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Heather let herself into the house, kicking off her high-heels the second she set foot inside the door. She was taking the afternoon off; getting things ready for what she was hoping would be a night to remember. The suit jacket was next to go, tossed haphazardly across the arm of the couch. She would need it again later but for now, it’d be too warm.

She’d been storing things away for this night ever since the first hints of cupids and candy hearts had hit the shelves. Valentine’s Day was never a big deal for Heather and Cori – to them it was just another day in the year. That was what was going to make tonight such a surprise. There was no way Cori would be expecting the night that Heather had been planning. At least, she hoped not. Cori had a sixth sense when it came to Heather and her little schemes. The fact that Heather had an almost child-like enthusiasm for the world in general had a lot to do with it. But she’d tried to be sneaky, stashing items in the closets or little nooks she knew Cori would never look into. If anyone asked, she wasn’t at all interested in the ‘over-marketed, exploited’ holiday that fell on February fourteenth of every year. That was all about to change.

First thing’s first, she had to start getting dinner ready. The Cornish hens were hiding in the back of the freezer and she pulled them out, unwrapping them and sitting them in the microwave to defrost. While that was going on she pulled out the dried cherries in amaretto she had mixed together before she’d left for work that morning. They were definitely ready and she nearly did a little dance in the kitchen. This was going to be an amazing dinner and she hoped it tasted as good as it sounded. She checked the hens, frowning when she saw they were still partly frozen. Resetting the microwave she started to sauté the celery and onion, mixing it with the cherries and breadcrumbs. Now that the stuffing was made she pulled the Cornish hens out of the microwave, scooping the stuffing mixture into them and putting them into the oven.

For a moment Heather was afraid she wouldn’t be able to get everything done before Cori got home from work but she relaxed when she looked at the clock. It wasn’t nearly as late as it suddenly felt and she got to work on dessert, homemade chocolate covered strawberries. She’d picked out the best ones she could find at the grocery store the other day and nearly had to smack Cori’s hand to keep her from taking them to work in her lunch. Breaking the chocolate into the top pan she started to hum, her stocking feet sliding across the tile as she moved to the tune in her head.

She stirred the chocolate as it melted, trying not to let her mind wander. The last thing she needed was to scorch the stuff and have to start over, that was for sure. There wasn’t enough time for that. She was running a mental checklist through her head when she heard a knock at the door. Hoping it was the flower delivery she turned down the burner, wiping her hands on a towel as she hurried to the door. Heather couldn’t even see the man thanks to the bouquet he was holding and she laughed, taking the vase from him with a huge smile. “Right on time, thank you!” she said, the flowers going on the end table for the time being so she could sign the delivery receipt. She waited while he went back to the van, returning with a large bag of rose petals and she made sure to tip him generously for his efforts. When he gave her a wink as he walked away she wondered what was going through his mind. ‘Probably thinks I’m an old maid looking to keep depression away,’ she thought, and then giggled. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Heather put the vase of flowers on the table, the bag of rose petals going into the fridge until she finished making dessert. The chocolate was melted completely now and she turned off the heat, lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper to place the strawberries on once they were coated. As she dipped she was finally able to relax. Everything was going perfectly so far, and she was certain that Cori would be completely shocked by all the effort she had put in. Creating a night like this was something that Heather had always wanted to do, but could never find the right time until now.

Strawberries were done and Heather was grateful that she’d cleaned out the fridge the previous weekend so there was a shelf to put the cookie sheet on. She checked the Cornish hens before making the honey glaze that was supposed to go on them, unable to keep from tasting it herself. A wicked grin crossed her lips as she thought of all the other ways she could use any glaze that may be leftover, making another mental note to make sure she saved it. Leaving the glaze on the counter she double-checked the timer and then grabbed the bag of rose petals. The idea of scattering them throughout the condo always seemed a little cheesy to her but she was pulling out all the stops tonight. Inhaling the sweet scent, she took out a handful of petals, their silkiness nearly begging her to run them across her Acıbadem Escort skin. Heather refrained, however, starting to scatter them from the front door to the stairs, knowing she’d have to step carefully not to crush them on her way back down, not wanting to spoil the effect before Cori could see it. She kept scattering petals through the hall to the master bedroom, where she took a moment to make the bed before adorning it as well. Stepping back, she admired the view before going into the guest room to get a few of the items she’d hidden there especially for tonight.

