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For Michelle

It was a date like any other. I was going to the movies with my boyfriend, only for some reason he wouldn’t tell me where we were going or which movie we were going to see.

The doorbell rings, my mom gets the door, then she calls up to me

“Hey! Your boyfriend’s here!”

“I’ll be down in a sec!” I yelled back. I quickly finished putting on my really deep red lipstick, brushed my hair into place, and then went over to the mirror to see how I looked.

Not too damn bad; I am tall for a girl, with an okay shape. My tits are full blown, but I don’t try to flaunt them. I’m wearing a black lace, see-through bra and a tight, red, low-cut blouse which gave me some seriously awesome cleavage for my boyfriend. My panties matched my bra: black laced, see-through that just covered my clit and ass. Over my panties I had a tight, form-fitting mini-skirt that would make a whore blush like a school girl.

Well, my boyfriend’s certainly going to want to fuck the shit out of me, I thought. My mom called up to me again, I finally went out of my room, then started going down the stairs, then my boyfriend let out a grasp

“Girl, you look fine, “He said.

I walked over to him and gave him a deep, lusty French kiss, my hand going around promising him more later.

We pull away, him as breathless as I am.

“Well, we’d better get going,” he said.

“Yeah, ‘bye mom,” I glanced back at my mom, who just smiled.

We headed to the door; his arm was around my waist, then reaching into my skirt to gently finger my pussy through my underwear.

“Mm, not now, baby, wait ‘til the car, “I said.

We go out the door, walking into the front yard, and then walking over to the door of the car.

“Oh yeah, “he said “I forgot to tell you, I brought you a surprise.”

“What is it?” I said. Then I opened the door and started to get in. Just before I turned around to sit down, I saw someone in the back seat: a really stacked looking black girl with dark hair and a nice face.

Wondering what the hell was going on; I turned to her and said

“Who the fuck are you?” She seemed scared, and didn’t say anything so I turned to him and said

“What are you trying to pull hear? What kind of sick, twisted person are you? And who the fuck is she?”

I pointed to her, she flinched, and he tried to calm me down. Finally he said

“She’s this girl who I met at a club, she said she was bi and then I remembered you said that you were really curious and that if you saw a hot chick you would fuck her.”

Well, Göztepe Escort this turned things topsy-turvy for me. She was hot and I was feeling a little horny, so I said

“Okay, where are we going to do this?”

“Well, that’s where the movies come in,” My boyfriend said.

“We’re going to have sex at the movies? Kinky!” I joked.

“Actually, that’s the other surprise; we’re going to a porn movie theatre.”

He said, eagerly, waiting for my reaction.

“Awesome! I always wanted to go down on a guy at the same time as the porn stars in the movie did.” I said, chuckling at the gulp from him. So we started off. I slid into the back seat and started talking to this girl. She’s my age, very smart, and when I her how she knew she was bi, she said

“Well, at first I wasn’t sure I was bi, just curious. Then I had my first lesbian sex and I knew.” Then I told her about me and we joked and laughed and it was pretty cool. Then I started fingering her and by the time we got to the theatre we were both pretty horny. I wanted to do this: with or without the movie in the background.

It looked like a pretty cheesy movie, with a title that read “Bi-Babes in Brothels IV,” as if they needed four of them to actually get a good one. On the poster it had two really hot girls and a guy getting off on each other, I knew it would be a night to remember.

We went in and bought our tickets. The theatre we went into was for the most part empty. I say for the most part because there was a group of five people-three girls and two guys-sitting in the middle of it, all playing with each other and laughing. Several phone line ads flashed on and after a while I knew the movie (and the fun) was about to begin. On the screen a girl with blonde hair and size D breasts started eating out a girl with brunette hair and size double D breasts, while a guy with a huge, muscular torso and an even larger dick (which he was stroking) was watching them. Then I looked down at the middle row (we were sitting near the back), the three girls had made a line up the row, each eating the other out with one guy eating the last girl out and the other getting a blowjob from the girl in the front. I began to get really hot and my sex kitten “partner” noticed. We started kissing, my tongue in her mouth and my hands groping her breasts. Her hand reached under my skirt, into my panties, and started stroking my now fully wet pussy, which felt really good. I gasped, then reached down into her pants and fingered her, she moaned deep, as Göztepe Escort Bayan if encouraging me. My boyfriend, overcome with shock at his fantasy-come-true, just sat there bug-eyed. Finally, I pulled away from my new toy and went over to him and sucked his dick. The girl didn’t mind because she went, pulled down my skirt and began eating me out. If you’ve never been eaten out before let me describe it for you: imagine the most pleasurable thing you’ve ever felt, now add the feeling of being drunk and high at the same time, then add the fact that that feeling is increasing more and more inside of you until every part of your body is feeling pleasured and you think you might explode. That’s about what it feels like.

