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*This is a short one written for a friend, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything due to issues with another story I tried putting up, but I’m going to try to write out a few more pretty soon, possibly new, possibly just new chapters. Hopefully everyone enjoys this, but it will likely be a stand alone piece. Thank you.*

Andrew sat bored at work, flipping the pages of his book carelessly and only half paying attention, mostly falling asleep. Nothing had been happening all day long and Harry had left already. Andrew had just nearly fallen asleep in his chair when his pocket rumbled.

Digging into his jeans he fished his phone out and looked at it, it was his friend Dawn. He hadn’t heard from her in about three weeks but was glad for the distraction and always enjoyed talking with her. Hitting the ‘talk’ button he brought the phone up to his ear. “Hello?”

“Hi Andy!” A sweet, though slightly high-pitched voice responded. She always got a bit high pitched when she was excited.

“Hey there Dawn, what’s up?”

“Oh, not much, just bored, you?” Her voice had mellowed out now so he brought the phone closer to his ear.

“I’m at work, but also incredibly bored, want to come and alleviate some boredom for the next two hours or so? Or do you have Lee today?” Lee was her one year old child. She’d had a baby with her ex a year back before the douchebag cheated on her and left her. He was a definite tool, just like Andy had thought from the get-go.

“No, he’s with his dad today, so I can come visit you.”

“Oh lucky him,” Andrew said dryly. “Well, lucky me anyway,” he smiled into the phone even though she couldn’t see it; it was reflected in his tone.

“You may just get lucky too,” Dawn teased him.

Andy felt his cock twitch in his pants at that thought. “Is that right?” he asked, “Well it’s about time.” Andy and Dawn had been trying to incorporate a “friends with benefits” relationship into their friendship for months now, but something always got in the way. It was infuriating, because Andy’s balls would be aching with anticipation when something came up for one of them that diverted them interacting at all.

“I know Andy, I’ve been wanting your cock since you first sent me a picture of it.” Her voice was beginning to fill with lust.

“I’ve been trying to stick it in your tight little pink pussy, but you’ve been slacking.”

“Why’s it my fault?” She asked pitifully.

“Because it’s not mine,” he laughed. “Hurry up and get over here. And wear a dress please, panties are optional.” He’d always really liked having easy access to a girl if he wanted it. It made things more exciting and dangerous when he could stick a finger in a girl’s pussy while shopping at the grocery store or something.

“Hmmm, sounds like a plan, I’ll be there as soon as possible. See you,” Andy said goodbye and they hung up.

He was excited now. His cock was rigid in his pants at the thought of bending her over one of the racks in the warehouse and fucking his oldest friend from behind. It would be awesome. He began to put away the rest of the stock and clear the aisles, even sweeping some out of impatience for her to arrive, but it was easily a thirty minute drive from her home to his warehouse. The anxiety was killing him.

Andrew had thought about having sex with Dawn a hundred times since their childhood. They’d known each other since pretty much first grade. She’d been his first real hug in fifth grade and had wanted to date him for years during school but he was always interested in other girls. Then once she got a boyfriend and wasn’t as interested in him anymore, Andy developed feelings for her. It seemed doomed to work out romantically for the two of them, but they’d always harbored love for one another whether they were devoted to another person or not, and that love was very much platonic, but the sexuality was there as well, they’d just never acted on it. When she’d gotten pregnant with her ex’s baby Andy was pretty sure they’d never consummate the sexual nature of their relationship, and at times he thought that might be for the best. But eventually he saw how awesome and beautiful having strings free sex with a person you care about could be, neither of them wanted a serious relationship with the other, but they were both horny, sexual beings.

About forty minutes had passed when Andy heard a knock on the will call door. He moved around the counter and opened it up to see his beautiful friend standing there with her thin sun dress whipping in the strong wind.

“Hey Dawn,” he smiled and moved aside so she could Konya Escort come in. She moved past him and he took in the intoxicating scent of her perfume. “You’re looking great,” he complimented her as she turned around to give him a tight hug.

“Thanks Andy! You look like you’ve been hitting the gym too,” He could feel her heavy chest pressing against his defined pecs, and as his hands roamed up her back he could tell for sure that she wasn’t wearing a bra, so chances were she wasn’t wearing panties either.

“Yeah a couple times a week, trying to get in better shape before I fall out of it,” Andrew laughed as they finished embracing. The sexual tension was like electricity sizzling between them.

Dawn flashed a charming smile, “Well keep up the good work, hon,” and then she turned around to walk around the counter and further into the warehouse.

Andrew followed behind her, watching her hips sway from side to side in her womanly gait, the material of her sun dress swishing gently across what he was sure were bare ass cheeks. She was much curvier since she’d had her baby, before then she’d been lither, but she looked just as good now, with a little extra cushion in all the right places.

As he stared shamelessly at her ass while they moved through his place of work, she suddenly flipped up the back of her dress to reveal her naked ass to him. His cock twitched against his jeans immediately and his jaw dropped slightly. He’d never seen her naked in person, through pictures yeah, but in person was a different story. He couldn’t wait to get that dress off of her. But as quickly as the lovely view had come, it quickly went away and her dress was back to swishing about her thighs.

