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As I walk through the halls of the University of Ottawa in the Canadian Capital, I see a lot of Arab guys with White girls. I shake my head, and shudder. Why am I doing this? Am I some of racist? Am I intolerant? Far from it. In fact, I could tell you a thing or two about real intolerance. My name is Mona Bagis, and I’m a Turkish Christian woman who recently moved to the beautiful province of Ontario, Canada, from the region of Malatya, Republic of Turkey. Being a Christian lady in the Republic of Turkey isn’t easy, especially since the Muslim majority is quite intolerant toward other religions, though Turkey likes to present itself as a tolerant, flexible and western-style democratic nation. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There is growing Islamist sentiment in once-secular Turkey, and my guess is that it won’t be long before the secular government and way of life are gone, and Sharia Law dominates this once-progressive nation.

That’s life in Muslim nations for you, but you can’t tell that to my Western friends, especially the young women. They actually believe the Muslims when they’re talking about being tolerant of other religions. Walk around with a cross around your neck in any Muslim country from Syria to Kuwait, from Jordan to Indonesia, from Senegal to Kosovo. You’ll soon discover that you aren’t welcome, and that the locals, both male and female, view Christians and all other religions as the enemies of Islam. Those White girls I see walking around with Arab guys have no idea that their boyfriends secretly despise all other religions and view the Western way of life as being flawed, insane, and just unclean in the eyes of God. Well, their interpretation of God anyway.

While growing up in the region of Malatya, my family and I often had to be discreet about our faith. My father Bahar Bagis is a convert from an Islamic background. He was born in Istanbul City to a Sunni Muslim family. While visiting some friends in the City of Baalbek in southern Lebanon, he met some Christian missionaries and grew curious about the Christian faith. Months later, after learning about the Bible, he converted to Christianity and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. My mother, Justine Hamid, is originally from Lebanon and she’s the daughter of Bishop Jacob Hamid, the man who taught my father Bahar Bagis about Christianity. My father once worked as a police officer in Malatya, but got fired after the captain of the police station where he worked found out he was a Christian. Now he works at our town library.

In the supposedly secular nation of Turkey, Christians experience a lot of discrimination daily. If you’re a Christian man or a Christian woman in the Republic of Turkey, you can’t be a police officer or a member of the military. The government doesn’t trust Christians, Jews, or anyone who isn’t a Muslim, no matter how secular they claim to be. The Republic of Turkey is well on its way to becoming an Islamist country, even though many Turks are in denial about it. Sooner or later, the Islamists will gain power, and then it’s burkas for every woman in Turkey and a bullet to the head for anyone who isn’t Muslim and lives within the boundaries of our beautiful nation of Turkey. That’s what it means to live under a Muslim government, ladies and gentlemen. Westerners have got to wake up and stop believing the lies that Muslim immigrants feed them about their supposed tolerance Ordu Escort and desire to assimilate into Western society. You cannot be a true Muslim and believe in democracy, women’s rights and religious freedom. These ideals go against the true meaning of being Muslim, which is to spread Islam worldwide by any means necessary. I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m telling the truth.

When I arrived at the University of Ottawa in the beautiful and diverse City of Ottawa, Ontario, I experienced a brand new world. We have about seventy churches in all of Turkey, and Turkish Christians have learned to watch their backs because we’re surrounded by hostile Muslims who despise our faith and the government either looks the other way when we’re attacked, or they actually help our aggressors. Of course, they’ll deny this, stating that the constitution of Turkey provides for freedom of religion and secular government. Complete and utter bullshit, ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t think there would be that many Arabs in the Capital of Canada. I saw so many Syrians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Saudis, Palestinians, and of course my fellow Turks. I speak several languages, including my native Turkish, along with French, Spanish, Arabic, and English, the language I use to communicate with you, dear reader. I have both Turkish and Lebanese blood in me, so I look exotic, to say the least. I’m always getting approached by Arab guys at school and elsewhere but I know better than to fall for their charms. Most of the Arab guys you see dating White girls and other non-Muslim females are doing what’s called Romeo Jihad. They seduce a non-Muslim female into joining Islam, then marry her off to one of their buddies before moving onto the next female target. That’s why you see so many White women in Europe, North America and elsewhere joining Islam left and right. The Arab guys are very seductive and persuasive, like all good Devils. Their mojo doesn’t work on me, though. I’m a proud Turkish Christian woman. I wouldn’t leave my religion for anything or anyone. Even if it meant my immediate and certain death.

