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Danielle and I have known each other for several years. We met through work, and have always to hit if off. Both of us are married, but we have a sexless, lifeless marriage with our spouses. Neither of our spouses seem to want to broaden our relationship horizons. So, Danielle and I had the “what if’ talk. And since then, we have filled the desires and needs of each other for about a year. We have enjoyed each other’s openness of exploring each of our fantasies and not worrying about being judged by the other.

This week, we are out of town on business for training. It has been an enjoyable trip, and the training has been very good. But the evenings have been unbelievable and highly enjoyable with Danielle. After we have supper, we goto our rooms and then meet down in the bar for drinks. Then we take the night where it leads us, which usually meant a lot of ravishing each other’s body. Tonight I plan on an unexpected twist to our adventure in the bar.

I walk into the bar and see her wearing a loose fitting spaghetti strap top, and dress slacks that accentuated her sexy curved ass. Strolling up to her from behind, I whisper in her ear, “Are you lonely?”

She playfully says, “Why yes. My date has stood me up.”

I sit down facing her, and she turns to me and says something. I have no idea what, because I am looking at her flawlessly tanned cleavage. She looks so damn hot and she made me feel like a teenager, as I stammer around trying to take my eyes off her sensuous body. We make some small talk but I cannot keep my eyes off her. I just want her right now.

“Can you escort me back to my room?”

I stammer to say, “Yes.”

We playfully talk to each other, as we walk to mamak escort her room. Her perfume is intoxicating and has an aphrodisiac effect on me, which is usually the case. I reach out for her card, “Miss can I open the door for you?”

She gives me her room key with a suggestive smile, “Only if you plan to fuck me.”

I open the door for her and take her by her arm as she went by me. I pulled her to me, “I will. Right after I taste how good your pussy tastes and you cum on my face.”

With the door still open, she swiftly discards her slacks and tosses them too me. I shut the door and look at her as she stands bottomless. I always look forward to seeing what she has done with her pubic hair—full bush, landing strip, totally shaven, and everything in between. She sarcastically says, “What are you waiting for? I have nothing on and I am not going to stop you if you want to dazzle me with your oral skills.”

I feel my growing bulge in my pants. Not wasting any time, I kneel in front of her and I force her legs apart. She grabs my hair, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to worship your beautiful pussy, and you will cum.” as I look up into her captivating eyes.

“NO!” she says in a stern voice. She licks her lips seductively. “I want your head right here because I’m riding your face as your tongue jets in and out of my pussy. As you suck my clit.”

Obviously, I didn’t waste time undressing and went right where she told me. I’m totally vulnerable to her carnal desires. Which I am totally enjoying her taking charge. She straddles my face. Her pussy looks so damn good, as I anticipate tasting her, like I have imagined all day during our training. ankara masaj yapan escort

“So, is this what you want me to give you?” she says looking down at me. I shake my head yes, as I lick my lips submissively.

She looks at my hardness standing up saluting her amorous body. Her hand reaches down to stroke my hard cock, “I can’t wait for you to taste me and make me cum. So, please…start now!” And she stops stroking my cock.

I greedily bury my face between her to taste her luscious juices. She tastes so good! Her hips start grinding over my face, causing her juices to go all over my face. I look up and notice she is playing with her breasts through her blouse. Her nipples are straining through the material. Then she quickly removes her blouse and continues to touch her breasts and her impressively large nipples. Those large nipples have always amazed me—deep dusky pink, swollen and always yearning to be taken.

Danielle’s body starts to stiffen from the pleasure of my tongue. Her hips continue grinding into my face, as her moans and breathing deepens. Then she collapses forward, while edging closer to ecstasy. I feel her zealous mouth take my throbbing cock and start to insatiably take every inch. Gliding her tongue the length of the shaft, then up to suck and tease the tip. Her voracious appetite for having a hard cock in her mouth to please, made me desirous to make sure I was pleasing her with my oral skills. Skills that so many don’t deem necessary to capture their partner’s satisfaction from their wants and needs.

Then her body lets go into an uncontrollable orgasm. The satisfaction of watching her body become uncontrollable mithatpaşa escort with an orgasm, is nothing less than remarkable. She lays on me breathless, and my tongue outlines her lips that are only inches from my enjoyment.

“No! Please! I want to take your cock inside me. I want to feel you shoot deep inside me.” She breathlessly slides over my body, and she takes my hardness and guides it in her drenched pussy. Her whimpers become louder as she starts to glide up and down my shaft. I watch her ass go up and down. Then I see her toy on the nightstand with some lube. Should I? Anal has not been a topic we talked about. Well, I’m going to try and if she says no, I wont.

As she continues to ride, she doesn’t realize I am reaching to grab them. I give her vibrator a good amount of lube, and I ask her to stop and lean forward. She gave me a perturbed sigh. I slide a finger in her tight puckered hole. She lets a deep pleasurable moan.

“That feels so wonderful.” she says gasping for her breath.

I slowly slide her vibrator in her.

“OH!” she exclaims in a surprised tone. Then I turn it on while I let her adjust, before I slide it in a little further. As she takes it all inside, I speed it up even more.

“God! It feels so good to have both of my holes filled!” Breathless, but highly aroused, she continues to ride me. Within minutes she cums again. Her muscles tighten around my cock. She feels so good I grab her hips to drive her down as far as I can. Then I unloaded my hot load deep inside. She seemed to have another mini orgasm. Falling back on my chest, I see her erect nipples going up and down with each breaths. Still inside her, I could feel our juices coming out of her cum soaked pussy.

“That was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed taking every drop of your pussy’s juice. Watching the pleasure over take your body.”

Her reply was short and breathless, “I am satisfied for now. A nap then we must do it again.”

As she regains her normal breathing, she drifts off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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