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This is part one of a two part story separated by eight years. The reason I link them together is that they took place with the same person, my girlfriend who later became my wife and because there are some similarities in what took place chiefly the fact that on both occasions, (and on those two occasions only), I set a personal record.

I know that sounds crass, but that occasion is one of several things that I look back in my life which still make me feel warm, certain incidents when I played sports, a fight I was once in, something good that happened at work. I occasionally replay events like these in my head and they’re all very special moments to me.

I’m not sure what other people count as making love but as far as I am concerned it means ejaculation, or the act of cumming inside or over a woman. I know that’s an old fashioned man’s viewpoint but once you start counting anything else the water gets very muddy. I suppose you could chalk one on the scoreboard if the woman comes first, providing it was done whilst shagging, and you didn’t come as well but how often does that happen? And how could you be sure?

I’d like to think that I’m beyond counting now and that I no longer use my wife as a dartboard but every now and again there are times when I feel the need to prove that there’s still some fight in the dog and we have what we still call “a bit of a session”. This tends to be a holiday thing or maybe a school day when we’ve both taken a day off work.

Anyway, back in 2002 I started what my mother described as a “proper job”. I had left school at 18 after passing my A Levels and I had done several things for a year, not all of which was paid work. I then found a job in my home town as a trainee underwriter with an insurance company.

Three months later I was informed that a new girl was starting on Monday doing much the same as me and she would be sitting alongside me to learn the few menial tasks that I had mastered so far.

Christine duly arrived and I was instantly attracted to her. She was eighteen, a year younger than me, 5ft 7ins tall with dirty blonde hair and a pretty, rather than gorgeous, face. She had a wholesome, scrubbed look and a lovely even tan. Her breasts were slightly smaller than I would have liked and her bum was slightly bigger than I would have liked, but other than that she was almost perfect (for me).

I quickly discovered that she was quite classy (compared to me), with semi-wealthy parents who lived in an expensive detached house less than a mile from my humbler dwelling. Her clothes always looked as if she had just taken them out of the wrapper and whenever I sneaked a peep down the front of her blouse she was always wearing the whitest, laciest brassiere that I had ever seen.

Unfortunately she was already spoken for and she seemed to be in a very happy relationship with someone called Simon. That did not stop me from working my unsubtle charms on her, which, in that foolish way that boys have in the presence of girls that they like, meant that I would gently abuse her and take the mickey out of every item of clothing and hair style that she chose to wear.

She must have enjoyed the attention because six weeks later she had found me sufficiently good company to allow me to walk home from work with her each evening and a few weeks after that she had ditched Simon and was going out with me.

Now I’m not known as a fast mover so I made a slow graduation from doorstep kisses to doorstep fumblings and sometime later I was invited into her home for a late night coffee which culminated in a hasty and silent shag on her parent’s expensive sofa.

Settee and carpet shagging soon became the order of the day but there was always the fear of her parents appearing downstairs which tended to inject some excitement into the proceedings. As a precaution Christine would take her bra off and put her blouse back on and she would also leave her underskirt on so that my spunk didn’t mark the sofa. I used to leave my socks and shirt on for a quick escape but the effect of this was that I inevitably looked ridiculous when I would have much preferred to look masterful.

Some of the things that Christine suggested and the way that she adopted certain positions left me with a lingering suspicion that she was no stranger to cock. She was well brought up sure enough, but some of the well brought up girls in my old sixth form had had similar tendencies. For my part, although I was as red blooded as any other nineteen year old male, I was actually a bit of an amateur in the shagging game. I was part of a footballing, drinking, brawling crowd of lads and although I’d had a few short-lived girlfriends and a few shags I had never had a full-on sexual relationship with a girl before and I was determined that this was not going to become apparent to Christine.

