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Sheila spent much of the afternoon and evening alone on her balcony, smoking and staring into the distance. Her husband could not figure out why but then Sheila went through these phases and he let her be. He had no way of knowing how dramatic and faraway her thoughts were.

Actually, not that far away. Her thoughts were on the young woman Binita next door, her father-in-law the Thakur and her own self. Sheila and her husband had taken the young couple new to town under their wing long back. And earlier in the morning Sheila had spotted the young woman impaled — no, speared — on her father-in-law as he pounded her like an animal.

They spotted her but didn’t — couldn’t- stop. They merely moved location and yet the sounds and thumps reached Sheila’s ears.

And then there was Sheila’s response to the visual and aural stimulation and her own mind and imagination driving her wilder still. She masturbated to the sounds of the illicit lovemaking next door. It was not lovemaking- it was wild fucking. She discovered that when the Thakur, shamelessly came over as soon as he had finished the fuck-fest.

He had rationalized the illicit relationship to Sheila as bodily needs of both himself and his bahu (daughter-in-law). That was the stunning thing. There was no remorse or excuse making. Perhaps what was truly stunning was the truth. The man and woman had an incredible chemistry and they indulged in each other fully. Simple.

Thakur had threatened her and asked her to be silent about his affair. When Sheila challenged him and accused him of exploiting Binita, Thakur had stepped forward to demonstrate how unstoppable lust could become. Thakur being a sexual predator from his earliest village belle in his teens right up to his nubile, virgin daughter-in-law spotted the flush in Sheila. Her own sexual readiness was visible to him.

As Sheila provoked him in argument, she miscalculated that Thakur would be incapable of fucking her as he had only just finished fucking his daughter-in-law. But the old man was a sexual dynamo.

He fucked her, right there in her kitchen on the table. Reluctance gave way to unbridled pleasure and tables were indeed turned when Binita wandered in. The tearful young bahu had pleaded with her father-in-law to buy Sheila’s silence. She feared as much for her marriage as she feared for deprivation of sex with the Thakur. It thrilled Thakur that Binita wanted their sexual relationship protected. The man in him strode over to Sheila’s place, bullied, fucked and pleasured Sheila into a tentative submission.

When Binita walked in to check on what was happening, she found Sheila aunty being plundered by her Thakur and responding pleasurably to her man. She wanted to hold, hug and cuddle up to her aunty and seal their already close relationship with some physical intimacy. There was no jealousy in her. There was just a need to be close to her Sheila aunty. But Thakur had dragged off his daughter-in-law. He knew that at that point he had a psychological advantage over Sheila. He did not want Binita apologizing or otherwise compromising what he had achieved.

And that left Sheila wondering about what to do next.

It was sexual: the bond between father-in-law and daughter-in-law. If Binita found sexual prowess in her husband Pritam this could be broken. Sheila could understand Binita’s attraction for Thakur from the fucking she herself had taken. It was animal like she had rarely experienced. The vigor was that of some her younger lovers. But the experience missing in them was blended in. Thakur was skill and experience of a man who had mastered the body of a woman combined with lust and vigor of a youngster discovering sexual release.

She felt her pussy stirring unreasonably. She had masturbated violently and she been fucked even more aggressively. Something had been awoken.

She dragged on the umpteenth cigarette and shook herself out of her own growing obsession with sex. She needed to solve it for Binita. Somehow, from the moment Binita and Pritam had moved in, Sheila and her husband — ‘Uncle’ and ‘Aunty’ to the youngsters — had helped them settle down in so many different ways. She felt the same way about this. The illicit sex between the two had the potential to rupture the marriage. With the clarity that it was raw sex at play, she felt a solution might be possible.

The solution did not occur to her then. But it did come to her in a flash in the middle of the dinner she hosted for a few friends, her neighbors Binita and Pritam, and Pritam’s father, the Thakur.

The problem was perhaps Pritam; and the solution had to be some change in how Pritam handled Binita.

At an opportune moment she guided the young man to the balcony. This was the same balcony from where she had spotted Thakur and Binita fucking. They stood leaning back on the balcony facing the room where the guests were moving about.

