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***This story starts as the events of Chapter 1 are coming to an end.***

Brent had been watching the events going on upstairs unfold on his phone. Up until now, he didn’t really think Becky was putting much effort into his plans and felt that she was going to call his bluff on his threats. Then suddenly, the girls went from chatting about boys to the sexiest blow job practice session he had ever seen, and Brent had watched a lot of porn. Brent kept glancing over at his wife but she was still semi dozing while watching some sitcom. Becky was really going to town on that dildo, which made Brent’s cock swell to fill his sweatpants. Brent became lost in the show. When Becky looked up at Katie and called her daddy, he started to subconsciously stroke his cock over his pants. After a few minutes he realized that he wasn’t just hearing the girls’ heavy petting through his earpiece, but he could hear the muted sounds here in the living room. Kat had heard it too and stirred from her doze just as Brent jerked his hand away from his dick. Precum had already soaked through his sweatpants, leaving a dark circle above where his swollen dick was pressing against his pants.

“Do you hear that?” Kat asked, not noticing his bulge hidden behind the arm rest of his chair. “Are the girls fighting again?”

The fighting had only started up somewhat recently, and it was really just arguments over whatever was most important to teenage girls on that particular day. The sounds were coming from the other end of the house and were indistinct through all the walls between them. Brent didn’t want to interrupt Becky so early in the process. He also didn’t think he could just walk in there and start fucking the twins. Despite Becky’s sudden progress, it would take time to get Katie to open up to the idea of fucking her dad. Nor could he let Kat walk back there. She had never expressed any lesbian interest and Brent doubted she would approve of what the twins were doing or what Brent was planning. He glanced at his phone and saw that Katie was now all but fucking Becky’s face. His cock was oozing precum freely now, but the quiet thumping he was hearing through the walls was causing Kat to start to get up.

“No, no honey. You relax. I’ll go tell them to cool it.”

Brent tucked his phone away, leaving the earbud in place. He hid the wet tent her was pitching by spinning away from Kat as he stood up. He limped through the kitchen and started down the hall, hoping the walk would soften his dick. The moans and thumps grew louder as he crept down the hall, keeping his dick at full attention. “Cum on me! Cum on my face”, Brent heard as he peaked through the door crack. He watched in silence as the girls finished. He jacked his dick through his sweats as he gazed at the scene before him. As he stared at Becky’s ass, he saw that the crotch of her thong was soaked through. She was fucking her pussy against the bed while her sister grabbed Becky’s head and drove it against her own pussy. As Katie groaned her sister’s name and came on Becky’s face, Brent silently filled his pants with blast after blast of hot cum. He crept a few steps back down the hall once he had recovered enough to move.

Brent covered his mouth to sound farther away than he was and called, “Girls are you okay? Mom is worried you are fighting.”

Becky, sounding out of breath, shouted, “We’re fine daddy. We’re just play wrestling.”

“OK. Keep it down though unless you want me to come in there. You girls aren’t to old to get a spanking.”

The girls whispered to each other, but the high tech system he had installed in their room picked up every word. “Do you want daddy to spank you Kate?”, giggled Becky. Katie whispered that she did not but both of the girls sniggered.

Becky yelled, “OK dad. We’ll be good. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight girls.”

A few moments later, Brent walked past the girls room as he made his way to his room to change his pants. When he walked by, he saw that the girls were each sitting in their own beds with the covers pulled up to their waists. The dildo, however, had been left on Katie’s bed. While Brent was in his bathroom, he texted Becky on the burner.

– I saw the end through the door. A+ so far. BTW you were loud enough to wake mom from across the house… and you forgot something on the bed.

Brent heard a shriek and a giggle before he received a response.

– OMG. Sorry. It’s hidden now. That could have been bad.

– NP. I like where this is going. Need details. Be glad to help.

– OK perv.

Becky put the phone away. She had not meant to go so far with Katie, but one thing had led to another and she had ended up eating pussy through her sister’s panties. Her loss of control concerned her a bit. She had not ever been attracted to her sister, but admitted to herself that she was beautiful. Becky didn’t let Katie or her dad know, but she had cum herself while Katie was creaming her face. Becky was still wet at the thought of how kadıköy escort hot the whole thing had been. Little, sweet Katie had turned into a sex machine for a brief moment and Becky had been the one to open that door to her sister. It was the corruption of that innocence that had turned Becky on. As she rolled over to go to sleep, she promised herself that what they did tonight was nothing compared to what she was going to do to Katie.