Less than a month after our first date Christine’s parents announced that they were going to the Lake District for the Easter weekend. Christine informed me of this and suggested that I bayan tuzla escort might want to spend some time at her place and I offered no resistance. In fact I began my preparations. Only a week earlier a girl from work had left to get married. Some of the other girls dressed her up in a crepe paper wedding dress and she was given a variety of presents. Traditionally one of the presents was always a cardboard box of miscellaneous marital aids. As this was an insurance company there was nothing too lewd but in amongst the “wedding gifts” was a willie warmer, some nipple tassels, a pair of fur handcuffs, a giant chocolate knob, some condoms, a surgical rubber ring (for sitting on) and an elderly paperback guide to lovemaking.

Naturally these items were abandoned by the bride to be and were put away in the cupboard for the next bridal victim. During the course of the presentations and speech-makings I had managed a quick flick through of the paperback and was absolutely intrigued by its hand–drawn illustrations. Reluctantly I threw it back in the box in a disinterested way before some of my wittier senior colleagues could make me the target of their humour.

As soon as Christine mentioned the Easter weekend I determined that I was going to “borrow” the book for my own education and I duly brought it home and secretly read it from cover to cover. It was more clinical than pornographic but soon I was an expert on dozens of different shagging positions, I knew about oral sex, anal sex, how to get pregnant, how not to get pregnant, how to satisfy a woman if you had a small penis (no worries there), how to stop yourself from coming early (plenty of worries), how to ensure that your woman has an orgasm, how to locate her g spot etc etc.

Easter Thursday arrived, we hadn’t fucked since Sunday and, just as the book advised, I had abstained from having a quick wank. It was a warm sunny day and we finished work at 3.30pm and made our way to Christine’s very comfortable home. She looked at me as we walked through the door and her look said that we were going straight to her bedroom.

I had bought two tee shirts at lunchtime so, once upstairs, I took my shirt off and tried them both on. This was absolutely in accordance with the book which said that I should slowly build the tension. I was badly in need of a suntan but I knew that I was in good shape physically. Christine tried each shirt on as I took it off. As she took off her blouse my eyes feasted on her small brown tits which were covered by her brilliant white lacy bra. As she removed the second shirt I could wait no longer and leapt on her and within seconds I had her bra off and her nipples in my mouth. She was tugging at my belt and my zip and I had to break off to assist her. I was wearing a new pair of black boxer shorts that I thought I looked good in so I hung on to them whilst Christine dragged my trousers off. Likewise I unzipped her skirt and within minutes she was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of white M&S briefs with sides that were effectively a string’s width.

I slowed down the pace just as the book advised and we kissed and stroked each other and rolled over and over, sometimes I was on top, sometimes Christine was. My cock was poking out of my shorts at a firm 45 degree angle and Christine gripped it firmly, pulling the foreskin back to expose the deep red head beneath. I had an unfulfilled vision of my cock buried deep in her mouth with her head bobbing back and forward, something we hadn’t graduated to yet but which was on my menu for tonight.

Somewhere in amongst all of this we removed our remaining garments and I began a kissing routine, which started in her ears, moved down the side of her neck and made her squirm with ticklish pleasure. I moved from her throat to her barely defined cleavage and down to her gorgeous nipples which were as swollen and as hard as the rubber on the end of a pencil. She tried to keep hold of my cock as I slowly made my way down her body and I curled round so that my legs started to make their way up the bed. The thought struck me that if I parked my dick up near her face she wouldn’t be able to resist having a quick suck on it. Regrettably she didn’t take the hint but she continued doing a pretty good job with her right hand dragging my foreskin back and forward to its full extent.

Meanwhile my tongue had reached her belly button and she became fully aware of where I was heading and put up a determined resistance. Her legs had clamped tightly together and she had moved her hands on to my head in a way that suggested that her next grip would be a headlock.

I pretended that I hadn’t really been heading for her cunt and slowly kissed my way back up her body. I kissed her on her lips and moved my finger down to her slit which I was gratified to find was soaking wet. I moved my fingers back and forward over her slit and her clit and she opened her legs wide and thrust her groin back and forward in response. She cupped my balls whilst wanking me off with pendik escort her other hand and I slid my middle finger inside her cunt and began to probe for the mythical g spot in much the same way that a blindfolded child might fish around in a bran tub for the most favourable gift.

