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“You know it!” Christie says with that lovely smile of hers.

“Must be a rare one then,” Amber comments as she walks past me on her way to the kitchen.

The girls follow Amber and strike up conversation in the kitchen, but do so in a whisper. I try to look over to get a better view of her, but my attempts are thwarted moments later as Kacie stands back up on me, and all I feel are her feet moving up to my chest. As I turn my head to look up at her, my face is stopped mid-turn by her soft, tiny foot pressing on my cheek, pushing my head back to its side. Normally I would have taken this opportunity to check out Amber some more, but my focus on her was shifted to these adorable little toes scrunching their way up the side of my head and down over my eyes. I then feel a bit of pressure mount on my head as she puts all her weight on that foot and steps down off of it, continuing to block my view of the girls in the kitchen. No sooner after she steps down is she already turning back around to face me. I see those amazing toes head right back for my face in an attempt to turn it to the other side to face the couch, sliding softly over my mouth and nose as she pulls them back to the side of my head. Then I feel weight being applied to that foot which is on my cheek. Not two seconds later, I feel her other foot on my head as well. This 102 pound minx is standing on my head at her own will!

Kacie tries to maintain her balance, but I can feel her shift forward towards the couch. With her soft soles pressing my head into the carpet, I can tell someone is approaching us, but I can’t tell who because my eyes are covered, even my left eye being closest to the floor and out of reach of her foot can’t look around enough to see who else is with us. However, I can tell this person is helping Kacie maintain her balance as her weight evens out on my head.

Suddenly there is tread applied to my stomach, like, shoe tread! I can only assume it’s Amber doing this because everyone else is barefoot. Without a single word spoken, this tread presses its way into my gut, followed by a second shoe tread on my chest. It’s definitely Amber, and at first I can’t tell what kind of shoes she’s wearing, but they are narrow and solid and my abs aren’t holding up under them as they are still ever so tender from Cindy standing on them earlier. As her weight shifts around, I can sense that her and Cindy are roughly the same weight, at about 145 pounds, give or take. These shoes step about gently on my chest first, and then move onto my stomach, making my focus shift to my breathing patterns rather than the tiny beauty who’s still on my head.

As the trampling on my torso continues, I can only imagine that it’s Cindy giving Kacie and Amber something to steady themselves with as I can feel the balance shifting about and then quickly stabilizing, and Cindy seems to be the only one who has the strength to hold her ground.

With Kacie still on my head and covering my ear, it’s muffled but I hear laughter. Before it stops, a third set of feet, which can only be Christie’s, steps up onto my thighs. I can almost instantly feel adrenalin starting to pump through my body as her feet work their way onto my waist, trapping my member in between them. All of a sudden it dawns on me that with Amber onboard this time, this is a repeat of what I was handling just a bit ago with Cindy, three ladies at once! The positions are a little different though; the most obvious difference being Kacie on my head this time rather than being piled up with Christie on my chest, but this is manageable for me, even with Amber keeping her shoes on.

Same as before, all three ladies step down at the same time – Amber being a bit quick about it while Kacie and Christie are a little more relaxed with their decent. With the adrenalin still flowing, I didn’t need to take a breath this time, and with my head free to turn, I look up and throw out the question, “What happened to asking about round three?”

Girlish laughter was the initial response to my question, but Christie soon chimes in, “I figured if we surprised you, you would do better, and you didn’t disappoint.”

“I was… am, definitely surprised,” I reply. “And I’m glad I could impress… um, whoever it was meant to impress.”

“It impressed all of us,” coming from Cindy.

“Really?” I said, still lying flat on the floor, looking up at all four ladies.

“Yes, really,” Amber responds.

As soon as I hear Amber’s words, I instantly remember I haven’t had a chance to get a good look at her, and now with no hundred pound girl on my head, it is a fine time to do so… and I’m not disappointed either! Wow!

I see a stunning redhead, with shoulder-length hair, straight at the roots descending into vertical curls towards the ends. She’s easily as tall as Cindy, only more so at the moment with her shoes… her shoes! Her shoes were boots! Wedge heeled boots! No wonder they felt so different! They add another three or four inches to her height, which make her reach the 6-foot-plus tall mark. Form-fitting bahis şirketleri dark blue jeans, and a stylistically sequined maroon blouse, which compliments her hair nicely, completes her look. From my angle on the floor, I can’t tell what color her eyes are at the moment, but her face is flawless!