Heather had bought the required huge teddy bear and heart-shaped box of chocolates, but that was only the beginning. She had also made a private trip to the closest adult shop to their house, buying a few select items that she and Cori had always contemplated but had never actually purchased. Heather put one in particular in the bathroom, the rest fanning across the bed in front of the bear and chocolates, and the end result would have looked quite humorous if it wasn’t such a promise of things to come. Clad only in her navy blue skirt, white button-down and bra, she went back into the kitchen, applying some of the glaze to the hens, which were starting to turn a nice golden color. She set the table, using the china Cori had received as a housewarming gift from her grandmother. The bouquet of roses and wildflowers was the centerpiece, and she added silverware and glasses to complete the look. That completed, Heather did a quick walk-through of all the rooms, hanging a red heart-shaped light in the front window as a final touch. There. Everything was set now, except for her.

Knowing she’d probably hurt the rose petals if she went back upstairs, Heather had thought to bring her make-up down that morning, sitting her little case in the second bathroom. With everything else done she could concentrate on herself so she headed in there, checking herself out in the mirror. Her make-up from the morning was still there so she just needed a little touching up so she got to work, applying just a little more blush and eye shadow along with the dark red lipstick she had purchased especially for tonight. Heather unbuttoned her white shirt next, unsnapping her bra. This is where the bag she’d grabbed from upstairs came into play. Heather had bought herself a red lace bra, the color almost exactly matching her lipstick. She put that on and looked at her reflection in the mirror. There was just one thing missing, and Heather smiled to herself. Going back into the living room, she grabbed the suit jacket she’d discarded earlier. She slipped it on, buttoning all three buttons so just a tiny bit of the bra peeked out. She double-checked her reflection then and nodded. It looked even better than she’d hoped.

The champagne was chilling in a silver bucket and Heather was just applying the last round of glaze to the Cornish hens when she heard the door open. “Welcome home, babe!” she called out from the kitchen, and in response she got a gasp of surprise. Smiling huge, she stepped out of the kitchen, batting her eyes in what she hoped was as innocent of a look as she could muster. “What is it?” she asked, as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

Cori’s eyes were wide when she saw Heather, and the surprised look on her face slowly changed into a wanting smile. “Well hello there beautiful,” she said, taking off her coat. “Would it be rude of me if I asked what all this was for?”

Heather walked over, licking her lips. “I just thought that I should do something special this year. I hope you don’t mind.” The look on Cori’s face said she definitely didn’t mind at all, but Heather couldn’t help but tease. This was going over better than she could have hoped. When Cori grabbed her by the hips and pressed their bodies together, she wrapped her arms around Cori’s neck. “Trust me, baby, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Cori leaned in, kissing her long and deep. Her hands immediately roamed to Heather’s ass and she moaned when she realized that Heather was wearing nothing underneath her skirt. “You naughty girl,” she murmured, their lips still together. “Someone is wanting my undivided attention tonight.”

That made Heather laugh and she nipped at Cori’s bottom lip, then licked the spot lightly. “Like that’s different from any other night?” She pulled back just a bit, sliding Cori’s jacket off, leaving the puddle of black fabric on the floor. She worked open the two top buttons and the three lower ones of Cori’s shirt as well, so only one kept her from being completely exposed. “Come sit at the table,” she said, her eyes sparkling. “I’ll get dinner out of the oven.”

“You cooked?” Cori asked, her voice teasing. “Does that mean I’ll be calling for pizza before it’s all over?

Heather turned to look at her, the bowl of honey glaze in her hand. “Come over here and I’ll show you what I did.” She pulled the Cornish hens out of the oven and drizzled a little more of the glaze Acıbadem Escort Bayan over them, inhaling and closing her eyes. They looked and smelled delicious, and she was more than a little proud of herself. She didn’t realize Cori had actually come over until she felt two arms around her waist, nuzzling the back of her neck. “What’s this stuff?” Cori asked, and Heather felt the bowl be taken from her hand. The glaze was still warm and she felt it get drizzled on her neck, only to be licked off by Cori moments later. She pressed back against her and smiled. “It’s a honey glaze,” she replied, her eyes still closed. “Now go sit before we don’t get to eat this dinner I slaved over.”

