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I walked into the dark house and sat on the couch, not bothering to turn on any lights. Twenty minutes earlier, I had dropped off Jessi at her apartment. On the second half of our drive home from the cabin, she had refused to say anything else after she had proclaimed that I did not love her enough. So when we reached her apartment, I tried one last time to talk to her. But my attempt to initiate communication with her failed. The young blonde just gave me sad-eyed look, kissed my cheek, and got out of the car. I got out too and helped her with her suitcase, but she did not allow me to take it up the stairs to her apartment. She did not even wave goodbye before she closed her apartment door.

After some time sitting on my couch, I made myself go back out to my car so I could bring in my suitcase and the leftover food. It was not until then that I realized Jessi had left her roses in my car. I took the flowers inside, placed them on my kitchen table and texted Jessi.

“I have your roses. Do you want me to bring them over?”

A few seconds later, her text pinged in: “no”.

I was considering whether to ignore her text and take them over to her anyway when it occurred to me that I had never shown her the pictures that she had asked me to take. Given her current self-esteem issues, my first thought was that not showing them had probably been a good thing. However, as I thought about it more, I began to wonder if seeing herself happy, even that way, might help her feel better. And so the part of me that knew that sending her the pictures was a stupid plan was shouted down by the part that was grasping at straws to find something to make Jessi happy again.

I hurried to my office and booted up my computer. I then plugged my phone in and started to download pictures. I had decided that it might be better to send the photos by email rather than by phone, although I was not sure whether I had a valid concern or I just wanted to move the pictures to my computer so I could look at them on the larger screen.

As I was selecting the pictures to download, however, I saw the candid picture that I had taken of Jessi reading. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, she was wearing the pink turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans, and her legs were tucked up underneath her on the couch. I thought the colors of her clothes and the furnishings detracted from the beauty of both Jessi and the shot itself, so after I downloaded the picture, I used a black and white filter. The modified photo was breathtaking. I abandoned my prior plan to send the young woman the pictures of her covered with semen, as I recognized that plan was ill-conceived at best. Instead, I decided to send her a short email and attach the black and white version of the photo of her reading.

“This is what I see when I look at you. This is who I know you to be-a beautiful, exciting, adventurous young woman with deep thoughts and plenty of love to give to others, if she would just allow herself to be loved,” I wrote in the email, then I clicked send.

I waited a few minutes for a response, then I began downloading the rest of the pictures from the weekend. I put them in a computer folder labeled with Jessi’s initials. I pondered looking at those pictures in more detail after moving them to the computer, as what I had seen while downloading them had reinforced my initial reaction that they were incredibly erotic and arousing. However, instead of looking at the images, I decided to take some other pictures of Jessi off my phone as well. It had occurred to me that it was likely not a good idea to have explicit pictures of a former student on my phone, even though it was my private phone, as I often used it for work purposes.

While searching through the photos on my phone, I came across the pictures of Jessi and Amara that Jessi had sent to me when I was away with Jessika. I transferred those to my computer, then went through them, expanding each so that it filled the screen. Despite the fact that I had earlier told Jessi that I was spent after the weekend’s activities, looking at the two women together and remembering the threesome with them, at least the part of it before Jessi had lost control of her emotions, was having an effect on my penis. It was not fully erect, but it certainly was not flaccid either.

Another thought occurred to me as I looked at a picture of Jessi’s face between Amara’s legs. Jessi had sent me a video of Amara and her, but I had told Jessika to delete it. I had turned my phone over to my brunette lover at that point because I had not wanted to see what else Jessi had sent.

Searching through the folders on my phone, I found no trace of the video. So, I performed an internet search to learn how to find deleted files on my phone. Unfortunately, none of the techniques that I found were able to locate the video. I was just at the point of accepting that it was really gone when I heard my doorbell ring.

Perplexed as to who could be at my door at almost 10:00 pm, as soon tuzla bayan escortlar as I reached the door I looked through the peephole and recognized Jessi’s blonde hair and large, black coat. I pulled the door open and found myself the subject of one of those hyper-intense Jessi stares.