A lump starts to form in my throat, and it must’ve shown through my facial expressions as I know I want to say more, but I’m only able to muster a sly grin… or so I thought. Seeing Amber starting to smile and giggle to herself can only imply that I must be doing something way different.

Breaking me from my trance, Cindy taps me on the shoulder with her foot, “I want a redo.”

Looking up at her, “huh?”

“A redo,” she confirms. “You had practically no issues with her on you, with boots on no less, yet you were borderline struggling with me barefoot, so I want a redo.”

“Who’s going to hold us up then?” asks Kacie, confirming my suspicions about Cindy acting as a brace.

“I can lend a hand this time,” offers Amber.

“I have a better idea,” Christie says, “how about lying over there next to the counter, hun, that way we all have something to balance with if we need it.”

“All?” I reply with a bug-eyed look.

“Are you scared?” Amber asks in a cautious, yet playful tone.

“No, not scared,” I say looking back to her, “just making sure I heard… really?! All of you?” trying to confirm I heard right.

Stepping over me with ease and placing herself between me and the couch, “Yes! All of us are going to step on you!” Amber says as she nudges me with her foot to move me in the direction of the counter. “So if you’re not scared, get!” she eggs on, nudging me yet again with her foot a bit more forcefully.

The others giggle and smile along with her actions as I start this awkward crawl over towards the counter, something I could only describe as a partial spider walk, but only being on my arms long enough to move my ass without creating static between my pants and the carpeted floor.

The persistence of the group wanting to follow through with this gives me back the adrenalin rush I had partially lost from really seeing Amber for the first time, and about halfway across the room, I feel a boot tap me in the side as she is following close behind me. I decide to call her out on it.

“Are you going to keep going with the boots,” I ask her.

“What do you mean?” she replies.

“Well, like is walking on me in those a preference of yours or what?”

“No. I just got nudged into action before I could do anything about them.”

I look up at Amber, and then over to Christie who is beside her at this point, and see her silently smiling down at me.

She continues, “why, do they bother you?”

I get to my destination next to the counter, but don’t lie back right away. My weight is on my left arm, checking my spot with my right hand, and my focus is on the floor as I tell her, “no, they don’t bother me; I just wasn’t expecting them since everyone else is barefoot.”

Fine choice of words apparently as the next thing I know there’s a boot on my chest. I’m barely able to turn my head to see it on me before it presses me down flat on the floor!

I’m in shock! From what I can tell, Kacie is shocked. Christie has a huge smile on her face along with a surprised look. And, I can’t see Cindy’s reaction at first as she’s standing above my head just out of sight, however, once I look around, I see a slightly less surprised look on her face along with a grin as she’s still waiting for her redo, and Amber’s simply speeding up the process for her.

“Well take them off then,” she orders.

The way she says it almost makes me feel like she’s issuing a challenge to me to let her keep going with them on, so I hesitate to oblige. Not gonna lie, my heart starts to race at this point.

We make eye contact, and she shoots me this look like ‘well?’

Still being hung up on the thought of this being some kind of challenge, my hands only come up half way.

She leans over, pressing her booted foot onto me harder, and starts to pull the zipper down on it. She goes about half way down, then stands back up straight, waiting for me to take the hint and do the rest.

Since Cindy invited her over, I look up to her first for confirmation, but before I can make eye contact with her, Amber’s boot starts sliding up my chest, letting the toe of it barely rest at the base of my neck. My focus quickly shifts back to Amber, and with Christie right next to her as far as my line of sight goes, I look to her for some kind of confirmation. Her smile only gets bigger followed by a wink.

“Come on, they aren’t going to remove themselves,” Amber presses on, playfully rocking her leg side to side.

That’s all I need to get out of my mental rut. I feel around on her boot for the zipper, an elusive little object at best, and finally pull it down to her ankle, allowing her to be able to remove her foot along with my assistance in holding onto the toe and bahis firmaları wedge part of the boot.

“Now the other,” she says, intentionally placing her foot right on my neck, assuming its position will get me to act faster than before, and boy does it! Her leg looks amazing from this angle, and as much as I want to savor this view, the tread on my neck eggs me on to get the second boot off with haste.