“Fine, ruin all my fun,” Cori said, smacking Heather’s ass as she went back to the table. Heather grabbed the plates, putting one of the hens on each of them, making an impromptu garnish with the glaze and carrying them to the table. She sat down next to Cori and placed a hand on her thigh, squeezing slightly. Cori looked at her and then looked at the food. “This looks amazing,” she said, covering Heather’s hand with hers. “I can’t believe you did all of this.”

Heather shrugged, but a blush tinted her cheeks. “I just thought it would be fun for us to do something special this year. Besides, it was easy to surprise you, considering we’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day together.”

“You definitely surprised me. I can’t believe you kept it a secret, honestly. You’re so bad at that.”

Heather stuck out her tongue and ate some of the stuffing. They sat there in silence until they were both finished, and Heather stood to clear the plates. Cori started to protest but was silenced by Heather’s look. “You relax,” she said. “I’ve got this. It’s all part of my plan.”

Cori’s eyebrow raised then but she said nothing. She waited until Heather was starting to wash the dishes before she moved, coming up behind her and sliding her arms around Heather’s waist. “What happens when your little plan has a diversion?” She kissed along Heather’s neck, one hand sliding down and under the skirt, trailing up her thigh. “Can you handle someone messing up these big plans of yours?”

The hand pushed Heather’s legs apart slightly and she gasped. “Depends on what’s happening to mess them up,” she noted, leaning back against Cori. The hand kept moving, fingers sliding between her lips, just grazing her clit. She moaned then, her head falling back, landing on Cori’s shoulder. “Like that? That’s the kind of messing up I don’t mind.”

“Keep doing the dishes,” Cori said, and Heather nearly pouted, although she obliged. It wasn’t often that Cori gave orders and for Heather, it was quite the turn-on. It didn’t matter that it was just about the dishes – with Cori touching her there, there was no ‘just’ involved. As she kept working, washing out the broiler pan she’d cooked the Cornish hens in, Cori rewarded her by sliding two fingers into her, finding her already wet. “You were hoping for this,” Cori accused. “You wanted me to want you so bad that I just had to take you right here and now.”

“Maybe,” Heather replied coyly. Yes, that was exactly what she was hoping for, but she wasn’t about to admit it.

“Well you got what you wanted,” Cori said near Heather’s ear, before biting the earlobe. “I want you to come for me right here while you’re doing the dishes.”

Heather moaned, her hands gripping the counter when Cori removed her fingers to rub her clit again. “Keep doing that and I won’t be able to stand, let alone wash the dishes.” Cori removed her fingers then, causing Heather to whimper. “Damnit, that’s not fair.” Heather was frustrated now and she turned around, pulling Cori against her and kissing her hard.

Cori had expected that – she knew Heather extremely well. What she wasn’t prepared for was the passion behind the kiss. There was something different about it that Cori couldn’t quite put her finger on. Granted, she wasn’t complaining about it, not in the slightest. She kissed Heather back, picking her up and sitting her on the counter. She made a mental note to thank her personal trainer for that and then pushed Heather’s skirt up her thighs, kissing her neck while teasing her clit with her fingers once more.

She could hear the change in Heather’s breathing, the sound she knew meant that her lover was extremely turned on. That just fueled the fire for Cori and she pushed three fingers inside of Heather, her thumb rubbing her clit. Heather moaned Cori’s name and was silenced by a kiss, little murmurs escaping as Cori’s fingers moved in and out.

Heather was certain it wouldn’t take long. Cori knew where to curve her fingers and what angle worked best. She felt her body flush as Cori kept working on her, her fingers curling around the counter so she wouldn’t completely buck off the surface. “So close,” she gasped, feeling the tingling sensation that she knew so well. “Don’t stop.”

“Don’t plan to,” Cori replied, sucking on Heather’s lower Escort Acıbadem lip. She felt Heather tighten around her fingers seconds before she groaned, her hips bucking as she came hard. Heather was always the quieter one of the two – unless she was in the mood to talk dirty. Then she could easily make a sailor blush. Cori kept moving her fingers inside of Heather until she grabbed Cori’s wrist, shaking her head. Cori slowly removed her fingers, running her tongue over her lips as she stepped back so Heather could get down.