“Son, are you able to keep Binita happy?” she asked in her opening salvo. The word ‘happy’ meant many things in casino oyna most Indian languages. It could imply you being nice to your wife. It could also mean to ask whether your sex life was normal. In some sub-cultures it was a direct reference to the female orgasm. And at the broadest level, it referred to a wholesomeness of the marital equation: from sex, to niceness, to outings, to having nice in-laws.

“What do you mean, aunty? Of course! Did she say anything to you?” asked Pritam, ever eager to keep his wife happy. The marriage had been controversial and had very nearly not happened. They loved each other dearly and were willing to take on any challenge. Then suddenly, the Thakur, his father had turned a supporter of the marriage proposal. Pritam had no clue that his father’s change of heart had anything to do with a direct encounter between Binita and her prospective father-in-law. The virgin bride-to-be lost her virginity in a spirited meeting. The sexual desire and bond between Thakur and Binita then became a parallel track to the abiding love between Binita and Pritam.

Pritam was determined as ever to make something he had fought so hard for a success. He was particularly caring towards Binita and took care of her every need. And now here was Sheila aunty suggesting something might be amiss. She was more than a mother to them. While his own mother was in the village, in this large soulless city, it was Sheila aunty.

Sheila shook her head. “No. She didn’t. But she doesn’t need to you know. I know her,” she replied.

“So what is it, you think?” asked Pritam. If there was anything to be solved, he was going to fix it.

“How good are you with her in bed?” asked Sheila, her chest constricting as she said that. She felt blood rushing to her face. She had opened the topic.

Pritam just stared at her. Vegetable shopping, yes. Where to dine out, yes. Making sure the house was well equipped, yes. Medicines and consultation for typical women issues — just fine. But sex?

Sheila cleared her throat. “Well?” she egged him. It was a job which had to be done and there was no one but her to do it.

“We are quite regular and she seems quite happy with it,” mumbled Pritam, eyes down as he felt his ears burning in embarrassment.

Sheila felt bad for the young man. Poor chap. So earnest and well meaning and there was his wife, being a bitch with the father. Suddenly, she felt angry with Thakur for becoming a competitor to his own son. It made her more determined to de-addict Binita. That would teach him!

“Hey!” she said softly. She held his chin and lifted his face up. “Nothing for you to be shy with aunty, ok?” she whispered, “I am there for you.” She hugged him. And perhaps for the first time each felt the other. She felt her breasts press against his arm. And he felt those mounds on his arm.

“Look, there are some things which you just must know,” said Sheila, warming to the task. Suddenly she felt conscious of her attire. She had worn a blouse which was tethered with laces right up to her throat. It seemed completely modest, with no cleavage or skin showing at all. But it was completely backless. Self-consciously she tried to pull her saree pallo around her shoulders to cover her back. She merely drew attention to her smooth expanse of skin on the back.

The blouse was actually designed for seduction. The seemingly modest front had two panels, neither of which, on their own could cover a breast fully. But pulled together and laced up, they concealed the front completely. It was in black silk with a self-pattern in black. And there is nothing as seductive as black. For those who were looking for it, the effect was to bunch those masses of flesh tightly and hold them up together, as if they were waiting to burst into your presence. All it needed was for the top bow knot to be gently tugged open. If you knew, if you looked.

And Pritam was looking now. Sheila wished she had worn a bra — but she had not. She never did with this blouse, though her tailor had told her to be sure to wear one. Her tailor did not know her so well after all. Sheila used this blouse to great effect at parties. A clever adjustment of the saree top would reveal to a person she targeted the true nature of this blouse. To the rest, she seemed more modestly attired than most.

It didn’t help that the surge of blood in her veins had caused her nipples to engorge. They poked out of the sheer silk, adding to the heady effect of her confined breasts. Pritam felt his throat go dry.

“You must learn to keep her tied to you,” said Sheila. Pritam allowed his eyes to wander over Sheila aunty. He had never looked at a woman other than Binita but was now quite intrigued by what Sheila was trying to conceal. As he looked at her back he saw the vast expanse of her smooth flesh. It was inviting. And then he noticed there was only a string at the back — no hint of a bra. His eyes ran down the front of her chest — sure enough, there were her nipples, stabbing out calling for attention.

“How?” canlı casino he croaked for his throat was dry as ever. His mind was elsewhere, his eyes were wandering and the word he spoke was unconnected to anything else.

