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“Mia, why don’t you turn off the TV and come to bed,” said a groggy voice coming from the hallway.

I could tell Daddy was sleep walking again because he never calls me Mia unless he’s been dreaming about her. Mom’s been dead for almost 5 years now. She passed away when I was 15 years old leaving Daddy and me to mourn her presence. They say it takes time to heal but Daddy has never really gotten over her death.

“Poor Daddy,” I whispered as I lay on the couch drenched in the blue glow of the TV. I heard his bare feet shuffle down the hall back to his bedroom. The holidays are always the worst. Mom was the one who brought the Christmas spirit into the house. She’d bake sugar cookies and allow me to decorate them with red and green sprinkles. I can remember making such a mess in the kitchen as I embellished each cookie. She would ooh and aww over each one never complaining of the work she’d have to do cleaning up.

I can still remember how each year we would all pile into the car and drive to the Christmas tree farm. There, Mom and I would evaluate every tree before Daddy chopped the chosen one down and hauled it to the car. He would look so strong hoisting the beast of a tree onto the roof of our car.

Those cheery holidays are gone now. After Mom died Dad just didn’t see the point in celebrating. I glanced around the room. If Mom were here there would be stockings over the fireplace right now, and she’d probably be filling them with goodies as I dreamed quietly in my bed wondering what Santa had brought me this year. Only now the room was devoid of any holiday cheer. The one reminder of the season was the soft patter of falling snow as it was blown against the living room window.

Gift giving was something Daddy and I never did. If I wanted something all I had to do was ask. As for Daddy, the only thing he ever wanted was my mother back.

I could tell how much he longed for her the more and more I grew to look like her. The baby fat that once clung to my frame had disappeared and my hips rounded out while my breasts budded and bloomed into a full chest just like Mom’s. When I finally let my hair grow down my back I would catch him looking at me and canlı bahis my long waves cresting around my bubbling ass.

The year I turned 18 was the first time Daddy called me by her name. I was standing at the sink with my back to him when he said, “Mia, could you get me a glass of water baby?”

I turned around so quickly I dropped the dish I was cleaning. As the plate scattered its broken pieces on the floor Daddy gasped realizing his mistake. “Oh Angela, I’m so sorry,” he said blushing bright red. “You just look so much like your mother.”

What can you do when stuff like that happens? Not much really. I was even flattered by his mistakes as he continued to call me by her name more and more. Mom was beautiful, so in a way Daddy was telling me I was too.

The mantle clock chimed the midnight hour. It was now officially Christmas morning, I thought to myself. I flipped the TV off and started walking down the hall to my bedroom opposite my father’s. A slight winter draft nipped at my bare feet on the wood floor. When I approached my door I could hear my father’s voice mumbling something from his room.

“Daddy, are you all right?” I spoke softly through the closed door. More incoherent words followed. I found myself cracking the door open. “Daddy?” I whispered.

“Oh Mia,” his voice moaned in the dark. He sounded so mournful, as though he were crying. I could hear his body thrashing about in the bed restlessly.

Figuring he was dreaming, I approached the bed to wake him from this fitful sleep. “It’s ok, it’s ok,” I cooed in a soothing voice, stroking his sleeping body.

Slightly startled my father reached up and guided my hand down to his erect cock. “Oh Mia,” he said gasping for a breath, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me to do this alone.” His large hand held my small fingers firmly in place as I attempted to withdraw my hand from his penis. The warmth from his cock radiated into my fingertips. Daddy’s cock head is so huge, I thought to myself, as I began to explore his swollen knob. I was touching my Daddy’s dick. How the hell was this happening?

My father let out a soft moan and then pulled me to the bed. I found myself pinned under bahis siteleri his large frame as his wet lips met mine. In my shock, I didn’t even try to stop him. Daddy’s lips felt so full of desire and it filled me with lust for the man who created me. I wanted to know what my mother had known, that cock that pressed itself against me, trying to penetrate my nightgown. Daddy’s kiss got stronger and overwhelmed me so much I found myself breathless.

“I’ve missed you so much Mia,” he said between kisses. “I want to be with you again.” His lips fell on my neck, licking and sucking, while his hands fondled my untouched breasts. I felt my body responding more and more to my Daddy’s touch. His hand reached up under my nightgown and his finger circled around the freshly moistened crotch of my panties.

I sucked in my breath real sharply as tingles of anticipation shot through my body. “This is wrong,” I gasped trying to push his hand away.

“Mia,” Daddy whispered in my ear, “I want to make love to you. Let me touch you.” His hand did not wait for approval, and my body could no longer resist. I found my panties were being pulled down and finally discarded on the floor.

Daddy’s lips grazed my ear, then my neck, slowly winding his way down to my naked mound. I shivered not knowing what to expect. Daddy had always warned me about boys and what they might do if given the chance. Now, he was giving me my first lesson on what men really do.

I lay paralyzed as Daddy’s arms spread my legs open. “Oh Mia,” he said taking in the scent of my pussy. He breathed in my hair, my lips, my juice, savoring this chance. He kissed the top of my mound then slid his tongue out to caress the dip where the lips separate. Nervousness was overcome by this incredibly excited feeling I had steaming from within me. Daddy’s tongue spread my outer lips and glided smoothly down the inside of my pussy. Shock waves rippled through me as Daddy circled the hooded spot I myself could barely touch.

“Whoa,” I said in an awed manner, “what are you doing to me?” My back arched involuntarily as his tongue probed my virgin cunt. Daddy moaned his approval of my performance. “Do you like this baby?”

I bahis şirketleri felt a strange tightening in my body as my muscles tensed from such unknown pleasure. “What’s happening?” I asked as my legs began to shake around my father’s head. “Yes baby, that’s it,” he said “Cum for me.”

Then from out of nowhere my hips thrust forward and rippling bursts shot through my nether regions. “FUCK!” I screamed, not knowing what was happening. My body lost complete control and my Daddy was left sucking up the warm juice streaming out of my hole.

As I lay there trying to catch my breath and make sense of what just happened, Daddy began kissing me again. This time with a lust I never knew existed. “I need you Mia,” he said. His lips drank me up deeply. Our tongues battled each other. And I became aware of his unserviced cock sliding between my extremely wet pussy lips.

Daddy reached his hand down and placed his cock on my narrow opening. “I love you Mia,” he said. Then he pressed his tip firmly into my resisting passage. Having never been penetrated before by a penis my vaginal walls strained to adjust for this intrusion.

I winced from his size, and began to squirm underneath my Daddy. Daddy’s cock, undeterred by my resistance stretched my now burning pussy open. Part of me wanted my Daddy to pull out, stop this pain, but I felt that he needed this more than I would ever know. I wanted my Daddy to have me. This would be my gift to him.

So the cock that created me found its way inside me. As I began to adjust and open to my father’s dick, Daddy found a gentle rhythm. “Mia, you make me feel incredible,” he spoke in my ear moving his hips on top of me. I lay still allowing him to enjoy what I relinquished.

Daddy’s shaft became thicker inside me and he moved in me faster. “I love you,” he said. Ravaging my pussy with hard plunges Daddy groaned and his back arched. Then he shuddered. I felt my pussy fill with warm spurts, as Daddy pumped in his seed. When he withdrew his spent cock, I felt Daddy’s cum oozing out between my legs. I must have been a good little girl.

“I love you Daddy,” I said out loud. “Merry Christmas!” With that I wrapped my arms firmly around him and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you,” he said returning my squeeze, “I love you too Angela.”


*Thank you for taking the time to read my story but please remember to vote. Happy Holidays!*

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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