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My name is Azizah Suleiman, and I’m a young Black woman of Somali descent living in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. I was born in Somaliland in 1989 and my family moved to the Confederation of Canada in 2000. This beautiful nation has been my home ever since, and I’ve grown fond of it. These days, I study criminal justice at Carleton University and life couldn’t be better. You see, six months ago, my parents Aziz and Anisah Suleiman moved to the town of Mississauga, Ontario, a full four hours away from Ottawa, and I’ve been enjoying the intense feeling of freedom that came over me ever since then. It’s my life, and I can officially do whatever I want with it. Amen to that!

When I say that I feel free without my parents bearing down on me, you wouldn’t understand what I’m talking about unless you were female and Muslim yourself. Families from my neck of the woods are overbearing, overprotective and they restrict a gal’s movements and behavior no matter where they live in the world. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to explore and have fun like my classmates and friends. It’s the price I pay for being female and Somali, I guess. Now that my parents are out of town, I can fully explore what it means to be my true self. And I have big things I want to share with you, dear reader. I am a gay black woman. A lesbian. A woman who loves women. I know, homosexuality and lesbianism in the Islamic world aren’t talked about because, well, Muslims are notoriously homophobic and intolerant of those who are different.

One of these days, Muslim gays and Muslim lesbians should organize a GLBT rights movement specifically geared towards people from our faiths, I tell you. How many Somali queers do I know? A lot! Take my uncle Mohammed Suleiman for example. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he works as a police constable. canlı bahis In the eyes of the Somali community, he’s a pillar of strength. Educated at York University, gainfully employed by one of the best police agencies in North America, and happily married to a beautiful Somali lady named Aminah, with whom he has two sons, Laban and Warsama. What you won’t read anywhere ( except for here ) is that uncle Mohammed is bisexual. Yep, he likes both guys and gals. I once saw him kissing this guy named Farouk, whom he invited to one of our family barbecues. Farouk is a tall, skinny, light-skinned black dude who recently moved to Canada from Lebanon. He’s half black and half Arab, and has a plump white wife named Michelle Samson. Yeah, I caught uncle Mohammed making out with Farouk in the dark, when they thought no one was looking. Now, personally I couldn’t care less because I am one hundred percent lesbian and support all queers and non-heterosexuals everywhere, but my uncle Mohammed is very homophobic. He’s always ranting about how mad he is that Canada and certain parts of the U.S. allow gay marriage, which he calls a crime against Allah. What a hypocrite!

Yeah, my homophobic and secretly bisexual uncle Mohammed Suleiman is typical of the gays and lesbians of the Somali community, and the Muslim world at large. I still shudder when I think of my first girlfriend Wafa Abdullah, a gorgeous young woman whom I encountered at Masjid a couple of years ago. Wafa was tall and absolutely lovely, with light brown skin and golden brown eyes. On the few times I saw her without her hijab, I admired her long and naturally curly black hair. Wafa was born in the City of Calgary, province of Alberta, to a Somali father and Moroccan mother. Like so many mixed women I’ve met, she was absolutely stunning, with exotic good looks. The first time bahis siteleri I looked into Wafa Abdullah’s eyes, I knew that she was like me. A woman who loves other women. Whether she was a bisexual chick or totally lesbian, I couldn’t tell you. I just knew with close to one hundred percent certainty that she was not straight, that’s all.

Wafa and I went to Tim Horton’s restaurant and grabbed coffee together after that first meeting in the ladies corner of a certain Masjid ( that means mosque, for you readers of other faiths ) in the east end of Ottawa. I got to know her, and grew absolutely fascinated with her. I’ve got a thing for tall, light-skinned Black women with pretty faces, curvy bodies, nice tits and big round asses. I guess I’m a black lesbian whose sexual desires aren’t unlike those of most Black males, in regard to the type of female I find myself most attracted to. I was attracted to Wafa and I made no bones about me. Lucky for me, she returned my affections. I asked her to come over to my apartment in Vanier so we could chill and play video games, which is pretty much code for a booty call, and she went along with it. I had sex with this woman hours after we first met. I’m not a slut but damn, I sure was sexually adventurous in those days.

As soon as we got to my place, Wafa Abdullah and I got our freak on, as they say. We got naked, and I kissed her all over, paying special attention to her round, cone-shaped breasts which I sucked tenderly, and then I spread her shapely thighs and inhaled the hot scent of her pussy. Gently I began licking her pussy, teasing her clitoris while my fingers darted inside for some pleasurable exploration. I love the feel and taste of a woman’s pussy in my mouth, something I discovered years ago in games with friends, and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. Wafa was one bahis şirketleri freaky bitch, cursing in Somali, Arabic and English as I licked her cunt real good. I had her screaming and moaning in pleasure as her sexy nubile body writhed on the bed. What can I say? I got it like that when it comes to pleasing my women. Wafa surprised me by saying that she liked the rough stuff, which made me smile. I put her on all fours and gave her big butt a sound spanking while thrusting a slim green dildo into her cunt. Ah, the sweet sound of a young woman whimpering after she’s been taught a lesson by her better. If Wafa wanted to be dominated, I was definitely the right woman for the job. That’s why I pulled her hair, spanked her ass and fucked her roughly with the dildo until she squealed in delight and finally begged for mercy.

Wafa and I had a lot of fun together that evening, and we agreed to continue seeing each other. We went to the movies together, ate in restaurants together, and we even worked together. We both worked at SEARS and hung out together every chance we got. I was honestly falling in love with her. Now, when a woman is both Muslim and lesbian, she’s in for a life of difficulties, to say the least. Still, I thought Wafa and I could have a life together. I was wrong, for she made a devastating revelation to me eight months into our pseudo-relationship. Her parents introduced her to a nice Arab guy named Ibrahim, and he was wealthy and from a good family. They were going to get married. This is how my world ended, and my heart got broken for the first time. I begged Wafa not to marry Ibrahim, and asked her to remember how much we loved each other. She was conflicted, for her feelings for me were strong, but in the end, she let me go. Wafa looked me in the eye and told me that our lesbian love for each other was haram ( forbidden or dirty ) in the eyes of Islam, and she wanted to be a good Muslim woman and marry a man. And that’s how she walked out of my life forever. How would YOU feel after an experience like that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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