Sheila glanced at him to see how Pritam was taking this. She saw his eyes fixed on her chest. She looked down and saw what her blood had already told her: engorged nipples. She heaved a sigh which caused her breasts to rise and fall and merely accentuate their sumptuousness.

“You have to make sure that the lovemaking is a complete process,” she continued.

“I always do finish,” replied Pritam, wondering where this was leading. He was suddenly extra conscious of their physical proximity.

“See, this is what I am talking about,” exclaimed Sheila. She pulled her saree around her trying to bring about some true modesty.

Suddenly her husband poked his head out, “What’s on here? Everyone comfortable?” he asked, ever the careful host.

“Just having a private word,” said Sheila waving him off.

“Oh,” he said and retreated. She watched him go over to Binita and said something to her and both of them looked towards the balcony.

“What are you talking about?” asked Pritam. Carefully, he let his arm extend outward and without touching her, brought Sheila within the ambit of his reach. All he needed to do now was curve his hand and it would be on her shoulder. Her skin was tantalizing and within reach. But this conversation was not about her. Yet, his nostrils were loaded with her scent and his eyes were searching out the contours of her body.

“Did she finish? You, of course would finish. What about her?” she asked.

“What about her?” asked Pritam.

Sheila lost it. She turned to face him. “There is more to making love to a woman than just fucking her, ok!” she hissed.

Pritam looked more shocked than ever. Sheila aunty was using words like ‘fuck’ with him.

“What happened to you, aunty? Why are you talking like this?” asked a flustered Pritam.

Again someone interrupted- this time it was Binita. “Is everything okay? We guys are missing you in there,” she said.

“Binita — tum jao. Everything is fine. I am just talking some sense into Pritam!” she said sharply.

Binita stiffened. Could it be about her and babuji? Could Sheila be blurting out the truth? Surely not after the fucking she so gratefully accepted from Babuji? She went back in, now more tense than ever.

“Come with me,” said Sheila to Pritam. “We will never get the privacy we need to talk this through.”

She grabbed his wrist and pulled him. He followed her meekly through the bustling room of visitors. Sheila, the party artist, threw casual remarks at her various guests, making them feel comfortable even as she wove through them on an agenda of her own. Cleverly, she made everyone feel she was present even as she was leaving with Pritam.

Quickly she took Pritam to the top floor of the apartment block.

“Where are you taking me?” asked a bewildered Pritam. He followed her, his eyes now checking out Sheila aunty in a way he had never imagined her before. His eyes wandered between her bare back and the round, rolling ass.

“We are building a party lounge on the rooftop for our building. It is still being completed. We can sit there and chat for a bit,” said Sheila.

Even though there were no lights in the area, the place had a general low illumination from the surrounding areas.

“This is where the bar is going to be,” said Sheila pointing out the work being done. The bar was made with slabs of granite placed at two levels, one for the barman and the other the bar top. “Here is a sink,” she pointed out. “It’s a good plan. We can have our parties and get togethers here henceforth.”

She engaged in minor talk about the work somewhat nervous about the topic she had initiated. She was now here alone with him wondering whether she was doing the right thing. The wine she was sipping had made her heady and talking about sex and Pritam’s evident ignorance was playing tricks on her mind. She had a weakness for seduction and Pritam was dear to her. Getting physical with him did not seem so far fetched. But it was completely the wrong direction to take if marriage counseling was her plan. There were enough problems with Binita fucking her father-in-law.

“Let’s go,” said Sheila abruptly, unable to take the ache in her nipples. She was not in control and this was not how she wanted to do this. Interruptions and all, her house balcony seemed a better bet for control.

“But what about her? What did you bring me here to tell me? You cannot say something is wrong with me and then leave it incomplete,” he complained.

“Oh, nothing is wrong with you dear,” said Sheila spontaneously. She moved towards Pritam and held him by his arm hoping to reassure him. He felt the wine on her breath as she stood close to him.

“Aunty,” murmured the young man.

“Oh, Pritam! I want you two to kaçak casino be so happy,” whispered Sheila rubbing his arm.

“But we are!” said Pritam, moving closer to the woman who had meant so much to them. Those magnificent breasts came to rest against his chest.

