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Maybe it is just how wonderfully dirty the act feels. Or maybe it’s the taste of cum that turns me on. Maybe it’s the power trip of the act that does it. Who knows why I love sucking cock? I just do. So, every time I get a chance, I indulge myself.

The other day, I had one of those chances.

I was the last dinner patron in a great little Mexican restaurant. And I was lingering, admiring Emilio’s buns as he cleared the other tables. I knew he would soon be closing the place. The rest of the staff and customers had already left. I knew Emilio was wishing I’d get out of there, too, but that didn’t stop his dark-eyed gaze from diving into my low-cut blouse as he passed my table.

Emilio was about 25 and darkly handsome. His eyes softly caressed my breasts, then stopped on my face.

‘I must close the door, Senora,” he hinted.

I smiled sweetly and casually reached out and cupped a hand over the bulging in his tight slacks.

“Good idea,” I said.

Emilio’s eyes widened. I gently squeezed the handful, and his eyes brightened as they returned to my breasts. I squeezed him again. Emilio sighed but held his ground and pressed his now growing package more firmly into my hand. My nipples grew very hard and clearly visible though my top. Emilio tore his eyes away tuzla escort and glanced toward the entranced.

“Well,” I prompted, “why don’t you go lock it?”

Though only in my mid thirties myself I felt a little bit like a dirty old lady. Still, I watched his buns flex as he sauntered toward the front to locked the door, then I quickly removed my top and waited for his return.

When he did, his eyes glued to my bare breasts. My pussy urged me to get on with it. So I did. I reached over and pulled him closer to me by the top of his pants. I grappled with his belt, and he helped by shoving his slacks and sexy black satin bikini briefs down.

He might have been youthful, but he no longer a subservient waiter. His fingers slipped into my hair and pulled my head forward. His cock had quickly grown into a thick hard erection that screamed out to be sucked. It was so long enough that both of my hands fit around his shaft. It always amazes me how hard a guy’s cock can get and still be silky-soft. It was so fat that I had to open my mouth wide to suck his dark, bulging crown.

My pussy ached as I rubbed it around on the chair and slowly sucked in more and more of his cock. His hips jerked, and his spongy crown bumped the back of my throat. Soft, black hairs tuzla rus escort tickled my nose. I breathed deeply of his manly aroma.

I squeezed the base of his cock’s with my lips. Slowly I slipped them up the saliva-slickened shaft and looked at his eyes. They were soft, dreamy. The hand in my hair guided me back down on his cock. As I did, his eyes closed. His crown bulged into my throat. I nuzzled my nose into his hairs, then grabbed both his tight ass-cheeks and squeezed. He held my head his cock deep in my throat.

I clamped back down on his long shaft. His ass tightened in my hands, and his hips began making jerking motions. He let out a small grunt as he fucked my face. I grabbed the crotch of my shorts and pulled them to the side. The material between my thighs was wet and slippery. My clit begged for to rub it.

I did, and noisily sucked Emilio’s cock faster. My wet mouth slathered saliva over him as I grabbed his slippery shank with one hand. With the other, I rubbed my pussy for all I was worth. My ass squirmed on the chair, and Emilio’s cock plunged in and out of my mouth. I pumped up and down his shaft, faster and harder. His mouth opened and he let out a great sigh.

Wonderful, hot cum splashed the back of my throat. I gulped tuzla sarışın escort it down, then pumped and sucked for more. All the while, I stroked my pussy and grew nearer and nearer to coming. Then it happened. My body said, “that is it,” and let go with an earth-shaking jolt that set me back in my chair, popping Emilio’s cock out of my mouth. Emilio was now on his own, for I was too busy to pay other than visual attention to his throbbing, cum-squirting cock. As I worked on my pussy, still forcing those last spasms through it, Emilio finished himself off slowly tugging upward on his cock. Shooting his hot cum onto my breasts, I cupped them making a valley for him, smaller and smaller squirts bulged from his fat crown onto my trembling body. The feel of a man hot cum on me after I have cum seems to make the after shock even longer and stronger.

I scooped some of the hot mess between my breasts up and through my cum-slick finger to my clit and rubbed myself and squeeze my legs tightly around my hand as I cum hard again. As Emilio watched stroking his harden cock.

Though it was obvious he wanted more, and I might have given it to him, but his was not up to licking clean my cum-covered breasts. He figure the tip I had just given him was quite enough. I decided since I lived close to the restaurant I let the cool night air dry the cum on my breasts. Seeing that I had no plan to dress myself Emilio walked me to my car. Holding the door open for me to get in, he grinned handsomely, he said, “Please come again, Senora.”

Now, how do you suppose he meant that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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