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Author’s note: The following incidents are probably mostly fictional. All sexual acts involve living humans aged 18+. These TASTE OF INCEST tales (adapted and expanded from RON’S JOURNAL episodes) include incestuous, bisexual, and multiracial groups. Nobody here is named Jasmine. If you don’t like male bisexuality, stop reading. Ideas expressed are not necessarily the author’s.


An Taste of Incest: A Taste of Jasmine

(Ron, two loving sisters, a cousin, and more)


We shall set the scene.

The time and place: long ago and far away (yes, some decades back), before internets, cellphones, WiFi, safety regulations, and an all-volunteer US military…

Tall, rangy, draftable Ron Carson had started his high school senior year in his suburban Los Angeles hometown amid the familiar crowd he had grown up with, and new kids. During the first semester, the friends became lovers. He learned much. [See A TASTE OF INCEST – A TASTE OF HONEY for that story.]

And then it all fell apart. His father moved, and Ron had to leave everything important behind.

“But Dad, why do we have to move? Why can’t I finish at Piedmont High? Even this one semester?”

His father was grouchy, and tired, and snippy.

“Look, I’m transferring to another division in the company, and I want to see Josephine. Your mom’s new asshole hubby doesn’t want you with them — that’s why I’m stuck with you. Where I go, you go, at least till you’re out of school and have a real job and can pay your own way.”

“But I have a job! Well, part-time anyway. But Uncle Dan says I can keep working at his shop.”

“Too bad. We’re moving. This is NOT for your convenience. Now shut up and pack.”

Ron had tearful farewell sessions with a few girls. But soon, crates of books, clothes, models, tools, and his well-worn red Honda moped, and memories, were all Ron had left of his old life, a hundred miles and two counties away.

One hundred miles (one-sixty kilometers, if you want to get metric and/or anal) isn’t a huge distance in the Los Angeles area. Lots of people commute that far EACH WAY to work EVERY DAY. But they use vehicles a bit more powerful than a moped (top speed: thirty-five MPH).

Ron opened his heart to Judy on the phone. She tore it apart.

“Yeah, sure, the new house is convenient for everything — everything except all I ever lived for. Yeah, school and parks and the library and stores are nearby. Big fucking deal. I’m going nuts here. I miss you so much!”

“You know I love you, and I miss you too, Ron. But we’re just too far apart now. This just won’t work with us. I think you’d better stop calling me.”

Silence. Breathing. Then, KLICK. Oh shit. Just like that. Ka-blooey.


Ron divided his relationships between “inside friends” and “outside friends”. The “inside friends” came into his house, and he visited theirs. The “outside friends” were people he interacted with in public, but never inside homes. He had a fair number of inside friends all his previous life. After leaving his hometown, he had almost none.

Ron knew absolutely nobody when he arrived at Mountain High School. He slowly grew a small group of outside friends, and an even tinier group of inside friends.

Ron at least had one familiar face in his new zone. His wise-ass cousin Will attended the local junior college and worked evenings and weekends at a hamburger stand in the White Front parking lot. A firm vegetarian, flipping burgers. Ha!

Will was a ‘close’ but not ‘nearby’ cousin. His family lived a hundred miles away in a different direction. Ron saw them mostly at Thanksgiving or Christmas feasts, and at the July 4 All-States Picnic, where immigrant families in California gathered with their home-staters to complain about the smog and liberals.

But as ‘close’ first cousins, Ron and Will could have been twins. Hazel eyes behind thick Goldwater glasses; longish black hair; high, sharp cheekbones; dimpled chins. Equally tall and thin. Equally large feet (USA size 17) and long circumcised cocks (more on those later). And similar excitable temperaments. But different mindsets. Will was a year older and a bit wiser, or at least more hopeful.

Even their mopeds were similar.

Ron munched a juicy, loaded burger and chatted during Will’s evening break. He shared his woes.

“You’re looking really down, guy. Don’t like it here?” Will sipped his root beer.

“Hey, it’s hard making friends. Who do I have? There’s Karl, a loony football jock. And folk-singing Melanie, with long brown hair and unattainable round breasts — she just wanted an accompanist. And Denny, he’s a demented math freak. We conspire to build annoying and sometimes dangerous psycho-electronic devices. And a few geeks in the Mandolin Club. That’s about all my ‘outside’ friends.”

Ron paused. “My ‘inside’ friends… besides you, they’re an odd lot. You’re the only guy. Somehow, it’s the little girls who want me, mostly short curvy hyperactive blondes. ikonbet giriş Maybe they think the tall new kid is a worthy challenge, and fresh meat.”

