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Hi everybody. My name’s Bill. Let’s get something straight, off the top. I’ve always been a very sexual being. I mean, in high school and college I dated as much as possible. Most times I was going with another girl before I finished with my current girl. Sometimes I got them together. Then I met Cindy my senior year at Laurier.

Cindy was a doll. Fucking gorgeous, she was. She kinda looked like Kelly McGillis. You know, from the movie Witness? With Harrison Ford? Tall, about five eight. Boobs, not so big, but the shape of them, and her hips, her waist, and that ass. Wow, the way she filled out those jeans. And she really was, still is, stunning in a pair of jeans. Man, she loved to suck dick. She’d suck me every chance she got. After we started fucking she couldn’t give that up either. We fucked almost every night and when she wasn’t fucking she was sucking. Well, she was the one for me. I figured a woman as smart as her, as sexy as her, and with an appetite to match mine, we were made for each other.

We were married about 3 months when she stopped giving me blow jobs every day. She said her taste buds had changed and she didn’t like my taste anymore. We were still fucking every night, so that was good along with the occasional hummer. It didn’t hit me ’til months later but we slowly started easing off of that too. By then it was fucking twice a week and no blow jobs at all. I figured, hey, every relationship goes like that and we were still about average for most people. Then it was once a week, then three times a month, then twice a month, three times in two months, and so on. After 4 years of marriage, it was once a month. I suggested we go for counseling to see if we can spark her sex drive. She said she wasn’t interested and never really had been. She had just given in to me to get me to marry her. She figured it was time for me to grow up and get on with life like every other adult.

I lasted about two years like that before I had my first affair. I really didn’t want to. I was desperate for sex with my wife, not someone else. But I was away at a conference. I’d had a few drinks. And this enchanting creature that I’d met wanted to eat dinner with our group. By the time dinner was done her hand was running up and down my leg, and I was putty in her hands. I begged off more drinks with the group and she came to my room. We fucked like mad, 5 times in one night. I couldn’t get enough. I was hooked. Of course after the conference she went back to her husband in Nebraska and I went back to Mitchell-fucking-Ontario.

I tried to put it out of my mind, but I couldn’t. I felt no guilt, which actually bothered me more than the cheating did. But I was smart, successful, and under thirty and I suddenly had no trouble finding women who would gladly sleep with me. This went on for a few years until I met up, in Kitchener, with a girl I’d met online. Cindy’s brother was in town and happened to be in the same bar and saw me with her, although I didn’t see him. About two weeks later Tom, her brother from the bar, and her other two brothers Larry and Phil, met me after work and took me out to a field and worked me over pretty good.

I suppose I can’t blame them. I figured I finally got what was coming to me and resigned myself to a life of near celibacy. But then the bastards told Cindy. At a family dinner a few months later, can you believe it? What the fuck? I mean, seriously! Boy, was she pissed. She was screaming at me while her brothers and parents were sitting there. I took it for a bit, but she wouldn’t let up, then her family started in on me.

Finally I had enough and I turned to her and said, “Well, if you’d have sex with me more than 4 times a year, I wouldn’t do these things.” Ten years we’d been married now.

Cindy’s reply was something about how I was a lousy lover anyways. You could’ve heard a pin drop.

Larry spoke up and said sheepishly how I had dated his wife years ago, before Cindy. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t remember that. Anyways Laura, his wife, had told Larry I was an “amazing lover” and she would have loved to have another night with me. Her words. Larry didn’t look too happy about that but he didn’t say anything. Laura was blushing furiously but just shrugged when everyone looked at her.

Then Tom turned to me and apologized for what they had done. He said he’d cheat too if his wife only put out that often, barring a legitimate reason. Tracy, his wife, glowered at him but didn’t protest so I guess she agreed.

Cindy’s mom said that I shouldn’t have done what I did and we should have tried to work it out at therapy or something.

I had to laugh at that and just shrugged and pointed to Cindy. They all looked at her and she said she didn’t need a therapist, I was the one that was oversexed.

Her mother looked at her, then at me, then put her hand over mine. She said, “Bill, we have a neighbor who would love to meet you.” Wow. Cindy started to say something but her mother said, “I don’t know where you got your ideas, Cindy. But sex is as natural kurtköy yeni escort as breathing and it’s not healthy to stifle your sexual appetite. And it’s not fair that you stifle the man you supposedly love.”