Andrew was riled now though, and he’d been teased and tortured enough over the last several months. So instead of anymore talking, he planned to take action. He picked up his pace and closed the distance between them, then grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it up to take another peak at the nice white ass hiding beneath the thin fabric. Dawn gasped, but hardly struggled as he let go of her dress with one hand and took a firm hold on one plump ass cheek. His cock was rigid now, he was horny as hell, and the danger of molesting his oldest friend in the middle of his place of work just added to his excitement. Luckily only he and Walter were working at this point, and that meant Walter more than likely wouldn’t come back into the Warehouse for any reason since he’d be answering the phones by himself.

“Andy,” Dawn chided, looking over her shoulder, “you’re being impatient.”

“Yeah I know, but I’m tired of waiting, I’m ready to fuck you silly.” And with that he dropped down to his knees and stuck his head under her dress. From there he used both hands to spread her ass cheeks. Dawn had bent slightly at the waste when he did this, and so her cunt was partially visible to him as well as her dark little asshole. Thankfully she’d shaved, he didn’t mind a bush, but eating pussy was always more enjoyable when the pussy was bald. So without further hesitation he moved his face in close, breathing his hot breath on her thin, silky smooth lips and causing her legs to quiver slightly. Very close now, he could tell that she even took care to shave her asshole, which was awesome because he liked eating ass about as much as he liked eating a pussy.

Too hungry for the taste of Dawn’s twat to resist any longer Andy shot forth his tongue and tickled it from the bottom of her cunt along her lips and then back down, followed by pushing it firmly between her lips to enter her cunt and truly taste that sweet, tangy juices that awaited him. It was a tight fit because of how close she had her legs together, and so he grabbed her thighs and slid them apart, which caused her tasty cunt to spread quite a bit wider so that he could penetrate it with his tongue fully. He began moving it back and forth inside of her, causing Dawn to moan gently and flex her ass into his face.

After a few moment of prodding her cunt and soaking up the juices, he slid his tongue from her depths and began to simply lick and lap at the crevice, teasing the tip of her small clit here and there and causing her legs to shake. Once he’d had his fill he slowly licked up the length of her pussy and further to reach her pretty little asshole. His tongue circled the indented pucker and then attacked it viciously, licking at it, poking at it, squirming its way inside of her most private of holes. Andrew was pretty sure most girls would rather a guy see their pussy than their asshole, and he felt that pretty much every Konya Escort Bayan girl would be incredibly aroused to find that their man didn’t shun their sensitive asshole and instead embraced it and lavished it with attention. He was just such a man. Eventually his nose was pressed into her crack and his tongue buried deep, teasing and taunting the inner walls of her anus.

Dawn was going crazy, trying her best not to scream but pushing her ass back on his face quite firmly. “Oh shit Andy, that feels so good! Who knew you were so good with your tongue? Fuck! Fuck Andy! Fuck me with that slimy tongue of yours! Oh shit! I can’t believe you’re eating my ass right now and we’ve never even kissed before.” Andy realized the irony there, but he was glad to receive the praise for his work and continued assaulting her tight hole for another minute or so, encouraged by her moaning and dirty talk.

When he finally did removed his face from her ass, with much reluctance from the both of them, he stood back up and Dawn turned around to embrace him in a passionate kiss that had both their tongues melting into each other and tasted of the tangy mix of her pussy and asshole. Neither of them minded. They were so wrapped up in one another as they exchanged saliva that neither likely knew where they were anymore. Andrew just barely noticed that she was grinding her cunt against his raging hard-on as hard as she could through the dress and denim.

After several moments the kiss broke and they both panted for air, but as Andrew stood there somewhat awestruck by the events that were unrolling and the sexual chemistry between them, Dawn sunk to her knees this time and her hands were immediately fumbling with his buckle. In a flash his belt was off and his pants were unbuttoned. She literally yanked down his jeans and boxers causing his rock hard cock to bounce out of its confinement and almost smack her in the face.

Andy was pretty proud of his dick, it looked good. It was straight and cut, thick and meaty, and about 7 to 7 and a half inches in length. An overall good dick from what he could tell. He’d never heard a complaint, and often had heard praise for it, which always boosted his ego just a bit. Dawn had actually been among those to compliment it, but currently she was more focused on sucking it. It hadn’t finished bobbing before she took it into her hand and guided the head to her open lips.

Before he could moan she was bobbing her eager face up and down along his shaft. “Shit Dawn,” Andy groaned and put one hand on her head as she continued to slurp. “You’re a little cock-hungry slut today huh?” Dawn glanced up at him and tried to smile, instead resorting to a nod so that she didn’t have to let his cock out of her mouth at all. She was definitely good at it, swirling her tongue along the base, using one hand to pump the shaft, and deep throating it with ease. He always liked watching a girl bury her nose in his pubes for some reason, if they choked then all the better.

It had only been about two minutes since she’d started slurping on his meat rod, but he could already feel something stirring in his balls, “Damn Dawn, you’re about to make me shoot my load down your throat if you keep this up. You’re so fucking good at it I can hardly keep myself from filling your belly with my cum.” This immediately got her to slow down and pull his dick from her mouth.

