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“You wanted to see me, Mr. Smith?”

He looks up from the stack of papers on his desk, momentarily not knowing what she is talking about due to what she is wearing. A very short red, plaid skirt, a white button up blouse, white knee high socks and mary jane shoes. Her hair is in two pigtails that cascade over the front of her breasts.

“Ummm…oh..yes..yes. I think we need to discuss your paper. There are a few things that concern me.”

She bites her lip, worried about a bad grade showing up on her college applications. “What is it? Did I do something wrong? I followed all of your instructions to the letter.”

He gives her a smile. “Yes, that is true. If you could come here, I will show as to what I am referring.”

She hesitates a little when she realizes that no one else is in the classroom or even out in the hall for that matter. It is usually a rule in the school that all male teachers must have someone present when they are alone with a female student, she thinks to herself. Well, I don’t want to get a bad grade. Slowly, she approaches his desk, coming to stand in front of him as he sits back on the edge of it.

“Alright, look here,” he says as he gently pulls her towards him. “This sentence structure is all wrong.” He moves his mouth closer to her ear. “Now I could help you with this, if you want me to,” he whispers in her ear.

She starts to become uncomfortable and tries to move away but he has her trapped between the desk and him. “Umm…Sir…I see what you mean. I can…uhhh…get some help from the tutors.”

He reaches down and takes her hand. “I don’t think that will be necessary.”

His voice in her ear causes her to shiver. She knows this is wrong, him being her teacher but a pleasurable ripple goes down her body. It makes her feel naughty.

“I have told you time and time again about sentence structure but for some reason you don’t seem to get it. Perhaps punishment is in order.” His hand slides up her back and gently pushes her over to where she is bent over the desk. He can feel her breathing hard but she doesn’t object as he slides his hand under her skirt. She isn’t wearing panties, he thinks to himself. “Well it seems you are a naughty girl,” he says, his voice hoarse with lust. He leans down as he caresses the back of her thigh. “I watch you when I teach, you know, watch as you lick your lips while you write. So innocent of a gesture but you don’t know how it drives me crazy. It takes all my will power not to imagine those lips wrapped around my cock.”

She can’t believe this is happening. This is her teacher. This isn’t right but the thought of doing something this wrong turns her on even more. She has always been the good girl, always doing well in school, following directions. “Ummm…I don’t know what you mean, Sir.”

He lets out a soft moan. “Mmmmm…every time you call me Sir, I imagine you tied up, begging me to fuck you.”

Her hips move slightly of their own free will at his words.

“You seem to like that thought too,” he sys to her as his fingers graze her pussy, wetness already coating them. “Tell me, Sarah. Do you ever think of my cock as you sit in class? Do you ever imagine me fucking you from behind, plunging deep esenyurt escort inside you?”

Her breathing comes quicker.

He takes his free hand and reaches for a metal ruler that he keeps on his desk, next to all his other supplies. He slowly raises her skirt than drags the sharp edge of it across her skin, causing a red line to appear. She gasps at the pain but does not complain. “Perhaps you like the pain,” he whispers to her as he leans down again, this time his tongue running along the outer edge of her ear. He raises the ruler then softly taps her ass as she presses back against it. He raises it again and smacks her harder with it. This time he gets what he wants. She lets out a whimper that turns into a moan. “You do like that then,” he says as he stands back up, smiling to himself. “Stay just like that and do not move.” He waits for her to say what he wants to hear.


She does as he says, not wanting to move anyway. She feels the ruler smack against her skin again and again while the sting starts to cause warmth that spreads across her ass. Then it stops and the urge to turn around starts to grow but she stays where she, knows that is what he wants. For some reason, the need to please him, to obey him makes her heart race and her pussy even wetter. She can hear him breathing hard. “Sir…”

“Yes, my little slut?” he replies as he moves to kneel behind her. His tongue softly licks the juices that are running down her thigh. “Mmmmm…so sweet.” He moves up, his tongue trailing across her milky white skin then stops when he gets to her ass. He looks at the pretty welts that have risen up from his spanking then slowly trails his tongue across each one. She moans.

“You like that huh?”

She just moans again as his tongue slides across another welt. She presses her ass back against his face than he unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor as he reaches around and grabs her tits. His fingers move to pinch her hard nipples through her shirt, making her cry out.

“Stand up,” he whispers in her ear.

She does as he says.

“Turn around.”

She turns around, her eyes red from crying while he was spanking her. He moves forward and pulls her hard against him. Her breathing comes in gasps as the sexual energy flows between them. He looks into her blue eyes.

“You love this don’t you? You love me doing what I want to you, using you,” he says to her as he reaches up and caresses her face, wiping away the tears.

She bites her lip slightly, her very hard nipples poking through her shirt, obviously turned on. “Yes, Sir. I love this.”

“Mmmmm…..look what you have done, baby.” He reaches for her hand and moves it to his cock. “What will you do for me?”

She smiles at him as she slowly runs her fingers up and down his cock. “Whatever you want. I am at your command, Sir.”

He grabs her ass hard. “Yes, you are. Take off your shirt.”

She starts to unbutton the first button as he takes a step back to watch her. Slowly, she undoes each button, revealing more and more of her milky white skin, then slides it off, letting it fall to the floor.

“Now, slowly touch etiler escort yourself.”

