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Cfnm Penis

Chapter 5

Sam Small and Christine Church

Although this chapter can stand alone as far as the sex is concerned, to understand the why and the how it will be helpful to read Chapter One. The basic premise is that four married couples decide to swap for dirty weekends together, rotating over a period of three months.

Sam wasn’t deliriously happy as he drove away with Christine. If he wasn’t actually disgruntled, he certainly wasn’t gruntled either (Thank you P G Wodehouse, I’ve always wanted a chance to use that quote) Of the three of his friends’ wives that he had hoped to go to bed with, Christine was definitely last choice. It wasn’t that he disliked her, far from it. He had known her for many years as a kind, reliable and loyal friend, but the idea of sex with her had never crossed his mind, unlike the thoughts he had had about the other two.

Physically Christine was not at all unattractive. Medium height, in good shape as a result of an active life, including regular exercise on the gym equipment Charlie had installed in the basement. A very pleasant face, not beautiful but neither was it the sort of face that would give a man the horrors if he woke up and found it on the adjacent pillow. Then none of the men who knew her ever envisaged waking up next to her, except for husband Charlie and, as they had twin beds, even he didn’t do so very often either. The trouble was that she was very reserved to the extent of being prudish. She always dressed very conservatively, wearing clothes that disguised whatever figure she had, with never a suspicion of a flash of cleavage or thigh. She was a regular church goer — or God botherer as some of her friends called her — and spent many hours involved in church and charitable affairs. While she was pleasant company to be with, she somehow exuded an aura around her that inhibited her friends from ever using a swear word, or even think about telling an even slightly risqué joke. Neither did she ever gossip, and thus her conversation tended to be a bit stilted. As she had two children she had obviously had sex at least twice, but it was generally believed — correctly — among her friends that Charlie had a long term relationship with his secretary, and as he always seemed to be on excellent terms with Christine, they assumed that playing away was satisfying his sexual needs.

As a result of her usual demeanour, all the other participants in the infamous ‘shall we swing’ draw had been quite confident that she would use a black ball, and they didn’t for a moment believe that the whole partner swap would take place. But, surprise, surprise, she had used a white ball, and therefore Sam had to assume that she was willing — or, at least, prepared — to participate in physical relations of some sort, but he held no hope of this being a weekend to remember for sexual variety or athleticism.

There was little conversation during the journey. What do you say as you are driving to a hotel to spend a dirty weekend with a woman who you don’t for a moment believe will actually do anything more exciting than just lie there and think pure thoughts? That was Sam’s view; whatever she was thinking she kept to herself, so, apart from the occasional pleasantry about the weather, the journey passed in silence. They arrived at the hotel, booked in and went up to their room. They both unpacked as necessary, putting their toiletries in the bathroom and so on.

As Sam came out of the bathroom, he looked at Christine and saw an expression on her face that completely bemused him — a sort of half smile and a look that on any other woman’s face he would have taken to be pure lust. (To be fair, this author wouldn’t know what a lustful expression was if he ever met one, but for this story…) He half stepped backwards towards the bed as she took a step towards him, unnerving him somewhat. She moved closer and, to his utter astonishment, reached out towards him and undid the belt of his trousers, unhooked the waistband, lowered the zip and, before he could say “what the..” the garment was round his ankles and, even more startling, down went his underpants. He stood there totally amazed, and also totally naked from the waist down, his substantial wedding tackle blinking at the unexpected exposure, and he now found himself pushed back so that he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

She now added surprise to surprise by dropping to her knees in front of him. His first thought, knowing her religious background, was that she was going to pray for him, but when she leant forward and took his cock in her hands, he just prayed for himself that she knew what she was doing. Although Sam was only five feet and two inches tall and might be called vertically challenged, he certainly wasn’t genitally challenged as far as length or girth, and, in his younger days more than one young maiden had got rather more than they had anticipated when they opened their legs to him. However it was at this moment hanging limply, quite unprepared for action, Küçükköy escort bayan but when her warm hands enclosed it, a growth spurt took place and it definitely began to show signs of interest.