With both Amber’s boots now off, she tosses them off to the side, takes ahold of the counter and steps up on my chest with one foot and smothers my nose and mouth with the other… OH MY GOD!!

The scent of her warm, socked foot instantly fills my nostrils! I didn’t know that kind of scent existed! It isn’t foul in the least, but it is a scent, and it melts me like the sensation of feeling Christie’s bare feet for the first time. Cindy moves around down to the side of me and steps right up on my stomach without any hesitation, her weight forces me to exhale through Amber’s socks, only to inhale more of that amazing scent upon the air’s reentry! Any soreness my abs may have had left in them vanish when I feel a leg move between mine, gently parting them followed by a foot being planted firmly on my member. It sends a shock throughout my body causing me to stiffen up and become nigh immune to the weight piling up on me. It can only be Christie down there because I briefly see Kacie climb up onto my chest between Cindy and Amber. No sooner is Kacie on that I feel weight being applied to my groin on that single foot.

This is intense! Not painful, but seriously intense! I eventually figure out that Cindy is holding Christie in her position, and also has her other arm around Kacie, so if she moves, they move. Amber’s foot then moves from my mouth and nose up to my eyes, allowing me to get more air in whenever possible, yet blinding me at the same time. This also allows me to say anything now or forever hold my peace. Holding my peace it is because I’m not about to stop this for nothing!

Cindy soon starts to bounce lightly on my stomach, forcing small groans from my mouth that I can’t control if I tried. As she continues, she gets Christie and Kacie synced into her rhythm. This makes for one big bounce spanning from my chest to my groin every time the three of them move.

Amber has her weight on the upper part of my chest, but I also feel quite a bit of it on the foot covering my eyes. “Wow! This is crazy! He isn’t making a peep!” she says, clearly impressed with how well I seem to be holding up under all of them.

“I’m not sure he can peep right now,” replies Cindy, giggling as she continues with leading the bouncing frenzy.

I surprise them all when through a strained voice and huffs of breath, I speak up, “Peep~”

Laughter fills the room as a response from my feeble attempt to play off the words I heard coming from the ladies’ conversation. Obviously I can’t see who is laughing harder, but I can tell simply by sound alone that Christie and Kacie get the biggest laugh. Amber, while not laughing hard, or even audibly, has a smile on her face, at least from what I can tell by the way she speaks.

“I didn’t mean literally, smart ass!” Then, directed more towards Christie and Cindy, “I meant he isn’t crying out like a big sissy like some of the guys you’ve had over before, and he’s clearly not dead yet.” Back to me, “Right? You aren’t dying are you?”

Through more huffs of breath as the three girls continue to bounce, “I… couldn’ more… alive~”

“Maybe we should bounce harder then,” Cindy teases, seemingly yearning to get her fix of squishing me from what I guess she felt she was denied earlier.

“Who.. am I… to.. stop… you?” I reply.

I can tell that stuns them all as the bouncing stops immediately. Somehow in their pause, I’m able to get a few good breaths in.

“Is he serious?” I hear Kacie ask.

Mind you, Amber still has her foot over my eyes, so I can’t see the reactions I’m getting. It’s torture, yet an amazing tease all at the same time.

“I think he is,” Christie responds.

“Well, like the man said, he’s not going to stop us if we do, sooooo…” Cindy says, clearly trying to egg on the next assault by starting off mini bounces on her own, not yet getting Christie and Kacie in the groove.

“But that could really hurt him,” Kacie says with legitimate concern in her voice.

“Darling, you are a hundred pounds, nothing you do will affect him in the least,” Cindy kindly retorts.

“I’m not talking about me,” Kacie replies.

“You calling us fat?” Cindy sarcastically questions.

“Do I look that stupid?” Kacie fires back in the same manner, then clarifies, “I’m just saying that he was struggling before with just the three of us, and we were hardly moving.”

“And yet…here you all are… having this conversation… while doing the same thing, plus an added person,” I said cutting off their bickering, catching most of my breath back between words.

“He’s not wrong,” I hear Christie reply.

Since I kaçak bahis siteleri know Kacie is on my chest, I reach for that area and rest my hands on her adorable little feet, caressing them as I tell her “bounce away, I’ll be fine. Promise.”

“Better?” Cindy questions Kacie again.