She smiles slightly and runs her hands over her breasts then down her stomach, sliding a finger between her pussy lips and bringing it back up to her lips and sucking on it. Then she slides her finger back down to her pussy. She slowly circles her clit, so close to cumming already from what he did to her before. Her finger moves down lower and slowly slides into her pussy up to the first knuckle. She throws her head back as a wave of pleasure shoots through her. He reaches out and pulls her hand away.

“No cumming till I say so.”

She pouts, her lower lips sticking out just slightly, almost inviting him to come and suck on it. He makes her wait as he takes off his tie then unbuttons his shirt and throws it to the side. He then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his pants and unzips them. He takes off his shoes and socks then lets his pants slide to the floor. He slips out of his boxers and watches her as she licks her lips at the sight of his big fat cock. He smiles.

“Did you want something, hun?” She nods and he beckons her over. She comes quickly and is instantly on her knees. She places a kiss on the head of his cock then looks up at him as she slides all eight inches of him into her mouth. The look in her eyes almost makes him cum right away but he wraps his fingers in her hair and pulls it, shoving his cock down her throat even farther. He starts to slowly slide in and out of her mouth, fucking her face as he grabs her hair harder, pulling it. She keeps eye contact with him, watching as his eyes become a darker shade. He continues to face fuck her a few moments more then he can’t wait any more. He pulls his cock out of her mouth. He pushes her back and makes her lie on his desk then lifts her legs up and over his shoulders. He rubs the head of his cock against her slit, savoring the wetness.

“You are so wet,” he says as he rubs her clit with the head of his cock. She moans and tries to push her hips against him but he pulls his cock back and slaps her pussy hard, making it sting. He then rubs his cock back against her slit, then lets just the head slide inside her. She feels it stretching her.

“Tell me how much you want this,” he says, just slowly fucking her with the head of his cock.

She moans then licks her lips. “You have no idea how bad I..want you to fuck me. I want all of that big hard cock inside me, filling me up. I have thought about, fantasized about it. Please, Mr. Smith. Please..fuck me, fuck my pussy. Fuck your naughty little student.”

He groans as he hears such dirty words coming from her pretty little mouth, and then shoves his whole cock into her pussy, filling her all the way up. She screams as he thrusts into her then he starts pumping in and out of her. Her juices dripping down onto his desk as he pounds her hard, making her scream. He grabs the tie that he took off and stuffs it into her mouth. “People will come running if you are not quiet.”

She nods. She will do anything just to keep him fucking her. Slowly he slows down, and then pulls out of her. “Get up.”

She is confused but stands up fatih escort and he roughly pushes her to where she is bent over the desk again. He rubs his cock against the entrance to her pussy, then against her asshole. “Have you ever been fucked here, baby?” he leans down and whispers in her ear.

She shakes her head slightly, afraid at what he will do with the knowledge but all she feels is his cock sliding back into her pussy, the sensation of being fucked from behind rolls over her, making her grit her teeth so as to not scream. She can feel his breath against her hear as he thrusts into her again and again.

He stands upright again and looks at her tight little virgin asshole. So tempting, he thinks to himself. He takes his index finger and rubs it over her, just pressing lightly, wanting to see her reaction. She presses back against him so he pushes his finger in more, up to the first knuckle.

She can feel his finger stretching her ass and surprisingly she loves it. He is making me feel like such a dirty slut, she thinks to herself. She wiggles her ass, causing his finger and his cock to move inside her.

“Mmm…is that good?” he asks as he pushes his finger all the way in her ass. He starts to pump both his cock and his finger inside her, matching the thrusts of his finger with his cock. All he hears is the muffled screams. He slowly pulls his cock out of her pussy, slowly brings it up to rub along her ass hole, then gently pushes against her. The head of his cock slides into her, stretching her for the first time. He grips her hips and slides another inch inside of her tight ass, then slides back out. He keeps doing this, adding inch by inch until his whole cock is inside her ass. He holds it there, leans down and whispers in her ear. “You are so very, very tight. Mmmmm…wiggle your ass for me, sweetie.”

She can feel his cock buried deep in her ass and it hurts, but she loves it. She slowly moves her hips, wiggling her ass against his cock while she moans into the tie stuffed in her mouth.

“Oh, God…..yes. ” He starts to slowly pump in and out of her, picking up speed then he pulls the tie from her mouth, looking at the clock. Everyone should be gone by now. “What are you baby?

Full blown screams erupt as the tie comes out of her mouth. “I’m your….slut.”

“Yeah, you love that don’t hard..ohhhh…cock pounding your sweet little ass. Cum on my cock baby….cum for me.”

She cums as he reaches around and rubs her clit fast, screaming as her ass muscles clench around him. He stops, as her screams become soft moans, and then slowly pulls out of her. “Turn around, baby.”

She turns around and he pushes her to her knees then threads his fingers through her hair. She looks so fucking hot after having just cum. Her face is flushed and sweat is beading on her forehead.

“You are gonna suck my cock clean, aren’t you,” he says as he strokes her face.

She nods as he shoves his cock all the way down her throat. She immediately starts bobbing her head on it, sucking hard as her tongue slides along the underside. It isn’t long till he is right on the verge of cumming. He pulls his cock out of her mouth and starts to stroke it. She opens her mouth wide, ready to catch any of his cum as the first spurt hits her tongue, and then the rest covers her glasses.

“Oh baby…mmm…” he says as he sits down beside her and leans back against the desk.

She takes off her glasses and sets them to the side then puts his arm around her. “You are right. I don’t need a tutor. Just you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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