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“Mr. Peterson, you have a call on line one. It’s your wife.”

David smiled to himself. He’d just been thinking about her. “Ok, thanks Sarah. Go ahead and put her through.” He let the phone ring three times before he picked it up.

“Why are you bothering me at work, woman? Don’t you know I’m a very busy man?” He heard the giggle he was aiming for and smiled.

“Yes, yes, I know… there’s always some poor bastard that needs a good suing. But seriously… are you really busy right now?”

“No, I was just sitting here trying to read through this deposition and getting absolutely nowhere with it. Seems I’m having trouble concentrating today. Why, what’s up Jules?”

“I was just thinking I could come by and bring you lunch. I had a client meeting in the area that ended a little early and I’m STARVING. Do you have time?”

“I always have time for Wifey. Come on over whenever you’re ready.”

“K, see you soon. Bye!”

David sighed to himself. As much as he wanted to see his wife, he knew her presence in the office meant he’d be getting no work done for the rest of the day. Not that he was getting any done anyway with the thoughts of how she’d greeted him last night after a late night at work… his cock tightened at the thought. It was amazing what a woman could do to your work ethic.

Julia parked and scrutinized herself in the rear view. She smoothed her red hair and freshened up her lipstick. And grinned at herself in the mirror. Her pussy had been throbbing all day thinking about the way David had fucked her last night, and she knew just how to make it feel better. She grabbed her purse and to-go bags and headed up to give her husband a VERY memorable lunch hour.

Julia boarded the elevator and got off at the 7th floor and was greeted by David’s secretary, Sarah.

“Hi Mrs. Peterson. David just got a call, but he said to tell you to go on in.”

Julia walked into David’s office and shut the door behind her. She took a good look at her husband… he looked so sexy in lawyer mode. His dark blond hair was neat and tidy, his shirt crisp and his tie knotted precisely. He was even wearing the little wire-rimmed glasses that made her crazy.

He glanced up and she walked in and motioned her over silently as he carried on with his conversation. She put the take-out bags on the coffee table in his sitting area and walked around to sit on the edge of his desk. She purposefully crossed her legs and leaned back on her elbows, knowing she made a sexy picture in her black pencil skirt and green shirt . He smiled at her and then rolled his eyes toward the phone. Apparently someone was being long winded.

Oh well, Jules thought, I’ll just entertain myself while I’m waiting. She began to unbutton her shirt, one tiny button at a time. He caught her eye at the third button and raised an eyebrow. She kept her eyes on his and she undid the fourth and fifth, revealing the tops of her breasts and a very sexy lace bra. She traced the edge of the black lace and the swell of her breasts while he watched. She could see his eyes beginning to glaze they way the did when he was really turned casino oyna on. She glanced down at his crotch and saw the pulsing bulge in his pinstriped trousers. And licked her lips. Slowly. She met his eyes again and smiled mischievously and the combination of lust and apprehension they held.

She removed her shirt completely, and slid off the desk to stand in front of him. She turned her back to him and slowly unzipped the back of her skirt. And slowly slid it down her legs to pool on the floor between his feet. She turned around and saw he had his eyes closed against the image she presented; black lace against creamy white skin.

David gripped the phone in his hand and tried desperately to concentrate on whatever the hell his boss was telling him. Oh sweet mother fuck, she was going to kill him. He kept his eyes screwed shut against the sight of her in that black lace and thigh highs. He simply could not look at her and keep functioning brain cells. As it was he was having a hard time finding words that contained more than one syllable.

His eyes flew open when he felt her hands on his zipper. He looked down to see her on her knees and grinning up at him as she reached in a grabbed his throbbing cock. She held his stare and she slowly licked up the length of his cock, then swirled her tongue around his head. She gave a little purr as she lapped up the pre-cum that had leaked all over his head. He held his breath and bit back a groan as she took him into her hot mouth and began to suck on him in earnest, her head bobbing up and down on his swollen shaft.

He gripped her hair in his hand and had no idea if it was to pull her away or to push his cock further inside her sweet mouth.

Jules looked up at him and moaned again as her pussy contracted painfully. His face was flushed and there was a faint sheen of sweat on his forehead. His expression was that of a man in exquisite pain. It was so hot to see him like this… he was always so in control and taking that away from him was incredibly erotic.

She kneaded his balls and she sucked him deep into her mouth, purring to create more sensation for him. She could tell his was close to cumming; his balls were tight and he was holding his breath in a way that told her he’d be moaning her name if he didn’t have to remain composed on the phone. Julia shifted position and took him all the way; gagging a little as she felt his swollen head gliding down her throat.

His hands gripped her hair hard, pulling her away and then slamming her back down on his cock and he spurted hot cum down her throat. She moaned deep in her throat as she drank every last drop. She cleaned him up and tucked his softening penis back inside his pants. His head was thrown back against the chair, his eye closed, his face once again relaxed with a faint smile playing on his lips.

“Yes, sir. Of course. I’ll have that to you by tomorrow afternoon. No problem. Uh huh. Right. Bye.” As soon as he hung up the phone, David grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to his mouth for a fierce kiss.

“You are in so much trouble! What were you thinking? Sarah could have walked in at any time! canlı casino Christ jesus, that was the hottest thing ever — but don’t ever do that to me again!” He positioned her so she straddled him in his work chair and punctuated every outburst with a kiss.