I mean, you could have floored me with a feather. Her own parents and siblings are now defending me.

Cindy protested some more but her mom and dad weren’t having it. Her mom says, “Cindy. We all think you’re wrong. Can you not entertain the idea that you might be?”

Cindy looked at all of us. I actually felt bad for her, everyone being against her and all. After all, I was in her shoes thirty minutes earlier. But I didn’t say a word. Everyone else said their piece then let it go. The dinner broke up soon after and we left and Cindy was quiet all the way home. When we got home she went and had a shower and went to bed. Didn’t say “good night”, “I love you”, or “kiss my ass”.

She was pretty quiet for a week or so. Then she comes to me after work the next Friday and says she’s going to stay at her brother’s place. Larry’s. She says she loves me, then takes a gym bag full of stuff and goes. I gotta tell you, I was pissed. I mean, I loved her. Except for the sex thing, I loved everything else about her. I know, I know. I’m the one that fucked up by screwing around. I honestly didn’t want to. But I needed more than what she was giving me and I was starting to resent her, hate her. She was gone for a week. I didn’t fuck around that whole time. I didn’t feel like it. I felt sick and depressed. I know she went to work because I would come home at three thirty and see she had taken something out of the closet or left something in the laundry.

She came back to me on Friday. I got home at four that day and she was in the kitchen making supper. She acted like everything was normal. We had supper, talked about work, what happened that week. We sat on the couch and watched TV. The only difference was she sat closer and touched me more. Not a word about what happened.

Until we went to bed. I wasn’t expecting anything so I laid on my back in the nude, that’s how I sleep, and closed my eyes. I knew she was looking at me, but I was hurt. I know, I cheated, but in my mind she drove me to it and that hurt too.

After a few minutes she turned on her side facing me and rested her hand on my chest. God help me as much as I was pissed I still wanted her and that was enough to make my cock grow. Her fingers, just tracing through my chest hairs. She moved closer and kissed my shoulder and whispered something.

I couldn’t make it out so I just said, “Huh?”

Cindy cleared her throat and told me she loved me. Well, how could I ignore that? I rolled over to face her and told her I loved her too. She started crying and just hugged me. She told me she was sorry and said she wanted to try again. What could I say. I loved her. I rolled her over onto her back and kissed her softly on the lips. I told her I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t ever stray again, but as long as she was trying, I would too. She just stared into my eyes and nodded her understanding.

I kissed her forehead, then. I kissed her hairline, nuzzling into her scalp. Something about the smell, I don’t know. I love doing that.

I kissed all around her face, some really soft butterfly kisses. Others harder, almost sucking. I love kissing her eyelids too. The skin is so soft, so thin there. When I kissed her eyelids she smiled this really sweet smile. I could just burst from the feelings she gives me.

I kissed along her jaw line and nuzzled her ears. I lightly licked her earlobes before sucking them in my mouth and nibbling on them. She always has a shiver run down her neck when I do that. Except for when she pushes me away but this time she didn’t Then I moved to lick the skin behind her ear. I dunno, I love that too. Slightly salty, from sweat. Soft skin and the smell, a little dab of perfume, a hint of shampoo, and the sweat, all made an aroma that drove me crazy and I moaned. I could hear her giggle at my response and I was part mad and part thrilled. Mad that I couldn’t resist her. I mean, she denied me so much, it would serve her right if I denied her but I knew it wouldn’t have the same effect on her as it did me. I felt so weak. She thought nothing of pushing me away or insulting my needs. Yet all she had to do was wink and I’d be on my knees for her. Bitch.

I kissed along her hairline at the back, tugging at her soft hairs with my teeth. She has these really soft fine hairs there and they drive me crazy. I kissed and tugged and nipped her there then moved on to sucking her neck. I love feeling the tendons in her neck with my tongue. So sexy. I kissed down to her collar bone. And her shoulders. She was a farm girl so she’s nice and strong. She’s not big and bulky strong but you can feel and see she’s no waif. I started to kiss my way down her arms but she grabbed my head and moved it down her body. I took the hint and kissed my way to her breasts. Breasts sounds so… technical. kurtköy sınırsız escort So proper. I’m gonna say tits, ’cause that’s what we usually say, although it’s a little coarse.