She pressed my face into her tits until I could barely catch my breath. She moaned softly as I pushed my single finger in and out of her hole and urged me on with short breathless comments and I decided that it was time to recommence my slow voyage of kissing my way down to her fanny. I was determined to see what it tasted like down there (even though I had secretly licked my fingers on previous occasions). I wanted to know what it was like to kiss and suck on those flappy bits and stick my tongue in there to its furthest extent. Unfortunately Christine seemed equally determined that I would not be feasting on her fanny juices just yet and once again she gripped my head, this time by my ears, and whispered a firm “no”.

I couldn’t decide why this was so, she frequently reached for my dick whenever she thought nobody was watching, she often initiated positions and she was an enthusiastic and noisy shagger who could use some pretty coarse language when she was on the verge of cumming. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she’d been tongued before but she was worried that I might think less of her for succumbing to my tongue so early in our relationship.

I knelt over her and sat lightly on her stomach, she took my cock & balls in both hands and began to slowly wank me off. I asked if she wanted me to come over her face, I was only joking but she was not amused. I told her that I intended to fuck her in a dozen different ways and she responded enthusiastically by giving me a dozen powerful down-strokes and saying that she just might let me.

I was rewarded by a slight kiss on the bulbous end of my todger and then she asked me to “play down there again”. I relocated and soon the fingers on both of my hands were engaged on stroking her clitoris and rummaging in and out of her cunt. She brought her left hand down on top of my right hand and slowed down the pace of my plunging fingers whilst at the same time her back arched and her pelvis lunged in harmony with this new rhythm.

Her eyes closed and as the minutes passed she disappeared into a world of her own. I watched her, quite mesmerised at her obvious pleasure and shortly after when I lowered my head and planted a kiss on her mound she made no objection. Without breaking the rhythm of my fingering I eased the tip of my tongue over her clitoris and her slit and was further encouraged when she wrapped her fingers into my hair and pressed me deeper into her genitals. I gradually moved position so that my knees fell to the carpet at the foot of the bed so that my face was now fully central between her legs and I began to insert my tongue to its full extent into her opening.

My cock had swollen to its furthest extent and shivers were rippling through my body so that I felt that at any second I could shoot my load without even entering her. I needed to calm down but I continued fucking her with my tongue even though the very root of my tongue was causing me some discomfort because it was so unused to being extended this far. I was relieved and also slightly embarrassed when she asked me to do it the other way round and I duly stuck two fingers in her hole and ran the tip of my aching tongue over her clitoris.

Christine’s pelvic thrustings increased to the point of total uncoordination and she was moaning as loudly as any porn star. It was obvious that she was within an ace of orgasming and I fingered her clitoris and sucked and slurped in and around her slit like a man possessed. Suddenly she clamped her thighs around my head, gripped my hair painfully and arched her back as the sensations ripped through her body. I tried to persist with my tongue but this was the wrong move and she pushed my head viciously away. I fell back on my knees and watched her press her legs tightly together as she tried to prolong the ecstasy of the moment.

Slowly she relaxed and her breathing became more controlled, I desperately wanted to fuck her but I waited to be invited inside because I was so unsure of what emotions might accompany such a dramatic reaction. I was not disappointed, she wriggled back up the bed, opened her legs wide and offered her cunt to me with the hoarse command “love me now”.

I needed no second bidding so I clambered on top of her and with her assistance I inserted the tip of my cock inside her. She might have been as slippy as hell but her tight little fanny meant that I had to squirm around before I could push myself all the way in. The book had suggested that a lubricant was very helpful in these circumstances and the reduced friction would also stop you from cumming too early but there was no way I would have gone into Boots the Chemist to purchase anything like that.

Christine might have been close to seventh heaven tuzla kendi evi olan escort but she was still alert enough to magically produce a cotton towel from her side of the bed and wriggle it into place underneath her. Undoubtedly her mother would have been less than pleased to find her daughter’s bedding and mattress coated with several deposits of my spunk and it is a scenario that has become second nature to us over the last decade.