“Did you come for your roses?” I asked, then my mouth was filled with the twenty-year-old blonde’s tongue as she crashed into me and kissed me.

Grabbing my lover’s slender waist, I steered us inside of my house, then kicked the door shut. The sound of it slamming caused Jessi to step back from me.

“I can’t stay, Mark,” she told me. “I just wanted to thank you.”

“For what?” I asked, not sure where she was headed.

“The picture and what you wrote,” she explained, a serious expression etched onto her face. “And for the weekend. And for saving my roses for me.”

“It is the truth,” I shrugged. “Both what I wrote and what the picture shows about you. You are not who, or what, you fear you are.”

“I am, but maybe not in your eyes,” she responded, her gaze locked on me. “And maybe someday I won’t be that in my own eyes either.”


“I have to go. If I stay, I’ll want to fuck. And right now, I don’t want to want that. I want you to think about me like you see me in the picture, not me on my knees or with my legs spread. Do you understand?”

“I do,” I assured her.

The young blonde reached up and ran her fingers down my cheek, then she stepped closer and kissed me, her soft lips moving with mine. It was not as aggressive as when she had kissed me after I had opened the door, yet it was heavy with passion.

“It also helps that I took my meds and they evened me out a bit,” she whispered before she stepped back again. “I’m sorry that I put you through all that.”

“I understand,” I said. “I’ll get your roses.”

“Can I borrow the book too?” she asked, referring to the hardback copy of Maia that I had bought at the used bookstore.

“Sure,” I smiled. “I had already thought you would.”

“Thanks, Mark,” she said while I retrieved the roses and the book.

After I handed them to her, she thanked me again. And then, for the first time since I answered the door, she gave me what I knew to be a real smile.

“You’re a good man, even if you think what we do together makes you not as good as you want to be. That’s what I was trying to say at the cabin. When you think about it like that, we’re kinda the same, huh? We don’t see ourselves the way we see each other.”

“I think you are right, honey,” I replied. “I will work on that. I promise.”

“Oh, so will I. Now I really gotta go. Things are getting a bit uncomfortable,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“Yeah, it has been an emotional day,” I agreed.

“Oh, emotional is okay right now. My pussy is soaked and tingly, and if I don’t go, I’ll end up disappointing myself.”

I nodded, not sure what to say. I did not want to make her feel like she needed to do anything she did not want to do. Yet in that moment, I could not stop my eyes from dropping to stare at her denim covered loins.

“Oh shit,” she groaned, reaching out to squeeze my hand. “Now that I said that, you’re going to be disappointed if I go. I’m sorry, Mark. I could suck…”

I put a finger to Jessi’s lips, stopping her. I then moved the finger and gave her a gentle kiss.

“I am fine,” I said. “You need to do what is best for you and not worry about me. After this morning, there is no way that you could possibly owe me anything else today, even if I believed in the whole owing each other thing.”

Jessi bit her bottom lip again, then grinned at me. She set the roses and the book down on the small table by my door and gave me a quick hug. After she picked them up again, she waited for me to open the door for her. I did so, then we kissed briefly as she passed me. It was only when she was just out the door that I remembered the other pictures.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Do you want me to send you the other pictures I took, from this morning?”

The young blonde’s eyes lit up at the mention of the pictures. Nodding vigorously, she flashed me the very non-angelic smile that I had seen on her face earlier that day.

“Yes, please,” she breathed, now chewing on her lower lip. “I want to see those.”

I almost suggested that we look at them together. The expression on her face made me want to ignore both our better intentions and throw her on the floor and have my way with her. And judging by how she was looking at me, Jessi must have had a similar thought. Neither of us acted on it, however.

“Bye,” the blonde blurted out before she hurried to her car. I followed so I could open her door for her, and I was rewarded with another quick kiss.

After she shut the door on her huge convertible, I walked to my front porch as she backed out of the driveway. I waved and thought I saw her wave back, then her car moved escort tuzla bayanlar down the street, a low rumble coming from the big engine’s exhaust.

