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My thirty-one-year-old lover, Jessika, slid her pussy down my erection, engulfing me inside her wet warmth. As she did so, her eyes were focused on a tripod mounted camera at the head of my bed. We had just finished recording and then watching a video of the curvy brunette giving me a fantastic blowjob and of me finishing on her lovely face. Now she was riding me, looking into one camera while another across the room filmed it all.

“Fuck, your cock feels good in my cunt, Mark,” she groaned, looking down at me for a moment.

“Your cunt feels fantastic around my cock,” I replied, massaging and squeezing her large breasts.

“Did you like me rubbing my furry pussy on it first?” she asked.

“I always do,” I moaned.

Jessika looked back up at the camera, and when she did so, I pushed myself up with one elbow and started sucking on first one thick nipple, then the other. Jessika moaned even louder, then straightened up so they were out of the reach of my mouth.

She grabbed her breasts with her own hands and squished them together, holding them like that for several seconds. After that, she took one in each hand and tightened her finger around them. I put my hands over hers and forced her fingers to squeeze even tighter.

“Fuck,” she groaned, then slid her hands out from under mine as she began pumping up and down on me faster and faster.

Her augmented breasts began bouncing up and down as she rammed herself onto my erection over and over. I started pushing my hips up to meet hers, and soon I was breathing almost as hard as she was.

“I’m so fucking close,” she moaned, using one hand to sweep her long hair from her flushed and perspiring face. “Slap my boobs.”

I did as she asked, slapping both several times. It was on the second-to-last slap that Jessika came to a sudden stop, then shuddered, her vagina squeezing me. Soon, the little squeaks that always accompanied her orgasms began to issue from her parted lips.

When her climax was over, she grinned down at me, her face still flush, and said, “Oh, that was good,” before asking, “Do you want me to continue or you want to switch places?”

“I want you to continue,” I told her, massaging her slightly reddened breasts.

“Lazy,” Jessika teased as she leaned toward me, bracing herself with her arms as she began to rock backward and forward on top of me. “Making your lover do all the work, and that’s even after getting a blowjob.”

“I love it when you ride me, Squeaker,” I said, which brought the smile back to Jessika’s face. “But if you want to switch…”

“Just shut up and lay there,” the brunette snarled, but the amusement in her eyes belied her tone.

After rocking for several seconds more, Jessika started to slide up and down on me. I reached for her breasts, but she shook her head and moved my hands away.

“Oh no, Mark. I told you just to lay there.”

“It should be ‘lie’ there,” I grinned up at her. “‘Lay’ is the past tense of ‘to lie’. It is the present tense of the causative, ‘to lay’.”

“You keep that up, and you can ‘lie’ there by yourself because you will not be getting ‘laid’,” Jessika shot back, but I could see the smile threatening to break out on her face. “Or screwed, or fucked, or ‘coitused’, or whatever word you want to use for your cock being in my pussy.”

“Well, ‘coitus’ is not a verb. I think the right Latin term would be some conjugation of ‘futuere’ or ‘confutuere’, likely the passive, but I do not remember what that would be.”

“Are we really talking about Latin right now?” Jessika asked, rolling her eyes even though her breathing was again starting to quicken.

“You brought up ‘coitus’,” I reminded her.

“Yeah, as something you will not be getting if you keep this shit up,” she advised me, but she started increasing her tempo as well as how far she slid up and down me. “What girl wants a Latin discussion while she’s riding cock?”

“I think it is kind of cute, really,” I told the brunette, then waited for her reaction.

“Fuck cute,” she growled.

“I am, Squeaker,” I chuckled. “I am fucking you.”

“No, I’m fucking you. And right now, if your cock didn’t fit inside me like it was made to fit in there, I wouldn’t be doing that,” Jessika said, trying to sound angry, but the moan that followed her words ruined the effect.

“Are you going to come again, Jessika?” I asked, noticing her face was starting to redden.

“Maybe,” she whimpered. “You’re not going to tell me I’m cute when I come, are you?”

“No,” I assured her. “You are fucking beautiful when you come.”

“FUCK!” she yelled before she stopped sliding on my shaft and started shaking.

“Those little squeaks are cute, though,” I said when she started making them. “I love hearing them, knowing the pleasure you are feeling.”