So I kiss and lick my way to her boobs. Tits. I just love her tits. I’m not a fan of big pendulous tits. To me they look udderly ridiculous. Ha ha! That’s a joke we have, ‘udderly ridiculous’. I don’t want her to ever think I wish she had bigger breasts. So I say that to show her how I feel about them.

Anyways, I’m kissing her tits, cupping them. I nip at the gentle curve on the bottom and nibble my way around to the top. I don’t wanna be one of those guys that attacks the nipple so I give it just a few sucks before I play with the rest of her breast. Tit. Eventually as she gets hotter I focus more on the nipples. Until finally I’m sucking hard on one nipple while squeezing the other tit fairly hard and pinching that nipple.

That’s one thing I didn’t get. I mean, the few times we did have sex, she seemed like she enjoyed it. Her nipples got hard. Her pussy got wet. She did have orgasms, I know it. I’ve seen enough women cum that I knew the signs. The way her face and upper chest got flushed. The way her pussy squeezed my fingers, or dick, and she got even wetter. So why didn’t she want to do that more?

Anyways. Ummm, yeah. I’m working her tits over pretty good and I feel her breathing is getting a little heavier. I keep working on her tits with my mouth, going back and forth between them and slide my other hand down her stomach. I love the curves on her stomach. I mean, she’s not eighteen anymore, eh? She’s a woman with a career and a husband. She’s gotten a little soft. I love it. I can’t explain it but I love running my hand over that soft pad between her hip bones and gently squeezing it. I think it makes her feel self conscious, but I love it. I stroke her stomach and her waist for a little while before I move my hand down.

Now, there’s so many things about her below her waist that I love. She has fairly large hips, and I love feeling her hip bones sticking up, with that valley then her lower stomach between them. I love the tendons of her thighs where they meet up with her groin. The slight hollow there between the tendons and the curves of her ass behind them. I run my hand over her pubic mound and graze my fingers through the top of her slit. I can feel she’s already wet so I gather the moisture a bit on my finger and spread it around. That’s as far as I go for now, though she’s moaning and humping her pussy at my hand. I keep touching her pubis, her mound, and squeezing it a bit. I push downwards towards her clit, and she feels that, although I’m not actually touching it. I keep doing that for a bit until she moans and tells me to get on with it.

I move my hand down to her thigh and lightly stroke it, the inner part, and the curve of her ass, since she’s got her legs spread wide apart. Then I start kissing my way down to her pussy. I just love eating her pussy. The smell alone is enough to get me hard, and as I get closer I can smell how heated up she is. She tried to stop me.

“God damnit, just fuck me.” she said as she hunched her pussy up at me. No way I was gonna do that and have it end there for another three months. I was gonna enjoy myself. I kept kissing and licking my way down her stomach as I finally moved my fingers to her pussy. I just stroked the outside while she humped away, trying to get more. I finally got my tongue just above her pussy. I licked at the top of her slit then sucked her clit into my mouth. At the same time I stuck two fingers into her pussy and she screamed. It’s a good thing we don’t have kids ’cause they’d have waken up.

I slid my fingers in and out and sucked and licked at her clit and she had what I figured was her first orgasm in three months. Actually I was certain it was her first because I don’t think she masturbated. Even when she was an enthusiastic partner she said she had no need for it. I kept her fulfilled, she said. She squeezed her thighs so hard I thought she was gonna shear off my fingers. She was panting and moaning, and her whole body was rigid, shaking. I know some men say they’re a pleaser. Their goal is to please women. Truth is, most of them want to please women so women will give them what they want. I enjoy pleasing women. I get immense pleasure from seeing her smile, hearing her gasp, watching her face crinkle in that painful way that shows her crisis is imminent. But that was nothing compared to the pleasures I got from seeing my precious Cindy like that. Many a time I would forego my own release to see she got hers, when she let me go that far. And that night, she got hers. As her quivering and moaning died down I softly kissed her mound. When she relaxed her legs I slowly eased my fingers out of her and softly stroked her pussy lips as she calmed down. I moved up beside her, intending to cuddle. You know, hold her and kiss her and help bring her back into the world.

She was crying. kurtköy sarısın escort She threw herself at me and clung to me like I was a St. Bernard in a snow storm. I just held her and said, “Ssshhhh”. I had a feeling why she was upset. At least I hoped I did. Thankfully I was right, for once. She told me she was sorry for driving me away, to those other women. And she said it was so hard when we made love, for her to not keep doing it. I asked her why she wouldn’t do it then. Wouldn’t have sex with me more.