I took a deep breath before I went back inside. Realizing that I had not eaten since I returned home, I made a sandwich then took it and a bottle of water into my office. I put the pictures from that morning in a zip file and mailed them to Jessi. Once that was done, I finished moving all the pictures that Jessi had sent me in the past, a fair number of which included nudity to some extent, from my phone to the computer. I then deleted them all from my phone.

I thought about the deleted video that I had not been able to recover. For a moment, I wondered if I might be able to hire someone to locate it on the phone. But that was only a moment’s thought, and I pushed it aside with a sigh.

I detached the phone from my computer and then went to the folder that I had created. With my newfound resolve strong, I started deleting the pictures of Jessi and Amara together. On the last one, an image of Amara with one breast exposed, I stopped for a moment. Thoughts of keeping it made their way into my mind, but after a few seconds of indecision, I deleted it. I next cleaned my deleted files folder to make sure I was not tempted to recover any of those pictures.

I was just about to close the folder when I noticed an oddity in the thumbnail images of the pictures I had downloaded to my computer. The woman in the photo had dark hair. I double-clicked the image, then my screen was filled by a selfie of Jessika, her chocolate brown hair messy and a huge smile on her face. She was wearing only a white robe, which was opened far enough to see about half of both of her large breasts, including the edge of one brown areola. I instantly knew that the picture had been taken in Monterey when Jessika and I had gone there for a weekend, likely at some point after sex. I suspected that she must have taken the picture with my phone when I was doing something else.

While looking at the picture of my brunette paramour, I came to a realization. As appealing as I found the expanse of light tan skin that the picture showed, it was Jessika’s expression that captured my attention most. Her eyes shone and her smile was that wide, earsplitting smile of hers that I liked so much. Had I not known better (and I was not really convinced that I did know better), I would have sworn that I saw something more than friendship and lust in those beautiful gray eyes.


I made it all the way to the end of my Monday morning class before I texted Jessika about the picture: “Hey Squeaker. I hope you had a nice weekend. I found the attached picture on my phone. It is very sexy. And cute.”

I had thought about texting her the night before, but as much as I wanted to do so, I was also processing my thoughts about my other paramour. Jessi’s reaction to the picture that I had sent her had not been what I expected. And as much as I wanted to help her be the person who she thought I saw in that picture, I was also worried that this was just another way for her to try to be something or someone for me rather than just being herself.

Another problem for me the night before was that looking at the pictures of Jessi, along with Jessi’s visit, had left me in a semi-aroused state that was maddening. And finding Jessika’s picture did not help that situation any. However, I knew that I was not going to be able to do anything about my arousal since my body seemed incapable of fully responding. The end result was that for the first hour or so after I went to bed, I tossed and turned, thinking about both my lovers.

And although I was tired when I woke in the morning, sleep had brought some clarity to my thoughts. I was still worried about Jessi and her desire to be what she thought would please me most. It was not an ideal situation, but I could not deny my feelings for the young woman. And if her desire to be who she thought I saw her to be could help her balance how she thought about herself, I suspected it would be a benefit.

As for Jessika, I could not really deny what I felt for her either. During the drive home from the cabin, I had been feeling somewhat guilty about Jessika with respect to the feelings that Jessi and I had expressed to each other. However, the picture of Jessika that I found had put that guilt to flight. And it was not just that it was an incredibly alluring picture-whatever it was that I saw in Jessika’s eyes in that picture was something that called to me.

My thoughts about Jessika continued as I showered, and to my surprise I became fully erect thinking about her incredible body, her soft, full lips, and those gray eyes that shone when she was happy. The orgasm that resulted from my self-manipulation was intense, even though I produced almost no ejaculate.

After the shower, I checked my phone for email and texts but found nothing from Jessi. I had thought she might respond gebze escort to the pictures that I had sent to her, but perhaps it had been too much for her again. Further, I knew that given her past behavior, it might be days before I heard from her.

I had thought about texting Jessika at that time, but I decided to wait until later. I had to do some prep for my Monday morning class, which I should have done the night before, and I suspected that texting with Jessika might become distracting. So, I waited to contact her until my office hours after my first class.

