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A Quickie 02: Alexia

If you followed my adventures from the first account, you might remember me saying that Rodianne had a friend who thought she would like a go at me.

She fixed it up with her friend, of which she had quite a few. I did not know with whom she was going to set me up. I didn’t ask, since for me, a hole is a hole.

On Tuesday I called Rodianne to tell her that I would be free for a little hokey-pokey. The little sex-pot told me she would have like a bit of a roll in the hay herself, but had started on her period, and would be unavailable for the next few days.

“If you must know, that will make me extra horny!” she exclaimed.

“I’m sure that’s impossible” I told her. “More than usual?”

“You haven’t even seen me horny yet mister!”

I was surprised at the passion in her voice, and looking forward to having a fuck-fest with her again.

“So who have you got lined up for me today then?” I asked.

“Alexia, from shaping, has the hots for you buster. And Eileen, she likes you a lot, but she’s not sure if she is willing to have sex outside her relationship. So Alexia it is. I got to warn you, she’s a cum-bucket.”

“Cool Rod…I owe you one. Tell her to meet me in 5 minutes near my car”

Alexia. I liked her. She dressed and acted like a Goth-chick. She was on the shorter side, with nice medium sized breasts. She was a bit plumper than I usually liked. Built more for comfort than for speed. Not that I was bothered. Just another conquest.

Within a minute or two, we were heading towards my garage/apartment, heavy metal blaring through the car stereo. At least we were emotionally on the same level plane.

We had no rush to get back to work, and so there was no frenzied pawing as we got out kurtköy rus escort of the car. In fact it was a relaxing strip kiss and touch as we took off each other’s clothes. As Alexia took off my shirt, her hands ran around my nipples, before allowing her lips the liberty of kissing me there, tongue flicking out.

I gasped at the sheer erotic moment she was giving me. She continued licking my sensitive nipples, while undoing my buckle, and shoving my pants to the ground. I stepped out of them without breaking contact, and spread my legs to allow her access to my parts.

She fondled my balls slowly, rolling them around, until it became pure ecstasy. I was panting at this point, and so hot. I let her take the lead as she led me slowly to the bed.

Alexia instructed me to sit at the corner and lie back. Her wide mouth went around my cock, and she absolutely sucked me all inside her. Her head bobbed and weaved as she expertly manipulated my tool with her mouth. Eventually she opened her mouth and wet her finger before dropping down on me again.

Meanwhile her middle finger sought out my ass-hole, and she pushed her finger slowly inside me until it was fully buried to the knuckles. It wasn’t painful at all. Initially it was more uncomfortable than painful, but I soon adjusted, and within minutes, Alexia was giving me a blow-job while massaging my prostate.

She swallowed me down to my pubic mound, and started humming. It was mind blowing. I gurgled in delight as I exploded in sheer ecstasy, erupting endlessly down her throat while being massaged erotically. I must confess I have never experienced something like that.

Alexia stood up above me. “So what do you think of that?”

“My dear, I have never, ever, experienced kurtköy otele gelen escort something like that. I loved it. I absolutely loved it. But it’s your turn now” I said, as I moved up towards her again.

“Can you switch off the lights please? I’m sort of shy with my body.” she asked me.

“Let me be the judge of that” I told her, pointing to my dick, still hard as steel. “That’s my barometer. If it flags down, you’re in trouble. But I can assure you that it won’t be going down anytime soon.”

I kissed her with a passion while undoing her top. A white frilly bra was all that stood between my eyes and her breasts. I undid the front-clasp, and her tits swung free, not as firm as I expected, but still a wonderful sight. I sighed as I bent forward and took one stubby pink nipple into my mouth. The texture was so hard, yet soft at the same time, rubbery and springy.

Alexia nearly collapsed in sheer joy. Panting with desire, I undid her jeans and took off her pants and thongs at the same time. I laid her on the bed before diving for her muff.

Alexia’s was a plump pussy, a thick dark line bisecting two thick flaps of skin. Her clit or inner lips weren’t visible, and this spurred me further on. She looked so young and innocent. I spread her legs wide before slurping from her ass up to her clit, just peeking from her heavenly chubby folds.

I must confess that I have never seen such a beautiful plump pussy like this before. I slurped and licked myself to happiness, Alexia writhing and pumping beneath me. Suddenly I was surprised by a gush of cream as she literally squirted into my face.

It had the texture of honey, nice and creamy, with a taste of sweetness. I loved it. I couldn’t get enough of it. Her orgasm was totally refined as she shivered and bucked to an immense come.

Alexia finally slumped back, totally spent, and I lay with her, spooned against her backside, my dick still as hard as a rod. After a few minutes of post-orgasmic bliss, in which all the world was all right, she raised her ass and let my dick press against her pussy. Slowly, I inched inside, until my thick member was inside her.

She whimpered as it bottomed out inside her. And we made love. We didn’t have sex, it was pure unadultered love. This was amazing, nice, soft slow love-making, without haste or pressure.

We were tender with each other, kissing passionately while we were joined at the hip. Two souls who had maybe finally found each other in a forbidden, unwarranted coupling.

I have never felt this way with a woman. Not even with my wife. This short, chubby, bubbly beautiful girl was teaching me what love-making was all about. I felt humbled and elated at the same time.

We soared to new heights as our love-making peaked, only to come crashing down and send us higher again. For hours we lay in bed, hardly speaking, letting our mutual desire and emotions flow.

Finally in the evening, we decided that we had better prepare to go home. I was sad at this parting. In a few hours I had actually fallen in love with her.

She noticed my sadness and told me that we could meet as much as we wanted. What was there to stop us?

I offered to take her out to dinner that night, but she declined, saying that she needed to take care of her ailing mother. I was struck by her kindness. I made a note to instruct my secretary to check on her parent discreetly, and offer her company help.

We kissed passionately again as I dropped her off close to her home. From that day onwards, Alexia became my regular Friday girl. Fridays because we could spend hours in the apartment.

“I’m a slow-loving girl.” she told me. “I hate the quick and easy fuck. With me it has to be long slow and glorious.”

How could I disagree to that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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