“I guess,” Kacie says to Cindy. Then to me, “if you die, just know I tried to warn you, so don’t come back and haunt me.”

A brief laughter follows from the others, while all I can do is grin as I try to keep my composure. That grin is soon covered up by Amber’s other foot as she stands sideways full weight on my face. Inhaling the amazing scent of her socks results in a small moan from me.

“I think he’ll be fine too,” I hear Amber say as a result of hearing my appreciation.

“Bounce away then,” Cindy happily announces.

I feel the weight shift towards the counter as I imagine Cindy and Kacie have leaned forward for support, then the bouncing starts up again. Christie has moved onto my thighs to balance herself out better, and I can feel Amber’s toes grip the side of my head as the bouncing starts to intensify. Suddenly, Cindy pushes off my stomach harder than she has been! I can tell she hopped higher as I felt Kacie land a split second before she did, and boy did she let me have it! Sinking deep into my gut, she forces a reaction out of me that knocks both Amber and Christie off!

My eyes are somewhat blurry as I look up at Kacie and Cindy who have remained standing on me. “What was that?” I ask Cindy.

“A bounce,” she replies with sweet innocence in her voice. “Why, too much?” she questions as her and Kacie both look down at me.

“No, I just can’t remember the last time I was ever turned into a shockwave,” I reply as I lightly rub my eyes to get them to focus.

“Huh. Neither can I,” Cindy sasses back without missing a beat.

The others get great amusement from Cindy and I sassing each other, even Kacie is smiling while still having my well-being in mind, or at least being the most obvious about it at the moment.

“You said we could bounce harder though, so I held you to your word,” she continues, bouncing softly, however, to drive home her point without wearing me down too much.

“That’s what I heard too,” chimes in Amber.

“I heard him say he wouldn’t stop us,” Kacie says, being the voice of reason.

“Really?!” Cindy quips at her.

“She’s not wrong,” I reply with a smirk, backing Kacie up.

“Hey!” Cindy snaps back at me along with a playful stomp to my gut. “Same difference, so zip it handsome!”

Christie is caught up in a fit of silent laughter, about ready to piss herself!

Amber plants her foot square over my grin, telling Cindy “I’ll bounce on him with you this time. Should cure him of any back talking,” as she smiles down at me.

Kacie steps down hesitantly, not sure if she heard Amber right at first. As soon as the two make eye contact though, all doubt is erased from her mind as Amber takes her spot on my chest, flattening out my back and making my legs bend up at the knees to accommodate the physical posture change. What’s strange is that Cindy and Amber balance the pressure out evenly between each other, so even though they are the heaviest of the bunch, I find myself holding up under them rather easily… until they start to bounce, and a bit roughly too!

My eyes almost involuntarily close as they get a few good, heavy bounces in, getting a few labored groans out of me as they do. They give me another round of bounces, this time not as much in sync with each other as before. They pause to let me try to attempt to catch my breath, and as I do, I feel soft soles step up on my knee caps. That little minx is standing on my bent up legs! Funny part is, she still doesn’t affect anything being on them since she’s so light.

I feel like I’m going to cave any moment as the girls continue their bounce fest, but then like an angel on cue, Christie approaches me beside my head. I look up at her. All she does at first is simply look down at me with that beautiful smile of hers, her arms snugged in with her hands interlocked – a purely innocent looking charm adding to her posture. There isn’t a hint of worry in her eyes even though she can clearly see me starting to have difficulties in my position… then I find out why.

She starts to caress my face with her amazing toes, which sends chills throughout my body, only to be followed up with her soft left sole sliding up and over my mouth with the scent of her foot teasing my nostrils. I’m done for~

I melt instantly from her heavenly touch. My eyes close, and suddenly the bouncing fiasco from Cindy and Amber, which has become short jumps at this point, doesn’t affect me as my body completely relaxes under them.

“Did we kill him?” I hear Amber question as she stops in a huff.

Cindy stops as well a few small jumps later, “I felt that too. You alright down there?” she asks me.

I don’t know if I’ve been drugged or not, but with a deep inhale of Christie’s sweet scent, something I could only describe as like walking into a room of newly blossomed flowers, I give them acknowledgment, “Mmhmm.” It’s all I can do with her foot still on my mouth. I open my eyes to see everyone looking down at me.

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