“Not this time, you’re going to fill my pussy this time. You can cover my face next time. But I want you inside of me now.” She gave his dick a few kisses, and just before she went to stand up Andy took it in his hand and smacked her solidly across the cheek with it. She simply grinned at him and stood up to kiss him passionately again. He knew she’d like getting slapped with his spit-covered cock.

As they continued to make out he began pulling her dress up over her body, getting her completely naked in the back of his warehouse. Breaking the kiss he turned her around forcibly and bent her over their work table. He was ready to fuck her tight little pussy, kissing could wait until later.

Dawn looked back over her shoulder at him, her hands squeezing enticingly at her tits as she bent over the table and spread her legs, waiting in anticipation for him to shove his dick into her and bury it inside of her pussy. She didn’t have to wait too long; Andy was lining his dick up along her slit within two seconds. His rigid member slid up and down the length or her cunt three times, causing her body to convulse with pleasure before he slowly began pressing the tip into her slick hole. It felt wonderful Escort Konya as he stretched it around the head of his cock, like shoving his dick into a hot, tight cave of pink velvet, so slick, but also juicy. As he pushed his dick further in and with force he could hear the lewd sounds coming from her pussy and it just made him want to fuck her harder; so he did. The last two inches of his dick were shoved forcefully into her cunt, causing his balls to slap against her clit and causing her to cry out in ecstasy. Andy wasn’t even concerned about the noise at this point.

For a moment he savored the fact that he’d now hilted himself inside of his oldest friend’s cunt. He could feel her excited pulse beating through the walls of her incredibly tight snatch, and he was sure she could feel his pulse beating through his rock hard dick, it felt amazing. But when she twisted her hips he was brought back to consciousness. He immediately withdrew almost the full length of his cock and slammed it back into her moist tunnel. Finding his length he developed a pattern and began pounding his dick in and out of his friend’s cunt, fast and steady and rough, slamming his balls into her with every thrust and causing her legs to shake after a little while of slamming in and out of her. She was moaning and grinding like a little whore now, and he liked her being his little fucking whore. Having sex with her whenever he needed sex seemed like an awesome deal, hopefully it didn’t cause any problems. He knew that these things could get tricky, but the sex was definitely good, and he wouldn’t want to stop now unless he had a good reason like a committed relationship.

As he fucked her he liked watching her ass jiggle as he pounded into it, reveling at how nice his cock felt sliding in and out of her wet tunnel and also admiring how her asshole twitched and contracted every time she clenched her cunt around his dick to squeeze him more tightly. While staring at that cute little asshole he decided it looked lonely, so he stuck his middle finger into his mouth for a moment and then pressed it firmly against the pucker. It only took a moment for her to relax her anus and allow him to shove his digit into it. She cried out loud again as he pushed down against her anal wall and rubbed at his dick through the thin flesh. It had to feel amazing for her, just the idea of it had him about ready to cum, actually feeling yourself being stimulated from so many different places had to be intoxicating.

They had been mostly quiet as they fucked, talking dirty to one another a bit, but now that they were both approaching their climax they began to speak up more. “Oh shit babe, I’m getting ready to cum soon, you ready for me to fill that pussy up with my hot white spunk?”

She moaned at his words and then cried, “Oh yeah Andy, fill my little twat with your cum, I’m ready to cum soon too, I want to cum with you. Fuck! Yeah fuck this pussy, fuck me hard baby! Make me cum!”

Andy did as he was asked, and to top off his resurgence of strength in fucking her he took his finger out of her butt and reached forward to grab her hair and pull it back as he rode her from behind. She moaned loudly as he pulled on her and fucked her simultaneously. “Oh shit I’m about o cum baby, fill me up! Shit, oh shit!” He felt her body tense and her cunt begin to clench his dick roughly. He slid in and out twice more and then hilted himself deep inside of her as his balls contracted and exploded from the tip of his dick. He could feel several huge eruptions of his cum shoot deep inside of her and felt like he was never going to stop cumming. It felt great, and she kept grinding her hips back against him as he emptied his nuts into her.

Once he’d finally finished and they were both all sweaty, he slowly pulled his shrinking dick from her twat. He then crouched down and watched her pussy as it soon began oozing with his cum. Hoping he didn’t disgust her, he began licking her cunt and taking the cum into his own mouth. He could tell she knew what he was doing because her entire body shuddered at the sensation and probably the idea of him licking up his own sperm that was pouring from her spent cunt. Once the flow had slowed down and his mouth was half full he stood up and turned her around to kiss him, pushing the load of cum into her mouth. She drank it down eagerly and they embraced in another passionate makeout session; his half-naked body pressed tightly against her naked body.

Once they’d finished they both got dressed. Cum was dripping down Dawn’s thighs but she didn’t seem to want to clean it up, and that thought started getting Andy horny again. He couldn’t’ do anything about it though because it was time to lock up. So instead of going at it again they kissed goodbye and promised to do this again as soon as possible. Andy was excited for all of the sexual adventures they would have together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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