When most people look at me, I wonder what they see. I stand five-foot-eight, curvy, with curly ebony hair, dark bronze skin and light brown eyes. I’ve been mistaken for anything from Latina to Lebanese and everything in between. I proudly tell people that I’m Turkish, and they give me puzzled looks when they see the silver crucifix hanging around my neck. Yes, I am Turkish and yes, I am a proud Christian woman. Christianity has been in Turkey for a long time, and we survive, in spite of Islamist attempts to get rid of us. A long time ago, everybody in Turkey was Christian. Then the Arabs came and conquered Turkey, and imposed Islam upon the Christian population. Every Turkish Christian who wouldn’t convert to Islam was either killed or sold into slavery by the Arab conquerors. Christianity came into Turkey as a beautiful, peaceful and loving religion once embraced and practiced by all Turks. Islam came into Turkey at sword point, and has never left. My parents encouraged me to study outside Turkey, as do the parents of many young Turkish Christians these days. They fear the rise of Islamist sentiment in Turkey after the Arab Spring, and with good reason.

I miss home terribly, as you can imagine, and I devour every bit of news about my beloved Turkey. Still, I do realize it’s a good thing that I’m Ordu Escort Bayan in Canada. I like it here in North America. I visited the City of Toronto, Ontario, with some friends from school and while we were there, we drove into the City of Buffalo, New York. I want to live in the United States someday. I do believe that America’s military might and aggression will be needed to protect the modern world from radical Islam in the coming global fight between Western society and the Muslim world. I respect Obama but he likes the Arabs too much. America needs a more Christian-oriented leader, one who realizes that Christendom is under attack worldwide, along with democracy and women’s rights, the core of what Western society stands for. Western society needs to defend itself from radical Islam before it’s too late. And no, this isn’t coming from some angry White guy in his basement ranting about immigrants. This is coming from the proud Turkish Christian daughter of an ex-Muslim who became a Christian church deacon. It’s coming from me.

As I make my way through the ever-changing world of metropolitan Ottawa, my life began to change. I am quite focused on my civil engineering studies, of course, but I am also quite lonely. All the Turkish guys I meet here are Muslim, and I cannot share my life with a man who hates Christianity because Islam taught him to be intolerant toward other religions. If you see me as an infidel, you won’t get within sniffing distance of my pussy. That’s my rule. I told myself I could always meet someone later. After all, I was only twenty one. One day, while walking through the Saint Laurent Mall in Ottawa, I saw an unusual sight. A tall, good-looking young Arab guy sat at a bench, and he was crying. I’ve never seen an Arab man cry, ladies and gentlemen, and I’ve visited Egypt, Syria and Lebanon with my missionary parents. Even though I was wary of Arab guys, my Christian faith demanded that I try to help someone who was obviously in distress.

I sat next to the crying man, and asked him what was wrong. Upon seeing me, he told me he was fine, that he had allergies. Bullshit, I thought. Why are men the world over always afraid to show emotion? And they lie lamely about it too. I pressed a bit, and finally, the young man relented. What was the cause of his distress? His girlfriend Catherine left him for another man. How original. The young man, who introduced himself as Benjamin, told me how he met his girlfriend Catherine Abdullah in church a year ago, and he fell madly in love with her. I was surprised to hear that. His name is Benjamin? Yeah, alright buddy, I thought. I so don’t believe you, but go on with your story. He met her in church? With a name like Catherine Abdullah she had to be Lebanese Christian for sure. Still, was he a Christian? It wouldn’t be the first time that a Muslim guy hung around Christians just to get at their women. Muslim guys are hawks!