“Haha, I told you I was starving. It’s not my fault if you assumed I meant for food and not for your come.” “Did you like it, my little cum slut?” He whispered as he pulled down her lacy bra and began to gently twist her nipples.

“mmm… you know I did, baby. I drank every last drop of your sweet cum.” He dipped his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking and stabbing with his tongue. He bit her nipple none too gently as he pinched the other, eliciting a high-pitched little squeak from her.

“Yeah, I know you like that. Daddy knows just where you like to be touched.” He slid a finger over her dripping panties. “How about here? Do you like it when I touch your little pussy?” He slid one finger inside her panties and swept her hot flesh from her dripping hole to her throbbing clit. He let his fingertip rest on her clit, applying the slightest bit of pressure. Julia moaned and bit his bottom lip, bucking her hips.

“Yeah, I know you like it when I touch you there.” He began to massage her clit in slow circles. “Tell Daddy how much you like that, baby.”

“Uh… it makes me so wet. Makes my pussy ache for you. I want you to fuck me. I want you inside of me so bad, Daddy.”

He slid a finger inside her tight hole, moving it in and out. “God your cunt is so wet and tight. How’s that, baby? That enough for you?”

“Mmmm… no. I want to feel your cock inside of me, stretching my tight cunt. I want you fill my pussy with your cum like you filled my mouth. Please, baby.” She whispered. Her eyes were closed, her mouth inches from his own as he played her body like a bow.

He lifted her and sat her on the edge of his desk. He slowly drew her sopping panties down her long legs. He looked up to see her looking down at him, and his cock jumped to life in his pants. Her face was flushed, her eyes heavy-lidded and glassy, her lips red and swollen. She looked insanely fuckable. His gaze traveled down to her firm breasts, her pink nipples taut from his mouth. Her smooth belly quivered in anticipation. And her pussy — his favorite thing on the earth — was red and swollen and shining with her juices.

He moved his head between her legs and slowly licked the length of her gash. She leaned back on her elbows, almost laying completely prostrate on her desk. He continued with slow, lazy laps, punctuating each with a stabbing caress on her clit. He increased his speed gradually, until he was licking and sucking her clit non-stop. Julia squirmed and arched toward his mouth, clamping a hand over her mouth to muffle her moans. He slid two fingers into her pussy, caressing her g-spot as he sucked her clit. She emitted a tiny high pitched moan behind her hand as her entire body arched over the table and convulsed. A river of cum leaked from her pussy, and he greedily lapped it up. His wife tasted amazing.

He slowly kissed his way back up her trembling kaçak casino body, pausing to suck her nipples and nibble on her neck before kissing her thoroughly. She tasted of him and he of her.

She slowly opened her eyes. “mmmm.” was all she could manage.

“You liked that, didn’t you? Feeling all soft and relaxed now, aren’t you baby? But I’ve still got 20 minutes left of my lunch break, and I’m not done with you yet.”

He kissed her again and pulled her into a sitting position at the edge of his desk. She linked her arms around his neck and he looped his arms behind her knees to open her fully as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He cock was positioned at the entrance to her pussy. He could feel the heat pumping off her, and for a moment relished the anticipation of how good it was going to feel to slide inside of her.

“Baby…” She whimpered, impatient to have him inside of her. She slid his cock deep inside of her, cupping her ass to hold her as close to him as possible. She wrapped herself more fully around him, tightening her arms around his neck and lock her legs around him.

He could have said the same about her. Her pussy clamped tight around his cock, and she was so hot and wet. He began to pump in and out of her, the base of his cock grinding against her clit. She gasped and held her breath, trying to be quiet when all she wanted to do was scream and moan at how good it felt to get fucked so deep, and so hard.

“Oh. God. Baby, you feel amazing.”

“You like that, don’t you? My little fuckslut likes it when her Daddy fucks her pussy hard. Are you going to come for me?” He thrust in and out of her, slamming her pussy harder each time. “Come for me, baby.”

He slid a finger into her ass and he thrust once more inside her, and pushed her over the edge. Her pussy clamped down on him and she whimpered “Oh god oh fuck oh baby… come with me, I want you to fill me with your cum.”

He slammed into her once more and emptied his load deep inside her. For a moment they just laid there, panting and trembling, their eyes closed.

His intercom beeped, startling them both. “I’m sorry to interrupt your lunch, Mr. Peterson, but your 2:00 is here.”

He cleared his throat. “Thanks Sarah. Give me about 10 minutes, we’re just wrapping up lunch.”

He looked down at his wife, still sprawled across his desk. She had a very self-satisfied grin on her face that made him want to bite her bottom lip. So he did.

“Well… thanks for a…. very satisfying lunch, Jules. Sorry to fuck and run, but duty calls.” He winked at her and pulled her up off the desk.

“Anytime baby.” She hurriedly put on her clothes and smoothed her hair as best she could without a mirror. She dug her little travel sized perfume out of her purse and spritzed the air slightly to rid the office of that Just Fucked scent.

She grabbed her purse and slid her sunglasses over her eyes. “Don’t forget to actually eat at some point. And oh… better hide the food from Sarah, lest she get the wrong idea about what we did for the last hour. Enjoy the rest of you day, love.” She blew him a jaunty kiss and sailed out the door. She waved at Sarah as she passed, who gave her a knowing smile and what Julia thought was a flirtatious wink. Hmmm… interesting. Maybe next time she could have two for lunch…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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