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He pressed his soft full lips against mine, body mirrored this action as he gripped the small of my back and pulled me close, shutting off any space we had between our bodies. A small moan emitted somewhere from inside me, I was too enveloped in the moment to care where from. He ran his sharp tongue across the front of my teeth and I could feel the growing cock expanding in the tight denim rubbing against my thigh. His hand began to travel down past my belly, I thought he’d never get there…

Somewhere in the present a dog began its obsessive barking and roused me from my own head. “Stupid fucking mutt” I groaned. Damn, had I wanted that dream to go on.

Somewhere through the crack in the curtain I could see the shimmer of daylight and figured I may as well make tracks on the day. I padded barefoot into the ensuite, the cool floor tiles a saving grace on the heatwave that was currently swamping the small village I lived in. I turned on the shower and slipped my satin nightgown over my head. Checking myself out in the mirror I noticed my mound was swollen and throbbing. “Jesus, I’m horny” I laughed.

I walked into the shower slowly, letting my body acclimatise to the ice cold jets of water that spurted hard against my back. My nipples became erect and spontaneously my fingers began exploring them; lightly touching the end just sent that feeling of exhilaration rocketing to my brain, starting the chain of nerve sensations that bled into all the synapses in my body, the butterflies in my tummy, the weight-less feeling in my head, the sharp intake of breath as my hips begin slowly gyrating back and forth…

Nope. I’m not doing this now! I had a big night out planned tonight and I had around 8 hours to get into town and buy something sexy to wear. I was planning on going all out: hair, nails and makeup, new outfit and of course underwear. Shoes and a bag. Nothing made me feel as confident as dressing up. Petite, blonde, not bad looking. I’d always suffered low self-esteem from school, jibes around small tits had contributed towards this. Don’t get me wrong, there is a handful but I guess what I lacked there I made up in let’s just call in ‘technique’.

I needed a release but it had been so long I didn’t want it any old way. I was going to get it. Tonight. Telling myself it’d be worth waiting for, I shut off the water and proceeded to get ready.

I opted for minimal makeup, flats and a pretty white summer dress. Grabbing my clutch and car keys, I locked up and stepped out into the sweltering heat. It was suffocating; the heat clung to my body and everything around it. The crickets had come out to play, soft chirping mellowed in the background and I popped the top off my convertible. A little present from me to me. Stepping on the gas I proceeded the 15 miles to the next biggest town that housed the nearest decent clothes shops.

As I drove along the country lanes the change in wind force heightened my senses. My hair flowed behind me like a long veil, tickling the nape of my neck and causing goose pimples to rise on my arms. My cotton dress fluttered in the breeze, teasing my nipples with the tantalising flickering against them. Yeah ok, I may have ‘forgotten’ to put on a bra. It was too warm; I wanted to feel fresh and free. The heat on the leather seats caressed my bare buttocks…ok çağlayan escort busted. I’d gone commando. A shiver of anticipation shot down my spine. Something in the air made me become alert, aware of the mixed feelings pulsing through my body. The weather was amazing, I was about to indulge in some serious retail therapy and in the back of my head I knew tonight would be the night I’d be spending with someone, anyone, to take away the months of lonely nights I’d endured.

That was until the car shuddered about a quarter of mile down the lane and just stopped. Completely cut out on me. Slamming my hands in frustration against the wheel, I removed the key and breathed a deep sigh of frustration. I hated not being in control of anything in my life, let alone a fucking car I’d forgotten to put gas in. “Idiot” I said to myself. And to top it all off, my phone had zilch reception. The nearest gasoline station was in the direction I was headed in so I pulled the container from the boot and set off.

About a mile into the walk I was lagging; I needed some water and to get into the shade. To the left of me was a foot bridge, it knocked about 3 miles off the drive as it cut across the river. Cautiously I climbed the stile and stepped down into the cool grass, towards the bridge. I could feel each blade of grass tickle my ankles, my calves, the back of my knees as I continued the decline towards the bubbling stream that ran alongside the river. That tickle. God that tickle crept up my thigh…

I reached the bridge and began to cross, pausing halfway to look over the side of the crumbling stone wall. It was cold, crisp, clear. Man I’d dive into that right now if I could. However I had another agenda and I wasn’t much of a risk taker.

A deep throaty cough sliced through the muggy air like a knife through butter. I turned like a rabbit in headlights, unaware I had company. Peering over the edge of the otherwise of the bridge I saw what I can only describe as a breath taking piece of scenery. He was like an Adonis. Tall, jet black hair swept up and fixed in place so it barely bristled in the breeze. Jeans rolled up to mid calf, he was wading in the steam, looking tentatively for something. The white vest he was wearing clung to every chiseled ripple on his stomach, damp with sweat. He appeared to be overturning small rocks in stream and cursing when whatever he was looking for wasn’t underneath. I faltered for at least 60 seconds, unsure to make myself known or carry on my way. Then it dawned on me he may have a mode of transport and could help out a damsel in distress.

“Lost something?” I took a big gulp of air and proceeded the conversation. Startled, he turned too quickly and become unbalanced on a precarious rock, landing face down in the water. “Fuck!” I cried, and ran down the side of the bridge along the embankment. I flung the container on his pile of belongings and ran to the edge of the water.

“Are you ok?!” I flicked one of my flats off and threw down my clutch. “No, no, I’m fine, you just made me jump that’s all, I’m ok just give me a sec.” He uprooted himself and squelched towards me, looking down at himself and cursing. “Jesus, do you make a habit of fucking creeping up on blokes in a morning?” “I’m sorry”, I faulted, “I’ve çapa escort run out of juice way up there and was on my way into town. You looked like you’ve lost something.”

