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Friday morning I climbed into my car and reached over to place my purse on the passenger seat. There next to me was a box with a card on it. My name was scribbled across it in your handwriting. Eagerly I opened the envelope and found directions on what I was to do with the box.

“Enclosed are some clothes I thought you would look amazing in. Make sure everything is tended to before I come home and we’ll see what fun we can have. Do not look in the box. Wait until all your chores are done and you’re showered and shaved before you open the box. Love always, Me.” I smiled and placed the card inside my purse.

I sat at work anxious all day leaving voicemails on your phone waiting for you to answer, but you must’ve have your calls forwarded for the day.

As the day passed slowly I began more and more anxious. Feeling the wetness spread onto my thongs that you had asked me to wear this morning before leaving for work. I decided to dive into my work and not ponder what was in that box. By the time I knew it was 5:15 and I knew I was going to be late and that you’d most likely be home before I would.

Quickly I grabbed my purse and keys out of the drawer of my desk and rushed home. I hopped into the shower. As I shaved like the speed of light I had hoped I got ever little piece of hair and dried myself off as I opened the box with one hand. I saw an ironed shirt and knee high socks and a school girl’s dress. I smirked and slid on the skirt and the socks. I put on my shirt minus my bra and the dried my hair and put it up in two pig tails to fit the image.

My large breasts hung in the shirt as I wondered about adding my bra even though it wasn’t placed into the box you had given me. The panties were plain white cotton that I slipped on last. It was odd having them on after going between pantieless and thongs the past year.

No make up was added – per your instruction and I ran about the house trying to tidy up before you pulled into the driveway.

As I started putting the dishes in the dishwasher I looked out the window and saw you pull up and bit my lip as I ran into the front room and sat on the couch reading a book. I heard your keys in the door and I continued to read as you walked in and placed your briefcase on the table in the foyer. I placed my book face down on the table and walked over to kiss your cheek. You accept me with open arms as they wrap around my body feeling my ass through the plaid skirt. Your hand raises my skirt and you lightly pat my ass as I remove my lips from your cheek.

“Did you get everything done, my sweet?” I step back and look at you as you smile. “You fit the innocent role well, my slut. I love the pig tails.” You clear your throat and walk away from me as I continue to stand in one place. “Let me go get a few things and see if you accomplished your chores. Finish reading your chapter. I’ll be right back.”

After I watch you head up the stairs I know you’re headed for the bedroom and I know our bed has not been made. This will definitely displease you. I find myself reading the one line over and over again as I hear your footsteps walking from room to room checking my work. I know the wet towels are on the floor as well as my toothbrush and cup out of place.

Your footsteps touch the landing and you begin to descend on the stairway and I hear you begin to clear your throat once again. The swinging door to the kitchen is pushed open by you and I hear drawers open and slam shut. Almost too soon you are standing behind me with the wooden spoon in your hand.

“What is the reason all of those things were not attended to? Last time I checked you were able to clean up after yourself.” I felt my face go red and buried my face deeper into the book as I tried to get the gumption to speak.

“I left work late and tried to get ready before you came home. I figured those things could wait until I saw you.”

“Were those my instructions? No! Working late is no reason.” Your hand tilts my head back and our eyes meet and you stare hard into my eyes. “Put that book down and get your ass up there and tend to those chores now! I will order dinner since you must’ve forgotten that as well.” I closed the book and walked around the couch. When I walk behind you, you hit my ass sharply with the wooden spoon. I gasp and you chuckle. “There’s more where that came from. Hurry your ass back here or you won’t be getting any pleasure from me for a very long time.”

I ran upstairs and began to clean throwing the soaked towels in the laundry shoot and cleaned the rest of the bathroom. I went into the bedroom and started to make the bed as I heard you on the phone ordering canlı bahis dinner. My cunt was so warm I had to feel how wet I had gotten since you had gotten home. I slipped my right hand down my panties and felt the wetness seeping out of me. I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted them as I heard you call my name. I fixed my panties and hurried down the stairs to find you standing there.

