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A 25 year old straight male is lead to believe the he is going on an out of country business trip with his 50 year old male manager who also is the CEO of the company they work at. Little does he know that his manager has different plans for their “business” trip. By the end of this trip this young guy will have been stripped of his clothes, his passport, his freedom and will be thrown into a world of sex slavery.

Note From Author: Dear reader, this chapter is mostly a setup for the following chapters to come; it provides some back story and lays the foundation for the basic plot. If you are interested in the storyline, then please proceed. But if you are looking for something steamy, you may want too skip to chapter 3.

Chapter 2 – Prologue:

Mike Hernandez is scheduled to go on a two week business trip to Germany with Ted Wilson who is the CEO of the company he works at. Mike had everything planned and he woke up early so he would have enough time to get to the airport; however vanity keep him occupied in a mirror for a little to long, he become horny and pleasured himself in the shower and lost track of time and then he almost fell asleep on the bed after recovering from his shower experience. Mike had no time to waste, he had to scoff his breakfast down as fast as he could, hail and get to the airport.

Chapter 2: Just the two of us.

Mike arrived at the airport, checked in his bags, made it through security and found his terminal with twenty minutes to spare; he was relieved that he made it on time. Mike saw his boss, Ted Wilson waiting for him near the terminal front desk.

“Mr. Wilson, over here!” Miked yelled, and waved.

Ted (Theodore) Wilson was a hansom man by anyone’s standard. He was very tall at 6’1, he was slender and muscular. Ted had silver-black hair, he was clean shaven and kept his hair short. Ted was in his early 50’s but could have easily passed for being his his 40’s.

“Ah, there you are Mike!” Ted said. “And how many times do I have to tell you, please call me Ted.”

Mike quickly walked over to Ted, still panting from his hike to the terminal.

“Yes Sir… SORRY, I mean Ted.” Mike said.

Ted looked Mike up an down examining him. “I was beginning to think I was being stood up.”

“Nnn-no not at all, I was just– rather I lost track of time is all, and I …” Explained Mike with a hint of panic in his voice.

Ted smiling and laughing and interpreted Mike. “Relax, I am just teasing you. Anyway they will be boarding first class any minute now. Have you ever flown first class Mike?”

“I’ve never even been on a plane before, this is all new to me.” Mike explained, relieved that the topic had changed.

“Well, you’re in for quite a treat. First class is the only way to fly.” Ted gave another laugh then padded Mike on the shoulder.

It was just then that Mike realized that something, or rather someone was missing. “Sir— Ted, if you don’t mind me asking, where is your personal assistant? Doesn’t she always come with you on business trips?”

Ted’s smile slightly diminished. “Oh, Julie… yes, she’ll— be joining us on a later flight. No need to worry about that now.”

Mike shrugged this statement off not giving it much more thought; however it did lead to his next question that he had been wanting to ask since he as told he was coming along.

“Ted, eryaman escort if you don’t mind me asking another question?” Mike asked.

“Go for it.” Ted replied, although not completely paying attention.

“Well, I was just wondering why you are bringing me along? Do you really think you’ll need that much technology support?” Mike questioned.

Ted was no longer smiling; but he wasn’t upset either, he had a look of confidence on his face. “Don’t worry Mike, I have big plans for you. Trust me when I say that you will be playing a vital role. But let’s not talk business right now, they’re about to allow us to board.”

No sooner when Ted said this, the flight attendant announced that they’d be allowing the first class passengers to board. The two easily found their seats. Mike’s fear of conversational topics was relieved as Ted spent the majority of the time telling Mike about his adventures and trips around the world. Ted had visited twelve counties; he lived in four of them and spoke fluent English, German, French and Spanish. He was an avid outdoors person who loved to camp, hunt, and go on long hikes. Ted married once in is youth, but had no children and divorced shorlty after the marriage because his career didn’t allow him the time to have start a family. Their eight hour flight went by surprisingly fast, an on-flight movie compensated for lulls in conversation and Mike drifted in and out of sleep. Mike was grateful to set his feet on the ground when they arrived. Ted explained that he had a limousine waiting to take them to his personal villa and that their luggage would be delivered to the villa shortly after. The drive to the villa was rather long, they left the city limits, passed through a smaller down and drove by a small village. Ted’s villa was a few miles further, it was on a cliff with an overview of the valley and village below. The driver dropped off the two at the front door of the villa and left. Ted unlocked the door and gestured for Mike to walk in first.