“Yeah?” she panted, and like after her prior orgasm, she had to sweep back her hair where it had fallen across her face. “Then I’ll forgive you calling them cute, this time.”

“God, Maraş Escort there is nothing like sex with you, Jessika,” I grinned, grabbing her breasts and squeezing them, albeit relatively lightly. “Fun, comfortable, erotic, easy, mind-blowing…”

Jessika dropped down on top of me, mashed her full lips to mine, and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I pushed mine back at her, but it was a losing battle. This was Jessika kissing me, not me kissing her, and she wanted me to know that.

“I’m going to forgive you calling me fucking ‘easy’ too,” the brunette told me several seconds later, her face inches from my face. “Because the rest made up for it. You know it’s never been like this for me with anyone else, and it keeps getting better.”

“I did not exactly call you ‘easy’,” I replied. “I said being with you is easy. And what is making it better? The Latin talk?”

“I know what you meant,” she chided, shaking her head. “And what’s better is just being with you. Now shut the fuck up and let me get you off.”

The next several minutes proceeded in silence save for our breathing, moaning, and grunting. Jessika kept her eyes locked on mine, not looking at the camera even once, as she pushed up and down my erection. I moved my groin up every time she slid down, and I played with her breasts, although nothing too rough.

“Tell me when you’re going to come,” Jessika requested after a particularly loud groan from me.

I told her that I would, leading to the lovely brunette smiling and moving a little quicker. It could not have been more than two or three minutes later when I let her know I was close. Jessika immediately put her hand on my chest and pushed herself upright. She then started bouncing up and down with my shaft all the way inside of her. I was so mesmerized by the way her chest was moving while she bounced on me that I did not realize that I had reached orgasm until I was shooting inside of her.


Soft snores came from Jessika’s parted lips. After she had ridden me to my orgasm, I stayed on my back as Jessika snuggled up to me, her head on my chest and shoulder. We did not talk about anything consequential, and Jessika drifted off to sleep after a few minutes. That had been twenty minutes prior, and the brunette had since rolled onto her back, the movement uncovering one of her breasts.

I carefully got out of bed to turn off the tripod mounted cameras. I took a quick trip to the bathroom, then pulled out sweats and a t-shirt from my dresser before going to the kitchen. Since I had not eaten dinner, I grabbed a couple slices of cold pizza and sat down to eat them. As I ate, I thought about everything that had happened that night, as well as about Jessi.

I had enjoyed every minute I had spent with Jessika. In fact, other than when she was mad, which usually was for good reason and did not last long, I always enjoyed spending time with my brunette lover. And it was not even because they were all good times. The anniversary of her brother’s death had been a very trying time for Jessika, but I had been glad that I could be there for her.

This was not the case with Jessi, of course. Every time we were together, it was up and down-incredibly arousing one moment, stressfully tense the next. And now that some time had passed since my weekend with Jessi at the cabin, I was not as sure that my then conclusion that the high points were higher with Jessi than with Jessika was correct. They were different, that was certain, but I could not say one was better than the other. The real difference was that I felt better about myself when I was with Jessika than I did when I was with Jessi.

That realization troubled me. Jessi and I had said a lot to each other during the prior weekend, and we had both told the other that we would try to meet part way. I could not go back on that now, given how Jessi would likely react, and rightly so, to such an abandonment. It would be a horrible thing to do to her.

My thoughts were interrupted when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see Jessika standing there wearing one of my dress shirts and looking stunning despite-or maybe because of-her messy hair.

“I didn’t know where you went,” she told me, walking into the kitchen. “I woke up alone.”

“I was hungry. I did not mean to wake you.”

“I don’t think you did,” the brunette said as she sat down then yawned and stretched. “Maybe I just needed a little nap after having to work so hard to make you come.”

“You were fantastic,” I told her. “I am a lucky man.”

“And I’m a lucky girl,” she grinned. “And hungry. Can you hand me a slice of pizza, please?”

“Do you want it heated,” I asked as I took out a piece.

“Nope,” she replied, shaking her head. “Who warms up leftover pizza? The point is to eat it cold.”

“That’s my thought,” I agreed, handing her the slice. “Do you want a napkin?”

“Nah, I’ll be careful not to drop the pizza,” she teased. “And when I’m done, I’ll just Maraş Escort Bayan lick my fingers clean.”

