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My wife’s mom was 17 when she had her first child. She had three more daughters by the age of 21. Twenty years later the five of them were living in the small college town where I attended classes. Jennie, my wife, was the third eldest.

We were married in the spring of my senior year. It didn’t help that I had gotten her knocked up, her mom was really pissed at me at the time. It wasn’t like we weren’t getting married anyway but this situation rushed us a bit. After we married we lived with her mom and sisters seeing how there was only a couple of months until graduation and we would move to where ever I ended up with a job, besides money was tight.

We had been married a couple of weeks when I came home from work and found an almost empty house. My wife’s older two sisters were home by themselves.

“Where’s Mom, Jennie, and Joan?” I asked Sam and Kate.

“They gone to Granddad’s for a few days,” Kate replied, “Grandmother is down with the flu.” Being a tight knit family, Mom and the girls would look after them.

“Get your shower and we’ll fix you supper,” Sam told me.

I headed up the stairs and proceeded to do what I was told. I had just gotten wet when I heard the door open.

“How about if I wash your back?” Sam asked seductively.

Now I had often thought about my sisters in law and occasionally sneaked peeks at them but I was not too sure about what was about to happen.

“Sam, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” I gasped, ” what would Jennie say about this.”

“She’s the one who told us to keep you satisfied while she casino şirketleri was gone,” Sam replied, “Besides we want to welcome to the family.” That got my mind reeling and cock growing. Sam pulled the shower curtain back and stood before me naked, I had to admit she looked fantastic. She climbed in the shower and gave me a deep soul kiss and worked her tongue into my mouth. I groaned and ran my hands over her tight ass cheeks. Sam stroked my cock as the warm water cascaded over our bodies. I sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy. “The bedroom, now!!!” came the urgent command from my sexy sister in law.

I shut the water off and grabbed a towel and headed down the hall following a great looking ass. Surprise number two was waiting on the bed. There was Kate, stripped of her clothes and laying there with a big smile on her face.

“It’s about time you two got here,” she laughed, “Lets have some fun.” Who was I to argue. I approached the bed and was relieved of my towel by Sam. My cock stood straight out and Kate wasted no time by grabbing it and placing a kiss on the head. I moaned some and took Sam by the hand. Kate ran her tongue over my throbbing meat as I kissed her sister. She sucked it in and bobbed her head up and down taking more of me down her throat with every movement. God it felt great. I sucked Sam’s tits and pushed two fingers into her wet pusssy. Her tight snatch seemed to suck my fingers in. Finding her clit, I rubbed and stroked her sending waves of pleasure over her entire body. Fucking Kate’s mouth I was almost ready to pop when she released casino firmalari me and begged me to fuck her. We changed positions and I rammed my dick into her cunt doggie style while her sister slid herself under Kate’s mouth. “Eat me Kate,” was the plea from Sam as she grabbed the back of her sister’s head and pulled her toward her. Kate licked and sucked Sam as I pounded into her. Squeezing and pulling Kate’s nipples I could tell she was ready to go over the top. “Fuck me hard, I’m cummmmiiinnngggg,” Kate screamed.

I grunted and came with a groan spurting cum deep in my sister in law as she wimpered and yelped as she came in waves. Sam thrusted her pussy at Kate’s mouth and begged for more. I fell on them both and grabbed at Sam’s boobs. Kisssing and stroking Sam Kate and I continued to finger and suck Sam to a screaming orgasm. We laid back on the bed to catch our breath. Sam stroked my cock back to hardness and Kate nuzzled her sister’s tits. “It’s my turn to get fucked,” Sam declared as she climbed on top of my hardening manhood and forced it into her sopping pussy.

Sam was riding me, Kate was kissing me and I was enjoying the hell out of situation. I grabbed Sam’s hips and thrusted hard and fast. “Fuck meeeeeee!!!!!!” Sam yelled and rode me harder.

It was all I could do to hang on. Kate fingered herself and was cumming when Sam shouted and shuddered in a big climax. I kept banging away at Sam’s pussy as she came two more times screaming louder each time. She finally collasped and rolled off of me.

I hadn’t came the second time and was güvenilir casino still hard. Kate immmediately started to suck on my hard shaft licking the nectar of her sister from me. “Fuck her in the ass, it what she wants,” Sam purred in my ear.

I couldn’t believe what I heard as Kate smiled and rolled over. Slowly I eased a finger into her. The tight brown hole loosened as I pushed deeper and deeper into her. I pushed another finger in as Sam lubed up my cock with her mouth and then aimed me at her sister’s waiting ass. As I placed the head of my dick on her puckered hole she shivered and thrusted back against me. Slowly I worked my shaft in, stopping and starting to let her set the pace. Moaning and groaning Kate begged me to go faster. I pushed my cock all the way in and my balls slapped against her ass as I moved in and out faster being urged on by her sister. Sam was kissing me and Kate was yelling for me to fuck her harder. The tightness in my balls was telling me I was getting real close. Kate was ready too. “Fuck my ass, cum in me, do it now,” Kate yelled.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot my wad deep in her butt. She started shaking and let out a full bodied scream as I filled her bowels with sperm. I kept pumping and she came again yelling and yelping some more. I fell on top of Kate completely spent as my cock slid out of her ass with a plop. Sam licked me clean and laughed about how her sister always screamed loudest when she has multiple cums.

We laid around the rest of the evening. The next several days I attended class, worked, and had sex with my wonderful and willing sisters in law. I asked the girls what was going to happen when the rest of the family returned.

Sam giggled and said, “You haven’t seen nothing yet, Mom and Joan want to welcome to the family too!!”

I can hardly wait!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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