Will was incredulous. “What? ‘Girls’, as in multiples? What are you bitching about, kid? You got women chasing you, and taking you home, and you’re not even a jock, and you’re whining?” He shook his head.

“I dunno, there’s something different about… I mean, if they come up to my chin, they seem like women, but if they don’t even reach my shoulders, they’re just, like, little girls — little girls with big tits maybe, but… it’s just weird-feeling, is all.”

“How weird does it feel when they’re sucking your dick? That’s all that matters.”

“Yeah, well…” Ron masked his embarrassment by filling his jaws with French fries.

Will laughed at his fragile cousin. What a fucking wimp!

Ron stopped whining soon after that. Snugly, hourglass-shaped Tia grabbed him first. Chewable little Cherry got his balls for a while. Then firm-breasted Katie, who wanted mandolin lessons while spooning on a chaise — what a dish! And wispy energetic Angela, with an Afro wider than her shoulders and a mouth deeper than Crater Lake. Too bad they weren’t into group sessions.

But he ended up (long term) with MariLyn Hermann, who had recently graduated from Mountain HS and moved on to the local junior college. Their story comes later.


Ron lived only a few blocks away from school, and from the Hermann family.

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hermann (Ev Senior and Kathy) worked together at an aerospace plant. Kathy had quit Catholicism for Hatha yoga. She returned home from work each day, meditated and practiced her asanas nude in the back yard for an hour, and then fixed dinner.

Their kids were short blonde MariLyn, a year older than Ron; taller fuller blonder Bethany, his age, and his classmate; and evasive Ev Junior, a year younger.

Ron dropped in at Will’s burger stand most evenings when Will was working. A good discount on the food, of course, but also a familiar ear for talking things over.

“You still hanging with those little girls, guy?” Will scraped the grill clean.

“Got a bigger one now. She hasn’t put out yet, but maybe… Anyway, she’s Bethany. Got a round face and a medium body, stands up to my shoulder, nice round boobs and ample hips. She edits the Mountain HS student paper. Likes my poetry and essays and she’s published a few. We’re going from ‘outside’ to ‘inside’ friends. I expect her to take me home to meet the family soon.”

“Bethany? Bethany Hermann? Hey, I know her! I have classes at the JC with her little big sister MariLyn. Damn, she’s a pistol! MariLyn, I mean.”

“Yeah? She anything like Bethany? Bethany’s really literary. She’ll be a hotshot writer someday.”

“Naw, MariLyn is, like, hyper and bouncy and scattered. Plays guitar, gets stoned, and she’s into weird stuff.” Will squirted himself another cup of root beer. “Let me tell you about the Hermann family. They’re a trip.”

“The household is pretty loose. There’s a note taped to the refrigerator door, says: NOTICE — PLEASE DO NOT SLAM THIS OR ANY OTHER DOOR AFTER 10 PM — SIGNED, THE MANAGEMENT. ‘Management’ never physically punishes the kids, and they tolerate some pretty odd behavior.” (They later switched careers, from aerospace to slumlording.)

“A few years ago, MariLyn used to have hundreds of iguanas running around the house, hiding under furniture, fucking and devouring each other, shitting all over. Good thing they’re gone now. Beth says the stink was fucking awful! Ev Junior plays stoned organ in an acid-rock band. You’ll hear them rehearse — LOUD — in the garage. He’s a sneaky little shit.” (He later became a guided-missile salesman.)

“Bethany is the ‘normal’ one. Don’t fuck with her — she knows karate. You haven’t seen the sisters’ bedroom yet? They share a bed, y’know. Anyway, Bethany’s side of the room is filled with artwork of elves and demons. She’s a Tolkien freak. Her head’s filled with medieval history and detailed fantastic stories.” (She later moved to bleak Scotland and became a best-selling author of fantasy and historical fiction.)

Ron shook his head. “Sounds like a real funhouse. Should I take weapons?”

Will laughed. “Bethany would probably like it if you carried a broadsword or mace or morningstar or some ancient shit like that. She takes fencing lessons, y’know.” He thought about her Passe Avant posture. Not bad, not bad…

There was a lot Ron did not know about Bethany. He would learn.

Bethany was struck by this new kid. Tall, smart, musical, literate, with a strange air of lost-cat insecurity and magnetism. And he seemed to like her!

Bethany did indeed take him home to meet the family, but it was MariLyn who stuck firm tits into his torso and led him to and fro. And MariLyn had a VW bug, and loved driving him around. Transport! He was no longer stuck on the damn moped! But of course, he could not get rides ikonbet yeni giriş back to visit old lovers. Bummer…

MariLyn didn’t know the details of Ron’s old love life, but she wasn’t about to take risks. A ride back to his old hometown? Fat fucking chance! He wants to go, he can make the three-hour ride each way on his putzy little moped. She felt good about standing pat.

