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We met two years ago, my boobs were the first thing you notice about me when we were at that party. I saw you and determinate that you are one of most masculine men I have ever seen, I could smell your testosterone across the room.

You looked at me because I was wearing this blouse that barely contains my femininity and you were lost in my cleavage. You ask me to dance, I said yes. You tried and tried to touch me while dancing, I don’t do well with half-baked proposals so after 15 minutes of dancing I asked you whether you would like to see my breasts and play with them if you wanted. You said yes while I saw a bulge in your pants.

We went outside of the bar, I am an exhibitionist so I like that the street was full of drunks and people making out and almost having sex in public. We went around the corner to your car and you were clueless of how to redeem my promise, so I took matters in my hands and without even sharing a kiss I took my shirt and bra away, my C-cup was free and you attack them.

Sitting in the hood of your car you attacked my nipples, your tongue sucking casino siteleri and biting them mercilessly, your hands getting to know them. You stopped for a second to fully appreciate them and then you continue to kiss, suck, bit, smash, touch, smell, play, every inch of my breasts.

While you did so I started to furiously masturbate, with just one finger I was rubbing my clit while you bit every inch of my breasts like it was your last meal. I came and came and came, over, over, and over, with every moan, you bit even more. My breasts were sore and red when I had the most explosive orgasm I have ever had and I stopped you. You look at me with hunger in your eyes.

I open the car and inside I started to give you thanks for helping me have my explosives orgasms. I tear down your pants and your very large and erect cock flew. Fill with pre-cum I started to lick and lick and lick while massaging your balls, full with your cock I hear your groans and at that moment I fell in love with you, your moans are the most delicious music I have ever heard.

I fell that you are getting canlı casino even harder, then I put my hand in your eyes so to give you the surprise of your cock filling me. Ooohhhhh it was wonderful the way my insides had to expand in order to give way to your masculinity. You almost scream and start to thrust hard, almost like wanting me to give me pain and at the same time give me pleasure.

I started to moan so loud we gain onlookers, you open the top of your convertible car while telling me: “you seem like an exhibitionist, own it and let them see.” I was only wearing my skirt so everyone saw me riding you in the middle of a street. When you saw my wicked smile you kissed me for the first time.

People started to cheer as they saw us being animals: grunting, screaming, and almost fighting while we had raw uncontrolled sex. I saw cocks flew out of pants and hands touching pussies.

We give quite the show until we both came with screams. While you were inside me more guys approach and started touching my breasts. You enjoyed that so much that put me in the back of the kaçak casino seat and ordered me to spread my legs and masturbate in front of him and the others.

I was masturbating while 10 guys watched and masturbate. In no time you were hard again and this time we had sex in the hood while more and more people watch. We were animals, we wanted to be animals. When we finish the got applause and took off to your place to continue to have raw sex.

I remember all of this when I am waiting to you to arrive, begging for the moment, the precise moment when I smell your desire; when you turn from the tie-user to an uncontrolled animal thirsty for my body. You arrive promptly, I am standing in our room, pretending I don´t see you. you are at the door, looking at my breasts, my firm breasts, and my full ass. Gulping in the air trying to catch my attention, almost begging for a look.

I love teasing you, trick you into believing that I am immune to your looks but deep inside you know that I am getting wet just by feeling your eyes on me. I turn around and face you. I don’t smile, I lock my eyes with yours and walk where you are. I ask about your long day at the office, while I “casually” adjust my top so you can have a better look at my boobs and I asked you: “master, how do you want to take me tonight?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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