Benjamin continued with his spiel, going on and on about Catherine meeting this Saudi guy named Mohammed Hamoudi at their school, Carleton University, and falling for him. Benjamin looked at me with real pain in his eyes, and I realized that his words were genuine. He really did love this chick, whoever she was. Apparently, he and Catherine attended the Lebanese Christian church located in the east end of Ottawa, and they were both in the Criminology program at Carleton University. He loved Escort Ordu her, and thought she was going to be with him forever. He even thought about proposing to her after their graduation next year. And now, she was gone. She left him for a Muslim guy, and not just any Muslim guy, a Saudi, if you can believe that. I sighed. Whoever this Catherine was, she was a dumb bitch. Saudi males made the rest of the Muslims look like bleeding heart liberals by comparison. Any woman from a non-Muslim background who gets involved with a Saudi does so at her own peril. If he convinces her to move to his country, she’s done for.

I looked Benjamin in the eyes, and told him that he could do way better than Catherine. If this Lebanese Christian chick was prepared to walk out on her faith, and her basic freedom by entering the shady world of the Saudis, she was definitely the weakest link and deserved her fate. Saudi Arabia is hell for women, pure and simple. Benjamin nodded, and suddenly, he smiled. He had a nice smile. I took a rosary from my pocket and handed it to him. He put the blue plastic crucifix around his neck, and thanked me. He seemed ready to go, and I realized that I had to keep an eye on this one. It’s what Jesus Christ would do, I told myself. I told him I was from Turkey, and I lived at the University of Ottawa campus. Then I added him as a friend on Facebook. And that’s how I met Benjamin Hassan, folks.

Over the next few months, Benjamin Hassan and I would become close friends. He invited me to his church and I went happily. I spoke enough Lebanese Arabic to understand what the priest was saying. Lebanese Catholics are something else. I felt quite at home in their church. Like most Christians with Middle-Eastern origins, they were concerned about their fellow Christians in mostly Muslim nations. They were always doing fundraisers to support churches in Egypt, Lebanon, and elsewhere. I told them that the Turkish Orthodox Christian church, of which I am a lifelong member, still stands. We survived the Ottoman Empire, and we shall survive the Islamist future of Turkey. All Christians will need to stick together to survive the global war which Muslims are waging against our brothers and sisters. I thank God for putting Benjamin Hassan on my path. For you see, something amazing has happened recently. Benjamin and I realized we’ve got feelings for each other, and we began dating. Yup, I’ve got myself a boyfriend. A six-foot-one, black-haired and bronze-skinned, emerald-eyed Lebanese-Canadian Christian stud. My man is so hot!

As for Catherine Abdullah, last Benjamin and I heard, she moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to marry Mohammed Hamoudi. Best of luck to her, I guess. She’s a Lebanese-Canadian Christian woman raised in a democratic, pro-woman and pro-religious tolerance society voluntarily moving to a religious autocracy where women cannot drive, work without family permission or even leave the house without a male chaperone. What a dumb broad. Oh, well. She made her choice. I wish someone would round up all the stupid White chicks who fall for Arab guys lies and deport them to Saudi Arabia so they could see what real Muslim men are like. However, that’s their life and their choice, not mine. I am a proud Turkish Christian woman. I believe in feminism. I believe in democracy. And I believe in Jesus Christ, the Savior of Mankind. Benjamin and I are going to visit my parents in Turkey soon, to announce our engagement. I love this young man whom God put on my path on a seemingly random afternoon. We stand together against the storm that’s coming to batter the gates of Western society, and with the help of Jesus Christ, we shall prevail.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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