The mere fact of her taking his cock in her hands was startling enough for Sam, but this was as nothing as to when she leaned forward and took him deep into her open mouth. This caused a rapid reaction, and his delighted man flesh rapidly began to enlarge and stiffen inside the warm, moist cavern, and when her tongue began caressing its length it was soon at full fighting trim. Sam had had a few blow jobs in his time, and Christine’s efforts wouldn’t be placed high in the memory bank except for the sheer unexpectedness of it. She was a bit clumsy and managed to rake him with her teeth a couple of times, but when she pushed his foreskin back with her lips and curled her tongue around his helmet it had a fairly dramatic effect. Normally Sam would have taken a fairly lengthy treatment to get anywhere near orgasm, but, whether it was the sheer surprise factor or whatever, this time he was going to go off very quickly, a bit like a youth getting his cock sucked for the first time.

“I’m coming.” he squeaked.

She just carried on with her ministrations of his cock and, sure enough, he let fire with a substantial mouthful of juice, delivered via a series of jets against the back of her mouth, which she promptly swallowed, leaving just a tiny drop to escape her lips. She kept him deeply engulfed in her mouth until he stopped twitching and began to subside, finally releasing a rather limp member. She licked her lips, and smiled up at him.

“Yummy. That has just set up my appetite for dinner — what the French call an amuse bouche, I believe. We’d better get a move on before they stop serving in the restaurant.”

Sam was speechless. He could hardly believe what had just happened, but there it was — he was sitting on the bed with his trousers and pants around his ankles, with his cock dangling and still glistening from her mouth. However, he did as she said, stood up and re-covered his lower half, and off they went to the restaurant. They were seated at a quiet table where they could talk without being overheard, but it wasn’t till after they had ordered their meal that either of them spoke.

“Sam, you look a bit shell shocked.”

“Sorry Christine, but to say you took me by surprise, is the understatement of the year. You must admit you acted just a tiny bit out of character.”

“Yes, the frigid prude, don’t bother to shake your head, I know how I come across. Well, it’s like this: when I was eighteen I suffered an experience that was sexually traumatic, and, as a result, I was totally put off sex. I was incredibly lucky that Charlie loved me enough to marry me, even knowing that I didn’t want to have a physical relationship beyond what was necessary to get the two children. I’m sure that he gets sexual gratification elsewhere, but that’s fine with me, and we have a very happy marriage in every other way.

“However, over the years I’ve had this feeling at the back of my mind that I was missing out on something good that most women enjoy, and, when we had that mad discussion about partner swapping, I suddenly decided that I wanted to try and see if my neuroses could be overcome, so I used a white ball before I had time to think it through. Mind you, I was sure someone else would blackball it, so I didn’t think there was any real chance of it happening — wrong, wasn’t I. But, having committed myself I decided to make the most of it, and I’ve spent hours looking at porn tapes and reading porn stories to try and get a hold on what happens other than vanilla sex in the Missionary Position. Blow jobs seemed to be favourite, so I thought I’d start that way before my nerve went. Hope I didn’t make too much of a mess of it.”

“Not bad for a beginner. Christine, now I understand your problem, but it could have given a chap a heart attack, being assaulted, albeit pleasantly, like that.”

“I did think about explaining things to you as we were driving here, but my nerve went and direct action seemed the best solution. Now you know where I’m coming from, I hope you won’t mind helping me through a rather rapid learning process. I must admit, I enjoyed my first attempt at being a harlot, and I’m hoping we can share a rather dirty weekend.”

“Well, the idea of exploring some of the wilder realms of sexual entertainment is a not unpleasant prospect. The only thing is, I hope you realise that what you see on an internet porn site needs to be taken with a considerable pinch of salt. For a start, while women are capable of repeated orgasms, men aren’t, and even the sex athletes you’ve seen need a bit of recovery time between actions, not to mention some little blue pills if I understand correctly. As a churchgoer you are aware of the second coming, but for me it doesn’t come any where near as quickly as it did in my youth, so you may need a bit of patience, Escort Mecidiyeköy but I’ll do my best. However, I’m willing to try anything that you fancy, as long as it doesn’t involve whips or chains or other such equipment.”