The next day Brent had Becky come into his home office while Katie was in the shower before school. Even though he had watched everything on the secret cameras, he had Becky fill him in as though he missed all but the end.

When she finished, Brent said, “That was pretty fucking hot.”

“Thank you daddy. I’m just trying to be a good girl and do what you wanted”, Becky said as she tried to look demure.

“Oh, so you didn’t like it? You looked pretty into it to me.”

“Well, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I’m no lesbian, but making her cum that hard was really hot. Plus she had never orgasmed before. So I was her first!”

“Well, I think you need to keep going. I don’t think we can just jump from some panty kisses to getting fucked by daddy, do you? I’m going to order a few more toys and outfits for you. Do you have any ideas?”

“I told her you had a big cock and she didn’t complain when I pretended she was you. So definitely keep whatever you order in your size range and I’ll keep that image in her head.”

Brent wiggled his hips, and said, “I do have a big cock sweetie. Do you want to see it so you can give her the details?”

Becky couldn’t stop herself from looking down at the bulge in her dad’s pants. She considered it, but said, “This isn’t about you getting into my pants dad. It’s about getting you into hers.”

“You’re right”, Brent lied, “but you shouldn’t skip over the details. I’ll find something in my size for you. I’ll get some other things to help out too.”

“Like what?”

“It will be a surprise. Time for school kiddo.”

Brent had already placed his order before the girls left for school, paying extra for 24 hour delivery.

The following afternoon after school, Brent texted Becky to come to his home office. He told her to close the door as she came in. Brent knew from the surveillance system that Katie was doing homework in her room and Katrina was in their bedroom getting ready to go out with Brent for the evening.

“OK Becks, mom and I are going out for a few hours. We will stay out kind of late since its Friday. That should give you and Katie plenty of alone time so you can work your magic.”

Becky replied, “Brent…dad, Katie has been a little weird since…the other night. I think she has regrets.”

“Well, it will be your job to change her mind. Don’t give up the ground you have already gained. I want a full report and I expect more than over the clothes rubbing tonight. I have your new toys here to take it to the next level, but before you whip these out on her, you might need to get her relaxed. I left a bunch of hard lemonades in the fridge. Don’t get her drunk but, if you can get her to drink one or two, it will loosen her up. Might get her out of that good-girl shell if you can make her think she’s breaking some rules.”

“Good thinking. Might help me relax too. I hope you don’t think I like doing this. I’m only doing it to get out of trouble.”

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, but I saw your panties were soaked the other night. Your ass was pointed right at the door. Made me shoot a load in my pants too. You have a great ass.”

Becky crinkled her nose, but glanced down at Brent’s crotch. “You are such a pervert. She just might not want to do this. Maybe I don’t either.”

“You’re only fooling yourself if you think I buy that. Luckily, I snapped a couple of pics of what you did to Katie so don’t even think of backing out. Hate for those to get out.” Brent sighed, letting his words sink in. He continued, “Look Becky, I’m sorry to keep threatening you, but you really tried to screw me over and now you have to pay the price. Besides, it’s OK if you liked it and I could tell that you did. Don’t be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with liking girls and boys. Besides, sisters, especially twins, are supposed to be really close. I thought your motto was ‘twins share everything’. Time to put that to the test.”

Becky sighed, giving up her halfhearted reluctance, “Just show me what you bought perv.”

“That’s daddy perv to you”, Brent said as he pulled everything out and went over the plan. “Now go have fun corrupting your sister.” By the time he finished, Becky was wide eyed.