I almost choked on the bite I had just taken when Jessika showed me how she might lick her fingers. She sucked one into her mouth, briefly hollowing out her cheeks, then pulled her lips off and ran her tongue up and down it. Upon seeing my reaction to her demonstration, she winked before taking a bite of her own slice. I was sure that part of why she had started eating was to keep herself from laughing.

When we were done, and Jessika had made a show of sucking and licking her fingers clean, I suggested we go back to the bedroom and use the laptop to watch the videos recorded by the tripod mounted cameras. Jessika chewed on the corner of her bottom lip for a second or two, then shook her head.

“Um, I think I’m just going to get my stuff and go,” she said, and despite the fact she did not look upset in any way, I wondered if something had gone wrong without me noticing it.

“And nothing’s wrong,” the brunette continued, guessing my concern.

“I thought you would spend the night,” I responded, trying to keep my tone neutral

“Not tonight. But here, I’ll text you the address where to meet me tomorrow. And you can spend the night at my place tomorrow.”

“Are you going to tell me what we are doing tomorrow?” I asked as she typed on her phone.

“Nope,” she said with a little popping sound on the ‘p’. “But dress warm. Jeans and a jacket that you would not be too upset if it got a bit dirty. And boots. Do you have boots?”

“What kind of boots?” I asked, perplexed by her comments regarding what I would need to wear for whatever it was we were doing the next day. “I have hiking boots.”

“Are they leather?”


“Well, I guess those will do,” she shrugged, then continued.

“Why do I need boots?”

“I’m just going to get my things together now and get dressed,” my lover said, ignoring my question.

As she moved toward my couch, where I assumed she must have left her clothes, I looked at the address she had texted to me. It was on the south end of town near the foothills. It was also close to where the parcel of land that had belonged to her brother was located.

I looked up at Jessika just in time to see her pull her jeans on. Wearing my shirt still, she picked up her bra, sweater, and purse before walking back into the kitchen. I stood up, wanting to ask her again about what we were doing the next day, but she pulled me into a hug and kissed me, her firm, augmented chest pushed against my ribs.

“My black lace panties are somewhere in your room,” she grinned when she finally stepped back from the hug. “You keep them, and I’m going to keep this shirt.

“It looks better on you than on me,” I told her, making a show of staring at where it stretched tight across her bosom, revealing her firm, thick nipples. “I doubt the same is true the other way around.”

“I would hope not,” she laughed, placing her hand on my chest. “And I would not want to see it. If I did, I might have to re-evaluate this entire relation… um… friendship.”

The brunette blushed, averted her eyes, and dropped her hand from my chest. In that moment, I was sure that she was feeling seething more than friendship, even considering that the friendship we had staked out with each other was much more intimate than a regular friendship. I looked at her standing there in my shirt, chewing on her bottom lip again as she avoided eye contact with me, and I wondered what a lifetime would be like with this incredible woman.

“I have to go,” Jessika said, her voice wavering a bit on the word ‘go’. And with that, the spell was broken.

“What time am I supposed to meet you?” I called as she headed for my front door.

“What?” she asked, turning to look at me with watery and confused eyes.

“The mystery activity,” I explained. “What time should I meet you?”

“Um, 10:00 am should work,” she replied, again looking away from me and opening the front door.

“Okay. I will be there.

Jessika looked back at me once more and said, “Bye, Mark.”

“Bye, Jessika,” I replied, and then she was gone.


The address Jessika gave me turned out to be a small ranch right up next to the foothills. The sign at the entry to the ranch listed “Trail Rides”, “Horseback Riding Lessons”, and “Horse Boarding” as services offered by the ranch. New uncertainties about the day’s activity piled on top of the uncertainties that had already been circling around in my brain overnight and throughout the morning.

The biggest uncertainty of all was whether Jessika would even be there, given the way we had parted the night before. I was quite sure she would have texted me or called if she wanted to cancel whatever we were supposed to be doing, but I also thought it possible that she might want to avoid any contact with me if she was worried about the status of our relationship. She had briefly stopped Escort Maraş contact before in instances where she was trying to keep us at friends with benefits.

When I reached the ranch house, my concern about the lovely brunette not showing up was alleviated when I saw her car parked alongside a pickup truck. When I parked and got out, immediately smelling livestock and hay.

