new clothes, there would be more in the coming days but we would have new clothes in the current fashion to start attending events, the first of which would be tomorrow night, a ball being held to honor officers in the military who would soon be leaving to take up overseas assignments, an event being hosted by a peer of the realm who had several younger sons in the military.

While we were discussing this, a gong sounded and Grandfather let us know that it was time to get ready for the evening meal, that dinner would be served when the gong sounded again. So we all returned to our rooms and dressed for dinner. I dressed more formally than I typically would at home for the evening meal but not full formal as it was going to be a family dinner without guests. When the second gong was struck, I descended to the dining room and joined the rest of the family.

We had an excellent meal, with good wines. With servants coming and going we had to be more careful about what we discussed, onwin güvenilirmi so the conversation was mostly about fashions and the upcoming events that we would be attending. Mamma mentioned that she was hoping that we would see her sisters and their daughters while we were in London.

Grandfather let us know that our father would be attending many of the events and would graciously do his duty by his wife and daughters, dancing with each before beginning his politicking, his usual activity at social events. I don’t think any of us were thrilled by this but realized the necessity of things looking normal. It wasn’t unusual for husband and wife to lead separate lives but they almost always maintained a facade of loving family, which was what we would be doing. Of course most of our family was very loving, but that didn’t include our father.

Grandfather mentioned to me that he had several preliminary business summaries for me to read when I had free time, if I had any. If not, they could wait to be read when we returned to the estate. He also said that he planned on making me acquainted with some of the people who ran various of his businesses based in the London area.

Eventually the meal ended and we all retreated to our rooms. It wasn’t long before Mamma and Cathy, whose turn it was that night, showed up in my bedroom. We eagerly made love to each other, and then, exhausted by the events of the day, feel asleep.

Chapter Forty-One: Our First Day in London

Daniel spends several pages discussing his grandfather starting to introduce him to his businesses and business associates. Also discussed are clothes fittings for the latest men’s fashions that he had to endure.

He then goes on to describe the event they all attended that night, where his sisters were introduced to many of their candidates for marriage. Daniel talks quite a lot about how surprised he was at how normal the men seemed, other than obviously being military officers.

Daniel enjoyed dancing with his mother and sisters and danced with several old acquaintances of his mother’s from when she still lived in London. Neither of her sister’s were present and he didn’t spot any likely candidates for his own wife.

His father did indeed make an appearance and danced a single dance with his wife and each of his three daughters before disappearing to the rooms that the gentleman who didn’t enjoy dancing used for more ‘manly’ activities, like drinking, cards, and politicking.

That night, his mother and Beth spent the night in his bed but he doesn’t go into detail other than saying they made love to each other and that he enjoyed having their company for the night.

Chapter Forty-Two: Our Second Day in London

There is more discussion of the grandfather’s businesses and more clothes fittings, although he says he is doing a lot less of that than his mother and sisters. He does mention that several of his grandfather’s daughters stopped by during the day to get reacquainted with his mother and sisters. His mother, after letting him briefly spend time with them, sends him away, saying they want to discuss women’s things and he should go be with his grandfather.

That night, the family attends another function. His sisters further their acquaintances with their potential husbands as does Daniel. As he gets to know the men better, he is feeling better about them becoming his sister’s husbands, feeling that they will fit in with the family when they are home on leave. Still no sign of Mamma’s sisters and he makes no progress on his own prospects for marriage.

After returning to his Grandfather’s house, his mother and Gail spend the night with him. They again make love but no real detail is given but Daniel does record a conversation he has with his Mother and sister after they make love.

“Mamma, I’m curious why you want me to stay way from your sisters-in-law, considering that you want me to add your sisters to our harem. Could you explain?”

Mamma “I have different plans for them. Did you notice how sad your Grandfather and Aunt Martha were when they talked about how much they miss Hannah. I want to see if it looks like any of my sisters-in-law might have the same naughty inclinations that their parents have. I’m hoping that one or more of them might be tempted into becoming your Grandfather’s and Aunt Martha’s lovers. I have determined that they all would like to have more children, wouldn’t it be naughty if their father made that happen for them?”

Gail “Plus Mamma feels that Aunt Martha’s daughters ought to know who their true mother is and we all agree with her. She deserves to be acknowledged by them for bringing them into the world.”

Mamma ‘So, I don’t want you giving their libidos another target. I think things look promising, they reacted as I hoped when I confided that I’d taken a lover and was very happy to be pregnant again. They are intrigued and a bit jealous. Of course so far I haven’t given them any clue as to who my lover is, even though they want very much to know. They are also intrigued by the fact that I’m not keeping any of this a secret from my daughters.”

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