Ron could not know it then, but Bethany and Will and especially MariLyn would shape his life for many years to come. Sex, and much else.


Ron and Bethany often lunched together on homemade sandwiches and school milk in the cafeteria. Her presence seemed to keep the big-titted little girls at bay. They talked about writing, and travel (the Hermanns were in Australia the previous year while Ev Senior worked on missile guidance systems at Woomera), and the war of course (Ron worried about being drafted after high school), and music. And sex.

“Ron, I know you and MariLyn have this thing going. She tells me everything.”

A thing going. Well, yes, they did manage to get the VW’s passenger seat down so MariLyn could blow him, and he could finger her, and she could ride him — if she bent over so she wouldn’t bash her head on the Bug’s low roofline. Innocent stuff like that. A thing…

“Umm, everything? Are you, like, uncomfortable about us?”

“What she does is up to her. We don’t run each other’s lives. I’m okay with you. You know I like you, but I’m not going to compete with her. We can be friends.”

Bethany took a breath. “But there’s something you’ll find out, something you have to know. It’s a secret. I trust you, and it’s got to STAY secret.”

Was she ready to spill this? She had thought long and hard. Yes, this was the time, the place, the person. She just HAD to tell.

She put her mouth to his ear. She whispered that she and MariLyn made love in their shared bed while the elves and demons watched and encouraged them.

Ron’s eyes widened, but he kept his mouth shut.

“It started as, like, we’re whispering and giggling and comparing how we’re growing boobs and hair and stuff. And then touching, to verify. And then touching, for fun. And more fun. Touching ourselves. Then each other. And practicing kissing. On cheeks and ears first, and then on mouths, and over our bodies, and now… elsewhere,” she whispered.

She quickly made another decision. She and MariLyn had discussed the possibilities, and left the option open. Well, this is it, she decided. She firmed-up her resolve.

Bethany leaned back in her cafeteria chair and took a bite from her apple.

“My folks will be gone this weekend, at a stupid est seminar. Yes, they ARE intellectual masochists! And Junior’s band is playing in Santa Monica, and they’re staying over there. And Will is off work Saturday night. So, this is an invitation. You and Will are invited to visit on Saturday night. Bring a change of clothes. Got it? And yes, MariLyn and I are both on The Pill. Keeps our periods regular.”

Ron blinked. His mouth twitched. Otherwise, he was frozen in place.

Bethany gathered the remains of her lunch. She scanned the room for teachers’ eyeballs, then leaned over and kissed Ron’s cheek. She stood from her chair, straightened her starched white blouse, short-waved her tanned arm at him, and sauntered off. Ron watched her ass wriggle inside her tight leather skirt.

It was almost like Christmas! Visions of sugarplums danced through his head…


Will and Ron, with almost-matching bodies and faces, wearing almost-matching engineer boots and denim jeans and jackets, bearing almost-matching day packs, rolled their almost-matching rust-red mopeds up the Hermanns’ driveway and into the garage. MariLyn opened the door from the kitchen and called to them.

“Good. You’re right on time. Close up out there and come on in. Leave your boots out there. Bring your butts in here. The party is about to start.”

The party was well-provisioned. Almaden wine, homemade pizzas (one meatless), homegrown weed, orange-vanilla ice cream bars, and flesh.

Outside, it was a dark, cool, quiet night. Inside, the heaters were turned up and the clothes were few. Bethany and MariLyn had started in colorful tees and minis and nothing else. Will and Ron were quickly down to just their jeans. As the room temperature rose, even those denim trousers were too much. Skivvies only!

Dinner debris was cleared away. Indian ragas played on the stereo. Sandalwood incense smoked. Everyone retired to the big living room couch.

Bethany sat astride her classmate Ron, facing him, pressing her red-tee-shirted boobs into his bare muscular chest, her tongue into his mouth, her fingers into his shoulder blades. His hands firmly held her bare ass.

Next to them, MariLyn sat sidesaddle on Will’s lap, her hands holding his mouth to hers. Will’s hands were busy: one, exploring under her blue tee, gently kneaded her breast; the other stroked her exposed ikonbet güvenilirmi ever-wetter pussy.

“Oh fuck,” MariLyn murmured, as Will’s magic fingers slowly moved in and out of her slick juicy vagina and circled her clitoris. “Oh fuck…”

Bethany saw opportunity for further action. She slid down from Ron’s lap, pulling his checkerboard boxers along with her. She pulled her tee over her head, and then settled between his knees. She spread them. She tapped his fat cock with her index finger and looked up at him.