“You must be Mark,” an older woman, maybe sixty-five-years-old or so, said as she walked toward me. “Jessika told us to expect you around 10:00. I’m Celia.”

The woman, who was dressed in jeans, a denim coat, and cowboy boots, put out her hand and I shook it, a little surprised by the strength of her grip until I thought about where we were and how she was dressed. This was clearly a working ranch.

“I assume she is here, since her car is here,” I said, looking around.

“She’s with Stephen, that’s my husband, getting the horses ready.”

“Oh, horses,” I said, feeling somewhat dense for not having guessed earlier what Jessika had planned for us today. “We’re going horseback riding, I guess.”

The woman looked at me quizzically, then shook her head before saying, “It’s strange.”

“That she didn’t tell me what we were going to be doing?” I replied, nodding in agreement.

“Well, that, sure,” Celia chuckled. “Although, it does fit her sense of humor. No, I meant that she’s bringing a guy riding with her. She’s never done that before, not even when she was married to that ex-husband of hers. Well, she’s had her brother come with her a few times. Both of them, actually, before Josh passed. But no men other than family.”

I looked at Celia, realizing that she must know Jessika quite well. I wondered about her observation and what it might mean.

“Do you know why that is?” I asked, immediately regretting my question. Even if she knew, she might not tell me.

“I can’t say, really,” she replied, confirming my thoughts. “I guess it was not something she wanted to share before. Maybe you’re special.”

“We are just friends…” I started, but at that moment Jessika and an older man came from behind a structure that looked to be a stable, and they were leading two horses.

But it was not the horses that made me stare and stop what I was saying. It was Jessika. She was dressed in substantially the same clothes as Celia-and the older man, who must have been Stephen, for that matter-but the effect was entirely different. Faded blue jeans clung to every curve of her hips and legs, a look accentuated by the worn, brown cowboy boots on her feet. A dark blue denim jacket, buttoned up all the way, hugged the shape of her torso, emphasizing her incredible bosom. And her wavy, chocolate brown hair flowed from underneath a straw cowboy hat, framing her smiling face. When she saw me, the easy smile changed to a wide, earsplitting grin.

“Friends, huh?” Celia scoffed, looking from me to Jessika as we stared at each other. “Okay.”

Jessika handed the reins of the hose she had been leading to the man, then walked over to where I was standing. I was not sure what was going to happen when she reached me, and I the brunette did not appear to be sure either, at least based on the tentative expression on her face. But when she reached me, we hugged without hesitation. I thought about kissing her, and from the look in her eyes I suspect that she had similar thoughts, but we did not do so. I wondered if that had something to do with the fact that Celia was standing there watching us, but I feared it might be related to the way we had parted the night before.

“I see you’ve met Celia already,” Jessika said after we separated. “Come meet Stephen. Oh, and Evenstar and Strider too.”

“Evenstar and Strider?” I asked as Jessika grabbed my hands and pulled me toward the man and the horses.

“The horses,” she laughed. “Celia is a Tolkien nut.”

I did not have time to say anything else before Jessika was saying, “Stephen, this is my friend Mark. Mark, Stephen is Celia’s husband. This is their ranch.”

“Nice to meet you, Stephen,” I said, shaking his hand.

As I expected, the older man’s handshake was firm, and I tried to meet him with the same

“Nice to meet you too, Mark. Friends of Jess’s are always welcome here,” Stephen said, glancing at my brunette lover with a look of fatherly affection. “At least friends that always treat her well, that is.”

“That’s not necessary, Stephen,” Jessika laughed. “Mark is a good friend.”

The older man nodded, then handed me the reins to a gray colored horse.

“This is Strider. You’ll be riding him. He’s a nice, calm horse. Jess said she was not sure what kind of experience you had riding, so we thought he would be a safe choice.”

“And he will follow his Evenstar anywhere she goes, so that’s a plus,” Jessika added, pointing to the horse standing beside her, which was a kind of silvery light brown color. “They grew up together.”

“And Jessika helped foal them both,” Celia added from behind us. “They both adore her.”

“Well, it is good Strider is calm,” I said, mainly looking at Jessika. “I was eighteen the last and only time I ever rode a horse.”

“Hmmm, that would have made me five,” the brunette grinned. “And I was already riding by then.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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