“Oh, shame, I was hoping that you’d…never mind. Please humour me, just remember I’m willing and hoping to try anything. I’ve committed to this lunatic swap, and I’m hoping that, by the time you have finished with me — not to mention Len and Andy — I’ll have got every inhibition out of my system. Or, perhaps I’ll go into a convent, God knows.”

“So, let’s go and fornicate!”

After they had finished their coffee, plus a large brandy as Christine said she needed Dutch courage, they went up to their room. They turned and looked at each other, and Christine finally said: “What now. I’m not sure what the etiquette is for these occasions. Don’t worry though, I won’t attack you this time.”

“I didn’t object to the attack, it was the surprise that rather shook me. Now, after great thought for a few minutes, may I make a suggestion.”

“Well, one of us better had, or we’ll stand here like a pair of bookends for the rest of the night.”

“It’s like this. I love you as a friend, which I hope is reciprocated…” She nodded acquiescence ..” but could we love each other as lovers for this weekend, and make love to each other’s body? I’ll lead the way, if you want me to, but any ideas you’ve got from watching porn might be considered?”

“Yes Sam, I think I could love you a lot for the weekend, you’re being so kind to me.”

“Right, action! Let’s turn the bed back, take off our shoes and lie down together and see where that gets us.”

They lay side by side on the bed, then Sam propped himself up on one elbow.

“I think a little kissing would be a good start.”

“Sounds good to me.”

He leant down and kissed her lips very softly, just brushing them, then tried a little harder and felt her lips purse in response. As he withdrew, her smile told him what he wanted to know, so he repeated the pleasant process, with a little more pressure. As he was kissing her he laid partly on top of her, and slipped one around her neck, his hand pushing her head up, while his other hand was around her waist, drawing her toward him. He very slowly eased the tip of his tongue against her lips, and he felt her lips soften and part, enough for him to probe a little way into her mouth. Suddenly, her hand slid behind his head, and she pulled him hard against her, and her tongue sought out his lips, and then slid into his mouth. Now their kissing became much fiercer, tongues, lips and teeth all probing and nibbling, till at last they came up for breath and separated a little.

“You can do that all night, Sam, if you want to.”

“Actually, I’ve got other plans.”

As he spoke, he slid his hand up from her waist and pressed it gently on her breast. She was wearing a blouse of a fairly thick material and through it he could just feel the firm structure of a substantial bra, so the actual feel of her breast was minimal. He stroked the solid mound for a while, but found it rather unexciting, and as she didn’t respond very much he guessed not a lot was getting through to her.

“May I divest you of a little of your clothing, I think you are rather overdressed.”

“My,my, you are forward, aren’t you. If I say no, what then?”

“I’ll still carry on divesting.”

“Oh, all right then.”

He undid the row of buttons from the high neck collar to her waist and pushed the garment back off her shoulders, and she sat up a little to allow him to take it off. The bra she was wearing was industrial strength, and did more flattening than uplifting, and covered the shape of her breasts completely. However, her shoulders were now exposed, and Sam began a series of kisses from her lips, across her cheek, and, via a nibble of an ear, he progressed down her neck and across her shoulders, all this while his hand was stroking the strip of soft flesh exposed between the bra and her waist line. The bra was front fixing, and he slowly undid each of the four hooks securing it, so it was loose, but then he left it.

“Show me, please.”

She looked at him a little dubiously, then took the cups of the bra and slowly drew them apart, uncovering a very attractive sight. Her breasts were surprisingly upright for a woman of her age, Sure, as the bra support was fully removed they flattened a bit, but remained two very desirable handfuls. Her skin was pale coloured, with a few freckles, and there were faint lines where the bra seams had dug into her. Her pale pink aureoles were raised slightly, and topped by light brown nipples, which he saw were quiescent.

“Very nice, very kissable.”

His kissing now followed a path from her neck and across the top of the firm mounds, then around the sides, under the lower slope and then a circular path around each breast in turn, all the while approaching nearer to the centre, but never getting Merter escort closer than to the edge of her aureoles.

“Sam, you’re teasing me. You’ve got me started, I’m dying to feel your lips on my nipples.”