You hold your hand out to me and I take it as you kiss my fingers. I begin to get nervous hoping you do not smell my scent on my fingers.

“Did you touch yourself while you were upstairs?” I shake my head no and you shake your head in disbelief. “I can smell your sweet cunt. Bend over!” You point to the couch and I bend over the back of the couch and you follow me. I feel your hands on my back slide down to my hips and you raise the skirt and press your fingers into my soaked panties.

You start to manipulate my cunt and you bend over me and I feel the hardness of your cock against my cunt. Your place a few kisses on the back of my neck and then you stand up. I do not feel a touch from you before I feel the sting of the wooden spoon on my right ass cheek. As I scream you rub my ass cheek.

“Count them, slut. You’re getting 5 slaps each ass cheek for all the things you didn’t do and the one thing you did do. Not running the dirty dishes not getting run through the cycle. The bed not being made. The wet towels on the floor. Your toothpaste on the counter. Last, but certainly not least touching your pussy before I gave permission. So that’s how many hits you’re getting, slut?” “Twenty-five?”

“Yes, slut. You’ll be getting twenty-five hits. Can you handle that, slut?”

“I deserve it.”

“Yes you do. Only twenty-four more to go.”

You began to administer the hits with the wooden spoon. Every cheek received five hit. My ass feels like it’s on fire. The only break I received was when the door rang and it was the delivery boy. I was forced to answer it with my red bum stinging each time the cotton rubbed against it. The delivery boy looked at my tear stained face and whispered,

“Do you need help, Ma’am?” I cleared my throat and said,

“No, thank you.” I handed him a forty and told him to keep the change. I wondered if he had seen my hard nipples through this thin shirt and as I turn around I see you walk around the couch to sit on it.

“Bring the food into the kitchen and then get back in here to finish this off.”

I obey his orders and find myself breathing sharply as my ass hurts more with every step. I place the Chinese food on the table and walk back and lay on your lap for the last five blows. As you raise my skirt with one hand your other hand lays on my warm ass. You grab the elastic and pull it down over my ass and the cool air in the house touches my hot flesh.

Your hand lands hard on my ass and you rub my ass softly and then I feel your hand slip between my legs and you find my soaked cunt. The wetness has spread to my thighs and you slide a finger into my cunt and wiggle it around making my hips grind against you. You offer me your finger and I suckle on it as you smack my ass with your other hand.

The twenty fifth hit leaves me fresh out of air and you let me catch my breath as you slide the panties down to my ankles.

“Stand up, slut.” I do so ever so slowly and you hold my hand as I step out of my wet panties. You stand up in front of me and begin to unbutton my shirt. I can see the hardness of your cock as I look down to see your hands unbuttoning my shirt.

As my shirt falls open revealing my breasts you grab them and rub your thumbs over my hard nipples. I lay my head back and feel your mouth on my left breast biting down on my nipple.

“On your knees!” You say as my nipple falls from your mouth. I kneel on the carpeting and you unzip your pants. I see your hard cock. Your pre cum is at the tip and I like my lips. You bring your cock to my mouth and I lick the head of your cock. I roll my tongue over the head of your cock and suck the pre cum into my mouth as I enjoy your taste on my tongue. You hold my face in your hands as our eyes meet and I smile with your cock in my hand.

I bring your cock to my mouth and I run my tongue around your cock. My hands are grabbing your ass cheeks and I squeeze them harder digging my nails into your skin. My mouth begins to suckle the head of your cock licking the slit nice and slow. I love the sound you’re making as I do this. Your hands take mine in them and you bring them to your balls as I begin to massage them you slide your cock deeper into my mouth. Then tip of your cock brushes against the back of my throat. bahis siteleri I gag and you mumble, “Take it deep, slut.” Your hands grab onto my on my pig tails guiding my mouth on your cock back and forth as my tongue drags up and down your shaft. I squeeze your balls harder. Your cock is so stiff and hot in my mouth. I almost gag as you begin to fuck my mouth harder. “Take it you slut. Take this cock and suck it dry. I’m gonna shoot my cum deep into your throat you little disobedient slut. I want you to swallow every fucking drop. You hear me? Ugghhhhhhh!” You cum shoots into the back of my mouth and I swallow every drop as it hits the back of my throat. I’m on my knees swallowing what’s left of your cum in my mouth and you zip up your pants.