“You don’t want to ruin me for the rest of the night, do you?” Heather asked, still holding onto the counter while she regained the use of her legs. “I think you should go upstairs and see what I have for you. I’ll bring dessert up and meet you in a minute.” She kissed Cori again, but this time it was just a chaste peck. The rest would have to wait.

Cori looked at her for a moment before heading up the stairs, and Heather could hear the gasp of shock even from the kitchen. She smiled and got the chocolate covered strawberries out of the fridge, peeling them from the parchment paper and lining them up on a plate. Carrying them upstairs she found Cori looking over the items that she’d laid out on the bed – matching silver bullets with controls, a bed web with cuffs and a pair of blood red lace boy-cut underwear.

“You have completely lost your mind,” Cori said, but her tone was affectionate.

Heather laughed. “I didn’t say we had to use all of this tonight, but I figured the underwear were for tomorrow, the web is for whenever – but the bullets will definitely be used tonight.” She wasn’t about to say something else was stashed in the bathroom. Not just yet anyway.

“Definitely, huh? You have big plans for us I see.” Cori sat down on the bed so she was facing Heather, smiling when she saw the plate of strawberries. “Did you buy those or did you make them yourself?”

“Everything here is homemade, baby,” Heather replied, holding the plate out for Cori. “Try one, see for yourself.”

Cori did just that, taking a strawberry off the plate and taking a bite, holding her hand under it to catch the drips. “Mmmm,” she purred. “Okay those are heavenly.”

Heather stepped closer, licking the strawberry juice from Cori’s lips. “Yes they are,” she agreed, smirking. Cori moved to pull Heather close again, sitting the rest of the strawberry down so she could unbutton Heather’s suit jacket, leaving it on for the time being. She picked up the strawberry again, running it along Heather’s stomach before following the trail with her tongue, cleaning the juices back off once more. Heather’s eyes closed, shivering once Cori’s tongue had left her skin, exposing it to the cool air of the room.

“I think we’re going to have to move the bear and the candy for now,” Cori noted. “Otherwise the chocolates will get smashed and the bear will be a voyeur.”

That made Heather giggle. “Well you move them and I’ll be right back.” She kissed Cori tenderly and then went into the bathroom, pulling out the toy she’d stashed earlier. It was a black harness with a small piece that would penetrate her, and a purple dildo for Cori. Getting it set up, she stripped naked and put it on, whimpering softly as the small “penis” slid into place. She’d never tried this before but it was something that they’d talked about often. Taking a deep breath she walked back into the bedroom, biting her lip.

Cori was waiting on the bed and she smiled when Heather came back into the room. “Well hello there,” she said, her eyes darkening slightly with lust. “You look really fucking hot.”

Heather laughed again, this time a bit nervously. “I look like a girl with a dick strapped to her. I can’t see that as being hot, but thank you.” She climbed onto the bed, straddling one of Cori’s thighs.

As she pulled Heather down into a kiss, Cori chuckled. “You have absolutely no idea.” The kiss was slow, tender, and Cori slid her thigh up, grinding it up against Heather. The strap rubbed against Heather’s clit and she groaned, deepening the kiss and sliding her hand to Cori’s breast, rolling a nipple between her fingers. When Cori arched her back Heather broke the kiss, moving to take the nipple into her mouth, sucking and nibbling on the nub.

Cori ran her fingers through Heather’s hair, gripping slightly after a particularly rough nibble. Heather moaned, sliding her hand down and pushing two fingers roughly inside of Cori. Heather knew how much Cori liked a bit of roughness to their lovemaking and she wanted to make sure she obliged, wanting it to be as good as possible for her girlfriend.

“Baby, please,” Cori moaned, her hips rocking against Heather’s fingers. Heather pushed in another finger, spreading them inside of Cori. She wanted to drag this out for another couple moments, knowing all the build-up would make Cori come harder than if she’d given in to the begging. Watching Cori writhe on the bed proved to be too much for Heather to take, however, and she removed her fingers, shifting so she was between Cori’s legs, the purple dildo the only thing that separated them. She took a deep breath as she lubed the toy, stroking it for a moment to make sure it was slick. When Cori met Heather’s eyes she smiled, getting into position and sliding into Cori until their hips met.

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