“You need to be patient. All good things are worth waiting for.”

She mumbled something under her breath, but he just got on with making love to her breasts, kissing and sometimes taking little bites, all the while circling his objective, till at last, when she was getting more and more tense, he began licking her aureoles and finally his tongue flicked across the tip of her nipples, first one then the other. Both of her nipples were hardening under his attention, and he drew one in between his lips and gently nibbled the succulent flesh, then opened his mouth wide and drew it in deeply, where he raked his tongue across the firm nubbin. While his mouth was busy on one breast, his fingers were busy squeezing and pulling on the other nipple, causing Sue to suddenly tense her whole body. He could feel her shaking gently under his touch, and he held still until she calmed down a little, releasing her breasts.

“What did you just do to me, Sam? I thought I was going to explode for a moment. That couldn’t have been an orgasm, could it? Because it’s never happened to me before, but then no one has done that to my breasts before.”

“I’m not an expert in female orgasms, I’m afraid, but I did get the impression that something interesting happened to you anyway. Your breasts certainly seem very sensitive, and are very nice to play with. But you must have had orgasms before, surely?”

“Not that I’m aware of, certainly I’ve never felt like that before, and if that’s what you can do just caressing my breasts, I’m certainly looking forward to more advanced action with a certain amount of trepidation.”

“Well, let’s see what other delights you are hiding from me. May I undress you?”

“Please do.”

She was wearing a skirt made of a fairly dense material, and before trying to remove it he placed his hand over her pubic mound and pressed down gently with his fingers, but could feel little of her shape, though she reacted with a small gasp at his contact. He unhooked the waistband, and undid the zip, and when he began to slide it down she lifted her bottom so he could remove it completely. Under the skirt she was wearing a waist slip, and he repeated the process to remove this, revealing that she was wearing tights. Again he removed the offending garment, sliding it under her bottom and down her legs. The knickers she was wearing matched the bra that he had removed, what was generally known at one time as passion killers, or more politely granny knickers. There was certainly nothing exciting about them, but when he put his hand on her pubis and probed gently with his fingers he could feel the shape of the cleft between her legs, and again she responded quietly, with a gentle sigh.

“Are you okay with this? Shall I go on?”

“Oh, yes please.”

Sam hooked his fingers in the elasticated waistband and began to slowly unveil her nether regions, helped again by her raising her bottom to allow the garment to pass. Now she was totally naked, and was a very pleasant sight to see. Her long and shapely legs were topped at their join with a lady garden of curly fair hair, which had only been trimmed enough to not protrude from her very modest bathing costumes, and nearly completely concealed her vulva. She was wide hipped, and her belly was just a little rounded, leading down to the mound of her pubis. Sam caressed the softness of her belly, slowly moving his fingers further down till he began to feel the soft hair. Now he moved his hand downwards till he was holding her sex in his palm, his fingers probing either side of her outer lips. Without any prompting from him, she parted her legs a little, and he slid his hand till he was holding the firm top of her thigh, which he caressed, his hand moving back up till he again explored the gap between the thigh and her outer lips. He sensed that she was responding to his actions as the soft lips were becoming distended with blood, and as he looked he could see that her wrinkly, pink inner lips were starting to protrude.

He quickly moved down her body, kissing her as he went, till his lips touched the moist softness of her pussy lips, and he opened his mouth and drew the warm flesh inwards, then his tongue began probing between them and entering the heat of her welcoming vagina, his senses enjoying the smell and taste of her arousal. He heard her whimper as he thrust his tongue in her to its full depth, then, when he withdrew and swept up to her clitoris, she encouraged him with quiet cries of delight. As his tongue raked her clit, he felt it grow and he was amazed when he found that it was growing so much that he could take the firm flesh deep into his mouth. His fingers were fondling the folds of her vulva, then he slid one slowly into her pussy, searching out the rough patch of skin of her g spot. When he slid in a second finger and stroked the sensitive spot, the combination of this with his lips and tongue working her clitoris had a dramatic effect. Her body trembled and her thighs clamped tightly on his head, while her juice ran freely over his hand. He stayed still while she erupted, then withdrew as he felt her passion subside.

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