You reach out for me and help me to my feet and give me a deep kiss and I hold you closer to me as your cool hands touch my still warm ass. With my hands on your back you bring your hand to my pussy and feel how wet my pussy still is. I hear you moan as you break away from me and walk toward the kitchen and adjust your pants zipping them closed. I follow you slowly and you bring me a glass of water and kiss my forehead.

“You were good tonight, slut.” I smile as you pull the chair out for me to sit on. You grab my skirt and lift it up as I sit down on my bare ass.

“Thank you. So were you.” I smile again this time adding a wince as my ass adjusts to the wooden seat.

Your eyes stare into me as you light a couple of the candles on our table. The bottle of wine pops as you open it to pour me a glass and sit down. We begin to have dinner like it is any other night of the week and just came home from a long day of work.

I see your eyes linger on my breasts. The candle light flickering against my skin must be catching your attention and I smile on the inside knowing I have pleased you. Knowing deep down that spanking me for not doing the chores was what you had wanted to do regardless of how you truly felt about chores not being done. You’re not as picky about the bed not being made, dirty dishes in the dishwasher or my tooth brush being out of place. The wet towels I know displeases you, but not enough for a spanking such as the one I received. I know you loved administering a spanking to my virgin ass.

Once dinner is over you stand up and kiss my forehead as you walk upstairs. I know you’re going into the shower and I am to clean up the dinner mess before joining you in our room. Before you turn into the bathroom I hear you call down the stairs.

“While you clean remove all clothing and then come up as soon as you are finished.” I do as I am told and lay my skirt over the chair as well as my shirt. I begin to put the newly dirty dishes away as well as the wine bottle back in the fridge. Once the table is cleared I start the dishwasher and blow out the candles. As I walk up the stairs my ass cheeks feel wonderful with the cool breeze touching it yet the burn is still there. I can still feel the wetness between my thighs and I cannot wait to see what you have planned for me next.

I find you on the bed still dripping wet onto our carpet and I smile as I walk over to you. The wetness from your skin trickles on mine as you bend down to kiss my lips. Your hands find my red and sore ass and I know you’re most likely staring at our reflection in the mirror. You always tell me how you like to see our naked reflections intertwined together.

I feel your chin rest on my shoulder and you kiss my neck softly over and over again leading to where my shoulder curves to my arm. Then you kiss back toward my neck and bite down a bit. My hand lays on the back of your head while I wrap my other hand around your body holding you closer to me. Nibbling at my neck I feel sexier by the second. You walk backwards and then spin me around and push me onto the bed. I fall onto the bed and motion you to me.

The bed caves around my body as you climb on top of me and your lips land on my neck once again. I want you so badly as your lips trail down my neck and over to my lips kissing me fully. You cradle my face in your hand and your thumb is running over my cheek as your fingertips tease my neck. My arm wraps around your back and I begin to dig my nails into your back as I open my legs to envelope your body. You pull your lips from mine and smile down at me as you take out my pig tails.

You kiss my lips again and move your mouth south heading toward my breasts. I feel your teeth nip at my nipples lightly and then a hard bite as you tug on my nipple. At first you tug softly and let my breast fall. Then you bite again and tug harder and further away as I whimper under you and then bahis şirketleri I feel your hand on my shaved pussy. It gets wetter under your touch and I run my fingers through your hair. You run your fingers along the inside of my cunt lips and trace along the inside. I raise my hips and grab my breast and my hips rotate as you finger my cunt. You raise your hand to my mouth and I suck on your fingers as you offer them to me. After I suck your fingers dry you climb off of me and pull out the wooden spoon that I swore I saw you leave on the coffee table.