“Mike, before you go any further I’m going to ask you to take your shoes and socks off.” Ted stated.

Mike completely understood the request to take off his shoes but thought the second part of Ted’s request was a bit odd. “My socks too?” Mike asked in a confused tone.

Ted smiled and said, “Mike, these carpets cost a quarter of a million dollars. Trust me, you are going to want experience the feel of them on the bottom of your feet.”

Mike obeyed and took his socks off and stuffed them in his shoes and set them to the side. He stepped off the tile of the front entrance onto Ted’s carpet. Mike thought to himself, that Ted was right. The carpet was fluffy and soft the fibers of the carpet seemed to engulf his feet and he felt like he was walking on clouds. For a brief moment he pictures himself laying completely naked and spread out on the carpet, but he quickly pushed that image out of his head when Ted asked him a question.

“So what to you think, it feels great on your feet?”

“–yeah, Yeah! It feels really nice.” Mike replied with a nervous laugh. Mike noticed that Ted did not take his shoes or socks off, but figured it was his home and he was used to it.

“Shall I give your the tour?” Asked Ted, “Please do.” Mike replied.

Ted lead Mike around the home and showed him the kitchen, living room, dining sincan escort room, entertainment room. The home had an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, outdoor hot tubs that connected to each bedroom indoors. He had a tennis court and further out had a field running track. Ted showed Mike the bedrooms first, each “small” bedroom was at least twice the size of Mike’s master bedroom in his apartment. Every bedroom had the most amazing shower Mike had ever seen. It had omnidirectional heads that could spray water in every direction, you could even program different sections with different water temperatures and pressure, it even had detachable heads with jet streams. Mike thought to himself that those heads could come in handy. After the tour of the house, Mike noticed that Ted didn’t show im one of the rooms, it had a padlock on the top of the door and a keyed doorknob.

“What’s in the room with the lock?” Mike asked.

Ted turned to look at Mike, he had an odd smile that Mike couldn’t make out. “Oh, it’s just full of furniture that doesn’t match the rest of the decor. Nothing important to see there.”

Mike felt that perhaps his question was too nosy, but before he could apologize, Ted put his hand on Mike’s back and gently nudge him along and the two living room.

It was approaching 1AM in the morning; they both ate dinner on the plane and were ready for sleep.

“Hey Ted… Our luggage hasn’t arrived yet?” Mike asked.

Ted didn’t seem to surprised or concerned. “Ah, yes. No need to worry, it should arrive tomorrow. I have some old clothes you can wear in the meantime.”

Ted left Mike and then returned a few minutes later with a robe, and old pair of grey sweatpants.

“By the way Mike, you really should give me your passport and wallet.” Ted started to explain. “I’ll be honest, you look like a tourist, and the last thing we need is someone pickpocketing you when we go to town. I’ll keep them protected in the house vault” Ted finished.

“Oh, okay! Thanks Ted!” Mike smiled, he was grateful that Ted was looking out for him. He pulled his wallet and passport from his back pocket and handed them to Ted.

“Well, then. Perhaps we should head to bed. You are welcome to choose any bedroom you wsih.” Ted explained. “Good night, Mike.” Ted headed off towards his bedroom.

Mike selected the room closet to him; he slipped his clothes off, including his underwear because he didn’t like wearing underwear when sleeping. He put the sweats on that Ted had given him, but the waist was large and slipping off as he walked. He gave them a quick tug then slid into bed and instantly went to sleep the second his head hit the pillow.