“Ready?” She did not wait for a reply. She opened her mouth, and filled it.

MariLyn looked down at her big little sister’s lemon-haired head bobbing on Ron’s large happy cock.

“Mmmm, looks like fun, but I’m ready for more. How about you?” She gazed into Will’s dark eyes. She knew what she wanted.

Will just nodded. “Why sure…” he said.

MariLyn moved decisively. She stood, slipped off her own tee, pushed his butt up, and pulled off his tidy-whitey briefs — see, Ron and Will were not EXACTLY alike! She knelt astraddle his naked lap, her thighs outside his, her miniskirt around her waist, his cock sticking straight up. She lowered herself onto him. He guided himself inside. “Ohhh…” they muttered. “Ahhh…”

MariLyn moved slowly atop Will, then faster. And faster. Oh damn, he felt good inside her! Oh fuck…

Beside them, Bethany brought Ron to a quick oral climax. She licked her smile with satisfaction. Mmmm, the taste of his cum… not bad… for a carnivore…

Ron was not sedated long. He picked up Bethany’s firm body and swung her onto the couch, lifting her short skirt and spreading her legs. He knelt between her knees, but pulled her torso forward. He suckled deeply at one breast, then the other, and back, and again, holding her shoulder with his right hand. His left hand was busy at her pussy, stroking, probing, pushing, teasing.

Bethany wrapped her legs around Ron’s hips. She was in heaven! And it got better.

Ron bent and replaced his left hand with his mouth. His palms cupped her breasts; his fingers circled her nipples. His tongue had a mind of its own. Bethany squealed.

Ron’s tongue wrote a cryptic alphabet around Bethany’s clitoris, then dipped into her vagina, then back out, licking her slit from taint to clit. His lips applied suction. “Oh fuck!” His tongue flutter-brushed her sensitized nub like a butterfly’s wing. “Oh, oh, oh…” His teeth bit gently. “AAARRRGGHH!!” Bethany thrashed and flooded.

MariLyn rode Will faster yet. Her hips blurred in motion. His hands caressed and abused her bouncy little breasts. She rose to the top of her wild ride. And stopped. And slid down heavily. And yelled. And rose and dropped again. And wailed again.

Will thrashed his pelvis vertically, driving into MariLyn’s depths. He grunted, and spewed, squirting, squirting… oh god, MariLyn thought, it feels like gallons! A hot flash pinged through her small pale body. “OH FUCK!!” she screamed.

MariLyn collapsed atop Will. His spent member slid from within her. She rolled off him, to the side, shoehorned-in between her nearly-naked sister (with naked Ron nuzzling her thighs) and totally-naked Will. Thick cum oozed from her happy pussy.

Bethany knew what she wanted to do next.

“Oh, look at these poor guys, all fucked out! Hey sis, I know how to get them back into action! Move away, boys.”

Bethany pushed Ron aside. She, moved off the couch, slid her little big sister over slightly, spread her legs, and knelt between her knobby knees.

MariLyn’s glazed eyes looked down at her big little sister. “Oh yeah, give’em a show.” She opened her legs wider.

Bethany gave her sister’s clit a little nibble. MariLyn jumped and squeaked. Bethany grinned and dove in, slurping-up Will’s creampie, licking around MariLyn’s labia, and then teasing her clit again. MariLyn twitched and moaned. Bethany dug in.

Ron and Will both stared — fascinated, aroused, stiffening. Bethany applied fingers as well as her mouth to MariLyn’s pussy. The smaller, older girl shook and cried.

“Oh baby, oh oh, that’s… oh fuck, oh fuck… AHHHH!!”

MariLyn convulsed in a stream of orgasms, moaning continuously. She finally pushed her sister’s head away from her fluffy vulva.

“Enough already, oh fuck, oh fuck… stop now, really!”

Bethany sat back and licked her lips.

“Ooh, that was tasty! Nice cum, Will! But now I’d like a shot straight from the source.” She reached over and fondled his long hard cock. “Oh yeah, I think you’re about ready.” She knee-walked between his thighs, lowered her head, and swallowed him.

MariLyn tugged at Ron.

“You don’t have to be left out, Ronny. C’mon and do me.”

She stood and staggered to the end of the couch. She laid herself over the arm, tits on the cushions, butt in the air. She glanced at Ron. Oooh, she wanted his long dick inside her! She reached back and pulled her pussy open.

“Open invitation. Jump right in.”

“Well, since the lady asks,” Ron drawled.

He stood behind her and admired MariLyn’s tight little bottom. Very tempting. And who was he to resist temptation? He gently spread her ass cheeks. Tight little rosebud, hmmm… No, better save that for another time.

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