“Spread your legs. Hold them under your knees and tightly toward your body.” I do as I am told and I see your smile grow as you see my soaked cunt opened completely to you. We had discussed spanking my pussy earlier this week and now I’m having second thoughts. I was completely open and was desperately afraid of the pain that might come at this angle.

Your hand rubs my cunt and you begin to slap it lightly. My hips wiggle more enticing a smirk out of you and you bend over to kiss the inside of my cunt. I open my legs more trying to see your head between my legs. I feel your tongue slide over my cunt stopping at my clit as you circle it. Then your mouth clamps down on it and I release my legs and place a hand on your head holding it in place. You fuck my cunt with your tongue and my hips are writhing against you.

You crawl up to my mouth and kiss my lips and I taste myself on you and enclose your body with my arms and legs holding you close to me. I feel your cock growing harder as you lay above me kissing me. My wetness on your chin, your lips, and tongue. You roll over next to me and take my right leg into your left arm and your right hand starts to play with my pussy hitting it ever so lightly while watching my hips try to move my pussy away from the hit. You begin to tap my pussy lightly with the spoon and then a few harder hits. You then placed the spoon on my stomach and rubbed the sting out of my cunt. Your fingers slipping between my lips teasing my soaked cunt and I want you more now than ever before. The feeling of your fingers between my silky cunt lips was enough to send me over the edge but I knew it would be better the longer I waited. You repeat this at least five times before I begin to moan.

“I’m going to cum soon, lover.” That statement is followed by a dropping spoon and a kiss on my lips. I reach for your hard cock as you kiss me I rub your hard shaft and rub my thumb over the tip feeling your wetness as I bring it to my mouth. You climb on top of me once again and slide your hard cock into my hot cunt. My cunt is hot and my wetness is seeping out of my insides all because of what your hands can do to me. You slide your cock deep inside of me and I scream,

“Fuck me harder! Make me cum all over you! Fuck me….please…..fuck me harder….make me cum.”

A smirk appears on your face and you make me fuck you with my hips. As you lay there on top of me I rock my hips back and forth wrapping my legs around you.

“You’re so hot, slut. I want to cum deep inside of this cunt. Do you want my cum shooting deep inside of you?”

“Ohmigod – yes! I want you to explode inside of me. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me.” You kiss my lips and start to fuck my cunt hard. I know by morning I’ll be raw but I love feeling raw from your cock. There’s no other feeling a woman enjoys more than being reminded of a wonderful night in bed with a man she cares deeply for.

You slide your cock out and then slam your cock harder into me. You put my left leg over your shoulder and slam your cock into my cunt. I held you close to me as you fucked my cunt raw. The sound of my soaked cunt getting fucked by your cock is sending me over the edge. I listen as you fill my cunt fully with your cock and your balls are slapping against my sore ass.

“I’m going to cum.” I say as I meet your thrusts with my hips.

“Cum, baby. Cum all over my hard cock. I’m going to shoot my load so deep inside of you. I want your cunt clinging to me as I do so. Cum, slut. Cum for me – cum for daddy.” That comment throws me over the edge and I can’t hold back any longer. My cunt squeezes around your cock tightly and I begin to shake and spasm underneath your body. I feel your cock harden more inside of me as I cum all over your cock. I feel the warmth shoot deep inside of my cunt. The warmth spreading through out my cunt. The feeling of your cock twitching inside of me feels amazing. I love the warmth of your cock as you fill me deep. You collapse on top of me and kiss my lips as I hold your head to my breast. We catch our breaths as I feel your cock soften in my cunt and slowly disappear. We both fall asleep in this position. Both completely exhausted. We fall asleep in each other’s wetness. Knowing full well we’ll have to shower again. But that’s another story – for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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