Brent and Kat left the twins home alone around 6:30pm with a pizza for dinner and a promise to be home before midnight. Kat, at 42, was still gorgeous, not just to Brent, but to everyone who met her. She stayed fit doing üsküdar escort yoga and cross fit and looked like an older version of Danielle, their 21 year old stunner. Brent just wished her sex drive had not faded over the last few years, but her job had kept her extremely busy lately with trips out of town at least monthly. If he could make love to her as often as he liked, Brent might not be lusting after the twins. All of that added sexuality in the house had driven Brent crazy with need over recent days. Kat had rebuffed his efforts for the most part, but had readily agreed to go out with him for date night. Brent had planned for dinner, a movie, and a few drinks at their favorite bar. He hugged the twins one at a time, whispering to Becky that he hoped they both got lucky. She punched him in the arm semi-playfully as he walked out the door.

Becky got to work almost right away. While Katie got the pizza ready, Becky ran to her room and put on loose fitting sweats over the outfit Brent had given her. The sweats were actually very similar to the ones their dad often wore to work out or lay around the house in. Brent had called it a subliminal message. She laid out an outfit for Katie that Brent had provided. White thong panties that were not quite see through. They were very silky and sexy, which contrasted with an innocent looking thin red and black flannel night dress.

Becky found the dress’s material was incredibly soft as she laid it out. The one piece dress buttoned up the front with four buttons. The short sleeved dress came down to mid thigh, but the buttons ended above the waist, leaving a large split in the gown from there down. There was no bra. Brent had also provided Becky several new toys, one of which was a dildo with a thumb-like protrusion on the bottom. It was a bit bigger than the one she had bought, thicker, and had much more texture. The surface was supposed to provide extra feeling according to the box and the protrusion would rub the user’s partner if used properly. She snuck that, some lube, and a couple of other surprises into the living room, hiding them in the couch cushions where she planned to sit. Here goes nothing she thought.

Becky walked back into the kitchen and went to the fridge. She pulled out two hard lemonades, opened them, and sat them on the table. She sat down and took a long pull from hers right away. She was very nervous but the booze started working right away on her empty stomach. As the warm feeling worked its way through her, Becky settled back in her chair while Katie stared at her in disbelief.

“What?”, asked Becky.

“You’re drinking dad’s booze. You’re going to get in trouble”, Katie whispered.

“Why are you whispering? We’re the only ones here.” Becky took another drink. “Dad is never going to know. I drink their stuff all the time. It’s not like either of them are keeping count on the things. Mom will assume dad drank some and dad will assume it was mom. Easy.”

Frowning at her sister, Katie said, “You still shouldn’t. It’s wrong to steal.”

Becky rolled her eyes. “Here we go again sis. You should relax. I don’t want you to try to take over the world, but being a little naughty is good for you. It feels good too.” Becky took another gulp for emphasis.

“Well, I haven’t ever drank before. I guess I do miss out on a lot of stuff by playing it safe all the time.” Katie stared at the bottle, watching the condensation dribble down the side. She took a bite of pizza, chewed, swallowed, and then reached out for the bottle. She took a tentative sip and winced, expecting something terrible. Her wince melted as the sweet liquid passed over her tongue. She took a second, larger swallow. “Hmm, this isn’t as bad as I thought. It’s pretty good actually.”

Becky lifted her half empty bottle up to her sister. “That’s the taste of adventure. Here’s to not playing it safe!”

Katie raised her bottle and tapped it to her sister’s. “But not taking over the world…yet.”

They both drank deeply and then benched at the same time. Both girls laughed, breaking all the tension between them. They ate and cleaned up the table while they enjoyed the hard lemonade. Becky walked toward the living room with her third bottle in hand. She called over her shoulder, “I’ve already got my comfy clothes on. Why don’t you go put some on and we will watch some movies. I’ll get you another drink if you want.”

Katie, who was halfway through her second drink looked like she wanted to say something, but settled on, “OK”. Becky thought Katie looked a little disappointed as she turned to head down the hall.

As soon as Katie was out of sight, Becky texted Brent:

– Drinks flowing. She’s trying on PJs. No other progress yet.

– Good girl. Go for it. Still at dinner.

Becky put the DVD that Brent gave her into the player. It was titled something about fathers and daughters but she fast forwarded to the chapter Brent had indicated and paused tuzla escort it. If Katie wanted to watch some porn, Becky would play this. Katie wouldn’t know the subject matter until well into the scene, which was why Brent recommended it. She switched the TV back to Netflix and picked a love story with a lot of sex.