Mike awoke the next morning to the wonderful smell of bacon and eggs. He slid out of bed and he had forgotten how soft the carpets felt when his feet touched the ground. Half asleep he made his way to the kitchen where he saw Ted cooking up a storm.

“Good morning, Mike! Are you a fan on of bacon?” Ted said loudly and excitedly.

“Muuarumm be–con.. mm.. yea-ahh” Mike mumbled in the middle of a yawn.

“Wonderful, please take a seat.” Ted replied cheerfully.

Miked moved toward the kitchen table to sit down, but before he took a seat he took one last long stretch putting his arms up in the air as high as he could, he held the stretch to allow his back etlik escort to loosen up. Then Mike realized that he felt a cold breeze. It took a few seconds for him to realize the horror of what just happened. His sweats had fallen down to the ground, and to make matters worst he had morning wood and his number one buddy was pointing directly at Ted. It took him a few more seconds to react before he scrambled down to pull up his pants. Mike’s face was beet red, he didn’t want to make eye contact with Ted.

Ted started to chuckle. “Don’t be embarrassed Mike, you’re well endowed. And besides it was my fault for giving you sweats that were too big.”

Mike couldn’t speak a coherent sentence, rather then trying he sat down and ate the breakfast that would put in front of him in silence.

Mike didn’t say a word while they ate, and kept quiet while he helped to wash dishes. He noticed that Ted kept looking at him and smiling, but neither said anything until all the dishes were clean.

Ted broke the silence and said, “I am going for a Hike today, Mike. I want you to come with me.

“Err.. Well, I don’t have any hiking clothes to wear.” Mike replied.

“Don’t worry, I do have outdoor clothes that will fit you just fine.” assured Ted.

“Okay.. speaking of clothes. Any idea when our luggage will arrive?” questioned Mike.

Sounding a little annoyed, Ted replied, “It will arrive when it arrives…”

“Oh.. sorry.” Mike said timidly. “Well…. What about Julie? When is she arriving?”

Ted replied short and sternly, “Mike, I will take care of all business needs when they are needed to be addressed, for now don’t concern yourself with it.”

Ted’s voice returned to normal. “Now, we need to get going if we’re going to get to our destination by nightfall. No times for showers, I left some clothes for you in the bathroom. Hurry up and change and I’ll meet you outside. The car should arrive any minute now.”

Mike choose not to press the matter further, he returned to the bathroom and put on the clothes Ted provided. True enough to his word the shorts fit just fine and the shirt was a little tight, but otherwise worked out. He even saw a pair of hiking boots that were just his foot size. Mike thought it was a weird coincidence that Ted happened to have clothes and shoes his size; however he didn’t want to anger Ted anymore then he already had so he decided not to ask.

Mike came outside and saw that Ted was waiting for him inside the same limousine that dropped them off the previous night. He got in and they headed off. They drove for another hour or so and the road evently became a two line dirt road. Mike imagined that there weren’t any people or villages around for hours in any direction.

Ted got out of the limo and retrieved a large backpack from the front passenger seat, he whispered something that Mike could not make out to the driver and the drive left them on their own.

“How are we going to get back?” Mike asked as he watched the limo drive away.

“We’re going to meet some friends half way up the trail, they’ll give us a lift home.” Ted reassured.

As the two headed onto the hiking trail Mike took a deep breath, closed his eyes and thought to himself, “It’s nice to be outside, the air smells sweet. My boss has a personal interest in me and whats to share his hobby with me. He’s right, there’s plenty of time for business. Today is for fun.”

Mike didn’t understand why he was being so uptight earlier, but it didn’t matter. The outdoors reset him, and he felt great.

“This is going to be a wonderful day.” Mike said out loud and turned to smile at Ted.

Ted turned to Mike and smiled. “Indeed it is Mike, Indeed it is … “.

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