About three minutes after I texted her, Jessika sent a short reply: “Busy. Text back at lunch.”

About ten seconds later, another text from my brunette lover arrived. This one read, “Dont call me cute Warner,” and it was followed by an angry face. A few seconds after that, she sent a winking face and a kissing face.

Office hours were uneventful, as they usually were, so time seemed to crawl as I waited to text more with Jessika. When lunchtime did arrive, I could not decide whether to stay in my office or go grab something for lunch. I was just preparing to head out to a sandwich shop in the student services building when I received a text from the brunette.

“I can take a long lunch. Care to have lunch together? We can meet halfway.”

“My next class is at 2:00 pm,” I texted back. “I have plenty of time.”

“Great! Do you mind riving a little more? There’s a fantastic Thai place near my work. Meet me there in 10?”

She then sent the address of the restaurant. I knew where it was, but it would take me at least fifteen minutes to reach there from campus. I texted this to Jessika, and she replied that she would wait for me at the restaurant.

It was closer to twenty minutes later when I walked into the restaurant. My lovely thirty-one-year-old lover was standing there, smiling at me, a coat thrown over her arm. She was wearing a gray, long-sleeved button-up shirt with a logo on her left breast, black pants, and black walking shoes. The shirt, which appeared to be a size too large otherwise, was stretched a bit tight over her impressive bosom.

“You look fantastic,” I said, pulling Jessika to me for a quick hug and a kiss on her cheek.

“Thanks, Mark,” she smiled. “So do you.”

The hostess arrived with menus, then took us to our table. Jessika ordered a pot of tea while I looked over the menu. The restaurant had a lunch special for two or more diners that included spring rolls, a side dish, and one entr?e picked by each person. I ordered chicken with cashews, which was listed as mild heat, and Jessika ordered a coconut curried beef listed as medium hot. We also ordered fried rice as our side.

“I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to find that picture, Mark,” Jessika said after the waitress left with our order.

“I wish I had found it sooner,” I replied, smiling at her. “It is a stunning picture of a beautiful woman.”

“No need for all that flattery, Mark,” the brunette laughed, but her eyes were shining. “You’re not getting any today. I want you saving it for Friday night.”

“I wish I had known that this morning in the shower,” I told her, enjoying the somewhat surprised look on her face. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Jessika bit the corner of her bottom lip, then she shook her head before saying, “No more of that, mister. And nothing with anyone else, either. I don’t care if she shows up naked on your doorstep with a harem of friends all willing to do whatever you want.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, and luckily the waitress arrived with the tea at that moment. She gave us each a small cup, then poured the tea for us. Seeing as how Jessika had ordered a spicier dish, I asked for a glass of water as well.

“Let’s start over,” my brunette lover said when the waitress had left again. “I’m looking forward to Friday night. Do you have everything we need?”

For a second or two, I was not sure what she was talking about, then it hit me that Friday was the night we were supposed to film ourselves. I had been so wrapped up in my thoughts about the past weekend with Jessi, as well as the picture of Jessika that I had found, that I had not really consciously thought about the details of the weekend to come.

“Uh, yes,” I responded. “I have two cameras…”

“I don’t need to know all the details right now,” Jessika said, lowering her voice as her eyes darted to where the waitress stood a few tables away. “I was just wondering if we’re ready.”

“We are ready.”

“Good. I’m getting both excited and nervous. I want to see what it looks like, but I have some worries about actually doing it.”

“We do not have to do it this weekend,” I advised her. “We can do it another time.”

“No, I don’t need more time to think about it,” she sighed. “I’m just, well, nervous.”

“You will look beautiful,” I said, my eyes on hers. “You always do.”

“Stop,” she growled. “I don’t want to break the ‘not until Friday’ rule, and you saying shit like that isn’t going to help me.”

“Sorry, Squeaker,” I chuckled. “Did you know you’re cute when you are pretending to be angry?”

“Now, that will take me out of the mood,” she snapped, barely suppressing a grin as she did so. “I’ve told you not to call me cute.”

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