I didn’t know how to take his cursing towards me, was it banter or was he pure hacked off I’d disturbed him? I held his gaze waiting for a facial reaction- a crack of a smile meant I wasn’t in trouble.

“Yeah well, I have as it happens. A watch. A very expensive watch.

“Why has it ended up down here?” I replied.

Still no smile.

“You ask a lot of questions for a passerby.”

I averted my eyes. Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

“Crack on then, I was only showing concern.”

I bent down to retrieve my shoe and bag and noticed the rather large, how could I put it gracefully? Package? In his jeans. Man this guy was a dream.

He watched me put my shoe back on and seemed to gather his thoughts. “Sorry, look, let me do this over. I’m Tom. I’m not down here by choice. I was out here fishing yesterday evening and seem to have lost my watch. I figured if it wasn’t up there where I was last night it might have gone down stream a little bit.” He grabbed my forearm to steady me as put on my second shoe. The grip of his fingertips against my skin burnt an impression in my eyes, my head. God this heat was killing me.

“I don’t suppose you have a drink on you do you? I’ve walked pretty far already and still got some miles to go.” “Yeah sure”. He bent down for a bottle of water that was under his checked shirt thrown on the side and grimaced at the chafing of the tight wet denim against his thighs. “Tell you what, you help me look for my watch, I’ll give you a ride. How does that sound?”

Well to be honest it sounded stupid. He was never going to find his watch in this. It was all water, pebbles, sand and stone! But I needed refreshment and a lift so I agreed.

He threw me the bottle of water which I guzzled like I hadn’t ever tasted water before. “Some heatwave huh?” I tied my long blonde hair up on top of my head and once again took my shoes off, my toes now appreciating the graceful lapping of the water against them. “Worst I’ve ever known, and it’s due to ride out for another week yet,” he replied. “By the way, what’s your name?” “Jess” I answered. I peered out across the stream, scanning the water for something glittery or shiny.

“Mind if I get out of these jeans for a bit, they’re killing me”. I turned to look over my shoulder to see he already had them down to his ankles, his taught derrière in the air. I spun back towards the stream all flustered. “N-no, knock yourself out”. Get a grip Jess, I told myself. I was normally the headstrong one.

A heady smell of wild parsley floated past in the breeze and the stream bubbled away. Tom came to my side in his vest and briefs and bent down to shift some stones. I crouched down at his side and joined him. We made small talk about the weather, what my original plans had been that day, how long he was in town for. It turned out he was here on business, had a business meeting at a hotel in town tomorrow he had to attend. He chatted about how he hated being cramped up in the town centre and at the advice of some locals, came to this spot last night for some solitude.

All of cennet mahallesi escort a sudden it turned slightly chilly and I noticed we’d rambled down the embankment under the shade of a large overhanging tree. I walked out towards the other side where I could see a patch of sunlight reflecting on the surface of the water. The water reached the tip of my dress and the hem became soggy, sticking to my thighs. I took a tentative step further, testing each new stone to see how stable it was. This one wasn’t. It gave way and my knee went from under me, I fell into the water and went under. Spluttering and coughing I stood back up and turned around and could see Tom stood in the edge laughing hysterically. I wasn’t laughing.

“This is bullshit, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. I’m done”. I waded back towards him but faltered when I saw him raise his eye brows and his eyes seemed to flash from a light hazelnut to a wicked dark brown. His brow furrowed and he was staring with an intense glare at me. I was confused. His eyes slowly took me in, all the way from my knees up, past my now soaking white dress, up past my chest to my face. I looked down. What an idiot. My dress was see through, I may have well been naked.

I felt the colour rushing to my cheeks as thoughts rushed through my head on how to protect my modesty. But it was too late. It was too late for both of us. This is it. This is my release.

I remained in the water, the water reaching my ankles. Slowly I leaned forward, my small pert tits were highlighted like on an X-ray through the dress, my hands crossed at the hem of my dress as I began to lift the heavy dripping material up over my body and head. The breeze toyed with my nipples, the sensation causing them to pucker. Tom remained at the water’s edge, his eyes taking in the unfolding scene greedily.

“Touch yourself Jess”. He broke the silence that engulfed us both. His command was deep, throaty and stern. In that moment all I wanted to do was please this beautiful addictive stranger, I wanted to showcase my talents in a way I wasn’t accustomed to. I wanted to be his whore. I reached up and hung my dripping dress on the bough of the tree above.

Deadlock. Our eyes were connected in a force so strong that I knew nothing would shatter the gaze. Fuck, there could be a crowd in the bridge but I knew in this scene, it would just be us two. Coyly, I licked my middle finger and began to brush my fingertips down my stomach. Goose pimples flooded my entire body. The adrenaline, the chill of the water, the anticipation of what I was about to do for this guy…

I reached my fully waxed pussy and tickled the area I was about to abuse. Slowly I pushed my finger to part my swollen lips and gently manipulated. Almost in an instant the juices flowed and I became wet. And hot. Fuck that felt good. He was a man watching me fuck myself somewhere anyone could be watching. God I hoped someone was. The excitement intensified and it became hard to keep my fingers in check. I was so wet! I didn’t much care for fingers inside me. Even though I was stood in a stream in the middle of nowhere doing the unthinkable with a stranger, it seemed quite intrusive. So I did what I know and love. Using my other hand, I spread my lips open with two fingers wide, revealing the dripping creamy nub inside. With just my middle finger, I rubbed in slow circular motions, only breaking eye contact to throw my head back eyes closed and let out a long moan of quiet “Fuuuuucckk!”

I could hear Tom’s sharp intake of breath as he watched me fuck myself in front of him. I knew he wanted to join in but this was my time. His time would cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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