She didn’t answer me directly. She just told me what happened when she went to Larry’s. Larry was out when she got there and Laura had sent the kids to her mother’s. Laura said she and Larry felt bad for how I treated her, and I was such a bad guy. I guess Laura beat me pretty badly with her stories and cursing. Cindy said she felt bad because she knew Laura was wrong, but she couldn’t admit it. I guess they were drinking pretty good and since Cindy isn’t much of a drinker she was hammered in no time.

Cindy said she dozed off and when she woke up she was tied up. She said she was naked and Laura was sitting there staring at her. Laura told her she knew she was lying and she was going to get the truth out of her. She told Cindy she was bisexual and was really good at eating pussy. Cindy was tied in a chair with her legs wide apart, and Laura started eating her pussy. She said Laura took her to the edge of orgasm many times but wouldn’t let her cum.

Cindy was crying a bit when she told me this, although I knew she was getting turned on too. Her nipples had gotten hard and her breathing was deeper again. My cock was hard as a rock, thinking about my sister in law eating my wife. Cindy said every time she got close to cumming Laura would stop and ask her why she wouldn’t have sex with me. Laura asked her if I was really that bad and Cindy told her no. Laura asked her if she liked what I did with her and Cindy told her yes. But when Laura asked Cindy why she wouldn’t fuck me Cindy wouldn’t tell her and Laura would start teasing her again.

Cindy said at one point her brother Larry came home. She said he stood in front of her and looked at her body then looked in her eye. Larry said he couldn’t blame me at all for what I did. Seeing her every day and not being able to touch her. He said he was disgusted with her, then left the room.

A few minutes later Laura went in the other room with Larry. She told Laura she was so horny she had to go and do what real married people do. All the time Cindy was talking to me she was crying but she cried even harder when she told me that. She continued and said she heard Larry and Laura fucking, they’d left the bedroom door open. She heard them moaning, and Laura’s dirty talk. Then Laura was cumming. After that Laura came back out, naked this time. She’d been fully dressed earlier. Laura told Cindy she felt so good after fucking her husband then asked Cindy if she felt the same way after we did it.

Cindy admitted she did. Laura told her how good she felt, knowing she made her husband happy and knowing he wanted her, then she again asked Cindy if she felt the same way. You know, with us. Cindy admitted she did, again.

Cindy didn’t talk for a few minutes. Finally she said that after that last question Laura got up into her face and roughly pulled her hair back and screamed at her, “Then why the fuck do you treat your husband that way?”

“The only answer I had was so stupid I couldn’t say it.” Cindy said. She went on to explain. In college she’d taken a class in sociology, specifically dealing with marriage. She said the professor had a lot of advice, and most of it made sense. Then the prof told them that sex in marriage is a wonderful thing but that eventually the couple gets tired of each other. The prof said that the way to avoid that was to only have sex on rare occasions. That way it’s more wonderful, it’s appreciated more, and the anticipation makes it even better.

Well. I was flabbergasted. I’d never heard such a thing, and apparently neither had Larry or Laura. They told Cindy, plain out, how stupid she was. And they told her she was damn lucky I’d even stayed with her. After telling me all this, Cindy was really crying. She wanted to make it up to me but she wasn’t sure how. Well, I knew how. I was still hard as granite after hearing about her and Laura. I pulled her on top of me and told her, “Fuck me.” She did, even though she was still crying.

I know Cindy loves that position so I let her enjoy it for a minute, get into it. Then I told her I wanted her to tell me about Laura. She wasn’t too sure about that and I told her I didn’t care. As her husband, I deserved to know. So Cindy started talking about Laura. She told me how good Laura was at eating pussy. Even better than me, which she never thought there could be anyone better. And how Laura made her eat her pussy. She described Laura’s body, in detail. The mole on the inside of her thigh that Cindy liked to lick.

I’d mentioned earlier about not remembering Laura from before but that mole rang a bell. Anyways Cindy went on about Laura, the way her asshole crinkles oddly on one side because of a hemorrhoid she has from when she was pregnant. The way Laura yelped when she came. She said twice Laura went back to her bedroom and fucked Larry, then came back to Laura’s room and slept with her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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