Once inside her I took my weight on my arms and made half a dozen tentative lunges to loosen things up and then I moved into a more confident stride slamming my cock deep inside and then withdrawing it as far as I dared without popping out which, to my mind, was sure to fool her into thinking that I had an enormous cock. She didn’t seem to care, she was gasping loudly at each stroke, her fingertips were digging into the crease between my buttocks and my legs and she began to hurl her groin towards me in time with my own downward strokes.

I had somehow noticed that her digital alarm clock had shown the time as 4.58pm just as I squirmed my way inside her and now it showed 5.01pm and I knew that I was going to cum in another 30 seconds if I couldn’t slow things down. Unfortunately I was being driven mad by the thrashing movements and noises that Christine was making and I was quite out of control myself.

I tried to force images into my head to distract myself. I tried to picture the image of Gazza flicking the ball over Colin Hendry’s head and volleying the ball past Andy Goram during Euro 96 but I couldn’t get the picture to form and I neared ever closer to a premature ejaculation.

I was covered in sweat and I tried to slow down but Christine apparently wanted me to speed up and our once-fluid motions towards each other become unsynchronised. She took control of the situation by gripping my arse even tighter and pulling me deep inside her in time with her own upward lunges. At 5.03pm my spunk began the beautiful journey from deep inside me, passing through a million miles of tubing at the speed of light before erupting out into Christine’s fanny.

To my shame (now) I pretended that nothing had happened and without making a sound or missing a stroke I carried on shagging for another 2 minutes until the clock read 5.05pm at which point I could feel my erection begin to dwindle. I then buried my cock inside her to its full extent, brought myself to a complete halt, let out a few fake shudders and moans and then collapsed on top of her gasping like a steam train.

To this day I have no idea if she was fooled, she must have felt my spunk sloshing around inside her before it trickled out and down the cheeks of her bottom, but the subject was not mentioned, then or since.

I was a young lad and knew no better but having youth on your side is no bad thing because by 5.30pm my dick was back at full stretch. Christine was bent double beneath me with her ankles hooked over my shoulders and I was fucking her madly once again. This time however I knew that there was little danger of jacking off too early and I began to feel more relaxed about the whole occasion. The book said this was the best position for deep penetration and the grunts from my girlfriend trapped beneath me also consoled me that I must be doing something right because she was breathlessly whispering “yes” each time I slammed into her.

She eventually managed to communicate that I was squeezing the life out of her so I shrugged one leg from my shoulder, twisted her on to her side and carried on where I had left off. I picked up speed and the noises she was making reassured me that she also liked this position. I rhythmically battered away at her, secure in the knowledge that I wasn’t ready to cum yet and was rewarded by Christine repeating over and over again “oh that’s nice, oh that’s nice”. I eventually ran out of steam and came to a sudden halt and lay on my back drawing in several deep breaths. Christine took the opportunity to reverse our position and straddle me, she opened her fanny with one hand and guided the tip of my cock in with the other and then eased herself down on me.

She laid her hands flat on my chest and pushed back and forward quite violently. She asked me if I liked that and I lay perfectly still and dared her to do her worst. She threw herself into her work, grunting on each forward stroke and grinding her groin against mine as we collided. It was a beautiful sight to watch that brown body slide back and forward but eventually I had to throw her off as I had a repertoire of my own to work through and cumming early for a second time was not what I had in mind. We both knelt on the bed and I slowly fucked her from behind whilst she buried her head in her pillow. I licked my finger and circled her bum hole and her body froze at the thought that I was about to push my finger inside her. I let her know that I was just tickling her and she relaxed and allowed me to build up speed.

The minutes ticked by as we rested and kissed and fucked and rested whilst listening to CD’s. Hopefully my calm exterior concealed the turmoil within me but the truth was that I was totally stressed out by everything I’d ever heard or read about pleasing a woman so I was determined to demonstrate my versatility and staying power and not succumb to an ejaculation too early.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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