“There are things missing. I want to teach you about those,” said Sheila. Feeling her nipples stab his chest. It was years since she had taken a younger man. The seduction game was like swimming; once you learnt it, it came back to you naturally at the opportune moment.

Lips parted, warm, wet and searching, Sheila reached up and closed her mouth over his and kissed Pritam.

“Don’t get this wrong,” she whispered into his lips between kisses. “I am doing this for your own good. Yours and Binita’s.”

Pritam’s mind was in whirl. His pulse was racing and his cock was engorged. His surrogate, stand-in, city mom was kissing him and he was kissing her back. She was a woman worth fucking and he was all ready for her. And if any guilt should have stopped them, she had it covered with her good wishes for them. Her intentions were not to be doubted he thought. His hands came up, one on her hip and the other to side swell of her breast.

“Did you know: just as you finish there is a finish for her too?” murmured Sheila as she nibbled at his lips.

“Is there, aunty?” stammered Pritam. As her lips continued their work, the hands on her became more sure. He felt her breasts. He now wanted to knead them and suck them good. Would she let him?

“Yes, there is. And it needs patience. You cannot go at her with this,” said Sheila sliding a hand between them and feeling the outline of his cock. She gasped. He was nice and hard. The blood pounded in her head. She needed release.

Pritam was startled with the effect of her hand on his cock and his teeth caught her lip.

“Then what?” he asked, his hips moving in the fuck-rhythm against her hand.

“See, that is all you know,” explained Sheila. “To fuck with that cock of yours,” she said, emphasizing the ‘k’s in the sentence, becoming sluttish in her talk.

“Aunty!” gasped Pritam his gasp a mix excitement at Sheila’s talk and his own physical need of the moment.

She pushed him back and walking backward hoisted herself up on the ledge. “Come here, young man,” she invited him. As he walked toward her she raised her leg and placed it on his chest stopping him from getting closer. Her legs were wide and had there been more light he would have glimpsed her pussy, which was at least as engorged as her nipples. The lips were slick with her juices as the woman flowed with the thought of a new seduction and conquest. Pritam could not see it at that moment but Sheila was wearing nothing under her petticoat — another playful habit of hers on party nights.

She slid the leg over his shoulder and placed the other leg on the side wall.

“Go down,” she commanded.

Pritam held her leg in his hand and allowed his lips to drag on her calf. Her legs were fleshy and heavy of a woman well into her forties. But she was silky smooth. As his head moved towards her pussy his head pushed the saree and petticoat into a bunch.

Sheila laughed. “Fool,” she whispered and lifted the garments and threw them over his head.

As the acid smell of her pussy hit him Pritam drew in his breath and gripping her hips in his hand, kissed her there. He gasped as his lips encountered her open wet flesh. She was wearing nothing! He kissed her again, tasting the somewhat viscous fluid. It tasted sharp.

He tried to lift his head. He wanted more of her.

“Stop,” she commanded, forcing his head down.

He shook himself free. “What next?” he asked, peering up to her.

She was a sight to behold. Her lips were hanging open in lust and she had let herself fall back as she allowed her legs to open. Her chest was heaving from her breathless passion.

“Lick me! That is what Binita misses,” she panted.

“She told you?” he asked incredulously.

“I just know,” she hissed, pressing his head down forcefully and lying back. “Put your tongue out and lick me,” she ordered.

Pritam tentatively put out his tongue. And lapped at her. They were weak, exploratory strokes. He needed to be harder. She moved her hips against him, grinding her pussy against his face. Pritam gulped, his tongue losing the battle.

“Your tongue!” she commanded him, holding him by his ears. “It should meet my hip thrusts! Tongue me. Lick me!”

Pritam held out his tongue against the pussy lips which seemed soaked now. He tongued her.

“Yes! Yes!” moaned Sheila. “Like that!”

Pritam’s hands roamed searching for those magnificent breasts. She grabbed his hands. “This is not about you. You guys can only think ‘breasts’ and ‘fuck’. Think about her. Think of the pleasure she is getting now!” she said. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” she intoned to make sure he knew the strokes were working.

“Mmph!” grunted Pritam.

Now focus on the top with the tip of your tongue,” she said.

As he formed a pointed tip with his tongue, he found Sheila aunty manipulating her pussy so her clit touched the point. She shuddered. He felt the slick jut of flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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