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It was just after my 21st birthday and I wanted a quiet night at home chilling out with a few movies with my Dad and my 20 year old sister. While we were watching a movie I moved to the floor in front of the set lying on my stomach. Watching the TV screen I noticed that as the movie continued I could see that they were watching me as well. I had begun sliding backwards an inch at a time pulling up the nightshirt… wanting them to realise that the thong I was wearing in the bedroom was gone. Jessica soon noticed the bulge in our father’s pants and during one of the more erotic scenes, she quietly slid a hand in his pants and started fondling him, bringing him to a full erection.

Then she just noticed the state of my nightshirt, because she stopped mid stroke and just stared at the beauty of my pussy. Noticing that I began opening and closing her legs slowly.

Taking advantage of the moment Daddy slipped his hand around and gently brushed Jessica’s fingertips along my pussy lips. Jessica must have been aroused as hell, because she couldn’t stop a soft moan from escaping her mouth and as she did I decided it was time to roll over and face them.

There I was with my shirt pulled up to her hips and my legs spread out to show my wet pussy. Almost immediately, I fingered my clit, making slow movements… teasing my younger sister and Daddy with her open wanting.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.” I whispered to her between small moans.

“Come to me, please?”

Daddy nodded his head to Jessica and gave her the OK to join her me. Eagerly Jessica joined me on the floor and we shared a slow wet passionate kiss. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Our tongues tenderly exploring one another’s mouths while our hands slowly, longingly caressed our bodies. Our passionate moans filled the room seeming to dull every other experience in memory. Soon our hands had found one another’s breasts, cupping, stroking and fondling through our shirts, bringing our nipples to fully erect little points clearly visible as we continued in their blissful play.

As Jessica removed my shirt I noticed her sharp intake of breath at the sight of her older sisters ample breasts. I spread Jessica’s glistening wet lips and started rubbing small circles over her erect clit. In the heat of our passion Daddy saw Jessica shudder and lick my left nipple with hot desire before taking it completely in my mouth.

It was all Daddy could stand. I noticed he was already harder than I had ever seen Daddy. Daddy started gently rubbing his erect penis in anticipation. As though this had been the cue he had been waiting for I looked straight into my little sisters eyes and motioned with her free hand for Daddy to join us. As he sat on the floor with us, I leaned closer towards him…

“I was talking to both of you.”

He knew this was about to be one of the most memorable nights of his life since he became a father. He reached over and helped Jessica out of her shirt while she and I helped Daddy out of his clothes sensuously kissing his body in the process. I began working my way toward his throbbing dick and started teasing the head with my tongue and slowly taking the length of him into my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouth. I noticed that Jessica had positioned herself between my legs and was about to take her first taste of my pussy!

I knew it wouldn’t be long at this rate before Daddy shot his load into my mouth. I just hoped he could hold on long enough for it to be enjoyable all around. Then he felt it. My mouth tightened around his shaft and my strokes became faster and stronger as Jessica made repeated contact with my clit. Daddy watched with awe as Jessica licked and sucked at my pussy and I started rocking my hips to the rhythm of Jessica’s tongue.

Daddy started pumping in and out of my mouth, feeling the intensity of both our approaching orgasms. I moved one hand to cup his balls massaging them and stroking them. I started moaning softly around his dick and Daddy knew I was close.

Jessica must have sensed it too because she picked up the intensity and I must have sensed that Daddy was struggling to hold back his building orgasm because she stopped massaging his balls and moved her hand further back and slowly inserted one finger into his ass while she ate my hot wet pussy.

As my orgasms got closer Daddy started fingering me faster and I sucked him harder. Daddy started to breathe harder and a slight moan escaped his lips and I knew I had him Jessica knew it too.

Jessica had the most control as what she did to me directly affected Daddy and he could tell that it was turning her on like crazy.

My body tensed and I started bucking at Jessica’s face as an intense orgasm ripped through my body güvenilir bahis şirketleri causing shudder after convulsive shudder. I was flooding Jessica’s mouth with my cum. It was more than he could stand, and my mouth clenched around his swollen head ripping the orgasm that had been building right out of him. His body rocked uncontrollably as he shot pulse after hot pulse of his cum right into my mouth. This seemed to increase my orgasm as I swallowed every bit of what he put out.

I had turned away from Dad as he was now working on Jessica’s clit. She noticed that he was still rock hard. They were in the 69 position so Jessica could still tease my clit while giving me pleasure. Dad got around behind Jessica and slipped inside her pussy from behind. As he slowly plunged in and out of her, he could feel her arousal intensify. Dad felt my hands reaching up and gripping his ass. This was definitely worth the wait!

Dad felt another orgasm building. He started pumping Jessica a little harder. She was already moaning so much and breathing so hard she couldn’t keep licking my clit. I took this as encouragement to get fiercer with her licking and started sucking a little, too. Daddy reached down and started fondling Jessica’s swaying breasts and felt my hands leave his ass. A moment later Daddy’s and my tongues were working Michelle’s nipples and breasts in unison together building her into a frenzy of moans and panting.

Daddy could feel her orgasm approaching, and so could I. Daddy’s own orgasm was building extremely high again and he knew that her orgasm would trigger his. I started pinching and twisting my nipples while she licked her soaking wet clit which pushed Jessica over the top. As Jessica’s orgasm exploded through her body Daddy shot a river of hot cum into her pushing her peak even higher. Dad collapsed on the floor exhausted and breathless.

“It can’t get any better than this.” I thought to myself smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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