Becky was pretty buzzed by now and decided that she was going to fuck Katie tonight. The irony wasn’t lost on her that she didn’t like being blackmailed by Brent, but gaining control over Katie made her feel so sexy. Even better, it wasn’t blackmail. She was just bending Katie’s will, making her want to do these things. She was getting wet just thinking about all the dirty things she was going to make sweet innocent Katie do. She might not be taking over the world but she would be taking control of her sister for sure.

If Katie came back wearing the nightie that was laid out for her, Becky knew that would be another signal that Katie was submitting to Becky’s suggestions, another of those subliminal messages as dad would say. Becky would take that as a sign to take things further. Brent had chosen the thong as something naughty to encourage her to step out of her shell. The seemingly demure pajama dress would allow her to still feel comfy even though its design and fit actually made it quite revealing.

Katie came back through the kitchen, tossing her empty bottle in the trash on the way. Becky handed her the new bottle as she sat on the couch. They clicked bottles again while Becky took in her sister’s form. She had indeed put on the outfit which clung to her body. The four buttons were stretched a little tight across her full chest so that a little skin could be seen in the gaps. Katie’s creamy toned thighs were mostly exposed but there was no sign of what underwear her sister was wearing. Becky’s buzzing brain told her she was going to find out. Katie looked happier than she had when she left to change, probably from the new outfit and the alcohol.

“Thank you for this outfit”, Katie said. “It saved me from having to decide on what to wear. It’s so soft. What’s the occasion?”

“Well you’re my favorite sister and I knew you’d love it. I just had to get it.”

They settled in to watch the movie, sitting in silence until a scene where the girl was supposedly blowing the guy on the movie. It was just a rated R movie so it didn’t show anything other than a head bobbing in and out of frame. “Lame”, Becky said. “They show tits and ass in all these movies, but never let us see dick.”

Katie’s head was swimming from the drinks. “Yeah that’s discrimination. We want dick. Show me the dick”, she yelled at the TV before breaking into laughter.

“Well, the internet is full of dicks. We just have to look some up.”

Katie looked over at her sister, suddenly shy again. “That stuff is pretty gross I hear.”

Becky feigned shock. “You hear? You’ve never looked at anything?”

“No”, Katie shook her head and took another sip in deliberation, “but… here’s to not playing it safe.” She picked up the i-pad from the coffee table.

Smiling to herself because Katie was loosening up, Becky scooted over next to her sister so they could view the screen together. Katie typed “penises” and hit enter which made Becky start laughing hysterically.

“Even looking at porn, you are so formal”, said Becky as she brushed her sister’s hand away and typed “teen blowjob”. The screen blossomed with pics showing hard cocks in girls’ mouths to varying degrees at different angles. “That’s better.”

Katie nodded, “Oh yeah. This is … a lot of penises… I mean dicks.”

“Yeah it is. The internet is great.”

They clicked through pictures for a few minutes when Becky suggested that Katie click the videos tab. The girls were pressed in close together, Katie’s bare thigh brushing against Becky’s sweatpants covered leg. Becky put her arm casually around Katie’s shoulders and leaned her head in toward Katie’s so they could both view the screen. Katie clicked videos bringing up page after page of women sucking men’s cocks. Becky tapped on one and the video began right away. This one started right in the middle of a blow job with no prelude, just a girl in her 20’s slurping up and down on a 20 something guy.

“Not bad”, Becky said but clicked onto another video anyway. This one was from the guy’s POV looking down at the girl. She was older, also slurping away and gagging herself on an average sized dick. The girls clicked through video after video, watching each one for a few minutes.

Becky noticed that Katie had started bouncing her leg just like she had done the other night. Becky rubbed her hand across Katie’s shoulders feeling the super soft flannel that covered the unblemished skin beneath. She leaned in even more as she reached over to press another video. She used the motion to let her right hand slide up to play with Katie’s hair while she clicked the video that showed a girl sucking on a strap-on dildo worn by one of the hottest girls Becky had ever seen. The girls stared in silence while Becky let her hand slide back down to Katie’s shoulders and on down to the middle of her back. She rubbed her spine up and down while the girl in the video sat on her knees slurping the dildo and the woman standing over her moaned and swayed.

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