On the screen the guy slid his dick into the blonde’s pussy. The brunette sat on the guy’s face. The blonde moaned deeply, and then the brunette’s own cries of pleasure mixed with it, making me a little closer to the edge.

In the middle part of the theatre, the Congo line had broken up and turned into a fuck fest. One guy stuck his Coca Cola bottle sized dick into this girl’s pussy while she went down on a guy nearly as big. She moaned and cursed and sucked while one guy was constantly repeating “Say my name, bitch, say my name!”

In another group, a guy and a girl were in the 69 position, each one crying out as they licked, sucked, and swallowed. After that I slid into the doggy style position myself, positioning the girl so I could eat her out as my boyfriend slid his dick in my pussy and fucked the shit out of me. I slowly licked, nipped, suckled, sucked, and tasted every part of this girl’s body. I started out at her mouth, French kissing her deeply and lustily. Then I moved to her ears, nipping and licking the outsides, before moving down to her neck. I went on to her chest and finally to her beautiful tits, now shed of all clothing. My mouth covered her chocolate mounds, licking and sucking her tits until her nipples were hard and firm. Then I moved lower, moaning along with her, my boyfriend making me feel so good! I kissed her stomach, lingering only for a moment before moving on to her inner thighs, teasing her by moving close to her pussy with my mouth, then farther away again. Finally overcome by some power, I parted her legs as wide as I could and stuck my tongue into her pussy. I ate her out, licking, fingering, nipping, and kissing every part of her treasure box until her cum was flowing like the Nile River. I drank down all her cum without hesitation and then we switched positions. My Escort Göztepe boyfriend slid into her and I could tell he was about to go off. Her tongue flicked my pussy and I freaked. She found my g-spot with her finger and I absolutely screamed with pleasure. Moans rang out through the theatre. All the couples, real or fake, getting off and about to blow their loads.

My boyfriend pulled out of my date and I began sucking his duck, eager to swallow his cum. At the same time the other groups, in the middle row, had just settled down, the girls still fingering each other trying to reach their orgasms after their boyfriends’ climax. On the screen the guy had just pulled out of one of the girls he had been fucking the hell out of and started stroking his dick to cum all over the girls’ wide open mouths. Where we were, I was about to hit my own orgasm, yet still trying to get my boyfriend to cum in my mouth (in between moans) as she flicked her tongue over my clit. Finally he came, the sticky, salty, milk-colored liquid flowing down my throat as I swallowed every bit of it. Then I hit my orgasm and my piercing scream echoed across the theatre, my mind floating around the stars, eyes filled with lights and colors.

Overcome by desire, I took the girl’s pussy in my mouth, licking her pussy over and over again her moans passing over me. She begged me not to stop, to suck her, to lick her, to eat her out harder, she wanted more, more, more…She hit her peak and passed it. Her moans became deep, sensuous groans as her cum flowed out of her pussy and into my mouth. It didn’t matter, I was way too far gone, and I kept going, her groans turning into screaming pleas, harder, harder, harder! Don’t stop! Oh, please DON’T STOP! Then, all I heard was on last, final scream louder than all the others and I knew she had orgasmed. I pulled out; she gasped, then grabbed me and pulled me on top of her to kiss. We made out for a while, her body tightly pressed against mine. Then I went over to my boyfriend and made out with him, kissing him so deeply reality faded away. I don’t know how long we kissed or how I got back into the car, but the next thing I know we’re back on the road heading back to my house.

We pull up in front, I lean over and kiss him deeply for about a minute, then crawl back into the back seat and make out with my other date for about another minute. I get out and lean over to peek into the window, giving view of my tits.

“Thanks for everything,” I said, winking at the girl, then sauntering back into the house as the car pulled off to take her home.

I’d like to say I kept in touch with that girl and that my boyfriend and I started something with her too, but we didn’t. In fact, I never saw her again. My boyfriend and I are still together, we still have threesomes, but not as good as that first time. A date like any other. Riiiight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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